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 On a Russian News Site, www.strana.ru, there is a report from a Russian ex high official and specialist in Russian secret services which Ark has translated for us. It says:

By Sterkin, Philipp
on 14 September 2001

Acts of terrorism carried out on 11 September in America, and their consequences are commented upon in an interview with Andrey Kosyakov, former assistant to the chairman of the Russian Congress, a specialist in International Security.

What suggests that terrorism in THE USA was planned well in advance?

First, the conspirators possessed the professional skill to fly an aircraft. There had to be at least four of them with substitutes on hand in the event one of them failed. There is a high probability that the hijacking of an aircraft will fail, thus there had to be stand-by hijackers and/or pilots in this eventuality.

In the second place, all participants in the operation were ready to sacrifice themselves, and such individuals are not easy to find.

Finally, the departure times of the aircraft from four different points were coordinated minute by minute. This means that the routes and timing were known well in advance, and these particular flights were selected specifically for their routes and schedule.

All of this is sufficiently complicated to necessitate a long period of planning.

And how long, in your opinion, would it take to plan something like this? How large an organization would it require? Could, for example, the Red Army carry out such an operation? Some analysts say that only a National organization could do this.

As far as the time of preparation is concerned, it would require months. And such an organization must be very powerful. But, the participation of a National organization, such as a government of a country, is very doubtful.

I assure you that National resources have not been used here. No secret service would risk their operatives in this way. They spend a lot of time and money training their agents. However, if President Bush had been the target, then one would suspect a secret service of some organization. But here, the target was different: civilians.

As for the Red Army, it doesn't fit for one simple reason: it consists of mainly orientals and it is too easy to distinguish Japanese from Americans.

So, what do you conclude from all this?

You see, analyzing this situation, I was struck by one significant fact: it is known that there were telephone calls from the plane. One of the calling persons was a professional journalist. And yet, not one of the calling individuals said that they were being hijacked by "moslem terrorists." There was, apparently, nothing unusual about the appearance of the hijackers. There was no attempt to describe them. No one said: "Moslem terrorists have hijacked the plane," which would have logically been the first comment by this journalist IF it was apparent that the hijackers were "foreign." There was obviously nothing unusual about them in terms of appearance, accent, pronunciation, or other similar factors.

But, secret organizations could hide these things, couldn't they?

All these calls were private. And even the FBI was not able to suppress the fact that these calls took place. So, the conclusion which comes to mind, is that the external appearance of the hijackers was in no way different from the other passengers. Only in such cases would the communicants indentify the hijackers in a shorthand way. This suggests that the hijackers were European in appearance.

There is also the suspicious fact that the conspirators left a huge "clue" in the leased automobile at the airport with a copy of the Koran and instructions for flying a plane in Arabic.

Now look, not one organization claimed responsibility. This means that the terrorists want to hide their identity. With every other aspect of total control and professionalism, how could they make such a mistake? This does not compute with all the rest of the perfection of the operation.

All this says that the criminals want to create a false track. In this way, the secret services have been induced very cleverly to look for "Moslem terrorists. "

But indeed the practice of self-sacrifice is typical to the Moslem culture?

You are completely right. But who told you that those who died were not Moslems? This way we can narrow the radius of our search. On the basis of this information which we have, by analysis, we may come to the consclusion that those who did it were Americans or Europeans who were followers of radical Islam. They were manipulated so that the true criminals will be thus spared for follow-up actions. It is completely clear that this is a multi-phase operation.

That means that you do think that there will be new terrorist acts?

Unfortunately, it seems to me, it is necessary to be prepared for more terrorism, in another form, but with equal effectiveness. According to the clues that we have, ships can be used to ram dams. Imagine, if you will, a passenger ship or a tanker with 200,000 tons of oil hijacked and rammed into a dam? It will flood the cities downriver with populations in the millions, with burning oil floating on a flood.

Another variant: There are railroad crossings under the Hudson river. This can be exploded from above or below, which would flood the subway.

Are you saying that these actions will take place in America?

Yes. In the first place, the terrorists will want to confirm their superiority. In the second place, remember that, besides the use of the aircraft as weapons, there was also a car bomb. So, what would prevent the terrorists from blowing up a few more cars in Europe if they intend to act globally?

No, it seems that the target is precisely America; precisely civilians.

But, we remember that some analysts were claiming that if George Bush was in the White House on September 11, then the aircraft would have been aimed at the White House instead of the Pentagon.

This is highly improbable. In that case the White House or the Pentagon, but not peaceful population would be the first targets. Indeed after a first successful terrorist act, the chances of success for the rest fall. You see that the last action did fail in the crash of the aircraft in Pittsburgh. It was most certainly shot down. However hard it is to admit, this was the correct thing to do.

So it is clear that the main targets are civilians. There is this formula that is part of the mentality of terrorists: the civilian population in the democratic countries are responsible for the actions of their government. The terrorists accept and use this formula. Therefore, the next terrorist acts will follow the same pattern. Obviously, they will occur on Wednesday or Thursday of next week. Why? I don't want to explain the terrorist's logic. But it is based on a certain sense of the "rightness" of the thing.

But I would like to repeat this: the fact that no terrorists are claiming responsibility, tells us that they will kill again and again until the next stage of global conflict is achieved. This is precisely the goal of these actions. Only then will they reveal their identity in order to get followers.

How could the special services OF THE USA fail to detect such a terrorist act?

I will give two examples. Half a year ago Israeli reconnaissance carried out studies through the use of aerial targets for conducting terrorism. It is certain that the Americans had access to these studies. But it seems to not have entered their minds to apply this information in defensive ways.

And other - in March of 1991 in our office sat Korzhakov, and we told him about the situation leading to the September government coup. We predicted that everything would occur in September. Everything actually occurred, exactly following our scenario, only it happend one month earlier: August. No one paid any attention. This means that when there are predictions of scenarios that seem to be improbable, no one takes them seriously, especially the secret services. That is why Putin says that what is needed is a union of all secret services of all nations.

What is the probability that the American secret services will succeed in finding the leader of this operation, or that they simply will present to society a fake?

Very high. There are people, there are apartments where they were located, which means, there are traces, certainly. Following these traces, one may find the leader.

And who this? Ben Laden?

Hardly. Yes, there was the interception of his conversation with someone, where they reported to him the destruction of two targets.This was seen as indirect confirmation of his participation. But he is not an ideologist. He is too well known. And the one who organized all of this is too smart to be noticed. Ever.

I hope that all of you "read between the lines" in the above article. Now, let's think about what this KGB guy said relating to this "powerful organization" that wishes to blame Moslems, which he thinks might be European Moslems, but I don't think that fits. If they were Moslems, it is hardly likely that they would cast blame on their own people, bringing the fires of hell down upon them.

In fact, I spent some time watching a video of Afghanistan, and imagining the pitiful lives of those starving people being subjected to the wrath of American might and military technology literally made me cringe in shame.

By and large, the same is true for most of the countries of the Middle East - except for, of course, Israel. If there are any madmen extremists emerging from such places, one has only to view the reality of daily life there to understand the rage and desperation in which such hatred is born and bred and fed. God knows, they don't have much else to eat.

Yet, like everyone, I am so outraged that nothing but finding the perpetrators and bringing them to justice will satisfy. But contrasting my personal need for justice , with the reality of the proposed war that is being promoted by the media, I end up with the only answer being that we must find the specific group, the specific individuals, and we must "surgically remove" them from the body of mankind, doing as little damage to surrounding tissues as possible. And then we must do all we can to heal those wounds.

Regarding the KGB guy's remark above about the shooting down of the fourth plane, see:

video clip: How the authorities responded: A concise analysis of the events fromhttp://www.itn.co.uk/news/ondemand/video/

Those of you who were patient enough to read through the rantings of the news group poster - Xinoehpoel - certainly arrived at the point where he made "future" predictions - probably similar to his "prediction" of the WTC Attack.

For those who did not have the patience to read through the mess, here is what he said regarding "future" events:

Subject: 911 GOD HELLP US!!!
From: "Xinoehpoel" <tesnal@psl.moc>
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 07:36:47 -0700

7 days ago I said in 7 days from then I would explain the meaning of my 911 prophecy. A witness against everyone in America!!! US, the cry of your sins has reached unto heaven!!! Now I go away. The witness is thus completed.

After the witness, if the people don't repent, there will AN EVEN GREATER witness, and an EVEN GREATER punishment if the people do not repent. (Of course they wont! Only individuals repent, never the whole nation!) Don't be stupid SUSA. Bin Laden is not responsible for these attacks. SATAN himself, the GOD of the EARTH is responsible for these attacks, your own KING!! Check your history, you'll see! They are a test to see if Americans are STUPID ENOUGH to go to war with a completely INNOCENT country over it. To see if America is STUPID ENOUGH to arrest INNOCENT people over it.

DAMN YOU MILITARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The cup of your sin in almost full. God is going to pour out his wrath all over America. Get the hell out right now. Do not be partakers of the sins. Quit your jobs. Go out into the deserted areas of the earth. Live there instead. The world will be destroyed. This is unavoidable. You can only try to take a few people with you as you go. What more can you do?

Mr. X then followed the above post with the following:

Subject: Sollog says Osama Bin Laden to nuke major city
From: "Xinoehpoel" <tesnal@psl.moc>

Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 08:06:49 -0700

Here are some quotes from 247news.net

"Soon a SUITCASE NUKE will hit a major city. And you will then see the MASS EXODUS of major cities EXACTLY as one of the worlds top psychics has been saying since 1995!

Anywhere in the United States where many people gather will be the TARGET of TERRORISTS soon says SOLLOG.

This is the START OF GIHAD says SOLLOG.

Sollog who has given exact information about future events says these events are from Osama Bin Laden and his vast muslim militant network!

Sollog says WORLD WAR III has now started, and this day goes down in history as THE START OF THE END of American Power! "

"Sollog says. "when the US Stock Markets open you will see a massive flight to cash and gold."

He also says, "When the FIRST NUKE hits ISRAEL, then ROME then Washington DC you will see THE CRASH OF WALL STREET!"

Sollog warns, "If George Bush unleashes the US Military on the Middle East, you will see SUITCASE NUKES hit cities!"

Sollog then warned, "Israel will be hit by a SUITCASE NUKE first, then Rome then Washington DC!"

Sollog added, "Big Buildings and Big Cities will forever be targets now! It is time to move far from Big Cities!"

"As you know, THE US WILL RETALIATE upon the Middle East! Then the AGE OF NUKE TEORRISM BEGINS...

You were warned!"

It seems that, under the "veil" of the wild rantings of this man "Sollog," this "informant" is telling us something that he believes to be true. And, since his now famous original "911" post/prophecy was certainly fulfilled, what are we to think? Is he an "insider" to the conspiracy? Or is he really just "hearing voices?"

We certainly cannot discard this latter because, indeed, we know about The Program as described in the Stargate Conspiracy review as well as our commentary on these pages regarding the criticisms of Picknett and Prince. See also: The Greenbaum Lecture.

That there may, indeed, be mind programmed and controlled individuals placed among our population in significant numbers, who claim to be contactees or "channels" or prophets. But they are not. At least, if they are, the only thing they are "channeling" is The Program as incepted and created by Andrija Puharich and his early associates.

We notice from a careful reading of his long string of posts that the poster seems to be Jewish. But if he is, he is most definitely not a follower of any known form of Judaism. And this is where we come to something most interesting.

Here is the original prophecy of "Sollog" give in September of 1997:

The PROPHECY of 9/02

Today is the 2nd day of the ninth month.
It is recorded as 9/02 or 209 in reverse.
The sum of both numbers is a HOLY NUMBER. It is 1111 ( 209 + 902 = 1111)

Within 31 days certain of these events shall come to pass. The rest shall occur when they say!
It is being done to show MAN that NUCLEAR TERRORISM is near!

The GODDESS of the MOON from ancient Rome just died on the day of the 3 and 1, the 31st or reverse of the 13.
In my May 13th Prophecy from 1995, I warned to look for a sign before Nuclear Terrorism strikes.
The Sign was the death of the Goddess of the Moon.
I warned to look for a link to Napoleon, the emperor of France who lived in Paris.
The Goddess of the Moon that was struck, was known in her time as the VIRGIN BRIDE!
I also warned to look for a virgin sacrifice.

The same Prophecy warned to look for a injury to a President that trips or falls, the one in the US was the sign.
I AM now GUARANTEEING the EXACT DATE of the deaths of the Pope in Rome and the President of the US.
The Pope in Rome who is known as John Paul. You will not live to see another Full moon past the Full moon of the 16th day of this month.
The 16th day of the 9th month is recorded as 16/9 in Euro dating.
169 is the square of the 13, the number of death.
This 16th day of the 9th month will be another day for TERRORISM!

A big bang in a big building.

I warned that 169 would die in Oklahoma city the month before it happened.
For ONE YEAR that was the number given in that BIG BANG.

WATCH FOR THE BIG BANG on the 16th day the 9th month.

The Moon is full of the blood of the sacrifice of DIANA.

In the 10th month of this year, the 16th day is the 2nd full Moon from when I am writing this PROPHECY. The 15th day of that month is the day of the HARVEST of the FULL MOON! The FULL MOON harvest is the 13th day of the new MOON!
It is the 13th day of Octavian fame. It is the ides of Augustus!

It is the day the puppet of SATAN in Rome shall die!


It proves to all jesus is a fairy tale, he never existed. If he did he said he is LUCIFER! That�s what MORNING STAR MEANS in Latin!

By the next Full MOON the beast in the US who is known as the President shall die a tragic death!

The MOON is full on the 14th day of the 11th month.
The harvest of the FULL MOON is the 13th day of the 11th month this year!
It is the day that the President of the US shall die his tragic death!


It proves to all, that even world leaders DIE when I GUARANTEE they will.

A famous Suidae from the New York City work place shall die a tragic death within 31 days of this letter. It shall be either Howard the false king of all media Rush the false talent whose talent isn�t on loan from god Pat Colmes who mocked the living GOD on his show Benni of NBC the Jew Rudy the adulterer

Another famous Suidae shall die shortly.

By SUICIDE. He kills many in his family.

Volpe the beast of the 70th shall die by SUICIDE.

It is JUSTICE for Louima.

These are the signs that are GUARANTEED!

When they happen you must leave the large cities.

1. Terrorism on the 16th day of 9th month
2. Popes death on the Harvest of the Full Moon the ides of Octavian
3. Presidents death on the Harvest of the Full Moon the 13th of Novem
4. The death of a famous NYC media personality from NYC by 10/3 5.
Suicide death of Volpe the infamous Suidae of the 70th

I AM Sollog Immanuel Adonai Adoni
The WORD of ONE The HOLY ONE 1111
You have been commanded to terminate all NUCLEAR DEVICES IMMEDIATELY! These events must be to show that this command is to be OBEYED!


HAYAH is the eternal name given to Moishe on the mount with the tablets of stone with THE LAW!

Now, all of this is very interesting in light of the fact that the Cassiopaeans have recently told us that the "God" or "Archon of Darkness" who is behind the Stargate Conspiracy, is the ancient "Pig God" called "Howaw" or Hohah or Hayah. Those interested in tracking this god might like to refer to Cohane's book, The Key. In this book, he finds the original "name of God" all across the planet. Hayah is only one variation of the name. Hor and Horus are two others. There are many variations. The only thing is, as the C's have said, this is the "Dark God" who is behind all the "false front" gods that have instituted the major monotheistic religions. He has, in recent years, manifested as The Nine, in several channeled variations. It is also suggested that Ashtar, Sananda, the Guardians ase well as the ideas of the return of Nibiru as promulgated by Sitchin and others, are variations on this programmed confusion created and "beamed out" via technology, to be received by specially prepared "receivers." Many such "receivers" are "movers and shakers" in science and industry. Some of them report having receive "phone calls" from "metallic sounding" voices in their youth, making predictions of their future greatness in this or that field of endeavor. A "fulfillment" of those predictions is then "created" by the programmers so that the programmed dupe will become even more convinced of their importance and the "rightness" of their mission, and a perfect "tool" of the Program is then "in place" in society. Perhaps Sollog and the mystery poster are two of these. And what is the deal with this insane version of Judaism?

What do we learn when we research the nature of this god, (who is also an incarnation of Vishnu as "The Boar.") Well, here it is:

Suti, master of darkness and the beasts that hunt by night-- advocate of the strong, devourer of the weak. With his legions of serpents and hordes of scorpions and spiders, he preys on the fallen and conspires against the pure.

He is lord over every variety of rain and cloud, he brews the most potent storms, and he wracks the cities and the spirits of men with shrieking, violent winds.

Suti is the eternal adversary, the shaitan. At least, this is what his enemies and chroniclers would have us believe.

On another level he represents the aspiration of the genetic drive for survival, the animal response, the raw instinct, the drive to ride the natural cycle of the hunter and the hunted.

His tools include trickery, subtlety, the refined arts of guerrilla warfare and the silver tongue. His cunning is unmatched, as is his mastery of the nefarious disciplines of sabotage and deceit.

He is an utterly immoral being, using whatever means will achieve his ends. In this light (or in the absence thereof), his evil is not that of a blind, raging monster, but rather that of the absence of emotion and conscience, the total domination of will and cold intellect over the other facilities.

But the point is, how does all of this fit into the present situation?

Over the past few days we have struggled - along with everyone else - to keep our balance, to guard our emotions, and to use our minds to observe and learn and be aware. It is difficult, but not impossible. But it is becoming more difficult every day.

Why? Because what we see all around us is another of the insidious manipulations of the masses of humanity, including our leaders, gaining impetus and moving across the land like a juggernaut!

Now, yes, many of you who read this site or similar sites - those of you who are connected in networks around the globe, sharing information and insights - have a view of the present situation that precludes, for the most part, this overt mind manipulation. Unfortunately, the majority of Americans are not so well informed. Even well-educated Americans seem to be completely in the dark about the forces moving on this planet. Jerry Falwell was recently heard to say that this tragedy fell upon America because of gays, lesbians, and the general decline of morals.

Yeah, right! "In a Pig's eye!"

I remember back in 1986, when I came across the documented evidence that the attack on Pearl Harbor was known to the United States well before it happened. I was shocked. Not only did the government do nothing to prevent it, they did not even warn those who were going to be attacked. The loss of American lives was horrendous. And the blame lies on the doorstep of the leaders of America. There is even evidence that they deliberately manipulated the situation, at the highest levels, to ensure that the attack would take place.


Well, to get the United States into the war, of course. War is big business. Whenever you have a slow economy, a little war-mongering is always the answer. In ancient times, it was the business of the day: go to war, kill the men, capture the women and the wealth of the enemy, and go home until you have spent it all and gotten tired of the women, and then go out and do it over again. Even Herodotus understood this to be the reason for war. And human beings haven't changed at all - at least not those who seek power postions. And whether they go to the Assembly of God, the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, or the Synagogue on the corner, those who seek power, who live according to material standards, are, ipso facto, worshippers of Howaw. Never forget: His cunning is unmatched, as is his mastery of the nefarious disciplines of sabotage and deceit. He can even appear as an angel of light or work through such as Dr Joseph Chiappalone, Dr. Hurtak, The Nine, and many other proclaimers of gloom and doom and others who rave and rant about the guilt of humanity and how they are going to suffer destruction because they are so evil. They all seem to forget that this "evil" is a product of the brainwashing from guys just like them - that somehow one group of human beings who believe one set of ideas are better in some way than all other human beings. And of course, in these pronouncements, only a certain group - defined as "viable" or "holy" or whatever - are going to be "saved."

Getting back to the subject: the result of WW II was, of course, the deaths of 61 million people.

Yes, that's correct: SIXTY ONE MILLION. Many of them civilians.

Almost 300,000 of them were prime American manhood. The finest we had to offer. By the act of war, our people were being sacrificed to the Pig God Howaw.

Nevertheless, having been raised on patriotism and apple pie, I was devastated to think that the leaders of our country were so callous that they would permit such an event as Pearl Harbor when obviously, there were other options available. I have always thought that if the leaders of countries were required to put on boxing gloves and go into a ring and duke it out to settle international differences, there would be a great increase in positive diplomacy. In any event, believe me, with our present technology, there are other options than war.

What did I do with my new awareness at that point in time? Well, naturally, I buttonholed the first person I encountered and told them: "Guess what?! The United States leaders deliberately manipulated the Japanese to get them to attack us so that the people of this country would want to go to war!"

I don't know what I expected this person to say, but it certainly wasn't what was said! I was thoroughly and completely cursed and lambasted for daring to say such a dreadful thing about the Holy Overseers of our Well-being.

I was shocked. Here I had just read evidence, and was sharing that evidence, and the person not only did not want to hear it, they wanted me to die for saying it! How dare I shoot a sacred cow? How dare I cast aspersions on Saint Franklin! There is mind control as in social programming, and there is Mind Control that is more specific. Either way, we are a programmed society.

And now, today, (September 14, 2001) the St. Petersburg Times announces that we are BRACING FOR WAR! I have also just received a CNN news brief saying that the U.S. Senate has just voted 98 to 0 for the "use of force." That is just a preliminary to a declaration of war. They are piling up the wood for the sacrificial pyre.

Why is our government allowing itself to be manipulated by this obvious - and I mean OBVIOUS - plot? If a Russian KGB agent can so clearly see through it, what is wrong with our analysts? Why can't they figure out that they are being manipulated. What is even worse, if this KGB analyst is right, why aren't they telling us that we have a little problem here? That maybe there is a cabal of cold-blooded killers on the loose with nukes in their backpacks?

Update: (Sept. 15, 2001) We received a report from one of our researchers that CNN had interviewed the family of one of the individuals who had made a phone call from the fourth plane. In this interview, the following was quoted:

"Glick told police (the family called 911 and the police patched into the call - Linda) he could see three men he described as Arabs and that the plane was over countryside, according to Makely."

In the interview, the family also mentioned that he told them the men were Middle-Eastern and had Arab-sounding accents.

Why is it so obvious to so many people that the government is somehow involved in this, either consciously or unconsciously?

From the very beginning, this event has been compared to "Pearl Harbor." I have mentioned on a number of occasions that the forces of darkness are obliged to identify themselve by a sign, or token. In this case, they have done so.

Is it really possible that the government of our country had an inkling that this was going to happen? And if so, is it possible that they did nothing? We read endless reports of this spreading like wildfire over the web. A dozen or more commentators of great or lesser prestige simply do not believe in the "failure of intelligence" that is being claimed so widely in the mass media. Everyone is certain that the government not only knew about the attack, but that they condoned it for their own nefarious purposes: i.e. Pearl Harbor and even Hitler's Reichstag fire.

If that is the case, it means that not one single one of those people on those airplanes or in the Pentagon, or in the World Trade Center had to die. Not one. It was not a "failure of intelligence," it was a triumph of the Pig God Howaw. All of them became sacrifices.

But now, now that this information is coming out, that individuals all over the planet seem to have a clue, why is the government of this country persisting in this ridiculous course of action? Can we suggest that they are conscious by this very fact? And if so, how many more sacrifices are there going to be?

If it is not true, if the government did have some idea of something, but that the actual event timing and mode was unknown, would they admit this?

So, we have two opposing forces here: one group, which consists of a large segment of the populace, claims that there was no failure of intelligence, that the government deliberately participated in this attack, and that it is part of a planned schedule to impose a One World Government on all of us, to abridge our freedoms, and entrap us in a fascist state.

On the other side, we have the mass media and the governement itself, claiming that there was a failure of intelligence, and this means that we have to pass some new, restrictive laws, make some significant changes in the way the country does business, and most definitely, we need a little war here to level things out again (not to mention the economy.) And all of the Joe Sixpak's of the world may be buying it. All the grandmotherly Sally Stockmarketinvestors are sitting at home, glued to their televisions, hoping that Uncle Sam will take charge here, nuke the Afghanis, and pass all the laws necessary to ensure the safety of this great nation. Never mind if that includes moving to a cashless society and implanting micro-chips under the skin so that everyone will be trackable and traceable.

Most of all, we have the inciting of terror that we are going to war, and it will be WWIII. Basically, the beginning of the END. And all the doom sayers and prognosticators of gloom and jumping up and down in gleeful anticipation, literally wringing their hands while fiendishly pronouncing that we are all GONNA DIE!

Heavy stuff, eh?

As I have already said: in intelligence training the first thing you look for is to determine who will benefit from a particular situation. Well, this situation is a bit complex. But we notice that it has only become complex AFTER the fact. It is only the wild speculations and constant playing of agendas and counter-agendas that has tended to obscure the basic essentials of the matter.

Let me point out two examples: Roswell and the McVeigh case. In the first instance, there were initial newspaper accounts that a "flying disk" had crashed and been recovered near Roswell. Jesse Marcel was quoted as verifying that it was "not of this world," and the whole thing was pretty cut and dried.

However, almost instantaneously, some sort of "damage control" went into effect and the simple facts of the case were forever obscured in the claims and counter-claims of all the Dr. Watson's wandering around and destroying the clues.

In the case of Timothy McVeigh, one of the first reports of what he said at the time he was arrested was that he had been "experimented on" by the government. He claimed that he had some sort of implant in his hip and that he had been driven by the "instructions" of the program to do what he did because the government wanted him to do it.

Well, don't that just beat all? And how come that was never brought up in his trial? How come that idea disappeared in the morass of media claims and counter claims?

So, let's go back to ground zero of the present situation and look at the event itself, by itself, and ask: who benefits?

Obviously, the first beneficiary we notice would be Israel. It could be suggested that, by focusing the anger of the United States against the Moslems, they have powerful backing for their expansionist goals. So, the first view of the matter might suggest that Israel has the most to gain. We would have to say that, if it is really true that the United States was experiencing a "failure of intelligence," this would be the most obvious solution because, of all the groups that one would not be suspecting, and thus would not be trying to "infiltrate," it would be one that is ostensibly a "friend."

We also observe the events in Israel during the weeks prior to the WTC attack: many people were withdrawing their support from Israel and there was a growing feeling of disease among the peoples of many countries, that Israel was simply going too far. Everyone was tired of the constant harassment of the Palestinians, of the constant attacks against anyone who said a single word against Israel's political ambitions; who - if they did not support every single thing said and done by Israel - were flamed as "antisemites." In short, Israel was losing their grip on the collective guilt of the world. Sympathies were turning against them, and toward the Palestinians. The following report was being widely circulated on the internet:

By George Monbiot
Tuesday August 14, 2001 http://www.guardian.co.uk/Archive/Article/0,4273,4238614,00.html

Ariel Sharon's decision not to blast the Palestinians out of existence after last week's suicide bombings is, at first sight, mystifying. While jets blew up the Palestinians' police station in Ramallah and Israeli soldiers occupied their East Jerusalem headquarters, these reprisals were far less bloody than most people had predicted.

Several hypotheses have been advanced to explain this uncharacteristic restraint. Sharon is seeking to keep faith with his more conciliatory foreign minister, Shimon Peres. He is hoping to collect some moral credit, which he will use to defend much fiercer intervention at a later date. The seizure of Palestinian offices does more to hurt their cause than the murder of prominent figures. All these explanations are plausible, but there is another possible interpretation, overlooked by almost everyone. In killing Palestinians, Ariel Sharon can no longer be sure that he is killing only Palestinians.

For the past few weeks, foreign peace activists belonging to the international solidarity movement have been arriving in Jerusalem and the West Bank, joining demonstrations, staying in the homes of threatened Palestinians, turning themselves into human shields between the Israeli army and its targets. A few days ago they were joined by one of the most remarkable forces in British politics, a group of mostly middle-aged or elderly campaigners called Women in Black UK. These Hell's Grannies have moved straight into the front line, ensuring that the brutality with which the Palestinians are routinely treated now has international repercussions: Israel can't hurt local people without hurting them too.

For the past few nights, members of the solidarity movement have been sleeping in the homes of Palestinians in the Bethlehem suburb of Beit Jala. Eight hundred and fifty homes here have been shelled by soldiers stationed in the neighbouring Jewish settlement of Gilo, as the army seeks to expel the Palestinians in order to expand Israel's illegal plantation.

The foreigners have been standing at army checkpoints, photographing soldiers when they stop people trying to leave or enter their communities and recording the names of those they arrest. The soldiers hate this scrutiny, but whenever the monitors arrive at a checkpoint, there's a marked reduction in the violence there.

The Women in Black also helped to organise the demonstrations outside Orient House, the Palestinian headquarters seized by Israel on Friday. They established the physical and political space in which Palestinians could protest non-violently. Arrested and beaten up with the local people, the women witnessed the torture of Palestinian prisoners in the police station, which would otherwise have gone unrecorded.

In short, these volunteer peacekeepers are seeking to do precisely what foreign governments have promised but failed to do: to monitor and contest abuses of human rights, to defuse violence, and to challenge Israel's ethnic cleansing programme. Their actions put us all to shame.

As well as seeking to enforce peace, they are trying, hard as it is in the current atmosphere, to broker it. They have been suggesting to their Palestinian hosts some of the novel means by which injustice can be confronted without the use of violence. They have plenty of experience to draw on.

Some of these activists have been involved in the Trident Ploughshares campaign which, over the past fortnight, has been running rings round the marines guarding the nuclear submarines in Scotland. To the astonishment of the guards, the protesters there have managed to evade the tightest security in the UK, swimming into the docks in which the submarines are moored and spray-painting the words "useless" and "illegal" on their sides. They have launched canoes and home-made rafts into the paths of submarines trying to leave their berths. They have cut through the razor wire and roamed around the base, hoping to arrest its commander for crimes against humanity. A few days ago, they blocked the main gates of the nuclear warhead depot, their arms embedded in barrels of concrete, bringing work to a halt as the police tried to figure out how to extract them.

Two years ago, three of these women climbed into the Trident programme's floating research laboratory on Loch Goil and, as a delightful new video commissioned by the Quakers shows, threw all its computers into the sea. In Greenock court, they were acquitted of criminal damage, after the sherriff accepted their defence that the Trident programme infringes international law: rather than committing a crime, they were preventing one. Soon afterwards, the women "borrowed" a police boat from the Trident base in Coulport and drove it into the submarine docks at Faslane. Among them was one of the women who were also found not guilty in 1996 after smashing up a Hawk aircraft bound for East Timor. The subsequent publicity forced the government to stop exporting Hawks to Indonesia.

Though they're acquitted as often as they're convicted, Hell's Grannies have spent much of the past few years in jail. They take full responsibility for their actions. If the police fail to spot them, they ring them up and ask to be arrested. Their candour, clarity and humour have played well in court, but the risks of this accountable campaigning are enormous. The prosecution began yesterday of 17 British and American Greenpeace activists, who are being tried on terrorism charges after peacefully occupying the Californian launch pad being used for George Bush's missile defence tests. In the Middle East such tactics are likely to be still more dangerous, as Israeli soldiers have shown no hesitation in killing protesters in cold blood. But, as Gandhi recognised, the brutal treatment of non-violent campaigners can destroy the moral authority of the oppressor, generating inexorable pressure for change.

The Women in Black are clearly prepared not only to die for their cause, but also to make what Dostoevsky correctly identified as a far greater sacrifice: to live for their cause. They are ready to lose their homes, their comforts, their liberty, to be vilified, beaten up and imprisoned. Their accountable actions require a far greater courage than throwing bricks at the police.

Most importantly perhaps, these campaigners never cease to acknowledge the humanity of their opponents. They seek not to threaten but to persuade. The results can be astonishing. The MoD police who pulled the Trident swimmers out of the water ferried them back to their camp, rather than arresting them, while massaging their legs to stop cramp. When Angie Zelter, one of the coordinators of Women in Black, was on remand for her attempts to demolish the British military machine, she was visited in prison by a timber merchant whose business she had once tried to shut down. He had, as a result of her campaign, stopped importing mahogany stolen from indigenous reserves in Brazil, and started refashioning his business along ethical lines, and now he needed her advice.

All this is a long-winded way of saying something which, in the 21st century, sounds rather embarrassing: these people are my heroes. They confront us with our own cowardice, our failure to match our convictions with action. We talk about it, they do it. Hell's Grannies are walking through fire. If they can, why can't we all?

Notice the date of the above report: Mid-August. A little over three weeks before the WTC attack. Hmmm...

But, there was more. Another tract getting wide circulation on the internet was the following:

Israel: A monument to anti-Semitism

by Greg Felton
August 1, 2001

Soon, delegates to the United Nations World Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance will assemble in Durban, South Africa, and possibly debate a resolution equating Zionism with racism.

That we should have to debate this issue in 2001 is regrettable, for the General Assembly has already decided the matter. On Nov. 10, 1975, it passed Resolution 3379, which, among other things, reaffirmed the UN's condemnation of the "unholy alliance between South African racism and Zionism," (Resolution 3151G, 1953), and further condemned "any doctrine of racial differentiation or superiority [to be] scientifically false, morally condemnable, socially unjust and dangerous," (Res. 1904, 1963).

Even more regrettable is the reticence of Mary Robinson, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, to revisit the issue: "If there is an attempt to revive the idea of Zionism as racism we will not have a successful conference." (Toronto Globe and Mail, July 28).

I submit that a conference that willfully ignored the worst sustained human rights violation of the last 60 years is irredeemably compromised. By this willful sin of omission it will tacitly condone the very kind racism it purports to abhor.

Even a cursory examination of the Zionist enterprise and statements by its practitioners provides ample prima facie proof that Zionism is, has been, and will always be, racist.

Zionism as racism

  • "Both the process of expropriation and removal of the poor must be carried out discreetly and circumspectly." Theodore Herzl in The Complete Diaries, Chapter I, p. 88.

  • "The Palestinian refugees will find their place in the diaspora. Those who can resist will live thanks to natural selection. The others will simply crumble. Some of them will persist, but the majority will be a human heap, the scum of the earth, and will sink into the lowest levels of the Arab world," Near East Department of the Israeli government, 1948.

  • "There is no other way than to transfer the Arabs from here to the neighboring countries, to transfer all of them; not one village, not one tribe, should be left." Joseph Weitz, the Jewish National Fund administrator for Zionist colonization (1967), from My Diary and Letters to the Children, Chapter III, p. 293.

  • "The only good Arab is a dead Arab...When we have settled the land, all the Arabs will be able to do about it will be to scurry around like drugged cockroaches in a bottle," Rafael Eitan, Likud leader of the Tsomet faction (1981) in Noam Chomsky, Fateful Triangle, pp 129, 130.

  • "It is forbidden to be merciful to them, you must give them missiles, with relish - annihilate them. Evil ones, damnable ones. May the Holy Name visit retribution on the Arabs' heads, and cause their seed to be lost, and annihilate them, and cause them to be vanquished and cause them to be cast from the world," Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, founder and spiritual leader of the Shas party, Ma'ariv, April, 9, 2001.

In reaction to Yosef's statements, Interior minister Eli Yesha said supportively: "They reflected the overall state of thinking of the Israeli Jewish society."

These five citations, from Herzl to the present, show that Zionism is, at root, a conscious war of extermination and expropriation against a native civilian population. In the modern vernacular,  Zionism is the theory and practice of "ethnic cleansing," which the UN has defined as a war crime.

Unfortunately, justice doesn't always win against a determined campaign of disinformation and intimidation. In 1991, under intense pressure from Israel and the North American Jewish lobby, the UN reversed itself on Zionism, thereby denying the truth it spoke 16 years earlier.

The Zionist argument, then as now, consists of the falsehood that the UN's action itself constituted an act of racism. Zionism, we are told, is merely the national expression of Jewish self-determination. Thus, to condemn Zionism is to condemn all Jewry--an act of "anti-Semitism."

The epithet "anti-Semitism" is hurled to silence anyone, even other Jews, brave enough to decry Israel's systematic, decades-long pogrom against the Palestinian Arabs. Because of the Holocaust, "anti-Semitism" is such a powerful instrument of emotional blackmail that it effectively pre-empts rational discussion of Israel and its conduct.

It is for this reason that many good people can witness daily evidence of Israeli inhumanity toward the "Palestinians' collective punishment," destruction of olive groves, routine harassment, judicial prejudice, denial of medical services, assassinations, torture, apartheid-based segregation, etc. -- yet not denounce it for fear of being branded "anti-Semitic."

To be free to acknowledge Zionism's racist nature, therefore, one must debunk the calumny of "anti-Semitism." Once this is done, not only will the criminality of Israel be undeniable, but Israel, itself, will be shown to be the embodiment of the very anti-Semitism it purports to condemn.

Zionism as anti-Semitism (general case)

First, we need to rectify one major misunderstanding. The words "Semite" and "Semitic" refer to more than Jews and Jewishness. Strictly speaking, "semitic" is a linguistic term denoting a family of Afro-Asiatic languages, of which we have today Arabic, Hebrew, Maltese, and the South Arabic languages of northern Ethiopia.

Ancient semitic languages included Akkadian, Sumerian, Canaanite, Amorite, Ugaritic, Phoenician, Punic, Aramaic, as well as ancient Hebrew and Syriac.

Thus, anyone who spoke or speaks these languages is by definition a Semite, though the term only came into use in 1813. In the case of the Middle East, Semites include the Palestinian Arabs. Not only do they speak a semitic language (Arabic), but they are the direct blood descendants of the Canaanites, whom we know as the Philistines.

Now, the Zionist Jews who founded Israel are another matter. For the most part, they are not Semites, and their language (Yiddish) is not semitic. These Ashkenazi ("German") Jews -- as opposed to the Sephardic ("Spanish") Jews -- have no connection whatever to any of the aforementioned ancient peoples or languages.

They are mostly East European Slavs descended from the Khazars, a nomadic Turko-Finnic people that migrated out of the Caucasus in the second century and came to settle, broadly speaking, in what is now Southern Russia and Ukraine.

In A.D. 740, the khagan (ruler) of Khazaria, decided that paganism wasn't good enough for his people and decided to adopt one of the "heavenly" religions: Judaism, Christianity or Islam. After a process of elimination he chose Judaism, and from that point the Khazars adopted Judaism as the official state religion.

The history of the Khazars and their conversion is a documented, undisputed part of Jewish history, but it is never publicly discussed. It is, as former U.S. State Department official Alfred M. Lilienthal declared, "Israel's Achilles heel," for it proves that Zionists have no claim to the land of the Biblical Hebrews.

Thus what we know as the "Jewish State" of Israel is really an ethnocentric garrison state established by a non-Semitic people for the declared purpose of dispossessing and terrorizing a civilian semitic people. In fact from Nov. 27, 1947, to May 15, 1948, more that 300,000 Arabs were forced from their homes and villages. By the end of the year, the number was close to 800,000 by Israeli estimates. Today, Palestinian refugees number in the millions.

That the Jews knew they were committing a criminal act is shown by a eulogy Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan delivered for a Jew killed by Arabs on the Gaza border in 1956:

"Let us not heap accusations on the murderers," he said. "How can we complain about their deep hatred for us? For eight years they have been sitting in the Gaza refugee camps, and before their very eyes, we are possessing the land and the villages where they and their ancestors have lived. We are the generation of colonizers, and without the steel helmet and the gun barrel we cannot plant a tree and build a home."

In April 1969, Dayan told the Jewish newspaper Ha'aretz: "There is not one single place built in this country that did not have a former Arab population."

Clearly, the equation of Zionism with racism is founded on solid historical evidence, and the charge of anti-Semitism is absurd.

Zionism as anti-Semitism (specific case)

Despite the preceding evidence, Zionists still have one rhetorical weapon that must be defused: the claim that the state of Israel is necessary because Jews need a safe haven from "anti-Semitism" in the non-Jewish world. Zionists insist that anti-Semitism is solely a crime against Jews, and that criticism of Zionism is by definition an attack upon Jews, a denigration of the Holocaust, and therefore "anti-Semitic."

The image of Israel as a necessary bastion for Jews is compelling enough to convince reasonable people that equating Zionism with racism is morally wrong. This was especially true in the immediate post-war world: "Generally speaking, the Zionists succeeded in persuading large segments of world public opinion to link the Zionist cause with the Holocaust," wrote Professor Ilan Papp� of Haifa University. "Against such a claim, even able Palestinian diplomats -- and there were not many in those days -- could hardly win the diplomatic game." The Journal of Palestine Studies (Winter 1997).

The equation of Zionism with the Holocaust, though, is based on a false presumption. Far from being a haven for all Jews, Israel is founded by Zionist Jews who helped the Nazis fill the gas chambers and stoke the ovens of the death camps. Israel would not be possible today if the World Zionist Congress and other Zionist agencies hadn't formed common cause with Hitler's exterminators to rid Europe of Jews.

In exchange for helping round up non-Zionist Jews, sabotage Jewish resistance movements, and betray the trust of Jews, Zionists secured for themselves safe passage to Palestine. This arrangement was formalized in a number of emigration agreements signed in 1938. The most notorious case of Zionist collusion concerned Dr. Rudolf Kastner Chairman of the Zionist Organization in Hungary from 1943-45. To secure the safe passage of 600 Zionists to Palestine, he helped the Nazis send 800,000 Hungarian Jews to their deaths. The Israeli Supreme Court virtually whitewashed Kastner's crimes because to admit them would have denied Israel the moral right to exist.

As the Jewish-Israeli scholar Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi wrote: "Out of the original sins of the world against the Jews grew the original sins of Zionism against the Palestinians: Its memory poisons the blood and marks every moment of existence." (Original Sins -- Reflections of the History of Zionism and Israel. p. 216.)

If this horror seems incredible or aberrant, it shouldn't. In a letter to the Zionist executive on Dec. 17, 1938, David Ben-Gurion stated it openly and unapologetically: "The saving of Jewish lives from Hitler is considered here as a potential threat to Zionism, unless they are brought to Palestine. When Zionism had to choose between the Jewish people and the Jewish state, it unhesitatingly preferred the latter...

"Zionism accepts anti-Semitism as the natural, normal attitude of the non-Jewish world toward the Jew. It does not consider it as a distorted, perverted phenomenon; it is a response to anti-Semitism, but not a confrontation, denunciation or fight against it." (Faris Yahya, Zionist Relations with Nazi Germany, p. 78.)

Even today, pro-Israeli journalists and publishers play up acts of violence against Jews to give the illusion that anti-Semitism is rampant and to manufacture consent for Zionism as a virtuous, necessary ideology. Journalists who try present a balanced view of Israel, to say nothing of a critical one, are silenced or terrorized. This goes for Jews as well as non-Jews.

On Nov. 10, 2000, the American-Jewish editor in chief of the Kansas City Jewish Chronicle, Debbie Ducro, published an impassioned 1,150 word article from another Jew decrying Israeli atrocities against the Palestinians. The writer, Judith Stone, even used the term Israeli Shoah, to draw allusion to Hitler's genocidal war against the Jews. Ducro was fired on Nov. 11.

In San Francisco, Rabbi Michael Lerner has endured death threats and vicious harassment from right-wing Jews because he gives voice to Palestinian views on his website and in the magazine Tikkun.

"An Israeli web site called 'self-hate' has identified me as one of the five enemies of the Jewish people, and printed my home address and driving instructions on how to get to my home," wrote Lerner in a May 13 e-mail. "We reported this to the police, the Israeli consulate, and to the Anti Defamation league. The ADL said it wasn't their concern because this was not a 'hate crime."

Here's a typical letter that Lerner said Tikkun received: "You subhuman leftist animals. You should all be exterminated. You are the lowest of the low life" (David Raziel in Hebron).

If anyone other than a Jew had written this, you can be sure that the ADL and any other Jewish lobby groups would have gone into full attack mode. In other words, when non-Jews slander and threaten Jews, it's called "anti-Semitism" and "hate crime'; when Zionists slander and threaten Jews, nobody is supposed to notice.


War crimes occur when cruelty is made to appear honourable, and good people stand by and do nothing to stop it.

The world watched as the Nazis unleashed state-sanctioned terrorism against the Jews, who were deemed to be sub-human (Untermenschen) - not worthy of dignity, respect or legal protection under the law. To kill a Jew, to destroy his livelihood, to force him and his family out of their homes - these were accepted, sanctioned forms of conduct by citizens of the German Reich to rid Europe of a specific group of people.

Today, the world watches as Israelis unleash state-sanctioned terrorism against Palestinians, who are deemed to be sub-human (Untermenschen) - not worthy of dignity, respect or legal protection under the law. (See citations above.) To kill a Palestinian, to destroy his livelihood, to force him and his family out of their homes - these are accepted, sanctioned forms of conduct by citizens of the Zionist Reich designed to rid Palestine of a specific group of people.

If Nazism is racist and deserving of absolute censure, then so is Zionism, for they are both fruit of the poisonous tree of fascism. It cannot be considered "anti-Semitic" to acknowledge this fact.

To condemn Israeli terrorism, does not in any way imply animus against Jews; neither does it attempt to diminish the Holocaust. In fact, the opposite is true. Zionists did nothing to aid non-Zionist survivors of the death camps, and did everything they could to coerce them to come to Palestine. For Zionists, the only Jew worth saving from the camps was one who wanted to build the Jewish State.

As famed violinist Lord Yehudi Menuhin told the French newspaper Le Figaro in January 1988:  "It is extraordinary how nothing ever dies completely. Even the evil which prevailed yesterday in Nazi Germany is gaining ground in that country [Israel] today."

For it to have any moral authority, the UN must equate Zionism with racism. If it doesn't, it tacitly condones Israel's war of extermination against the Palestinians.

Mr. Greg Felton is a Canadian editorialist on international politics, especially the Middle East. He can be reached at gfelton@mediamonitors.org


by courtesy & � 2001 Greg Felton

Having experienced the flame war of Jews charging us with "antisemitism" because we do not subscribe to their conviction that their god is the one and only god, and that they are the one and only chosen people, chosen by this god, and their subsequent posting of our home address on their newsgroups with the suggestion that somebody "find and take care of" us, we know whereof we speak. Several members of our research group spent days reading through the posts on some of the Jewish lists, reporting that the contempt of the members of these lists - most of them orthodox Jews - for all human beings who were not Jews, was beyond anything they had ever encountered. It certainly made it difficult for us here to work at promoting peace and the specialness of all human beings and the marvelous diversity of ethnicity and the ways in which we are all enriched by same, including Jews AND Palestinians.

Thus we see that the "benefit" of the WTC attack falls, primarily, to Israel.

However, another compelling observation is the fact that the United States power clique has a lot to gain as well. As noted, war is good business. Not only that, all of the claims that the government seeks to institute overt controls, as in the "Mark of the Beast," can be seen to be a partial motivation here.

But is it that simple? But again, is it that people are pointing at the government without realizing that our leaders, too, might be being manipulated?

As we are describing in our soon-to-be-published book, I believe that Israel may be being manipulated into a certain position. Just behind the Moslems. All of us are dupes in this scenario. It is, indeed, a Stargate Conspiracy, but it is millennia old.

There seems to be evidence that part of this Stargate Conspiracy, is clearly some insane version of Judaism that seems to connect to the worship of the Pig God. Why intelligent people are still writing insulting posts about Moslems is beyond me. Why people who have more than two neurons in contact with one another are even buying into this manipulation passes my understanding.

Next read the articles written by two Israelis who, though I cannot vouch for their intel, seem to be pointing the finger at a cabal also. The question we need to ask is: Whose idea was it to set up a trail of evidence that leads back to Israel. Is it the "back-up fall guy" syndrome?

How did Mr. X know that something was going to happen SEVEN DAYS IN ADVANCE of it in the above mentioned series? Was it hubris or a set-up?

Well, hubris is, indeed, the achilles heel of the forces of darkness. By virtue of this fact, and by virtue of the fact that we can see so clearly how the event is being used and manipulated, it may, indeed, trigger a series of events that are quite unexpected to the manipulators. What that may be, we cannot anticipate, and ought not to anticipate. But we should always remember that when a person with strong beliefs is pushed up against the wall, and they realize that they have absolutely nothing to lose, they become dangerous indeed. So it is indeed possible that the Moslems are being set-up in a big way, followed by the Israelis, followed by the U.S. government.

By whom? Who is this stalker of our nation? Who is it, really?

And we know here, from what the Cassiopaeans have told us, that the one way to stop a prediction is to make it widely known. By awareness. Because, it seems so that in all cases, "The forces at work here are far too clever to be accurately anticipated so easily. You never know what twists and turns will follow, and they are aware of prophetic and philosophical patternings and usually shift course to fool and discourage those who believe in fixed futures."

Should we all, collectively, write our representatives and demand that they put a stop to this nonsense? Would it have any effect?

Probably not. But that doesn't mean that we ought not to do it. I would say that it is a good idea, just for future reference to them, but I don't think it will stop the juggernaut presently in motion. There are too many people who are part of this Stargate conspiracy, many of them identified in the book by Picknett and Prince, though even if those on the surface are only misguided dupes.

What was it I wrote just a week or so ago in my commentary on the Stargate Conspiracy? I wrote:

The Cassiopaeans' have said: "Remember, free will is the most important law of consciousness in creation." That doesn't sound like Earth as the "Only Planet of Choice" and now we screwed it up for everybody! Of course, that begs the question of why we are in such a mess as we are now.

Q: (L) You have said on occasion that free will is the most important law of consciousness in creation. Why can we not exercise our free will and refuse to be abducted and experimented upon?
A: Those who abduct are exercising their free will in doing so.
Q: (L) Why does their free will have precedence over our free will?
A: Why does your free will have precedence over density 2 and 1 beings?

And that is the crucial point. We are cattle to these beings. Nothing more, nothing less. And like cattle, we are "cared for" and fed or culled when the herd gets too large. And that brings us to our next point: racism. Again, it is raising its ugly head in the teachings of The Nine, as well as many other channels, including, as P & P point out, older ones such as Helena Blavatsky and Alice Bailey.

How does the Control System "cull the herd?" Why, war, of course. And how do they select who gets to be culled? Probably based on who has the most spirit of resistance - the ones that keep running away or who cause problems are the ones that get noticed and singled out for the slaughterhouse. In our case, it is always vast numbers of our fellow human beings.

It gives me the shivers that I was writing this only a week or so before the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Was it prescient or just "reading the signs?"

I have been saying for months now that the only way the governement has to "fix the economy" is create a war. The only thing is, the economy may be exactly what is controlled by the secret cabal who worships the Pig God. Who are they?

The question we need to ask now is: how many are tied to this conspiracy who are not aware that they ARE worshipping Howaw? That their thirst for greed and power is rooted in Howaw? That when they declare that they, and they alone, are saved and all others are damned, when they claim that their religion is the only "right" one, or that their god is the only "real" god, that they are, in effect, worshipping Howaw? That their actions and even their thoughts are being manipulated? When are they going to wake up?

Will anyone take action? Will anyone with resources print flyers or buy advertising space or mail letters to their representatives to try to get the truth of how we are being manipulated across to more people? To make them aware? To inform those who lost loved ones who the real culprits are?

Who knows. It would be an interesting exercise to try it. At least to register our protest. Heck, print this page and send it to the White house. Send a dozen of them. They can always throw it in the trash - or they might read it and realize that maybe, just maybe, they ought to think about this thing a little bit deeper.

No WAR! Never again!

However, if nothing that is sensible prevails, the one thing we CAN expect is a severe and sudden infringement of our freedoms.

Unless the reality changes through awareness, I may not be able to say much more very much longer. Phones and computers will be monitored, or severely controlled. Restrictions may be legislated so as to create a basis for prosecution. Individuals may be rounded up and taken to detention centers. In a state of war, or under threat of terrorist attacks, all constitutional rights (which are amendments, by the way) are suspended.

We may be told what we can or cannot say and to whom we may say it. And this may be within a matter of days.

I hope all who are reading this realize that. I have known for some time that the powers that be - and I don't necessarily mean the government, though it will be effected through the government - will seek a way to curtail the communication between people that has been growing apace for the past few years via the internet. What better way to do it than war?

And yes, I expect to be slammed with the charge of anti-semitism for even mentioning the Jews, never mind that I am trying to point out that we are ALL manipulated - mostly via our false religions that have been created by Howaw to control us and keep us at each other's throats.

Stay tuned for more developments. We will have a discussion with the C's tonight and if possible, will report the results tomorrow. If we are still here tomorrow.

Update: September 15, 2001. We have added some information to the above page which more closely reflects the answers the Cassiopaeans returned to us regarding the present situation. The one thing that they did assure us was that we are NOT going into WW III and that AWARENESS will prevent the suggested "suitcase nukes" and further terrorist acts from the group that is behind this event.

Yes, the Cassiopaeans identified the source of the attack, and that the entire affair was known to certain elements within the government of this country.

The Cassiopaeans say that this was not a "plan" of the apparent government - our elected officials - to institute a One World Government, though it is the plan at deeper levels - and it is from those levels that the ultimate manipulations emanate. And it is also likely that, as a result of those manipulations, that the government itself may act in the ways it is being manipulated to do, just like the rest of humanity.

We were told that the "authors of this iniquity" are NOT "Moslem Terrorists," and that the "suicide pilots" were victims of heavy, long-term, mind programming for the very purpose of making the attack look like it was perpetrated by Moslems. It was accomplished by a foreign government at the deepest levels of an organization whose name is well known. I hope the reader can figure it out. update: see Mahmoud Ahmad.

The only thing that is left as really "open" is how the knowledge that our government is slowly gaining about the event will or will not be released to the public. Apparently there is a real storm at the highest levels of government. Buttons are being pushed, strings are being pulled, and "loans" are being called in. How do you expose a close "friend" in diplomatic terms?

Finally, we were informed that Mr. X was NOT an insider to the conspiracy - merely a contactee of the Dark Forces who are the ones pulling the strings - most especially the strings of their puppets who attacked the World Trade Center.

Knowledge Protects.

In Flanders Fields

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead.
Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved, and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields...