WTC South Tower Attack Was Not A Commercial Flight?


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Subido por el 14/06/2011

Yet again, I do not believe the official US government position (surprise surprise) in regards to the four "planes" that crashed on 9/11. I don't believe that these planes were commercial airliners, as you will see there are many eye witnesses' accounts that confirm that the planes that hit the twin towers did not have any windows and they were both totally grey (no commercial markings) making them sound more like government cargo carriers.

How did the most powerful country on earth with the best defence that money can buy leave these planes alone without interception, thus creating the devastation of 9/11?

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  • Get a fucking life.

  • "the shadow moves toward the front of the plane and off of the plane" According to who? Can we see that actually happening? No. The wall the plane hit is in shadow, if the shadow moves toward the front of the plane and off of the plane then the sun would have to be behind the plane and thus the wall would be in sunlight.

    Lets say something was fired from the plane, possibly a shell fired from a cannon that was attached to the underside of the plane. For what purpose?

  • belle immagini

  • @jtblasda Nonsense!

    When did ever WTC was hit by a plane before 9/11? Any evidence?

    Empire State building is built from stone and concrete over Steel frame, not truss rod construction like WTC. It was hit by 9.5 tons B-25 Mitchell on landing with very little fuel left. Not 150 tons Boeing 767 full of fuel.

    And there are photos of plane parts at Pentagon crash all over internet.

  • @ssmusic214

    It's saying it could have been any kind of plane.

    There are countless witnesses saying they heard multiple explosions.

    The WTC and Empire State building were hit by planes many times.

    Collapsing never happened. Rubble was never found at the Pentagon or the field in PA. This has never happened in any recorded plane crash, in all of aviation history.

  • Utterly TOTAL nonsense!

    Why would anybody had to "attach" anything to the plane?

  • The "equipment" attached to the belly of the plane in question is in fact nothing more than underbelly fuel tanks common to most Boeing airliners. The shadow and low quality of the video makes it seem like there is more to it, but there really isn't.

    Look at any 707, 747, or 777 airliner in similar lighting and video quality and you will see that there is nothing out of place as insinuated by this video.

  • Right, he makes this claim but (like most) hasn't asked the skeptics what their explanation might be. Most of all, he doesn't tell us what this is supposed to add up to. Why didn't they just (as we saw) crash a commercial plane into the Twin Towers? Simple. In addition, this thing with the plane has no relation to the "favored" conspiracy line around controlled demolitions in the WTC itself bringing them down. So efforts to "prove" the govt did it are all over the place, more than ever.

  • Now the next logical question is, why would the "conspirators" go through the trouble of arranging the forced disparition of 56 people and a commercial plane, then run the risk of flying a non-commercial jet in the tower and portraying it as a commercial jet in front of the millions of people following the events live on television? It simply doesn't make any sense. If I was a "conspirator", I would simply take control of a commercial plane and crash it in the tower.

  • jebali vam dupe aaa ameriknci pa dosta ste vi druge tukli.

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