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We are offering 52 transcribed  lectures divided into 8 volumes of the most beautiful lectures by Yada di Shi'te and the Members of the Inner Circle. For each book ordered we will send a free cassette tape of a full length lecture. 
Each volume $25.00 (+ shipping and handling)

Love, Secret Key of Creation
Volume One


1. Love the Secret Key of Creation
2. Healing
3. Inner Meaning of Prayer
4. Love and Marriage
5. The Mind is the Healer
6. Love is Understanding

7. The body is the Cross

You Are The Dreamer
Volume Two
1. The Lonely Path and Death in the Astral
2. Guilt and Disease
3. You are the Dreamer
4. Mystical Rebirth
5. Seven paths to Mastery
6. Mystical Triangle
7. Human being as Center for Communication

Truth is Cosmic Honey
Volume Three

1. Truth is Cosmic Honey
2. Life is Joy
3. All Space is Filled to Capacity
4. The Physical Dream
5. Where do we Go from Here?
6. LSD and Sex
7. The Human Personality

Struggle to Go Home
Volume Four
1. Struggle to Go Home
2. Danger of the Occult Path
3. Seeking the Teacher Within
4. Personal Responsibility
5. Magnetic Power of Love
6. Eternity is Now
7. Falling back to Earth

Becoming Aware Of The Light
Volume Five
1. Ancient Understanding of Astrology
2. Occult Process of Being Born
3. Becoming Aware of the Light
4. The Restless Consciousness
5. Meditation, States of Awareness
6. Three Short Transcripts
7. This Fantastic World

We Are One World
Volume Six
1. Blinded by Matter
2. We Are One World
3. Origin of Matter
4. Man, the Space Dweller
5. Conquer Yourself First
6. The Dance of Life
7. You are where your consciousness is

You Are Your Own Destiny
Volume Seven

1. You Are Your Own Destiny
2. Seeing with the Inner Eye
3. Discourse of Hypnosis
4. Freeway to Glory
5. Building blocks of Consciousness
6. Beginning of Matter
7. Sensory Impression

Study Of Life
Volume Eight
1. The Long Way Around
2. It is Dangerous to be Born
3. Seed of Self-destruction
4. To be at Peace is living in Perfection
5. Study of Life
6. Man’s Oneness with Universal Consciousness
7. Practicing the Art of Knowing

Transcribed Lectures

1. The Lonely Path
Yada di Shi’te
Breath is the secret of life. I am my own destiny. We become zombies when we let the words of others dictate our life. I die on the cross of matter so that the Christ may be born.

2. Love, the Secret Key

Yada di Shi’te
The study of life means waking up to what you are. See yourself as the Light. Do not permit yourself to be insulted. If you want your hands filled - empty them.

3. Struggle to go Home
Yada di Shi’te
Only through love can man come into the Light. Christ is not on the cross. The creator is born into the world of matter. Do not wear your diamonds in a den of thieves.

4. Danger of the Occult Path
Yada di Shi’te
The higher you go, the deeper into hell you must go also. Psychologists know nothing apart from the matter world. Only when we are conscious are we safe.

5. Healing
Yada di Shi’te
Every ailments has its origin in the emotional self. A epidemic is power of thought. The earth is a living organism. Sexual climax is Shamadi. The process of growth is a personal experience.. Everything starts in Mind.

6. Inner Meaning of Prayer.

Professor Al. Luntz
God is not conscious until his creation makes him conscious. The Christ that came to save man is the Consciousness waking up.

7. Seeking the Teacher Within
Yada di Shi’te
Man is a creative being. Awakening the conscious self. Man got lost in idols and temple buildings. As long as you go to the temples, you will never become a Illuminated One.

8. The Body is the Cross
Yada di Shi’te
The physical world is but a shadow of the real world. You do not die. In the astral world, your are thinking and doing at the same time. You are the operator of the body.

9 Love and Marriage
Yada di Shi’te
We do not understand life if we seek power and aggrandizement. Protection from invading psychic forces. Pyramids under the ice of the poles.Unconditional love sets you free.

10 Ancient Understanding of Astrology
Yada di Shi’te
Horoscopes are symbols of the past. Sixteen centers of the body. Lemuria and Atlantis. The matter world is a mirror in which the existence of consciousness is reversed.

11 Guilt and Disease
Yada di Shi’te
Man has full control over his body. If you truly knew yourself, you would not be concerned about death. Teaching people to understand themselves.You have to get it here.

12. The Mind is the Healer
Yada di Shi’te
Dogmatism ties one to the cross. Choking growth. To be opinionated is disastrous. Feeling is centered in the heart. You are a composite of experiences. If you have guilt you cannot see truth.

13 Occult Process of being born
Yada di Shi’te
Power of thought. Withdrawing the consciousness from the mass mind. Falling back to earth. The actor leaving the stage unfinished. Making the creator conscious.

14 Love is Understanding
Yada di Shi’te
Understanding man’s true nature. Controlling through force. Man’s journey into mental evolution. Rising out of the negative dream. No one can save you but yourself. Man is born of love

15 You Are the Dreamer
Yada di Shi’te
Man haunts the whole world. Keeping your consciousness where you are. Man is not a sinner. Love and sex. Alcohol and drugs.

16 Becoming Aware of the Light
Yada di Shi’te
Activity of the subconscious. The world of the invisible.Psychic protection. Programming the subconscious. Withdrawing from the raging storm.

17 LSD and Sex
Yada di Shi’te
Freedom from the tyrant within. Finding that Inner Teacher. Helpers from other planes of consciousness. The physical world is what we make it. Effect of drugs on the individual. LSD strips one down to the creator.

18 The Restless Consciousness
Yada di Shi’te
The power of past life recall. Time is a dream. Minding your own business. The power of past regret. Black and White magic. Mental attitude. Coming back to earth.

19 Meditation States of Consciousness
Yada di Shi’te
We believe according to the way we are conditioned. Sounds that destroy the nervous system. The physical world is hypnotic. The balanced mind understand all problems. Jesus did not die on the cross for your sins.

20 Eternity is Now
Yada di Shi’te
The value and danger of phenomenon. Population explosion in the world. Starvation in the world. Space people have come quietly for many years. Masters of the universe do not return to earth. Emotional control by understanding. The block of the conscious mind.

21 We Are One World
Yada di Shi’te
Prof. A. Luntz
We live in a mental world. Man is growing into adulthood. Striving for power keeps one chained. The animal mind keeps us in the physical world. Mankind has been denied their true divine heritage. Religion is a concoction of the human mind. Birth trauma. Communicating with the astral world. Professor Luntz talks about his life after death.

22 Personal Responsibility
Yada di Shi’te
Origin of religions. Conscious living to take responsibility. Nobody can be your authority. It takes work to become human. Importance of emotional control. Taking the body with you. Mystical story of Jesus. Inner spaces.

23 Seven Paths to Mastery
Yada di Shi’te
Stirring up insane forces. No one steps on the path without trial and error. Help from the spiritual world. Danger of communicating with the astral world. Hate is attachment. Understanding the world you live in first. The priests have made man a mortal being. Strong attachment ties one to the physical cross. Knowledge is not given to the masses.

24 Three Short Transcripts
The Importance of love
Yada di Shi’te
The Caterpillar and the Butterfly

Lao Tse
Power of Appreciation
Professor Luntz
Reincarnation. Coming and going. There are no mistakes in nature. Humans come into the world unconscious. Density in space. Causes of schizophrenia. Do not worship the personality. The magic of the little seed. You hold creation in your hand. The caterpillar is not concerned about being a grub. Going into silence. Art of meditation. Recognizing what you really want.

25 This Fantastic World
Professor Luntz
Every ailment starts in the mind. Sadism and masochism. The insecurity of love. Art of marriage. Love beyond this world. Mystical story of Jesus. Split personality. Ill effect of shock treatments. remembering past experiences. Cure for cancer. Space travel.

26 Falling back to Earth
Yada di Shi’te
Art of listening. Going into the astral world does not change your character. We have to get it here. The brain is a computer. Danger of suicide. Washing away dangerous vibrations. Rising out of the cross of matter. Taking inventory of oneself. The law of giving. Be careful what you ask for.

27 Many Ways to Good Health
Yada di Shi’te
Many uses of vitamins. Seeking power. Story of the Magician. The danger of using condoms. Birth in the astral. Sharing knowledge. The symbolism of the crucifixion. Danger of drinking carbonated water. Much advise on good health.

28 Mystical Rebirth

Professor Luntz
Reincarnation was taken out of the bible. Mystical symbols. The illusion of death.  Enslaving man’s mind. Washing out memories before returning to earth.

29 The Origin of Matter
Yada di Shi’te
Soul memory. Keeping one’s own light burning before saving the world. Every experience is in divine order. Man ate from the Tree of Knowledge and forgot his divine heritage. The origin of religious teachings. Mystical story of Jesus.

30 Truth is Cosmic Honey
Yada di Shi’te
Prof. A. Luntz
Tower of Babel. Art of communication. Memory of the conditioned mind. Do not force yourself on others. Treating children with love and kindness. Seeking the Teacher within Dying in the astral world. Movie 2001. We cannot go where we are not mentally.

31 You Are Your Own Destiny
Yada di Shi’te
Destruction of past civilizations. Insanity and priestly laws. Sex and the creative force. Memory patterns from feelings. The body as electromagnetic field. Building blocks of the cells. The psyche attacking the body. Story of Scientology.

32 All Space is filled to Capacity
Yada di Shi’te
Translating sound. There is no void anywhere in space. Love yourself so you can love others. Man is dazzled by personality. Consciousness and Self-awareness. Occult process of being born. Prof. Luntz Talks about his passing from the physical world.

33 Seeing with the Inner Eye
Yada di Shi’te
Prof. A. Luntz
Man lives in a parasitical world. Becoming free from ambitions.  The story of the hunter and the lion. Man is returning to It’s Source.  Man has been conditioned to be afraid.  Seeing with the Inner Eye. Dying from lack of love. Luntz talks about his life after passing from the physical world and his plan to return again.

34 Discourse in Hypnosis.
Yada di Shi’te
Using hypnosis in regression therapy. There is only one state of consciousness, but many states of awareness. Motion is a condition of the mind. Limitation of the mind can be broken. To think is to create new ideas. The illusion of reincarnation. Bringing a disease over from another life as a thought form. Clearing up feelings of guilt and shame to bring healing to the physical body. Sex without love destroys one

35 Freeway to Glory
Yada di Shi’te
Man is on earth to find himself. Life is what you make it consciously or unconsciously. Sacred sex energy. Freeway or tollway. Man is born of desire. The creative self creates after its own image. Death talkers of Tibet. The danger of psychic projection. Freezing corpses for future lives is futile. Zombies walking on earth. Lost souls looking for bodies. Danger of obsession. Radiation poisoning from flying saucers.

37 Beginning of Matter
Yada di Shi’te
The first motion created time. Matter comes out of motion. The nature of matter is atomic. Man does not know the origin of things. Origin of the Sun or Dwarf Star. The Ring-Pass-Me-Not. Moving about by our feeling nature. Aligning the animal self with the Christ Consciousness.

38 Sensory Impressions
Yada di Shi’te
Translating sound vibration into ideas. The fine art of communication. Misuse of thought. Harmonizing ideas. Geometric patterns of psychic energy. Bringing matter into being. The conditioned mind. Astrology, planetary influence impinging on the nervous system through feelings.

39 The Long Way Around
Yada di Shi’te
The “Fallen Race” mis- interpretation of the bible. The schools of Inner teachings. Man lost consciousness when he became one with his creation. Moving in the world of the dead. The Eternal cycle of the matter world. Only a few find their way home. The great wall of fear. Matter man losing himself to Spirit man. Alcoholism and schizophrenia.

40 It is Dangerous to be Born
Yada di Shi’te
There is no safety in the physical world. The child-like-mind is coming to an end in the human being. Man’s psychological rage against his blindness. The necessity of thinking clearly. The sleeper unable to understand the teachings that would awaken him. Death is a new beginning. The I Am consciousness manifest in many forms. Causes of Syphilis. Regressing back into animal form. Man has been on earth for billions of years.

41 The Physical Dream
Yada di Shi’te
I am a Light descending into matter. Becoming consciously aware of our Divine nature. Cancer building up in the body. Syphilis. Sickness as defense mechanism. Living unconsciously. Tower of Babel. Short circuiting energy in the body. Religion produces fear. You do not die.. You are a great being. Much advice on good healthy living.

42 The Seed of Self-Destruction
Yada di Shi'te
The Sun as source of all life. Earth releasing vast energies which are beneficial to man. The destruction of Yuga. Story of the flood. The destruction of atomic warfare affecting the galactic system. Lemuria and Atlantis. If the earth is destroyed man cannot return to the stage of life where he gets his experiences. Mars was once a living planet. Danger of radiation to the body

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