Lecture by Yada di Shi'ite

Through Medium Mark Probert

May 10 1968

Irene: It is Friday night, May 10, 1968, and we are here at the Kethra E'Da Foundation for a deep trance lecture through Mark Probert and the Inner Circle Teachers of Light.

Yada: Senas and Senahas, ena Yada di Shi'ite. A notchi (Speaks in his language)

Annie: Long time no see!

Yada: Au kee. It is my honor, my friends, to come here and talk with you this evening. It has been quite a little time, measured by your time, for you Harry, to come here. You have been busy?

Harry: Well, busy and lazy and occupied and all those things.

Yada: Yes, you are doing what is called "your daily life". And we very often are getting so caught in our daily living that we have little time for anything else. But I think that even though you may not have come here, that you should, if you can, find other ways of studying so you can keep on with your study of life.

Harry: Well, I've been doing some of that too, Yada.

Yada: I think, though, there are times when the best way of studying is by living it. There is no book, no writing, that can tell one how to live. But there are many writings to tell one how to live more comfortably. All the ancient, so-called "mystical" teachings were created for that reason, not for projecting your consciousness into impossible conditions of the mind, but more, how to live here, so that when the time comes to go anywhere else, you, will be much more prepared for it. That is the only important thing about studying life, being comfortable here, acting intelligently here, makes any other here-ness more intelligent. The trouble is, with man at large, one trouble, the greatest trouble, and that is, very few human beings are given any preparation for living right here. So, most everybody is in a state of confusion in one way or another.

Man seems to, especially here in this country and in the western part of the world more especially, man seems to think that being born is preparation enough on how to live in the physical world. The conditioning, which people are getting, has nothing to do with how to live, but how not to live. And they do this by creating confusion in the minds of their children, and this confusion goes on because it is taught generation after generation, the same things. Many people have told me they are materialists, so I ask them how things are going in the material world? They don't know. Yet, they say they believe only in the material. What is their belief about the material? What are you doing with it? You cannot learn, I cannot learn about anything other, if I do not know about the world I am in. There are different kinds of knowing. The one that you get most of is called sensory knowing, and the senses are highly limited. They measure almost nothing because they leave you with no awareness, no self-awareness. The senses tell you about "out here", and in a limited way, as I say.

In recent years, you are beginning to learn something about what is called nowadays para-psychology, a thing that is supposed to teach you about the inner nature of the material world, and your mind. Yet, the greater number of people take attitudes, toward teachings, that are childish, just childish. One of the more foolish statements they make is, "I don't believe it." To show you how foolish this statement is, when you ask them what it is they do not believe in, they cannot tell you. Isn't that being childish? It is no wonder that many of them, encountering some form of psychic phenomena, are shocked. They want to run. And if they have enough strength in their legs they do.

To know one world, to really know it, is to know all worlds. All worlds are but one world and that is called, this isn't what it is, but that is what it is called - the world of the mind, the mental world. Many people use the word "psyche" as though it were something mysterious and mysteriously different than your brain. It is not any different. The brain is just a machine for making measurements of different kinds.

Annie, of late, has been trying to express her thoughts regarding ESP as not being extra-sensory perception, but, rather, extended perception. There are no extra senses. The body contains what is called five senses and all you can do with these is extend them, if you know how. Sometimes you do not need to learn how. It comes to some people naturally; they are born with this kind of sensitivity, and it isn't a gift; it is something they have acquired by learning, by experience in one life or another.

Q: What about what is called the 6th sense?

Yada: That is simply saying an extension of your senses, whichever one you use. If you have what is called "clairvoyant" experiences, you are extending the sense of the eyes. The ears, clairaudiently experience the sense of hearing.

Q: Sometimes we call the 6th sense "intuition". Would you say that was just an extension of your feeling?

Yada: That is all it is, an extension of the feeling. Because why? How is this? Could it be, if your mental self was locked up in the box on top of the shoulder - you call it the head - if it was limited to head feelings, then I would say yes. But it isn't. Sitting here right now, each one of you are extended into the eternalness of existence. There is no point which you are not at. This may seem strange, but when you think of it, really think of it, you will find it is very ordinary because it is natural to you, natural to mind. When you are trying to project your consciousness somewhere else, you can do it, only because you are already there. And what you are doing when you try, is simply to make yourself aware of that point. Putting your awareness there, then demands that you put your consciousness there. Awareness and consciousness are two different functions.

Everything in existence has its own consciousness, but very few things are self aware. Animals do not know themselves as animals, but they have a kind of feeling, according to their species, that keeps them separated, which is more than man is willing to do. Man wants to jumble himself up, turn white into black and black into white. Each peoples are an entity in themselves and that entity is destroyed when you mix people up. The offspring from such mixing is in a far worse state than their parents who did this mixing.

Q: Why?

Yada: Because of man's lack of understanding of himself - whether he is a black man, a red man, a white man - they do not understand themselves.

Q: But being black, red, or white isn't that just an exterior thing?

Yada: No. Again, you are just looking at the surface, the skin coloring. That's just the cream on top. What about the meat between?. The meat of experience, the meat that is made from location, environment, conditioning? Go further into it - the different bone structure, the different nature of the blood. I heard a man say that blood is blood.

You know Mark is something of an artist, and he could never believe that red paint is the same as white paint, for the red is needed in certain ways and must be handled in certain ways and it must be a special kind of red. It cannot just be red because there is no such thing as just red anyway, just as there is no such thing as white. White is a mixture of all colors; but there is no distinction left when you mix all colors, there is no special characteristic.

So the argument is not against skin color or bone structure, or hair structure, none of those things, but it is inbred character and the purpose for being black and being white. Any intelligent negro does not want to intermarry with the whites for there are many whites who are just as evil, and some more so than the blacks.

Q: Yada, what would you say about the very personal individual level, that is, one negro and one caucasian who individually have achieved, perhaps not self awareness, but a degree of intelligence, a little bit above the norm, and then they have for each other a true affinity which they wish to increase. In that kind of individual case versus the mass race purpose, what would you say of that? Is that the same or is that different?

Yada: It is different. Different. It is like any man, black white or red, who comes out of the mass mind and the control of the mass mind. This one becomes totally different than any other one still in the mass. His purpose is different; what he is to do is different. He is no longer to be classed simply as a human being, he is much more. Knowing this is why I have much desire to communicate my thoughts to the black man, the red man, the yellow man, because the story of their race is just as great as any to be told about the white man. Do not destroy yourself. Do not lose your identity, yourself in any race. But for the individual negro to come out, when he is out, he's out. He is no longer of that race. The purpose, the overall purpose, he cannot play any part in any more for now he is to play a greater purpose for his own eternal Light.

Q: I think that's very hard for us to comprehend. Anthropologically or sociologically we don't even have any idea there is such a thing as purpose to race and we are just coming to the place where we begin to recognize each other as individuals; rather than inferior or superior. So what you're saying is very hard to fit into what is going on right now.

Yada: Yes, of course, of course. Man, in general, knows so very little about himself. How can we know about others? How? We mean it is not a matter of superiority, that one race is greater than the other. Each has his own path to follow and only individuals can come out of those races, come away like the white man when he comes out, like the red man. Then you have what is called individual purpose. When you learn what this purpose is, then you can go back to your own race and be a leader, a leader to the Light.

The black man, from ancient times, has had an intense feeling about his spiritual self. Mostly, with him, it is a sincere feeling. With the white man we think it is more of a game. He has lost most of his feeling for the extended side of himself, which is sometimes referred to as the spirit. He has become materially bent, with a pretense at spiritual desire and it is going to grow more so. When the white man really learns, really comes to realize that he has greater powers than he ever dreamed of, he will commercialize it.

Somewhere, he will return to Spirit, somewhere in the path of his growth. So I do not despair for him. He is on his way; only his goal is much further away from him than he knows yet.

Annie: For the earth purposes, are there a specific number of root races?

Yada: That is right.

Q: How many are there?

Yada: The world is in what is called the 6th root race. Did you know that?

Aud: I've heard you say that before, but I don't understand what that means.

Yada: Six times beginning again on the earth. He has been destroyed from the earth five other times. He is now returning for the sixth try. He may have to wait for a seventh try. There is a possibility of this, because the seventh try will be his last if he does not make it.

Q: When you say that, do you mean as some kind of mass humanity?

Yada: Yes.

Q: And what constitutes a success? What constitutes a failure? I know a failure would be that the population of the earth would be wiped out, by what we call natural causes or by what we might call nuclear causes, but if he did succeed, what would the success be?

Yada: First, the success would be to create sanity, to bring back to himself a clear way of thinking and reasoning, because his comprehension of the nature of the world he comes into would be much greater than it is or has been at any time ever before. And in knowing what it is, he will move on into the eternal mind and become one with the Light. There will be no further need for physical surfaces to dwell upon. Physical surfaces, the hell created by the lack of thinking of the God within. The God got lost when he formed matter and came into it. The Light went out when man blinded himself with matter. Do you want to push that question a little more?

Lady: It seems to me that you are implying that everyone in the material world will, at some point, develop to the same point and I always thought that individuals were at different rates at points in their development.

Yada: So each one is. But when that mind, that higher consciousness becomes more self aware and the lower consciousness, the ego self, gets put aside, more and more people will join together. All the thoughts of separation will vanish. They will vanish because they will no longer be a problem. The dream that made them what they were, or what they are now, all the reasons for that dream will be gone.

This means man will wake up and when man wakes up, when the lower consciousness comes out of its trance state, it will be self aware. The God will be self aware. I do not like the word, "God", but the Creator will become conscious. In the beginning of the material world, the "God" was self-aware, but in making a creation it lost its self awareness and became aware only of one state of consciousness which it had created, called matter, and then it went on creating, like a growth out of control. Now, as each god, lost god, becomes more aware, then that higher creative self will become more self-aware; and will create consciously, not haphazardly.

Q: How do we increase, or what path do we follow, or what can we do to help ourselves become self-aware and achieve this goal?

Yada: To do, you know, the first thing to remember is you know the external world only by your senses, right? Now, these senses have been conditioned to the point where you know they are very, very limited in telling you what is around you, what you call the material world. What is it? Time. I have given several talks regarding time, in years ago, but these talks went more directly to the men of science.

Q: What is time?

Yada: You see, you asked me a little while ago, what specifically, or perhaps you meant just in general, how you must get this more clarified consciousness, more clarified state of awareness. Before you can extend yourself further than your senses, you have to know what your senses are, what they do, not only for you, but to you.

Aud: I'm not sure what time is because it seems to me to be highly subjective at times. Well it doesn't seem to be chronologically or subjectively or a concrete thing. As I can operate fairly subjectively, except when I look at a clock, it's hard for me to say what time is.

Yada: So you can rightfully say that time is a feeling. This brings that extended thing, that thing that seems to be out here, and doing things to you, it brings it right back to you. You become the creator of it. It is yours again. That's the trouble with giving things to "God", He almost always brings them back to you, "Don't give it to me; it is yours!" And so it is ours. Time, in one sense of the word, is motion. Would you deny that?

Group: No.

Yada: Then, to tie ourselves up in stronger strings, we raise the question: "What is it that is moving?" Kasida! It is a mild oath in my language - Kasida. What is moving? It seems to be something called matter, moving by breakdown and build up, using your terminology. You take a bit of matter and you pull it apart and you find it is made up only of forces, electrical, of a positive/negative nature. Doesn't that make you want to bite your nails? Just forces, moving against one another, creating an impossible situation called "Magnetic fields". LAUGHTER.

I said, in my language, we play with shadows, shadows of the mind, which are real to the creator. And nothing, nothing as tangible as shadows to us who live in what we call reality, in your physical form of it. Because if we think a little about matter, what we call matter, you see, matter is not matter; matter is a word. But we watch the shadows blending in and out, appearing and disappearing, and things which the shadows make up seem to go through various minute changes, which if we don't keep our eye upon it, we think there has been a change, a radical change. It appears that way because we cannot see the motion, it is so subtle, so slow to the eye. Have you ever had a companion for a number of years and then you are separated and then you come back together again and each of you looks strange to the other? And then, after a time, the strangeness seems to wear off and that person appears as they did before. Optical illusions.

Comment: Isn't it so, that the more two companions have loved one another, the more that is so?

Yada: That is right, that is right. Comes the light again to the faces of those who have loved. You know my friends, I think most of you sitting here have studied the history of man on earth. You have read and listened to talks of ancient races of people, some of which no longer exist on the earth at all. There are many races that no longer exist on the earth and I come from one of those races. I existed here in your dream world of matter 500,000 years ago and all those I associated with then, those particular types of humans, are no more. They have vanished into the genetic junk pile. But the consciousness of these beings is still here; still here, not only in their own right as a consciousness, but from the genetic junk pile, genetic memory, race memory. It is still here. Nothing, that ever was, is gone entirely. Why? Because there is, no place, no otherness of existence to go into, to get lost in, or out of. The junk pile is used over and over again.

Aud: . . . . such in different cycles, different factors are discreet? More or less?

Yada: That is right. And you see the creator is constantly busy going through the junk pile, looking for more useful material; material that can be re-stimulated in a more intelligent way, put together where the building blocks called the genes and chromosomes will have more life, and more intelligent life in them. To what purpose?

Yada: To make a better physical human being.

Q: Now, to what purpose would the physical human being be made for? Not why would it be more intelligent.

Yada: So that when he dies, this intelligent being, he will not throw his genes and chromosomes back into the junk pile, but he will reduce them to pure energy and take them with him as better energy, more lasting. You see, the world is breaking down and as it breaks down, it creates what is called (pardon the whistling, it is Mark's tooth) creating more slower acting units of energy, or what is called electrons. The world is melting away. When I say the world, I mean the whole of creation is melting away into slow moving electrons. Now, hot electrons are fast moving and they do greater work; they accomplish more in a shorter period of time. The slow ones do slower work but they are more lasting. They endure - their actions endure longer; they have more continued strength, like what you call some people are faster runners than others; but then they also have greater endurance.

Q: But to what purpose are the electrons moving faster or slower, to accomplish what? You said so they can accomplish more. What are they trying to accomplish?

Yada: The creation of a greater state of awareness so that all creation will enter into this state, a fulfillment of a bigger, a larger, a wider, a more comprehensive intelligence, so that man can find his way back home, returning unto himself. You know of the salmon? They spawn and they go away and forget all about their state of origin, where they were spawned. And they have good times, bad times, they do what you American call "living it up". Ever heard of salmon living it up? What I mean is they live a larger life, then suddenly comes a time when they feel a call, a call to go back home, to return to themselves so they can lose the body they have and acquire another.

Q: Why did they create that body in the first place?

Yada: Salmon?

Q: No, in people, anybody, why did they leave home?

Yada: In the beginning, man had the intelligence that made him want to create, because that is his basic nature, create, create. create. As to why he wanted to create, comsi, comsa, I do not know.

Q: So, the creation of the entire matter existence is no more explainable in that way, than is the reason why I put on a purple hair ribbon rather than a red one.

Yada: Yes, instead of a red one.

Aud: No explanation for that.

Yada: Well, yes there is. I know more about red ribbons than anything else.

Aud: But haven't you always said it is a feeling?

Yada: Yes, of course. Putting on a red ribbon or purple ribbon is also a feeling, and it often proves to be very important, does it not?

Aud: Yes, because it creates different effects.

Yada: That is right. And it not only creates different effects upon those you want to create different effects upon, but also upon yourself, your own state of awareness. Perhaps you are in a state of depression and you put on a nice bright ribbon. Pretty soon you begin to feel the brightness, the gaiety of the ribbon and your depression is gone. The things we do that bring us back home, you know, it is not some distant place, some incomprehensible point for some unknown reason. Every act that we commit is going home, going back to ourselves, to that deep nature called The Creator.

Aud: Which would be, to us, what we call a non-surface world?

Yada: That is right. And you can see how there is no such thing as surface. Life eternal, say the Egyptians. But it is more than that; it is the story of man's flight into matter and his suffering before he came out of it, before he gets out of the sensory world. The sensory world, the world of matter is the crossed bar. The Light. The light here is the sun that dispels all darkness and brings life because it is heat; descends to the earth where man lives for a point of time and then slides out into the eternalness of his being. But he may not stay out there. Certain individuals have not had enough of the cross; they have not had enough of pain and suffering. These people have, deep within them, a sense of masochism. These are the type of people who put the man, Jesus, on the cross. They enjoyed seeing him suffer because they, being masochists, they are also sadists. But they cannot stand the pain themselves. You know, if they put the masochists and sadists together, they are both in heaven. LAUGHTER.

Aud: I have a question which might be trivial.

Yada: Who knows what is trivial, my friend.

Aud: What do you think of having an incredible number of coincidences happening to your mind?

Yada: My honorable friend, I do not think I comprehend you. What do you mean by an incredible amount of coincidences happening to you? Because you see, the majority of life as a whole is an incredible amount of coincidences. So what do you mean particularly?

Aud: The state - the state of consciousness of a certain kind.

Yada: Tell me what has happened, in part, if you can, please.

Aud: You know, the word leading into a thing that happens to you, the word that I hear one day, or a thing you grasp and you see the thing coming back - that you see - coming back and impressing your spiritual being and in a way it gets to be like matter around you. It is - I mean - I don't mean matter itself - A book representing a certain teacher, a certain aspect, a certain teaching of things - like that.

Yada: It is said, when the student is ready the master will appear; but many people have been lead to believe that this means some other human being, as a master, will appear. But of course that is not the truth of it, for anything besides a human being can become that master/teacher to you, to me, to whomever. Isn't that so?

Aud: Just like a certain event?

Yada: Yes, a certain event; a certain feeling first, which made you aware enough to recognize the event, the physical activity of a thing coming on yes yes.

Aud: I'd like to ask you about a technical matter. How about when you want to try to get aware of reincarnation? Do you just work on the part of your mind which impresses a picture? The memory? Or do you have to look for something else?

Yada: Sir, do you believe in reincarnation? Now be careful how you answer that.

Man: Yes.

Yada: You do?

Man: I'll tell you exactly how I feel about it. I think it may be very possible for me and I have all the reasons to believe it so, I do not have it as a . . . . .

Yada: As a whole picture?

Man: As a conviction, yes.

Yada: You will, in the course of time, if you keep moving to create the full picture, you will get all the necessary pieces so as to make this theory, which is what it is, in the minds of most people but a theory. To me, it is not a theory; it is a fact. Now, I will tell you why it is a fact and also how it is a fact. First, a creator can do nothing more than create. Yes? Apart from what he creates, that doesn't matter, but that is all he can do, is it not? Now in order to create in a variety of ways, the creator must have some experience in a variety of ways. It is the same with you; if you are going to an artist - what kind of an artist? Painting on canvas, or whatever? A sculptor? Or a writer, which is a kind of paint; words are a kind of painting. So you have to have experience with these things. Early experience, early feelings, what do you call in English, the beginner?

Aud: Novice

Yada: Novice, thank you. And then we work on ourselves to become masters. It takes time, takes effort, but it takes something more that is much more important, it takes wanting to. That is what gives us the impetus to move; it is the center of the drive, to go. Now life is but, and I do not use the word "but" to simplify anything; I am speaking only of action, life is but to act, but to create, and that is all. So where are you going to stop? Where do you begin? The beginning is a feeling, a feeling that all is not right for us. We feel uncomfortable, that means somebody is sticking us in the bottom with a pin, get moving, get going! So time is a factor where you can arrange it in your ability as a creator; you can arrange it as a canvas upon which to work. But you then have to believe in your canvas; otherwise, you cannot even create it, much less the picture upon it. Understand? Now, I am that creator; you are. The outgoing and the return. The traveler, it appears, goes round and round. But then the vastness of the orbit is great beyond words.

We need have no concern about time, how much of it do we have? We have all of it we need, for time, like everything else, is feeling. When you, the creator, reach a point of tiredness, which is lack of energy, you return for a bit of rest. You return to that creative self and are enveloped in it, and your entire awareness is simply being the light; no other consciousness, no other awareness do you have but being the light, in which the ancients described in words, as the state of "I AM". Creation is "I AM THAT". Now, you created duality. You now look out and the "that-ness" may be a tree or any one of the flotsam and jetsam of the material world. It may be an animal body; it may be a human body. But wherever it appears, it says, "I AM"; by its very presence it says, "I AM". Have you ever, meditated upon a beautiful tree? Some of your big trees in your forests, those big redwoods, there were some in China that were bigger and are much older than the ones you have here. But have you ever tried meditating on one of these trees, so that you begin to feel a oneness with it?

What a marvelous feeling of power you sense in them, and then in yourself. My greatness depends upon the state of my consciousness. If I do not have the tree within me, I cannot sense its greatness out here. What is reality? You heard the story, I am sure, that the ancient Chinese teacher, Lao-Tse, has told, about the man going through the forest. He gets weary so he lies down on the ground and goes to sleep and suddenly he is dreaming he is a butterfly having a nice time in the sun, going from flower to flower. Then he wakes up, and, because he is a thoughtful man, does not get up and start running right away. He lay there and he thought, a little while ago I was a man dreaming I was a butterfly; now perhaps I am a butterfly dreaming I am a man''. Isn't that wonderful? Isn't that beautiful? Because it tells a true story, the story of reality. If this is true - and I know it is true - but if it is true for you, then you can see right away that you have no need to worry about your destination. Why? Because you are in it. People talk about destiny, about fate. What is my lot in this life? Whatever I cast it, that's what it is. Wherever I cast it; however. For I am the designer of it. I move and create. My very motion is creation. What can happen to me that hasn't happened? Kethra (Yada speaks in his language to his teacher) I am going to leave for a little while please.

Group: Would you give Kethra my respect please?

Yada: Oh he already heard you! (Yada withdraws)

- - - - - - - -

Yada Returns: What is sudden and what is not sudden? Suddenness is something we are never prepared for. I was speaking a moment ago on reincarnation. Now, as I have said before, each of us is a law unto ourselves, yes? Yes. There is no other intelligence that makes us come and go, or do anything in the act of coming and going. But it is ourselves, that moves us. Now, people have asked me what is the amount of time that each human being has, to go and come, to stay in the world they go into or to come back here. But there is no special time for everybody alike. "Each creator creates only after his own image and likeness" - to quote a part of your Christian Bible referring to God and man. God, the consciousness, the creative self, creates after its own image and likeness and this is born out of a feeling in the Creator. It is like the story of the man in India; and for those of you who have heard this, you can stop your ears.

A man is going along a dusty road in India and comes upon another man standing at the side of the road who is sculpting. He is sculpting stone elephants. The traveling man stops and watches him and he is amazed at the beautiful elephants he makes. He asks the sculptor how he does that when he has no models of elephants to go by. He replies that it is very simple; what you do is take a block of stone, you look at it for a while and pretty soon you begin to see the elephant in the stone. Then you cut away everything that is not elephant. Isn't that beautiful? For that is exactly what we humans do. We manufacture; we shape and form after our own feelings. Now when the human being is seeking the Light of Life, seeking to expand his consciousness, this is exactly what he has to do. First he has to see the human in himself. Then he begins to cut away everything that isn't human and from this a beautiful human is made. Then, after a time, he begins to see the creator, itself, and he cuts away what is called humanness and he finds he has God, The Creator.

Aud: We have another way to spell that, which is interesting. Besides H-U-, we have H-E-W-, which means to cut away at.

Yada: Also there were a people on the earth that were known as hue-men, colored. That's what man is in general, a series of colors. Now to reincarnation again. To get a better picture, because many people say so and so believes such and such, but almost nobody ever follows up by saying how they believe it. Have you thought of that? How do you believe this or that? In what manner? What did you do to get the ideas about this or that? Did you just accept somebody else's story on it? Acceptance is not enough. While we humans are inclined to be believers, the individual who does something more than just believe by acceptance, has a much greater, wider, understanding of his subjects.

Belief is not enough, knowing is what we have to do, and more especially in these times, in these present times when the mind of the human is expanding by desire - the desire to promote himself, to advance himself, to reach out and get a better understanding of that wider side of himself. This has caused man to be today a more scientifically minded individual. This is why I do not believe in reincarnation. I know it! First I say, it is a law that we make for ourselves. It doesn't exist by itself, it exists by us, by our own way of thinking and feeling, by our needs.

Let us suppose you lived in a room, where you had been projected; and out of what, you didn't know; and from where, you didn't know. What you were to do while there, you didn't know; and where you were to go from there, you didn't know. That's a mess isn't it! But after a time you lose interest in what you are to do and where you are to go and all of these other things. You become preoccupied with your surroundings, and let us say the limitations of those surroundings are 3Ox4O or 4Ox4O or anything less or more in an arbitrary way. Because we are by our own natures creators, we cannot tolerate all that empty space. We have to do something with it so we start dividing it into what we call rooms, putting up partitions here and there.

After we get through putting up partitions we begin to think of what to put behind each of these partitions, so we can identify them better, or so they can identify themselves. So we put the kind of furnishings in each room that belong there, in our feelings for it. After we get all that done, we name each of these partitions. Now we really have made a very concrete picture for ourselves out of each section of the big room, yes? Then we find ourselves moving from one room to another and back again. We get that sense of going and coming, and the differences in the different points of space that we move to. But if you tear down all the partitions you will see you haven't gone anywhere or come from anywhere. You have been eternally where you are - in consciousness.

You get over the need to go and come. But what room will you stop in? The one room, because now you have torn all the partitions down. If you put them back up again, you are deluding yourself. But you know one thing certain now; you are not going and coming. There is only one place to be, and that is in consciousness. But if you follow the law you made for yourself, of going and coming, you can never tear down those partitions; they have become a law to you, a law out of need, the need for change, the need for differences so as not to destroy yourself by monotony alone. That is why "heaven" would be a very monotonous place to go to, I mean the Christian heaven, the sameness, the eternal singing of songs around the Christian Throne of God. What an egotist! It is better to know truth, as close as we can come to it, which is the closeness of satisfaction, of pleasure, of joy, which rests the creative mind. Do you want to debate that thought?

Aud: Well, you know not all Christians believe in that.

Yada: That's good. You know, when you talk of Christianity in your country, you are not talking about Christianity, you are talking about churchianity, temple worship. The general individual, the "average person", I do not like the word because I have never found an "average person". But, as a figure of speech, the average person has no idea of the meaning of Christianity, its depth, the profound sense of reality to it that is not given in the temples. The very priests of the temples do not know the true story. Just think of that! Isn't that amazing! And they call themselves Christians, amazing.

Yet, you go to China, you go to any of the Asiatic countries and you find the greater majority of people are temple worshippers. They are under the control of the priesthood who give them milky water with no substance. But here, most of the priests do know the truth, but they also know they cannot give it to the masses and get any thing back from it, so they have to sell it and make it palatable to the people who there - the same as here - are suffering tremendous blindness of life.

Q: What can be done? It is almost like a natural process, it is ridiculous to talk in such terms, I mean in a way you have to resent such means, you know?

Yada: Yes of course. But you cannot raise the masses until you have, or unless you have, raised yourself first.

Q: But can you raise somebody else? Don't they have to raise themselves?

Yada: No, not really.

Aud: You can give . . . . .

Yada: You can give them a point to work from and that is more substantial than most people are getting from the priesthood either in Asia or in this country. It is the same now in Tibet, in the holy city of Lhasa, almost nothing for the mental self, the higher consciousness, is being done today. Some of the Gumpa's temples are doing the work, but most of them are lost in the material dream, in physical satisfactions. They have become both male and female houses of prostitution in the most . . . . . (turn tape)

Now I do not speak against the material world in any of its ramifications, but rather I speak of knowing what you are doing, knowing the difference in yourself between the beast and the human. That is all. The human, having an animal body, can do no other than perform animal acts, which is all right for the material world but the all rightness of it depends upon the state of consciousness you are in.

How do you do, or not do, things to detach yourself from the creative self? You get in the grip of desire where you act in places where you need not act; it is not necessary that you act that way any more.

Sex is a natural thing as long as we have the animal body. The performance of it depends only upon the individual's taste. There is no evilness in it other than getting completely lost in it; that is the evilness. Many people abstain from sex physically but carry on wild parties with it mentally. More males have sex mentally, much more, than they could possibly have physically.

Every woman walking down the street, no matter how heavily dressed, if she only knew how many times a day she is stripped. And then there are some females who have this, although it is more rare in the female than in the male, not because they do not have a strong sex drive, but their drives for it are different, different because of the way they are built. Now surely we humans were designed for one another. Is it not so? How else could it be?

Aud: We are all different.

Yada: Au kee! There would.... .... .... and a few more different although myself, I am getting sex, yes, but not in the way you get it. Mine is continuous, it is a never ending flow of life. I am constantly enchanted.

Aud: If we - even as a beginner on the path to ourselves - doesn't each of us, as we are once on that path, no matter what stage we are in, doesn't each act we perform - whether we're aware of it ourselves or not, become in itself a transmutation?.

Yada: Oh but yes, and something else happens. The more consciously we learn to perform, the more responsibility we have to take upon our shoulders. And that, for many, is too much, so they give a large portion of the responsibility to God, or to the devil. "I didn't do it; he did it. He made me". Or "my neighbor did it; she made me." Yes. Physically speaking, the woman is a representation of the greater consciousness. She is the womb of all birth, of all existence. But the male is the giver of life. The female takes care of it, gives it love in the form of heat, transmutes it into an active living human being, into an active intelligence.

Now I have said this before and I will say it again because I think it will be of great interest to you, because it will tell you what you will have to do in the course of some time: To be born conscious of; to remember the trip in all of its details, from the point of leaving consciousness, into the matter world. High consciousness - I do not like the word "high", but it will suffice for now - in, let us say, in this acute state of awareness as a creator, to remember the descent into matter from the wider consciousness; to become aware of entering my father's body as a light, in the form of prana; leaving my father's body after mating with the physical genetic chains; descending into my mother's body; rolling away the stone of the cave and rising from her body with my own body. The Christ is born; the Christ in matter, born to die on the cross of matter so that I can ascend again to my own Christ consciousness. It is called "THE ROUND". It is represented by the symbol of the snake swallowing its tail. It is a wonderful experience.

Now, I cannot go back to my father right away because I have not yet cleansed myself from all sin - sin being matter. I have not rid my consciousness of the belief in matter so I go to an ante-room, which is sometimes called the astral world. I am "under quarantine". LAUGHTER. And sometimes I am so sick that I have to go back to the hospital again, the matter world.

Aud: Hospital?

Yada: Hospital.

Earl: Lunatic asylum! Yada laughs and repeats this comment to his teacher.

Yada: To someone in attendance - How are you? (Earl)

Earl: Fine, thank you, a little tardy as usual.

Yada: Yes, but lateness or earliness is only a feeling and I am certain you will get over it (LAUGHTER) and I know you will. So, how can your lateness be in any way offensive either to yourself or to me. We live in our feelings and our feelings is time, and we move according to what we feel. Your son, how is he?

Earl: I heard indirectly last week. You probably know I have been going to ask you about it. Answered my own question - apparently he is where he belongs.

Yada: Of course. Now he is his own son, so now he must worry about himself, if worrying is what he does. I doubt it.

Earl: He put a note on the bulletin board: The son is the father to the child.

Yada: Yes, he is all right; safe in himself, needs no guardians.

Earl: I have never seen anyone safer.

Yada: That is well. It is only when we move in our dark minds, in our uneducated minds, that we need someone to come and rescue us, and the rescuer is always in great danger of getting himself lost with the lost. You know, it is fascinating to be lost, fascinating because look at all the pleasure you get in finding yourself, in going back to your center. It is a joyful trip, but we make it painful sometimes because we pretend we don't like it.

Aud: Recently I have had a couple exposures to the concept of not permitting myself to feel fully lost; I am automatically blocking myself from feeling fully found! Yada laughs and repeats this to this teacher.

Yada: Now I do not think it important - at least not sufficiently - that the individual must go wandering around trying to find some purpose in what he has been told is rebirth. To live one life is to live all life. I am not concerned about my yesterdays. I have a fantastic job of learning what today is, learning how to live today, so that in case there is a tomorrow, in case there is another step to take, I will be already taking it, and taking it in certainty. Now if I do anything other than that; if I keep any other state of consciousness such as "Oh, I wonder about tomorrow; what will it be like?", I am not living today. so I have no tomorrow to live in, so I'll have nothing to carry on with, from this point to that point, I'll step off into a vacuum.

No, my friends, today is the day to be concerned with. You may have been a king yesterday, or a prince or a princess, or a pauper; it doesn't matter. Yesterday is but a dream. How did I dream it is not important after I wake up from the dream; it is only important while I am dreaming it. Stay conscious today, and if there is another day you will be conscious in it. I think that is more important, do you not? Today. This is the moment of breath. Breathe it, as deep and as long as you can. If you think yesterday is a shadow, what must tomorrow be? You have substance of yesterday in today, but you have a vacuum in tomorrow. Do I hear any debates?

Aud: We will debate for you tomorrow. LAUGHTER.

Yada: Harry, are you all right?

Harry: Well, if that was a relative, I would say yes. But I can't fool you. How do I know I'm all right? I am, compared to certain times, I am.

Yada: So you are always all right in every fraction of time. You are all right because you are where you belong by your feelings, by your desire, your needs, your wants, not the wants of the lower consciousness, that's only part of it. But in the fullness of it, you are where you belong so how can you be other than all right?

Harry: Well the human element makes one a little dissatisfied always. We always dream of going someplace else.

Yada: That's good. That keeps you going.

Aud: Doesn't it though!

Yada: Yes, the unceasing desire for a better balance somewhere; a feeling of greater security of weight upon where you stand.

Q: A little more personal contentment?

Yada: That's called weight that holds you where you want to be at any given moment. Contentment. Peace of mind brings you to the point of not trying to disturb the world around you. Leave it be, because you will not disturb the world, you will only disturb yourself. You see, that is the disconcerting part of our drive to change the world.

Aud: It boomerangs!

Yada: Oh, it does, it does. And hits you in the nose!

Aud: If you're lucky!

Yada: Au Kee! I think I will leave you please.

Group: Thank you, Yada.

Yada: And thank yourself, to have what I have spoken of, peace of mind. Then you will no longer chase the will-o-wisp called happiness. Peace of mind. A notchi.

Group: Good night, Yada.