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Channeled Spirit Teachings
The Spirits' Book - by Allen Kardec (html format)
Christ in You - Anonymous, 1910, 184 pp
Seven Purposes - Margaret Cameron, 1918, 314 pp (also HTML)
Our Unseen Guest - Darby and Joan, 1920, 320 pp
Teaching of Platonius - Harriet Dallas, 1944 225 pp
Meslom's Messages from the Life Beyond - Mary McEvilly, 1920, 139 pp
To Woman from Meslom - Mary McEvilly, 1920, 108 pp
The Thinning of the Veil - Mary Bruce Wallace, 1919 99 pp
The Teaching - book length work through Kathleen Long in New Zealand
Light from the Spirit World - C. Hammond, 1852, 264 pp
The One Way - Jane Revere Burke, 1921, 150 pp
Letters from the Other Side - Henry Thibault, 1919, 154 pp
Life in Two Spheres - Tuttle, Hudson, 1855, 190 pp
The Spiritual Teacher - R.P. Ambler, 1852, 150 pp (12 lectures)
Flashes of light from the spirit-land, through the mediumship of Mrs. J. H. Conant. Compiled by Allen Putnam. 1872, 398pp
History of the Origin of all Things given by the Lord our God - Levi M. Arnold, 1852
The Road I Know - Stewart White, 1944 253 pp or .txt
The Stars are Still There - Stewart White, 1946, 190 pp or .txt
With Folded Wings - Stewart White, 1947, 236 pp or .txt
The Betty Book - Stewart White, 1937 302 pp (1st in series, core material)
Across the Unknown - Stewart & Harwood White, 1939 336 pp
The Unobstucted Universe - Stewart White, 1940 320 pp (most popular)
Gaelic Manuscripts - Stewart White via Betty White or html
Spirit Teachings - William Stainton Moses, 1883, 291 pp
More Spirit Teachings - William Stainton Moses, 124 pp
Pathwork.org - over 200 lectures via Eva Pierrakos
Esoteric Philosophy - 25+ channeled works of Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul also here
Clothed with the Sun - Anna Kingsford, 1889
The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ by Levi Dowling, 1908, 270 pp
HeavenlyDoctrines.com - extensive channeled works of Emanual Swedenborg (huge)
Arcana cœlestia. The heavenly arcana contained in the Holy Scriptures or word of the Lord unfolded beginning with the book of Genesis together with wonderful things seen in the world of spirits and in the heaven of angels - by Emanuel Swedenborg, (1688-1772)
The Apocalypse revealed, wherein are disclosed the areana there foretold, which have heretofore remained concealed - by Emanuel Swedenborg, (1688-1772) (vol.2)
The Impersonal Life - via Joseph Sieber Benner (1872-1941)
The Mahatma Letters No. 1 through 25 via Madame Blavatsky (1831-1891)
also The Secret Doctrine (or .pdf or .doc) and Isis Unveiled (or .doc)
Angelic Revelations of Divine Truth - by James E. Padgett (1852-1923)
Angel voices from the spirit world by James Lawrence. 1874, 400pp
Trance Address - via Emma Hardinge Brittan, 1866, 105 pp
Arcana of nature; or, The history and laws of creation - Hudson Tuttle, 1870, 325pp
The origin and antiquity of physical man - Hudson Tuttle, 1866, 258pp
The Koran (Qur'an) transcribed by Mohammed with the help of the archangel Gabriel
Origins of "The Rapture" - 14 year old trance medium inspires John Nelson Darby of Plymouth Brethern
Book of Mormon - translated by Joseph Smith from golden tablets delivered to him by an angel
The DOMA Way - full text of the book
Path Of Light - a full length book by Emanual via Gerrit Jahn
FourSpiritTeachers - 22 chapters of trance talks via Sheila Jones
Zaher Kury - pdf books, The Message (205 pp) and also From a Gun to a Flower
The Urantia Book - the full text on-line
The Oahspe (Vol. 1) A New Bible in the Words of Jehovih and His Angel Embassadors - by John Ballou Newbrough (1828-1891), 1882
Shaker Manuscripts - early channeled material 
The Divine Book of Holy and Eternal Wisdom revealing the Word of God out of whose Mouth goeth a Sharp Sword via Paulina Bates, 1841
A holy, sacred, and divine roll and book; from the Lord God of heaven, to the inhabitants of earth via Philemon Stewart, 1843
Revealing Prophecies via Calvin Green, 1842
The Book of the Law - channeling from A. Crowley. (also The commentaries of AL)

Future Life in the Spirit World

Life Beyond the Veil, vol 1 - Rev. G.Vale Owen, 1921 & vol 2 & vol 3 & vol 4
Spirit World and Spirit Life - C. E. D. [Charlotte Dresser], 1922, 265 pp
Life Here and Hereafter - Charlotte Dresser, 1927, 272 pp (rescue work)
Letters from a Living Dead Man - Elsa Barker, 1914, 291 pp also here
War Letters from a Living Dead Man - Elsa Barker, 1915, 318 pp
Last Letters from a Living Dead Man - Elsa Barker, 1919, 240 pp
The Future Life as Described and Portrayed by Spirits - Elizabeth Sweet, 1869, 403 pp
The Astral Plane - Charles Leadbeater, 1900, 126 pp (not channeled)
After Death or Letters from Julia - William Stead, 1917, 121 pp vs 164 pp
The Witness - Jessie Platts, 1920, 288 pp
Mary Anne Carew - Carlyle Petersilea, 1893, 446 pp
Within Heaven's Gates-My Dream of Heaven [Intra Muros] - Rebecca Ruter Springer, 1898, 191 pp
Death and the Afterlife - Andrew Jackson Davis, 1865, 210 pp
Life After Death - Professor James Hyslop, 1918 (not channeled)
The Spirit World - Eugene Crowell, 1879, (~100 pp excerpt)
My Travels in the Spirit World - Caroline D. Larsen, 1927, 106 pp
So Saith the Spirit - A Kings Counsel, 1919, 201 pp
Heaven and its wonders, the world of spirits, and hell: from things heard and seen - by Emanuel Swedenborg, (1688-1772) abridged tr. by Samuel Noble 1851, 351 pp with other better translations
Vanishing Night - Frederic Myers via Juliet Goodenow, 1923, 155 pp
Life Beyond Death with Evidence - Rev. Charles Drayton Thomas, 1923, 296 pp
The Case of Lester Coltman - Lilian Walbrook, 1924, 188 pp
Claude's Book - Mrs. L. Kelway-Bamber, 1919, 136 pp
Claude's Second Book - Mrs. L. Kelway-Bamber, 1920, 123 pp
The Blue Island - W.T. Stead via Pardoe Woodman/Estelle Stead, 1922, 155 pp.
Road to immortality - Geraldine Cummins/Frederic Myers 1933 194 pp
Beyond human personality - Geraldine Cummins/Frederic Myers 1935, 233 pp
The Life Elysian - Robert James Lees, 1905, 208 pp and more
On the edge of the Etheric - Arthur Findlay, 1931, 177 pp
Frontiers of the Afterlife - Edward Randall, 1922 213 pp
The dead have never died - Edward Randall, 262 pp
The Astral City - The story of a doctor's odyssey in the Spirit World - by André Luiz (spirit) through Francisco Cândido Xavier (GEAE-Nosso Lar)
A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands - by Franchezzo via A. Farnese, 1896 (also here)
Private Dowding - Tudor W. Pole, 1917, 96 pp
Oscar Wilde in Purgatory - Hester (Dowden) Travers Smith, 1924 179pp
The Twentieth Plane - Albert Durrant Watson, 1919 Kessinger website
The celestial telegraph; or, Secrets of the life to come by L. Alph. Cahagnet. 1851, 2 vol
A stellar key to the summer land. Illustrated with diagrams and engravings of celestial scenery by Andrew Jackson Davis

Mediumship and Mediums

The Mediums' Book - by Allen Kardec (html format)
Mediumship and Its Laws - Hudson Tuttle, 1900, 186 pp
Spirit Intercourse, Its Theory and Practice - J. Hewat McKenzie, 1917, 295 pp
A Guide to Mediumship and Psychical Unfoldment - E.W. & M.H. Wallis, 303 pp
Communications with the Next World - Wm T. Stead, 1921, 52 pp
Practical Occultism - J.J. Morse, 1888, 137 pp
Genuine Mediumship - Swami Bhakta Vishita, 1919, 100+ pp excerpt
Contact with the Other World - Professor James Hyslop, 1919, 493 pp
Spirit Identity - William Stainton Moses, 1879, 143 pp
Psychography - William Stainton Moses, 1878, 152 pp [slate -writng experiments]
Incidents in my life - D. D. Home, 1864, 315 pp
Experiences in Spiritualism with Mr. D.D. Home - Viscount Adare, 1869, 30+pp excerpt
'Twixt Two Worlds (biography of Wm. Eglinton) - John Farmer, 1886, 196 pp
Supramundane Facts (biography of J.B. Ferguson) - Thomas Nichols, 1865, 264 pp
A Biography of the Brothers Davenport - Thomas Nichols, 1864, 360 pp
Rustlings in the Golden City - James Curtis, 1902 [165 pp excerpt]
The Debatable Land - Robert Dale Owen, 1871, 200+pp excerpt
Footfalls on the Boundary of another World - Robert Dale Owen, 1859, 200+pp excerpt
The Enigma of Survival - Professor Hornell Hart, 1959, 160+pp excerpt
Materialized Apparitions - Edward Augustus Brackett, 1886, 182 pp
Psychics and Mediums - Gertrude Tubby, 30+pp excerpt on mediums
The Seeress of Prevorst - Justinus Kerner 1854, 338pp
Spiritual Tracts - Judge John W. Edmonds, 1858, [100+ pp excerpt]
Gateway of Understanding - Carl Wickland, 1934, 313 pp (rescue work)
Thirty Years Among the Dead - Carl Wickland, 1924, 390 pp
Pheneas Speaks - (Reported by Sir Arthur C. Doyle), 1927, 199 pp
Raymond or Life and Death - Sir Oliver Lodge, 1916, 404 pp or Download (224K zipped)
Human Personality by Frederic Myers (Volume II only)
These Mysterious People - Nandor Fodor, 1934, 238 pp
Fifty Years a Medium - Estelle Roberts, 1969
The Last Crossing - Gladys Osborne Leonard
Voices in the Void - Hester Dowden
A Treatise on Physical Mediumship - Ethel Post-Parrish
The art of drawing spirits into crystals: The Magic and Philosophy of Trithemius of Spanheim... - Johannes Trithemius
Crystal Vision through Crystal Gazing - Frater Achad
The Magic Staff: An autobiography of Andrew Jackson Davis (1826-1910), 1857
The Unfinished Autobiography - Alice Baily (1880-1949), 1951
The Epworth Phenomena by Dudley Wright, 1917, 110 pp (concerns John Wesley)
Dweller on Two Planets or the Dividing Way - Phylos the Thibetan, 1920
Philosophy of Spiritual Intercourse - by Andrew Jackson Davis (1826-1910), 1853
Researches in the Phenomena of Spiritualism - Sir Wm Crookes, 1926, 144 pp
How to go to a Medium - Eric Dingwall, 98 pp
We Are All Mediums - Odilon Fernandes / Carlos Baccelli 
Psychic Adventures in New York - Neville Whymant, 50 pp
After-Death Communications - L. M. Bazett, 1920, 119 pp
Death--The Gate of Life - H. A. Dallas/Frederic Myers, 1919, 150 pp
Thirty Years of Psychical Research - Charles Richet, 1923, (download 563K zipped)
People from the Other World - Henry Olcott, 1875, 492 pp (download 264K zipped)
Experimental investigation of the spirit manifestations - Robert Hare. 1855, 460pp
The clock struck one, and Christian spiritualist - Rev. Samuel Watson. 1873, 208pp
A True & Faithful Relation of what passed for many Yeers Between Dr. John Dee and Some Spirits (excerpts from rare manuscripts dated 1659)
Tertullian Tracts - very early Christian practice of spirit communion
Mesmeric Revelation - Edgar Allan Poe
Broadcasting from Beyond.pdf - A.E. Perriman 59pp
A Collection of Biographies of Spiritualists and Mediums
Biographical Sketches Honoring Pioneers - First Spiritual Temple, Brookline, MA

Poetry and Fiction

Patience Worth-A Psychic Mystery - Casper Yost, bio, poetry and short stories
The Case of Patience Worth - Walter Franklin Pierce, poetic excerpts 200+pp
Singer in the Shadows: Strange Story of Patience Worth - Irving Litvag - sample chapter shown
A Sorry Tale - a full length novel by Patience Worth from the time of Christ
Light from Beyond - Patience Worth, 1923, 281 pp of poetry
A Lyric of the Morningland - Thomas Lake Harris poetry, 1854, 256 pp
An Epic of the Starry Heaven - Thomas Lake Harris poetry, 1855, 210 pp
The Song of Theos - Thomas Lake Harris poetry, 1903, 120 pp
Life and World-Works of Thomas Lake Harris - Arthur Cuthbert, 1908 excerpts
Thomas Lake Harris - background info from intro to Lyric of the Golden Age (1856)
Jap Herron - Mark Twain via Emily Grant Hutchings, 1917 230 pp
Cora Richmond Selected Poems - from her Life and Works
Voices from Spirit-Land - Nathan Francis White, 1854, 260 pp (selected poems)
Poems from the Inner Life - Lizzie Doten, 1864, 171 pp
Flashes Of Light Poems - via Mrs J. H. Conant (extract of poems only)
The poet & other poems - Achsa W. Sprague, 1864, 304 pp
Adventures with Inspiration - Hannen Swaffer, 39 pp
Uncle Tom's Cabin - Harriet Beecher Stowe channeled work
Jerusalam - by William Blake illustrated channeled work (text only)
The mystery of Edwin Drood. Complete. - by Charles Dickens finished from the grave in 1873 via Thomas P. James, 488 pp

Modern Apocrypha (Gospels not in the Bible--many forgeries)

Strange New Gospels - Edgar Goodspeed's 1931 debunk of the more notorious works (later updated and retitled Modern Apocrypha)
Many more zealous would consider Oahspe, Urantia, the works of people like Padgett and Cummins, even the Book of Mormon to join these works. It can be difficult to know with certainty which of the listed items were consciously written and which were channeled.
The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ - revelations to Blessed Anna Catherine Emmerich
The Epistle of Barnabas - author unknown, 1907 (aka The True Gospel of Jesus)
Essene Gospel of Peace - by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely, 1937
Book of Jasher
The Unknown Life of Christ - by Nicolas Notovitch (aka Life of Saint Issa), 1894
Gospel of the Holy Twelve - by Gideon Jasper Richard Ourseley, c.1900
The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ by Levi Dowling, 1908, 270 pp
The Gospel of Philip the Deacon - via Hester Dowden (not debunked by Goodspeed)
Life and Teaching of Jesus - Urantia book IV (not debunked by Goodspeed)
The Life of Jesus of Nazareth - L.M. Arnold (not debunked by Goodspeed)
Revealed Translation of St. John's Revelation - Archie J. Inger (not debunked by Goodspeed)
Manhood of Jesus - Geraldine Cummins (not debunked by Goodspeed)
List of more "Lost Gospels" and The History of all Things

At Other Full Text Archives

HeavenlyDoctrines.com - extensive channeled works of Emanual Swedenborg (huge)
Esoteric Philosophy - 25+ channeled works of Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul also here
AgniYogi.org - channeled works of Helena Roerich (20 books)
Pathwork.org - over 200 lectures via Eva Pierrakos
SanctusGermano.net - great archive of ageless wisdom of the masters including many works by Leadbeater, Pelley, Ford and others
Angelic Revelations of Divine Truth - by James E. Padgett, Samuels, et al (8 books)
Aaron - several books via Barbara Brodsky from Deepspring
SurvivalAfterDeath.org - a nice selection of free on-line books and articles on survival
Survival e-books - nice set of free titles on spiritualism and materializations
Jhardaker.plus.com - spiritualist .pdf books featuring works of Robert James Lees
DelamerDuverus.blogspot.com - collection from Delamer Duverus
Psylib - an assortment of books related to mediumship
"HesterDowden.com" - books by, through and about Hester Dowden
Uri-Geller.com - a number of books about Uri Geller and his talents
The Rosicrucian Fellowship - Writings of Max Heindel
SNU.org.uk - free spiritualist book library
Harvestfields - a potpourri of titles including several picked from the archives above
Online Books Pages - section on psychology and parapsychology
Making of America - extensive collection of 8,000+ free titles
The approaching crisis: being a review of Dr. Bushnell's course of lectures, on the Bible, nature, religion, skepticism, and the supernatural by Andrew Jackson Davis (1826-1910)
Arabula; or, The divine guest. Containing a new collection of gospels by Andrew Jackson Davis
The fountain; with jets of new meanings. Illustrated with one hundred and forty-two engravings by Andrew Jackson Davis
The great harmonia; being a philosophical revelation of the natural, spiritual, and celestial universe by Andrew Jackson Davis - 1850-1861
Volume 1 The Physician - 434 pp
Volume 2 The Teacher - 396 pp
Volume 3 The Seer - 401 pp
Volume 4 The Reformer - 446 pp
Volume 5 The Thinker - 440 pp
Memoranda of persons, places, and events; embracing authentic facts, visions... by Andrew Jackson Davis
Morning lectures. Twenty discourses, delivered before the Friends of Progress in the city of New York (1863) by Andrew Jackson Davis
The penetralia; being harmonial answers to important questions by Andrew Jackson Davis
The principles of nature, her divine relations, and a voice to mankind by Andrew Jackson Davis
A stellar key to the summer land. Illustrated with diagrams and engravings of celestial scenery by Andrew Jackson Davis
BlavatskyArchives.com - full-text of Blavatsky Books, etc, or an overview of primary documents from many sources
Ingmar's Theosophy Archive and Theosophique.ca
PassTheWord.org - Jacob-Boehme, Jane Lead, Shakers, William Law
Religious Studies Teaching Links - for primary texts (includes gnostic and new religious movements) see also Gnosis.org
Sacred-Texts.com - etexts from esoteric and occult traditions
Hermetics.org - etexts from magic traditions plus John Dee, yoga etc.
EsotericArchives.com - writings of Trithemius, Agrippa, Bruno, Dee, Grimoires
Steiner Archive - books of Rudolf Steiner
The Alchemy Lab - includes the writings from Hermes Trismegistus also here
HouseOfTheHorizon.org - substantial public archive Budge, Butler et. al.
Cornerstone New Thought Authors
New Thought Texts - link list from DivineScience.com, also has Mary Baker Eddy
Peter McWilliams - all his books free on-line
WholeAgain.com - links to full-text classic metaphysical works
MysticMasters.com - links to primary works also see nonduality.com
Resources for the study of mysticism and religious experience - primary texts from University of Kent
Mysticism Resources - primary and secondary from Janz nicely categorized
Inspired Writings from Mystics of All Religions - annotations only, no links
Books on Yoga, Meditation and Spiritual Practice - also mysticism, Vedanta, etc
Ramana-Maharshi.org - his books in several languages
Arfalfa.com - works by Yogi Ramacharaka and others
Official Mahatma Gandhi eArchive & Reference Library
Islamlib - diverse collection from Islam, Bahai, Theosophy, yoga, more
Bahai Sacred Writings - primary and secondary full-text sources
Christian Classics Ethereal Library and Christian Classics Library (angelfire)
On-Line Primary Literature Related to ancient Near Eastern religions, Hellenistic Mediterranian Religions and Biblical Study
Saints' Lives - hundreds of medieval texts and documents
Virtual Religion Index - from Rutgers
Online Books Library (parapsychology section) - links to a broad spectrum of sources
Harrold's Classroom of Online books, eBooks, eTexts - very diverse selection

Spiritualist and Anti-spiritualist Readings

SurvivalAfterDeath.org - a nice selection of free on-line books and articles
SNU.org.uk - free spiritualist PDF acrobat book e-library
Survival e-books - nice set of free e-book titles
Spiritist Alliance for Books (SGNY) - over two dozen PDF titles translated from French and Portuguese works-Kardec, Denis, Xavier, Flammarion, more
geae.inf.br - Brazilian spiritist html and PDF archive (titles in several languages)
SpiritistDoctrine.net - spiritist ebooks
Allan-Kardec.com - Spiritist e-books, mostly in French
The History of Spiritualism (Vol. I) - by Arthur Conan Doyle, 1926, 330 pp
The History of Spiritualism (Vol. II) - by Arthur Conan Doyle, 1926, 306 pp
The Vital Message - by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930), 1919 also here
The New Revelation - by Arthur Conan Doyle, 1919 also here
On the edge of the Etheric - by Arthur Findlay, 1932. 214 pp
Lawyer's Case for the Afterlife - Victor Zammit builds an air-tight case (.doc)
Spiritualism in the Old Testament - G. Maurice Elliott, html version
American spiritualism: a twenty years' record of the communion between earth and the world of spirits - by Emma Hardinge
Questions Answered Extempore - by Emma Hardinge
The debatable land between this world and the next, with illustrative narrations by Robert Dale Owen, 1872, 542 pp
Planchette; or, The despair of science. Being a full account of modern spiritualism, its phenomena... With a survey of French spiritism - by Epes Sargent
The question settled. A careful comparison of Biblical and modern spiritualism. - by Rev. Moses Hull.
Glimpses of the Next State - by Usborne Moore, 1911, 643 pp
The Voices - by Usborne Moore, 1913 (download - 317K zipped) also here
There Is No Death - by Florence Marryat (download - 192K zipped)
The history of the supernatural in all ages and nations - William Howitt, 1863 500 pp
Was Abraham Lincoln a Spiritualist? - Nettie Colburn Maynard, 1917 157 pp
Invisible Helpers - Charles Leadbeater, 1915
The Unknown Guest - by Maurice Maeterlinck
Death-Bed Visions - by William Barrett, 1926 123 pp
The spiritual pilgrim: a biography of James M. Peebles - by Joseph Barrett, 1872, 303 pp
Whatever is, is right - by A. B. Child, 1860, 221 pp
Camp Silver Belle Booklet - by Lena Barnes Jefts c.1957, (download 52K zipped) Great!
Ghost Photograph Links
Some esoteric Kessinger titles (site dead??-requires nonfunctioning download??)
Foundations of Spiritualism - by Whately Smith, 1920
Proofs of the Spirit World - by L. Chevreuil, 1920
Do the Dead Depart? - by Katherine Bates, 1908
Concerning Spiritualism - by Gerald Massey, 1872
Physical Phenomena of Spiritualism Fraudulent and Genuine - by Hereward Carrington, 1920
Two short debunking works from Gaslight:
Fraudulent Spiritualism Unveiled - by David P. Abbott, 1907.
More Tricks of "Spiritualists" - by Hereward Carrington, 1907.
How Spirits Materialize - by Anonymous, 1907.
Margery Pamphlet - "exposure" of Margery Crandon
Spirit rappings a fraud-a lecture - (12/16/1852) by Joseph AuBerg, 1812-1871 Publication: Philadelphia, W. S. Young, 1853 In: Making of America. (images)
Modern Spiritualism: A Subject of Prophecy and a Sign of the Times - by Uriah Smith 1896 146pp (anti-spiritualism tract from Seventh Day Adventists)
On the Throne of Sin: Spiritism and the Nature of Man as Related to Demonism, Witchcraft, and Modern Spiritualism. 1926 222 pp (another such tract)


A Nut for the Psychologists - by Pearl Curran [channel for Patience Worth]
Touching Visitants from a Higher Life - Robert Dale Owen: Atlantic Monthly Jan 1875
Some Results from my Spiritual Studies - Robert Dale Owen: Atlantic Monthly Dec 1874
How I Came to Study Spiritual Phenomena - Robert Dale Owen: Atlantic Monthly Nov 1874
The Convulsionists of St. Medard - Robert Dale Owen: Atlantic Monthly Feb. 1864
Accuracy and Replicability of Anomalous After-Death Communication Across Highly Skilled Mediums - Professor Gary Schwartz
Evidence of Anomalous Information - Professor Gary Schwartz
How Not To Review Mediumship Research - Gary Schwartz critiques Hyman from Enformy
A Field Guide to Skepticism - Dean Radin (.pdf)
Alternatives to Discarnate Theory: What the Rejection of the Discarnate Theory Implies by G. N. M. Tyrrell
Psychology of Trance Phenomena by Sir William Barrett, FRS
Mediumship and its Investigation by G. C. Barnard
On Mediumship by William James
Seeress of Prevorst a summary about Justinus Kerner's work with a German somnambule (from Frank Podmore)
The Eddy Manifestations - Madame Blavatsky validates spiritualism
Spirit and Parapsychology - William Braud
Alfred Russel Wallace - collected short articles about spiritualism
The Physical Mediumship of Rudi Schneider - from the Noah's Ark Society
Overview of spiritualism from The Guider.net
The Spirit World - Descriptions by Early Spiritualists - Barbara N. Starr
Henry S. Olcotts's Deposition to the Society for Psychical Research. 1884
History of Spiritualism - a chronology of mediums with dates and mini-biographies
SurvivalScience.org - site map-evidence based scientific examination of mediumship
Mediumistic Recommendations - sound advice from SurvivalScience.org
Scole Experiments - materializations still being researched
Jeffrey Mishlove interview transcripts -
Arthur Hastings (With the Tongues of Men and Angels: A Study of Channeling)
Jon Klimo (Channeling: Investigations on Receiving Information from Paranormal Sources)  

NetLibrary (only from libraries that pay for NetLibrary subscription)
Spiritualism in antebellum America - Bret Carroll, Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1997
Spiritualism and the foundations of C.G. Jung's psychology - F.X. Charet, State University of New York Press, 1993
Paranormal experience and survival of death - Carl Becker, Albany: State University of New York Press, 1993
Cassadaga the South's oldest spiritualist community - John Guthrie, Gainesville, FL : University Press of Florida, 2000

Contactee Literature

Only Planet of Choice [800k] - impressive transmissions from The Council of Nine through Phyllis Schlemmer [also available in Polish]
The Eye of Horus - Andrija Puharich: His Life, Research & Vision
UFO Contact from the Pleiades - Wendell Stevens coverage of Billy Meier
UFO Contact from Ummo - Antonio Ribera and Wendell Stevens coverage of Ummo
Ummite Physics and Metaphysics - translated from the French by Tim Curry
UFO Contact from Koldas - Carl van Vlierden and Wendell Stevens
UFO Contact from Iarga - "Stefan Denaerde" and Wendell Stevens
Law of One - (a.k.a. The Ra Material) - James Allen McCarty, Don Elkins, & Carla Rueckert
Allies of Humanity - full text (dead?) of this book by Marshall Vian Summers (French)
Bringers Of The Dawn - Teachings from the Pleadians by Barbara Marciniak (1992)
Pleadian Book (pt. 1) - Barbara Marciniak and pt. 2 or from Spiritweb
The Golden Reed - Delamer Duverus
Inside the Space Ships - George Adamski (1953)
Council of Seven Lights - George VanTassel (1958)
The Secret of the Saucers - by Orfeo Angelucci (1955)
Uri: A Journal of the Mystery of Uri Geller - Andrija Puharich
The Janos People of Frank Johnson
Exopolitics: A decade of contact - a treatise by Alfred Lambremont Webre
Extraterrestrials and Our World - Chris Hamilton
Space Intelligence Master Interface - important booklet on principles of contact
Wingmakers.com - The Ancient Arrow Projects-a new cosmology and future vision
Earth Changes - a full length channeled book by Tom Smith
Relationships of Transformation - a full length channeled book by Bill Davidson
Hilarion via Buttner - dozens of chapters of contactee transcripts
Polaris Writings - Telepathic Communications from the Northern Star
Alien Eyes - includes a book called "The Mission of the One Star" 
The Planet Mars and its Inhabitants - by Eros Urides (A Martian) Project Gutenberg
Earths in the Universe - by Emanual Swedenborg and also here
Autobiography of a Space Being (.pdf) - by Antaree
Journey to the Great Central Sun (.pdf)
Aliens among us - from OriginalTeaching.com along with other ebooks
The Abbotts - over 20 etexts and ebooklets including Aliens, UFO's and Stargates
Galactic Server - extensive contactee archives
UFOevidence.org - research by Budd Hopkins, John Mack, David Jacobs et al
UFO-Mind - archive of links by person like Adamski and VanTassel
Uforia-research.com - large archive and links to many free contactee e-books

Bibliographies / Timelines / Glossaries

History of Spiritualism bibliography by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1926)
Biographies of Mediums - long reading list in two categories, historic and recent
Index to Psychic Science - S.R. Morgan, 1950, 70 pp
Best Books on Spirit Phenomena - Hentietta Lovi, 1925, 94 pp
Dialectical Society Bibliography (1871)
Footfalls on the Boundary of another World citations - Robert Dale Owen (1859)
Psychics and Mediums - Gertrude Tubby, 30+pp excerpt, includes bibliography
Andrew Jackson Davis - brief biography and published works
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - brief biography and published metaphysical works
William Eglinton - brief biography and published works
Arthur Ford - brief biography and published works
Thomas Lake Harris - brief biography and published works
Daniel Dunglas Home - brief biography and published works
James Hervey Hyslop - brief biography and published works
Charles Webster Leadbeater - brief biography and published works
Sir Oliver Joseph Lodge - brief biography and published works
William Stainton Moses - brief biography and published works
Frederic W.H. Myers - brief biography and published works
Robert Dale Owen - brief biography and published works
Leonora Piper - brief biography and published works
Charles Richet - brief biography and published works
Emanuel Swedenborg - brief biography and published works
Stewart Edward White - brief biography and published works
Partridge & Britton Catalog - includes many early spiritualist titles c. 1855
Who's Who in Spiritualism - William Hartmann, 1927 excerpt
Enigma of Survival - Professor Hornell Hart 1957 (bibliography only)
Who's Who in the History of Western Mysticism - Professor Bruce B. Janz
SpiritHistory.com - bibliography and name-date key
Annotated bibliography - articles & essays on spiritualism by Helen Sword
Spiritualism Bibliography - extensive web listing from USSR
Survival Bibliography - from Victor Zammit
FutureLife Bibliography - from PitBossAnnie & WebCottage
Emanual Swedenborg - multilingual bibliography
Alice Bailey Bibliography
Cora Richmond - published works
Mediumship of Mrs. Leonard bibliography by Susy Smith (1964)
William Stead Bibliography - from Attacking the Devil.co.uk
Out-of-body Experience Bibliography - by Bushman
Near-Death Experience Bibliography - by Bushman & NDE booklist
Psi Bibliography - long text file
Selected Bibliography on the Paranormal - compiled by Karen Lundegaard, Ph.D.
Parapsychology: Selected Periodicals and Books - from Michael Daniels
Books on the Paranormal - from another researcher in Japan
Psychical Research and Survival bibliography by Prof. James Hyslop (1914)
The Suppression of Knowledge bibliography by Michael Roll (1983)
Marian Apparitions Bibliography
Pseudo-Science and the Occult selected Bibliography - Dr. Robert Hatch
Religion, Mysticism, and Ethics Bibliography - Wildberg, Princeton
Books by Joel Bjorling - Consulting Spirits and Channeling: A Bibliographic Exploration
History of Spiritualism Timeline - annotated events
World Religion Timeline and DruryEncyclopedia Timeline
Fodor's Encyclopedia of Psychic Science
Encyclopedic Theosophic Glossary by G. de Purucker
Words in Swedenborg by Frank Rose
The Occult Glossary by G. de Purucker
Psychic Science Glossary by Michael Daniels (180K)
NSAC Phenomenal Evidence Glossary (200k)
Ghost Research Terminology (224K)
Parapsychology Foundation Glossary (96K)
Paranormal Ghost Definitions (88K)
Skeptic's Dictionary Guide (skepdic.com)

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