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The trouble with predicting what is going to happen on earth is that so much of it - if not all of it - depends upon man and his attitude or his change of thoughts and feeling. Man is probably the most unpredictable of all beings in the matter world. He is in a constant state of uncertainty as to what he wants.

So he is either a very smart man or a very ignorant one who tries to predict what is going to happen to man. And I certainly lay no claim to being that smart. I may be that ignorant. But my observation of man through centuries, he has made it plain clear that man hates
himself. He is like to one who is in constant pain he seeks escape from, and he has come to believe the only escape is death, suicide.

It is only the very intelligent person who has come out of that kind of thinking because they have come out of hate. They see that the only escape for man is to return to sanity. Man cannot do this until he finds out what it is that drives him insane. It takes work and patience, time and love.

      Audience: The insane does not know he is insane, therefore he does not want change.

Yada: That is the trouble. Speaking of images, looking at the reflection in the mirror - man has an ego to satisfy and as insane as that ego has made him, he still likes his reflection. So this is a good thing. For it is probably the thing that has saved him from total destruction.

Man has destroyed himself five times, but he did not destroy the earth. This was his saving grace, because he did not destroy the stage upon which he must act. But now he is in a position where his most terrible suicidal tendencies can lead him to destroy the stage. All who have experienced life on earth are now living in other dimensions and
struggling against possible disaster because it leaves no stage to return to where he can get greater understanding in the course of time.

There is nothing I know of in the solar system, no planet which is ready to produce life and sustain it. All the outer planets are much too cold. All the inner planets like Venus and Mercury are too close to the Sun and much too hot. Almost as hot as the Christian hell, so they do not make a good setting for man to work on.

The earth - some 7 1/4 billion years ago was first spawned along with the galactic system - the milky way. After it came into being and became a proper place for life, it has survived all of the very great disasters it was heir to in formatting itself. But it so aligned itself with the Sun, that it was immediately a proper place for life.

Mars was also very good - but somewhat on the colder side. But it grew many plants and animals, also human-like beings. Then came chemical changes and in these changes - one of the most disastrous results was loss of water. Water being the most solvent of all liquids, there can be no real life without it. It is the main property of the material world.
And to have life it must be found in sufficient quantities that will be lasting long enough to produce living beings.

Little by little Mars’ water evaporated. The evaporation was much faster than it was on earth. So, some planets are colder by chemical changes than others; are faster in activity when dehydration sets in. A planet or a human being ages much faster by more rapid chemical breakdown. There is some water in the underground of Mars and so there is some oxygen. It is very close to the rocks, to the ground. In time there will be not even that much - like the Moon. There is some water on the Moon, but it is deep down and solittle of it seeps to the surface that we need not even to speak about it.

The lack of water prevents the atmosphere, which then prevents the ionosphere, which then prevents the radiation from being diluted when it strikes the planet. The upper atmosphere is called ionosphere only because the radiation from outer space bombarded it and in doing so filtered the radiation and filtered out most potent particles.

This is your saving grace on earth. You have a heavily blanket of atmosphere and only occasionally is the upper atmosphere rented through enough to let in the earth more potent particles that it does other times. It can be one small amount of pure energy that can be disastrous. This is why it is natural to say, that letting off atomic power in your
world doesn’t matter because the radiation will go away after a while. But this is not so.
You have to think about accumulation and you get much accumulation of very vital particles you make on your earth through your radios, x-rays, radar, TV and you are bringing it on yourself. Now add the atom bomb to that and you can see how badly affected you are by it.

The body accumulates radiation - what you call Strontium 90 and this tries to take the place of calcium in your bones. This of course does not work and the Strontium 90 breaks down the calcium in your bones and then other tissues in your body and you inwardly burn to death.

      Audience: You spoke once of man’s playing with atoms and in       breaking the atom he lets loose radiation forces - hatred, greed etc.
      I see a similarity between that and a man driving down a street.       Someone pulls out and runs into him and he then in turn releases       forces. The similarity between man and the atom,
      the blindness of both.

Yada: Yes, man has a way of being moved unconsciously by his emotions coming from his feelings. And out of these feelings he creates attitudes that move him into very negative fields of living, or out of negative fields. His experiences may give him an understanding he could not have had without these experiences.

Sometimes we complain about what happens to us and something good happens. We didn’t expect it and we did not expect the bad either. This is when we are living blindly. We are moving blindly, being a robot, an automaton. Come a time when we must learn to move consciously, so we will know what the results of our actions will be. Most of the time few of us really think. We only think we think and this is not enough. Thinking is knowing in advance what results certain forms of actions will produce.

Man must love and be loved or he dies. he loses his sanity. And that is the crux of the trouble today in your world. Not only between nations, but between individuals. Out of this ignorance rises fear. Out of this fear rises hate, distrust, animosity, because everyone is seeking for personal survival and they want it even at the price of another’s life.

There is no collective learning. Learning must be done by the individual. I tell you, without education and without love man is dead. We are not born humans. We have to become human beings. This is the road to development. It is a difficult path to walk and becoming aware. But a sincere seeker ignores the difficulties. He has a point to reach and
me must reach it. He must reach it or die.

Just dying does not give us a better understanding than we were before we died. There are many, many people in what is called ‘the lower realms of life’ that have no awareness that they ever died. So how can they know anything more than they knew when on earth? It becomes a must to return to the classroom. They have not graduated yet. Humanness is
understanding. Humanness is wisdom, besides knowledge. It is wisdom When we come into wisdom - we become human beings.
Yada lecture “The Seed of Self-destruction” dated January 15. 1966