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Friday, July 4, 2003: Two hundred and twenty-seven years ago an experiment was begun: an experiment in individual freedom, political liberty, and the accumulation of property. A great battle was fought so that white property owners could have the right to rule over themselves, their land, their women, and their slaves.

For over two centuries, America has remained true to this ideal.

A great country was built with waves of immigrants pushing aside the indigenous peoples, tricking them, manipulating them, lying to them, and killing them.

After the land from sea to shining sea was conquered, or "settled" to use the vacuous and neutral term that hides the reality, a new century, the twentieth century, was born. The same conquering impulse continued, and these white property owners continued the push into Cuba and the Philippines, earning their place with the white European property-owners who were running the world. Within fifty years this American power had become the greatest power on earth.

It took a few more decades to completely eliminate the competition, but through a concerted plan of covert activity, political assassination, and drug running to finance terrorist armies that actually did a lot of the dirty work, by the dawn of the New Millennium, it was clear to all that the United States stood as the sole master of the world…and that it would brook no dissent.

Unfortunately, the proceeds from the conquest of the world's resources and people were considered by the white property-owner rulers to be too small to be equitably distributed among the inhabitants of the US. They had been obliged to give the vote to non-property holders and, then, finally, to women; they had been obliged to change the status of the Black population from that of slave to that of second-class citizens, but they were not about to redistribute any of the wealth coming in from their economic domination and exploitation of the planet.

While other developed countries had been pressured by popular movements to establish a system of social protection, such as universal health care, unemployment insurance, and extended vacation time (four to six weeks) for all workers, the powers that be of the American Republic preferred to invest in mind control and social engineering. They understood that if the American population could be isolated from the rest of the world so that nothing could be verified through their own experience, if they could be convinced of the superiority of the US way of life, the illusion would win over the reality.

Therefore, after the Second World War, a giant Iron Curtain was erected around the United States: a wall of TV and movies, a press that accepted uncritically the dominant ideology, propagating a fear of the rest of the world that made it more comfortable to stay home.

Witch hunts were organized within the US against ideas that were "un-American" - this in the country that saw itself, at the same time, as the bastion of freedom of thought. A campaign of fear was undertaken to demonize the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe in order to maintain a constant threat of nuclear war. An endless series of covert operations were undertaken to overthrow democratically elected governments or assassinate political leaders that had the audacity to stand up to American political and economic power. Coups, assassinations, military dictatorships, all in the name of "freedom". "If you are not with us, you're against us" didn't start with George W. Bush. It has only become more open.

The Second World War appears to be a pivotal event. The United States, battling with the other allies a genuinely evil opponent, played an important role in defeating facism. The peoples oppressed by the Hitler Reich warmly welcomed American GIs into their cities and towns as liberators.

The potentcy of this image is so strong even today that it is utilized to conceal the fact that American soldiers are the destroyers, the occupiers.

But the majority of Americans have been systematically deprived of the tools necessary to understand that they are being lied to. Those who could see it have been marginalized as "un-American". Many of these have become dupes of the "Other" side. Having rejected American lies, they fell for Soviet or Maoist ones. This, in turn, discredited their analysis of the US. When you are presented with two options, both of which are "bad", you have to find a new path. Anything else feeds the system.

We see the same dynamic within the US today with the false choice between "liberal" and "conservative". The Neocons aside, because they have a special agenda based upon the interests of the racist, Zionist state of Israel, the differences that separate a liberal from a conservative in the US are minimal when compared to the wide range of political ideas that we find in the world at large. If political ideas were mapped to a rainbow, the Republicans and Democrats might be found in the reds and oranges. One can see a difference, certainly, but how do they compare with yellow, green, blue, and violet? These colors are "un-American" and have been filtered out by the glasses with which Americans view the world. Those glasses are years of brainwashing, mind control experiments, TV, movies, media, etc.

We raise this not to take political sides; we are making the point that to SEE the reality for what it is, one must see the entire rainbow, and to be able to ACT clearly, one must see these colors with no emotional influences.

Why was so much time and energy expended by the white owners of America to instill in the American people such a gut-hatred and fear of communism? To prevent them from being able to see the reality clearly. Not because communism was better or worse than capitalism, but because, fundamentally, they were the same. They functioned together; they fed off of each other; they needed each other.

And the fear that was instilled during that period can now be directed at a new enemy: the faceless Arab "terrorist" who can strike anytime, anywhere.

That this enemy, be he Osama bin Laden or Saddam Hussein, was armed and paid for by the United States government itself, doesn't make it onto Fox News. Instead, a John Wayne wannabe struts his stuff safe and sound while sending more American youth to be killed with cries of "Bring 'em on!"

Mr. AWOL during his own tour in the reserves is provoking more deaths, both American and Iraqi. Is this thoughtless or calculated?

A clique hides in the bowels of the Pentagon, having masterminded the taking of America. The first stage was the stolen 2000 Presidential election; the second stage, the attack of September 11 on the WTC and the Pentagon. Over 3000 Americans were sacrificed by the Bush Reich in a bloody imitation of the Reischtag fire perpetrated by the Nazis; in both cases, blamed on their political opponents.

What freedoms Americans thought they had are being stripped from them by the Bush Reich under the slogan of "defending our freedom" and "fighting for democracy." In the same way the rights of the victims of American covert activity in other countries have had their freedoms stripped away - ostensibly to make them free.

There is a meaning and a purpose to the history of the United States, but it is a meaning and purpose far removed from that inculcated in high school history classes. The United States has been shaped and cultivated to play a role in a cosmic drama. And it isn't the cowboy in the white hat coming to the rescue. It's the epitome of karma: He who lives by the sword, dies by the sword.

Independence Day is a time for all Americans to take stock, to look beyond the words and to see the deeds of their country. If they are unable to really SEE what is going on, to let fall the scales from their eyes held in place by phoney political squabbles; to rip out the American supremacist ideology, and to take a stand against the lies, both the small ones told by their President, and, more importantly, the Big One they tell themselves about their country, they will be caught up in a cosmic maelstrom that is as merciless as America has been.

The Truth of this world is there for any and all who wish to see and understand. But one will never know the Truth as long as one believes the Lie.


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