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Eye-witnesses's Accounts of Pentagon Crash Don't Add Up

Since the Flash animation Pentagon Strike, we have received a great number of emails. Many of them are thankful for the animation and the important questions which it raises - questions which, until now, have only been discussed among a relatively small group. Others are not as thankful: From : USA

You ignorant basturds! Fuck you! There is my freedom of speach[sic]! You have no clue about dog shit! Did any of you morons who put this together have anyone you know die[sic] on 911? I'd like a chance to explain to you in person my veiws... but it would be a waste of my time. So go support morons like Micheal More[sic] and John Kerry...

Nothing like a constructive dialogue. And then there was this one:

Subject: Disrespectful

It amazes me how completely disrespectful you can be. As I read your article describing how a small commuter plane, as opposed to a Boeing 757 flew into the Pentagon on September 11, I was amazed that you would have the audacity to proclaim such things. I find it interesting how you would tell all of those who lost loved ones on that flight just how they perished. Because, believe me, eyewitness accounts are not evidence. The plane taking off with the names of the passengers, and then the plane crashing and those passengers going with it is. I think that this website should be eliminated, and that you owe an apology to those who lost someone on that fateful day. And if you're so into conspiracy theories and so against the U.S., move to Russia.

As we have said before, we do not believe that asking for and searching out the truth of the attacks on 911 is in any way disrespectful of those who lost their lives, to their family and friends. How better to honor them than to uncover the truth and bring it to the light of day?

We agree that eyewitness accounts are not evidence, at least not very reliable evidence, as the following messages will illustrate. But this writer suggests that the real evidence is that the plane took off, it crashed, and the passengers went with it. We agree that American Airlines flight 77 took off and that its passengers were never seen again. But this is not evidence that it was flight 77 that hit the Pentagon.

His final remarks are a good indication of the mood in the US today: intolerance. He suggests that "this website should be eliminated". It is the mark of the true believer that anyone who does not believe should not be allowed to express his or her views.

This is the type of bogus "freedom" that the US now represents around the world.

Unfortunately, if we, and thousands of other people and sites who are looking at the evidence, are correct and the attacks were an inside job, be it from elements within the US or in collaboration with Israel, such a finding will be more than many Americans could bear. It will put into question everything they "know" and believe. They do not want their identities shattered by the truth.

The two messages above give us a glimpse into the mind sets of such people. What would be the consequences of a future unveiling of the truth on a grand scale? Might someone or something want such a grand unveiling precisely for the chaos it would cause?

Contrary to those in the White House, the editors of Signs of the Times are not killing people; we are not calling for a religious war against Moslems or Christians or Jews; we are not lying to the world's people in order to drum up support for the invasions of other countries; we are not passing legislation that removes the fruit of years of struggle for freedoms and liberties.

We are asking a few questions. We are pointing to problems with the official story.

And that upsets some people. Curiously, it upsets those who fervently believe the US is fighting for freedom.

We have also received a number of emails from people who claim to have been on the scene at the Pentagon, with some eyewitnesses to the crash. What is revealing about these descriptions is that they are very different one from another, as well as diverging from the photos and official testimony. See for yourself:

Subject: Pentagon
28/10/2004 19:32

Excellent video. I have the "9/11 In Plane Sight" video. After watching it I was very disturbed by it.

My Dad took a team of firefighters to the scene at the Pentagon and arrived there on the morning of Sept. 12th.

I called and asked him after watching the video:

"Dad, when you arrived at the Pentagon, how close were you to the building?"

He replied: "within 100ft."

I said: "I just watched a very disturbing video concerning the attack at the Pentagon. Did you see upon your arrival any parts, luggage, seats, etc., indicating a plane had hit the building?"

He was very quiet for a few minutes and responded: "You know, I did not see any indication at all that a plane had hit the building."

He had never questioned what he was told until seeing the video. He, like most, can't imagine our government covering up such an incident much less, the possibility of being responsible for it.

The results of the attack on 9/11 have been clear. The war upon "terrorism" has been used to make war upon our liberty.

Michael. G.


Subject: The Pentagon and 9/11
26/10/2004 21:00

To whom it may concern,

One of my teenage sons was telling my husband and I last night about your web page. I looked at it and wrote to a friend of mine telling her about it. I wrote her because she works for NASA, about a block from the Pentagon. She was at work that day and has friends that work at the Pentagon.

It took a mutual friend and I a long time to reach her that day. She finally wrote us back late that evening saying it had taken her a long time to get home due to all the traffic and people trying to get out of the area. We were worried about her as we knew she worked very close to the Pentagon. She said she was okay, but there was a lot of confusion everywhere. They did not return to work for awhile afterward.

I remember that day very well myself. I never saw any plane either. My friend wrote back this morning and I thought I'd share this with all of you.

Here is what she said in her email to me:

"Yeah, I saw this awhile ago. I don't know what to think. A guy I work with was there, pulling bodies out of the damn building. He never saw a plane either. No one I know who was there ever saw a plane.... and I know a few people who work at the Pentagon. None of them saw a plane. My friend Chris's wife was hospitalized for injuries due to this 'crash' and she swears there was no plane.. there was some whistling noise and the building exploded. She said this while she was in the hospital. If you ask her now she'll just say she doesn't know what happened. I find that rather interesting."

Just thought I'd pass this on.

Best regards

Michelle F.


Name: R... G...
E-Mail: ...
Location: United States

Pentagon Strike

Of course it was an airplane. I was here at the Pentagon 911. I saw airplane parts on the ground the next day. The video asks what happened to the fuel - ask the people that still work here who have damaged lungs from the smoke and fuel. Ask the people who were horribly burned. Ask the firefighters who worked for nearly three days to put the fire out. Oh, and that huge orange fireball? Hello!

Of course the pilot was incompetent. That's why he crashed the plane into the ground on the outer ring. If he had been a better pilot, he would have brought the plane down into the courtyard, or onto the roof - killing thousands instead of less than 200.

Do you realize the plane hit the building in a place that had recently been renovated? The outer walls of the Pentagon had been reinforced with kevlar and a steel network "mesh" to prevent collapse. Unbroken windows? Not surprising when you consider they were new, nearly 2" thick bomb-proof glass. The video quotes Lee Evey, who is in charge of the Pentagon Renovation, but does it quote him on the remarks he made concerning how well the Pentagon's new "outer defenses" performed, and how many lives those new measures saved?

I'm not going to argue with all the fools who want to believe these kinds of conspiracy videos - I was there 911, and I was there 912, and all the days after.

After doing a check on the IP address of the above correspondent, we realised that the above message came from the Pentagon itself! We wonder if Rummie has seen our Flash Presentation, or maybe Cheney or good 'ol Karl Rove?

We have never denied that something hit the Pentagon, nor that pieces of this something might have been found near the Pentagon. The famous photo of a bit that looks like it may have come from an American Airlines flight was said by the DoD itself as having come from another craft at the heliport and in the path of the something, according to Thierry Meyssan in his book The Pentagate.

We have also speculated that the constant replaying of the second plane hitting the south tower of the WTC set in people's minds the image of a commercial airliner hitting a building. Played over and over, this set people up to remember the crash at the Pentagon in the same way.

Next we have some eyewitnesses who were on the roads near the Pentagon.

Name: bocco
Location: United States

Those of us here in Virginia who were driving next to the Pentagon when the plane crashed had our windowshields crack from the deafening noise of the plane so close overhead. We watched the plane hit the Pentagon. It was truly horrible.

We don't deny that something hit the building, and we can imagine that the experience was truly horrible.

Greg - From : US

A friend of mine just forwarded a link to a video of the 9/11 crash at the Pentagon. I'm not sure where you got most of your quotes but they couldn't any further from the truth. I was stuck in traffic on the 395 HOV exit ramp trying to get on Route 27 North directly in front of the Pentagon when the extremely large plane hit. There wasn't any damage to the ground, similar to the pics you showed of other plane crashes because it hit the building directly, it did not skid or skip into the Pentagon. The plane came in approx 75-100 off the ground on such an angle that it hit the building directly. It was approximately 20 cars in front of me when it passed over Route 27 and believe me the noise was deafening from the engines it was going so fast. My windows and sun roof were open so I heard it coming in from over the Arlington Cemetary and was able to see it pass in front of my car and hit the Pentagon. The plane was not wavering at all, the wings were perfectly still and whoever was flying it, had to be well trained. The explosion caused my car to rock back and forth, we were so close. So, as fun as your video must have been to produce, it's absolutly incorrect.

Well, we never claimed the plane hit the ground. That was other eyewitnesses whose claims were reported in the press. But Greg's testimony in no way invalidates our research. We agree something came in and hit the Pentagon. If a plane of some sort came in over a car, and it was only 100 feet above an open sunroof, we have no doubt it would have made a lot of noise and the shock, both physical and emotional, would have been quite strong. Take that experience and amplify it with the constant war mongering in the press for revenge, and the horror that WE, the great United States of America, had finally tasted something of the violence that just about every other nation has faced, and memories of the event can be quite easily shaped and distorted.

The next message gives an interesting example of this phenomenon.

Name: Barbara
Location: United States

sorry guys, someone wasted a lot of time making this video. I was stuck in traffic 50 yards south of the Pentagon and watched as the plane flew so low that it filled my windshield as it passed. After it hit we all jumped out our cars to get a better look. What kind of plane was it? Who cares? It was obviously a very large commercial jet sticking halfway out of a well-made building. Did I hear a whoosh? Don't remember, I was listening to news reports on the radio at the time. I realize that memory can be selective, but what is really the point? Whatever your politics, this clearly happened. You people need to get a life.

Barbara saw "a very large commercial jet sticking halfway out of a well-made building". Well, someone got rid of that plane very quickly because the following picture was shot just after the crash:

Anyone see a large commercial jet sticking halfway out of the building? The first reports coming from the Pentagon on that day stated that a bomb had in fact gone off outside of the building.

Our next eyewitness has yet another explanation for the missing plane.

Date sent: Thu, 21 Oct 2004 02:17:31 -0700
Subject: Pentagon strike

You are wrong. I was there. The plane was seen as it hit the Pentagon by about 300 people. Yes, FBI took all flim [sic]. The plane actually came in at a downward angle and plowed into the dirt under the Pentagon. Please read about this event more before spreading propaganda.

Ah! The plane buried itself in the dirt underneath the Pentagon! We suggest that Mr. Buchanan, unfortunately we do not know his rank, look a little more closely at the hard research done by people who wish to know the real truth.

It really is funny. So many of our correspondents really seem to believe that we made this all up just because we had nothing better to do!

From: "s... t...r" <>
Subject: Pentagon Strike video/articles
Date: Thu, 07 Oct 2004 08:37:21 -0400

To the editor,

I just saw, for the first time, your articles and video called Pentagon Strike. The only reason I saw it is that it is spoken of today in the Washington Post. It's three years after 9/11 and you still have this posted. This amazes me. It's very clear from all this "information" that you are on the other side of the ocean from the US, that you have not talked to anyone really there. I live and work in Washington DC. I'm an ordinary person with a cleaning business. I remember 9/11 vividly and will never forget it. We knew people in the Pentagon at the time of the strike because we clean inside the building every month. These are not military people, just ordinary contractor types and secretaries. They lost friends. I have friends who did see the plane, the 757, circle low over the city, evidently having missed it's target the first time, to circle back to hit the Pentagon. Evidently you have no idea how close the Pentagon is to Washington DC. It is not in some remote area. It is clearly visible from many places. Many eye witnesses I saw on local television here immediately after 9/11 saw the jet and watched in horror. There are many vantage points. The fact that the jet disintegrated doesn't surprise me too much.

The construction that had been going on was exactly for such an "accident" -- a larger jet crashing into the structure. That is why more of the rings were not disturbed. The reason for the few casualties, for your information, was that, thank God, they had not yet moved all the personnel back into this new area, so it was still not filled with people. So they had fewer casualties.

Please talk about things in France or the UK. Please talk about what you know, because I was here. You were not. Your film and commentaries are really sickening, in the light of life lost. Why is it that your film does not include the phone conversation, made from on board flight #77, by the famous woman reporter, whose husband just retired? She told exactly what was happening while on the phone, and described the approach to the Pentagon! Was she part of a conspiracy???Shame on you all for desecrating the memory of the dead. You should know better by now that your original theory does not hold any weight or water at all.

I know you will not print this letter because it contradicts you. But you should at least have a conscience! At least stop calling this despicable film the truth! It's the far-away fantasy of someone who was safe in his/her home at the time of this terrible event. You will never know the horror.

I sign as


Obviously something hit the Pentagon. Something was in the sky and was seen by hundreds of people. Those who had been watching TV or listening to the radio would have known by the time of the Pentagon attack that the WTC had been hit by two jets. They would have known that others had been hijacked, or would have associated anything heading towards the Pentagon with the two other hijackings. They would have assumed the same thing was happening again.

To us it seems curious that whatever hit the Pentagon that day, struck the part of the building that had just been renovated. However, this doesn't raise any questions in the mind of the author of the above email. We assume he puts it off to a simple twist of fate, luck. As we have said elsewhere, this strikes us as extremely problematic. But maybe we have read too many mystery novels, where the killer will fake an attack against him in order to throw suspicion on someone else. If the planners of the attack were in the Pentagon, what better way for them to appear as victims!

The information in the Flash presentation is simply a collection of facts about the events of that day. We do not state any "theories". As such we are not "disregarding the truth", despite what many readers claim, quite the contrary in fact. We are standing up for it and demanding that the unanswered questions be answered. As far as we know, and we have checked, there exists no website or official government report which explains how a 757 plane could have punched a 14 feet wide circular hole through 6 reinforced concrete walls, after having first disintegrated on impact with the outside of the building, leaving barely any trace of wreckage.

Look at it this way. If the US (or any) government states that something is "the truth", but does not provide any evidence to back up their claim, and if there is evidence to show that what they have said is actually unlikely to be "the truth", then is it not reasonable to assume that the government may be attempting to hide something? Furthermore, in this case, is it not reasonable that some people might try and find out what the real truth is?

We think that it is not only reasonable for us to search for the truth but it is also our responsibility. It is not however our responsibility to attempt to defend the government and explain on their behalf WHY they are not providing all the facts to the people. When clear questions are raised about the official government story, it is the government's responsibility to clear up those questions.

In the above emails, we have simply pointed out the inconsistencies of the various eyewitnesses. We do not base any conclusions on these testimonies along, but rather we use them to add to the mounting pile of evidence which suggests that the US government is lying to the world about what happened at the Pentagon on the morning of September 11th 2001.

For more on the problems of the official story on the Pentagon, please see our article Comments on the Pentagon strike.

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