It Was A Military Plane - September 11 2011


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Subido por el 14/06/2011

Yet again, I do not believe the official US government position (surprise surprise) in regards to the four "planes" that crashed on 9/11. I don't believe that these planes were commercial airliners, as you will see there are many eye witnesses' accounts that confirm that the planes that hit the twin towers did not have any windows and they were both totally grey (no commercial markings) making them sound more like government cargo carriers.

How did the most powerful country on earth with the best defence that money can buy leave these planes alone without interception, thus creating the devastation of 9/11?

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  • ✈ ▌▌ R.I.P

  • It sucks that these videos make me think its possible this was set up by our government. It also sucks I can't trust my government.

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  • look closely and you see a light come first than the plane and

  • it was a bomb !

  • Goerge bush did it xD sike naw idk

  • And what happened exactly to the real flights and the what about the people who lost family on those flights? Were they brainwashed and their loved ones abducted by aliens /sarcasm

    Yes, maybe the American government knew and yes they used it for an oil and power grab in the Middle East but DO NOT diminish the fact that real people with real loved ones lost thier lives on those flights. Have a little respect!

  • Woah, well this footage of screaming aeronautic experts has convinced me. No way they were just panicking civilians grasping at explanations while in shock..

  • 9/11 was real. It wasn't an inside job. Clinton avoided several such attempts during his period of presidency.  W just wasn't smart enough to be able to do so himself.

  • @nomadicexplorers Guess what's worse. On september 11th 1991 Bush said "There will be a new order"

  • @RAWRplur WHAT can you tell me where I can see that research?

  • you know in one of the news reports on 9/11 showed Iraq cheering when they "got the news on the twins towers" well one man wondered why it was in such bad quality he thought there was something not right about that so he did some research and found out that the original film was from a soccer game.......

    Why would our government lie about that? so that the american citizens well become angry and revenge full and promote the war on Iraq. but our governments wants war with them for oil and Power.

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