Lecture by Yada di Shi'ite
Professor Luntz.

Through Medium Mark Probert

November 4, 1968

Mark Probert at Carmel, California.

Prof. L: Well, how do you do? It is a pleasure to be here this evening.

Audience: Good evening, Professor.

Prof. L: It has been a very long time since I seen you sir, and your dear, sweet, little wife.

Wife: Thank you.

Prof. L: Thank you for permitting me to come into your home.

Wife: We're delighted to have you.

Prof. L: Thank you very much.

Husband: We are indeed.

Prof. L: Thank you and thank you all of my friends for being here. I was, I WAS a clergyman for the High Episcopal Church of England. I had an excellent life. I was always in good health, I think that is what I died from.

Lady: We didn't realize that was fatal.

Prof. L: Oh it is, just being born is fatal, my dear.

Lady: Yes, we know.

Prof. L: Yes. At the age of 81, in good health, heavens knows how, I went to my bed chamber and had just a bit of a nap, shortly past four, tea time, and went to sleep. To the long sleep; but I didn't know I had died. Looking back on it now, I think the reason that I didn't know it, was because I was dead before I died. Dead in ignorance, dead in not knowing, dead in lack of self-awareness in what was going on around me called "LIFE ". I was certain, and I preached it for 50 years, that when one died they either went directly to heaven, or the in between state called "purgatory", which is simply a little cooler than the state below that called "hell". I really believed it. If one was saved by the blood of Jesus, the Christ our Savior, one would automatically pop into heaven when they died.

Well, since I've been speaking through Mark these many years, I've been talking about little else but my experience of dying. But now, I am beginning to talk of my coming experience, called "LIVING". I am going to pop back here, about 18 years from now. But the processes of getting back to the earth, they're quite difficult. One has to do considerable study, and you know what in? In the subject of forgetting what I once was, leaving Alfred Luntz behind, letting Alfred Luntz die is the only way that I can get back to whatever I'll be when I come here to your world again. That is the true death; death of the personality when one is born again.

Lying down a body is not death; picking up one is. For you are, or I am, a new personality. The personality is something that is created in the material world, starting from the moment you step into the material world; or being born. Here comes the new personality. I say old chap, where did you come from? What are you doing here? Oh, you won't talk eh? You will, believe me you will, life will put all the tortuous pressures on you to make you talk.

Say, "Mama"; say, "Daddy"; go on now, we're so proud of you, what a dear little chap; what a darling little lass. Did you come from Heaven? You look so fresh and clean. Where did you come from? An angel just dropped out of heaven. The skies lost one of its stars, sent it down to earth to give courage and cheer to two earth beings, yet it doesn't know for a bit of time from whence it came. It may never know in this lifetime that it is indeed a mental being, a being born of the mind, the greater mind, the cosmic mind; which man, without knowing, without realizing, calls "GOD".

A celestial being born into the flesh, born into the prison of matter. The great Creator itself, descends into matter, has a few years of experience that may or may not tell him anything about himself. But, somewhere at some point in time, the individual comes to know, he suddenly becomes conscious, becomes aware of his own divine nature, and in that instant he has completed the wheel of the world of matter. he goes home. But is he vanquished? Does he become lost in the absoluteness of existence? Is he no more self-aware? Oh yes - he is now acutely self-aware. That is what saves him from having to suffer the illusionary dreams of the material world - ACUTE AWARENESS. It is sometimes called illumination. Illumination brings us to the point of not only knowing, but know we know. Many people wonder when they hear that I am returning to earth life and that I wish it so, I want it so, they wonder why. Well, because I carry with me one Alfred Luntz, who carries with him the memory of a happy, healthy experience in the physical world. I never had a sick day of my life, I had no sorrows.

Oh, I saw many of my friends die, many whom I loved very much; my own parents. My wife died some years after I did and my two daughters many years after her. I have met my family over here, but, we have nothing in common any more. So why should I have them around me, or me around them? What for? What have they to offer me? And I have nothing to offer them. They wouldn't believe me if I told them that I am returning to earth. I wouldn't have believed anyone on the earth plane if they had told me that I wasn't going to go to my God and be with him throughout all eternity. I'll make that longer a...l...l eternity. That is a frightening length of time isn't it? I do not think I could stand it and I am certain, if there was such a God, he could not stand me either that length of time. It's too much. Nature, the Great Mind, the Great Creator, has provided things so that we have to tolerate the presence of another only for a given length of time. It saves us from boredom with one another. Is it not said that, that which one is forced to face for greater lengths of time than he can tolerate, soon dies of boredom? I loved my wife when I was in the physical world and for several years after. I thought a great deal about her and desired her, and I knew that she did me, but that was earth life. I spent some time haunting London. I couldn't get it out of my system, I didn't at first believe that I had died. It was difficult, because I felt conscious. I felt awake. I felt alive, I felt more alive than I did at any time while in the physical body, even though I had a healthy body and a very clear, good mind.

I felt so much better when I left that vehicle. When I let them plant me, so they wouldn't be bored with me any longer. I do not care how good a person we may be, how saintly, if we are not buried shortly after we die, we stink - saint and sinner alike. And besides, there are too many bodies walking around, why tolerate them lying around? But, I think it would be much better to cremate than to bury - cleaner - more hygienic. But they planted me. Left me for the worms. Well, at my age, I do not think I was very tender, even for the worms, 81? That's a tough bird. Anyway, I sat near my casket and watched the whole procedures, and if you want to know how well you're thought of, attend your own funeral. Hummmm you'll get the true . . . . . . . beg your pardon . . . .

Lady: Did that make you cry?

Prof. L: Oh yes. It distressed me no end, I didn't know, I really never knew how much I was loved, it tickled my ego something fearful. But after everyone left, you know, graveyards are good places to meditate. There is no one to disturb you. I sat for some hours trying to think how I got that way, I mean dead and yet alive. I didn't grasp it in a few hours. I returned many times to my home, sat around my home and listened to my wife and two daughters discuss me. It distressed me to see them and to hear them in their feelings of sorrow, in their feelings of loss. I felt lost also, but all things come to an end in due course - we wake up - we realize our condition and if we are at all intelligent, we try to abide by it with a little joy, or at least a little less sorrow. And too, the mind does not hold on to everything. When we do not have a source to get our feeling from, well the feelings in due time dry up. We forget; and it is fortunate we do, so that we can go on with the business of living, either if we're in the physical world, or in any other world. Our dream of today belongs in today. If any useful part of it continues into our tomorrows, well fine, that's the way it should be.

When I return here, I hope to be an architect. I am getting off the wheel of being a clergyman, it's too much. I want to learn to design houses instead of mold souls for the hereafter. I think man should teach himself how to live wherever he is in the Isness of his being.  How do we live today wherever we are. Keep your consciousness here. Where is here? The hereness of my being. Rex, how are you sir?

Rex: Doing just fine.

Prof. L: Looking excellent.

Rex: Thank you.

Prof. L: You're living the pure life? L A U G H T E R

Lady: What a terrible expression .....

Prof. L: I know. LA UG H T E R. I know, I love asking embarrassing questions. How you going to answer that one, eh?

Rex: In front of all these people too.

Prof. L: Yes. L A U G H T E R. How about you Bobbie?

Bobbie: Oh, I'm fine. Had a magnificent experience these past few days.

Prof. L: Oh? Do you have the time to enlighten me on it?

Bobbie: Do you want to go to our conference this weekend?

Prof. L: Yes. But I want to know what you felt about it.

Bobbie: I haven't digested it all yet, there was so much that it takes a while for it all to fall into place.

Prof. L: Yes; I suppose. It was quite a bit, wasn't it?

Bobbie: Yes indeed, it's marvelous.

Prof. L: Yes. I think there should be more such groups going all over your country and all over the world.

Bobbie: Yes, we agree.

Prof. L: It is badly needed, because there are places where books are not so available and how wonderful it would be to have Huran Books traveling all over the world. Bringing to man a better understanding of himself and the world he lives in. Keep him from yearning about his life after death. Make him conscious of his life here and now, teaching the value of his present life.

Bobbie: Isn't that part of the reason that we're working together now?

Prof. L: Of course, of course, my dear, and I say again, such groups as you are, are of the utmost value to your fellowman.

Bobbie: We invite you to join our group when you return to the earth.

Prof. L: Thank you very much.

Bobbie: On week-ends basis?

Prof. L: Oh, I think by that time, you will need it to be a weak-end basis.

Bobbie: Weak-end?

Prof. L: Weak-end.

Bobbie: Week end, you're still invited.

Prof. L: It will be a week end won't it? L A U G H T E R. I was hoping she'd get it. That's the trouble with years, they pile up on us until it makes our ends weak. So then, we want to "get out" naturally. It gets to be a burden, what have we left to do? What is it that we haven't done? That we want to stay behind some more, and more, and more. What for? Life in the physical world, if it was the only life, I would say "yes, hang on to the bitter end", huh. But life consists of many states of consciousness. When it is time to close the book on the matter world, close the dammed thing and get out, forget it. L A U G H T E R.

You might, in due course, like myself, have an urge to come back here for another try, but that is up to you. Do you want to? Will you want to? Only you know the answer to that. I am not the Alfred Luntz I was when I died. I have been over here since 1893 and there should have been some changes in that time, eh? But to come back here in spirit to communicate through Mark, I must present myself as Alfred Luntz or something before the clock struck one, in 1893. That was Alfred Luntz. Alfred Luntz was on stage. So I have to come on the stage again as Alfred Luntz to communicate through Mark. There are changes going on all the time the same in your world as in my present world. I have learnt things I never dreamt of, wonderful things. Things that have given me hope for the whole human race, which I never really had before. You can't go around believing that one person must go to hell and the other person to heaven. Who are we to give out such assignments to others? It says in the Good Book, you know what it says in the Good Book? Only what I want it to say, it is my interpretation. Man is not born of evilness, he is born of love. Blast it, I wish I had known this before I departed here. He is not born of hate, of a wrathful, vengeful God. HE IS BORN OF THE LIGHT, A BEAUTIFUL BEING OF THE LIGHT. Descends into matter and suffers the hell of matter. In the Inner Teachings you will find this to be the truth. Man suffers the cross, HE DIES ON THE CROSS OF MATTER. Transfiguration comes in due course AFTER he has overcome the matter dream. The Christ rises from the tomb leaving Jesus to disappear. The Light Rises Out of the Darkness. The darkness of our ignorance - that's the tomb OUR IGNORANCE of not knowing that we are truly divine beings. I feel like I am dragging it a little, am I Annie?

Annie: No one said that, I think things are going fine.

Prof. L: Well thank you. Sometimes it is difficult for me to hold on to Mark as easily as I did in past years, and the reason for it is that I am learning how to forget Alfred Luntz.

Bobbie: Is that a difficult problem?

Prof. L: Yes it is. Oh yes it is, and you can see how it would be. When you realize that for 81 years I have had the personality called Luntz (raps on table) hammered into me.

Lady: Professor?

Prof. L: Yes..

Lady: Would you say that we also should be doing this on the earth plane as not being so identified with this personality?

Prof. L: That is right. That would be a wonderful step towards really knowing what you are, is forgetting who you are personality wise.

Lady: And yet learning why we're here.

Prof. L: That is right. You see, if you do not place or replace the idea of who you are, with what you are, then you can become schizophrenic or paranoid. This is true in all of the loss of life - to replace - to put back that which we took away. The law of conservation of energy; for energy is king. We can't lose it, we can't do anything more with it but use it.

Lady: We can misuse it, huh?

Prof. L: Well my dear, in misusing we are at the same time using, but, for negative purposes and in doing that, we are more likely to destroy, ourselves. That which we do to others, always returns to ourselves.

Lady: And then shows up in the physical body.

Prof. L: In the physical body and in the mind. It couldn't be otherwise, it is law and everywhere that law exists, we can't do wrong. It is only when, we try to work outside of law. We try, but we can't, it simply can't be done; and in trying we suffer from it.

Lady: Well, can you give us any suggestions as to how we can, right now, go about this forgetting the personality dropout?

Prof. L: It is dammed difficult, I want to say, because you see that personality is also the ego and the ego is schizophrenic ass. L A U G H T E R

Lady: Thanks a lot.

Prof. L: Oh that's quite all right, because I was once that and I am still that.

Lady: Will you be again?

Prof. L: Well I suppose so. Being out of the physical world doesn't destroy that which I am, nor does it improve it. The mere fact of not having a body doesn't improve that ego self at all. Learning, studying, striving to know what we are, will cause the ass to go away; will cause the Jesus-self to die, so the Christ-self can rise again and again, until we recognize it for what it is and we do not die any more. I wish I had time to talk more with you on the subject of SELF DEVELOPMENT but I had better leave it to my teacher, Yada. Thank you for, permitting me to come here.

Man: Thank you.

Prof. L: I do most sincerely extend my love to you and the blessings of the Light.

Man: Thank you, Professor.

Prof. L: Ta, ta, Lady: Cheerio.

Prof. L: Cheerio

- - -

Sena and Seneha, Yada de Shi'ite.

Lady: Hello, Yada.

Yada: Notcha E Gratia (speaks in his language)

Lady: Thank you so much for coming here, Yada.

Yada: E gratia (Laughs) So now I speak English.

Lady: Good evening, Yada

Yada: Good Evening and it is a good evening isn't it?

Man: Indeed it is, you can feel it in the air.

Yada: Yes. Any evening, any moment of time that we feel life surging through us, is good. My honorable friends, I greet you. I hope that we will have a conversation that may have a little intelligence back of it, very difficult to do for we know so little about life. We are like peoples in a little room, with no doors and no windows. Being born in that, we have no idea what can exist outside of that room, and for a long time we do not even question it. For a long time the Greeks didn't question it. They never questioned the nature of their little room until they stopped fighting and settled down to loving the love of beauty. Their mind was stirred by the nature of the physical realm they lived in.

With time to love, we discover everything that we need to discover about our nature and the nature of the room we live in. It is very difficult for people who suffer greatly of body and of mind to think about the world, of themselves. They are so trapped by their body pains, body anxieties, that the creative self has no chance to get away from their pained body. The Great Teachers who have come to your world, they all suffered, but they learned to command their suffering to stay behind, to stop where it was, so their minds could get away and roam the universe. The art of conquering pain is very rewarding, it sets the mind free.

Now, while I lived in the physical world, I had no suffering. I came into the physical world, if you will pardon me, knowing - aware. Aware of where I came from. Aware of the whole trip from the world of consciousness to the world of matter. I retained my consciousness when my physical body was killed by great blocks of stone, which the temples were made of, falling in on me. Knowing what my matter body was made of, I took it with me instead of leaving it for the natural elements to break it down. There is nothing mysterious about this when you know that your body is a body of breath and a body of will of the creator, which is you. Should I leave my breath to decay? To die its own death? Of course not. Only when we dream in ignorance, not knowing, must we do that. You see, I say not: CAN we do this, but MUST we? Yes, we must, but the must is a result of our not knowing, not being aware.

Breath is the secret of life. You here, most of you at one time in your life, if not still, believe you have a destiny and that destiny is something that lies in some future. Truth is, we make our destiny, every moment of our consciousness. It is not a whimsical event, it comes not from the idle dreaming of nature or from some God-like being up there, or down there. It comes from the individual, by his feelings and acts, and these actions may lead him into some form of violent death, or a very peaceful one. You are, I am, my own destiny. If I do not accept this, then I sit and wait for a better existence. There is no better existence than one has now. At any moment this is it, this is eternity, this is forever.

You, in the world of matter, you are conditioned by it, by its vibrations. So you let things happen to you instead of making them happen to you. You have all the power of the creator in your hands, but if you do not know this, then you act idly - without thought - and this is truly reckless living. Every moment of your life becomes a great danger. To learn how to live consciously is not a mystical thing, it is a natural thing that the majority of man has forgotten; forgotten this marvelous attribute.

There was a time when man lived like any other animal, without thought, only with feeling. He responded to life like the animals. Then suddenly, more or less, he had an awakening. An awakening that told him that he was not an animal, but that he was walking around with one, the body. And until he took the animal out of himself, he wouldn't find the creator. Let's say he awakened to the fact that he was living in an animal world, and in that instant, he became very frightened, because he recognized himself as something different than the animals. This cut him off from any communication with the animals; then this left him with no communication with anything and it frightened him. He realized that he needed something greater than himself to go to for security, for understanding, for safety. In that instant of his realization, he was well on the road to becoming a human.

It takes thought to become a human. It takes the ability to reason from cause to effect, which no other animal, can do. Man learned to look in the skies to contemplate the stars, which no other animal can do. In this realization he began to move away from the animal self.

Today, in your way of reckoning it is 1968, yes? But, you must know that you have existed as an earth dweller on and off for millions of years on this earth. You have built big civilizations and little ones and you have destroyed them.

Man is an adventurer into his own creation called a matter dream. He turned it into a garden of beauty. When the Christian God had the world by himself, it was in a mess. Since the coming of man, or the unconscious God, it's become a world of beauty. But the animal is still in him and this is what he struggles against. But now he knows it, he has recognized that the animal is still in him which shows that, there is considerable hope of his finding his divine self.

I lived on the earth 500,000 years ago in a civilization called Yuga, I lived in a city called Kayote which in my language means City of Temples. There were 33 of them and I notice in your world today, you are still as extravagant in your temple building as we were in my time. But, like in my time, your temples are becoming hollow and empty shells. Soulless. Lots of body, but soulless. The meaning of the Inner Teachings is not there. Through abuse of our magical powers we have gone a long way from the creator. We have gotten ourselves lost, we have gotten of the path, but that's natural. How are temples to go into decay if the creators do not cause it? How is anything to change except by the creators? You!

When you realize the uselessness of a thing, you immediately stop and try to find the usefulness of something else. Life is for growth; is for understanding; is for receiving the Light - the Light of Intelligence. This Planet is only one of many, many that exist throughout your galactic system alone and there are untold millions of galactic systems, with untold millions of solar systems, which have planetary systems where there is life, just like yours, or similar to it. Many peoples today believe that the sky peoples come from planets, and they limit these beings to the planets in your solar system. The truth is, there are no living beings on any of your planets except your earth. No intelligences nearly like yours. There is life, yes, on all planets throughout all time and all space. Life, living organisms in the ices on planets that are like vast, floating icebergs. Microbe life on planets such as Venus where it is extremely hot, but life came from heat; LIFE IS HEAT.

Man is born of the SUN.  E'DA, the SUN in my language - E'da. Man descended from the spaces of minute beings with life force in them called ultra violet light. Man descended to the earth in minute drops of water, or the blood of the universe - WATER. Man then crawled out of the water, went upon the land, laid under the blanket of heat from the sun and gathered to himself more physical, chemical, electrical substance and slowly built himself many bodies, many different kinds of forms. Each one a little more complex than the other. Somewhere along the path, he made a body that looks like what you call the monkey, but he is not from that species at all. Even the monkeys would deny it. LAUGHTER.

No, man is a great being, a creator adventuring into the world of matter, making different ways of building a body. There is some form of action called 'selection''. You have heard of that? Yes? Huh? It is said that nature, by the art of proper selection, created all manner of things, things that learned to adapt themselves to their environment. Then came a time when man needed something more than the earth had to offer him, so other beings came to help man. To help man to grow, to help him to get smarter, more aware. It says this in all of man's history and anyone who desires to know of the truth of it, need but look, hunt, seek. Your own Holy Book tells you this - SEEK AND YOU WILL FIND.

If you do not seek, of course, you may not run into them. You cannot tell truth by listening to it from someone else, you have to experience it yourself. We become Zombies when we let the words of others dictate our life for us. We become like robots under their will, until we have no will of our own.
Today, you are just beginning to step on the path of mental evolution. Physical evolution is over; the human form will not become any more complex - but less so. You will lose, in time, many of the organs and limbs that you have now. As you go deeper & deeper into mental understanding, you have less and less to do with the world of matter. A simple example: as man starts moving out into space the need for certain of his limbs will lessen, as for instance legs, because there will be nothing to walk on.

There are beings who live in space, not on planets. In the ignorance that we have for a long time, we create a romantic idea of what beings from other states of consciousness must look like. Many peoples conditioned to believe in matter cannot imagine that there, in the seeming emptiness of space, is the most solid kind of substance you can imagine. It is called plasma.

Your astronomers are very aware of it. They have especially become aware of it in very recent years. A cubic inch of it weighs into the millions of tons. Can you imagine such solidity, such tensile strength, such density? No, the human mind, in its present state of growth cannot comprehend it any more than it can comprehend the vastness, the seeming vastness of what is called space, the seeming foreverness of it. But what do we mean really by those words, density - vastness - wideness depth? They all mean much, more than we can comprehend at the present time, so we use limited thoughts with limited words, or words of great limitation to describe what is.

Is it possible for you to know yourself? You have found that your body - just speaking of your body - is a very limited thing. It is not held down by the pressures of gravity, but if you believe that, it is! By breath you can find the lightness, the delicateness of your body. By breath you can learn to fly without flapping your wings. By breath and concentrated thought you can levitate yourself either a few inches off the ground or can move by teleportation which is faster than the speed of light. YOU ARE INDEED YOUR OWN MASTER.

You may take your body with you or leave it behind. What is your choice, oh Master? It is all in your hands. I cannot teach you of life. I can only make sounds (taps on table) and if you know how to interpret those sounds, you learn something. But, if you do not, how are you going to learn? If the sounds that come from Mark's mouth claim that this is Yada speaking to you, does that really mean anything to you? Who is Yada? I cannot answer that question for there is yet another question, who is Mark? Neither of these questions are too difficult to answer if you are thinking of personality. But when you realize that there is a real being called Mark, which is not Mark; a real being called Yada, which is not Yada; then you know the same is true of you.

But you are the mysterious one, you are the enlightened. How else can we learn without such realization? What sounds can I make that you can comprehend so well, that you know exactly what I am meaning, what the sounds are meaning? Could you do this, you would instantly do exactly what I am talking about. You would not have to practice it, you would know it and in knowing, you would be doing it. TO KNOW IS TO DO.

Something more. Space beings, there is great adoration given to these beings and every time one turns adoration out here, he turns it away from himself, the Creator. He denies himself. In this way he turns light into darkness.

Many peoples who have accepted the theory of reincarnation do not feel very kindly toward me when I tell them I have not reincarnated since my last incarnation, which was my first one on the earth plane. Somehow or another, I seem to be out of step with them and they do not like that. It seems to deny what they think they know - and that hurts the ego; but do we want truth or do we not? Am I afraid that it will hurt me emotionally - then I better stop seeking for it. For what? Would you return to the low grades of school after you have been through the high grades? Would that be intelligent? Would that assist to give you what you have already acquired? I know and I know I know, so why should I return? To pick up what? What did I leave behind the first time I came and left here? What?

I brought it all with me. I came consciously through the biological stream and I went out that way. It is no mystery. This does not make me greater than you. I know where you stand, so how can I criticize you? I cannot. You must find your own path in your own way; only then will you be safe on that path. Sometime, in one's seeking, they get tired when the mind sleeps, we are very fragile in our emotional attitudes. Some peoples come and say to me, "I do not have time". "I do not have enough years". I want to learn what must be learned now". I can only say to them LEARN WHAT YOU CAN NOW - there is no hurry - there is no need for it - YOU HAVE FOREVER. For I do not care what state of consciousness you attain, you cannot stay in that state all the time. You come back and forth upon the planes for one reason or another, just like I come now to you. I come to be of service. By permitting me to be of service to you, you are serving me.

I have had peoples come and say, Yada, the path is too lonely. The further along I go, the more understanding I acquire, the fewer peoples I have to communicate with. I am very lonely. That's right, the fewer you have to communicate with the more you'll realize that you are on the path.

Comes a time when you will have no other but yourself to communicate with. No other - and if you think you are lonely now, wait, wait. But if you learn to cultivate the divine self, the great lover, you will never be alone. You may have vast numbers of bodies around you, or you may have no bodies around you and it will be, just the same. You will be with the greatest being of all times, of all existences, that divine lover, that light within, and then you will move to it joyfully, you will embrace it with great passion. My friends, all I can say to you is that you will find that great teacher, that great lover in due time. You will. You want to say something to me perhaps, any of you?

Man: What is the purpose of coming into the body?

Yada: You are what is called a twin beings. The human is a double, is a twin, one side of him is a Creator of dreams, this is its nature, this is how it functions. The other side is the Creator and is aware of itself not as the Creator, but just of itself. I AM THAT. Think of that - "I AM THAT", "THAT I AM". I AM THE REALITY. This side of us does not make dreams, it is the side of us that the dreamer loses itself in. This is the Jesus in us and the other side is the Christ in us. It is the source of our being, the LIGHT; the CHRIST; the BUDDI.

The Dreamer keeps itself busy making dreams and losing itself in the dream, forgetting that it is the dreamer, forgetting its home, forgetting the LIGHT. The story of the man, Jesus, being crucified on the cross, is the story of the matter body; the story of the tomb with the Christ within, the Light within. I die on the cross of matter so that the Christ may be born, realize its source and stop dreaming. Does that mean something to you sir? Does that mean something in here to you?

Man: It is very hard for me to understand this.

Yada: Sir . . . . . .

Man: I have to think of it.

Yada: Of course, of course, I know that, but let us say for the moment that you do not understand it, let us agree to this, then I can say you have endless time to understand it - no hurry - no rush - there is no place to go other than you are in consciousness. You will come to the Light - you will. Sir, have you studied any human psychology?

Man: This is my skill.

Yada: Hummmm ...

Man: And body psychology.

Yada: Pardon?

Man: And also body psychology.

Yada: Yes, the body is the result of the mind's thinking, every thought rakes an impression on the body. In one way or another it affects every gland, every cell in the body. The cells are living organisms, living worlds, intelligences in themselves. Have you ever heard of a liver cell becoming a kidney cell? It could not do such a foolish thing, it knows where it belongs, it knows what it is. Not in words, especially not in English, it's the worst language in which to know what you are in. LAUGHTER. Pardon? LAUGHTER. It is a language that is without description. In my language (raps on the table) - table in English; Mieta in my language. Mieta means flat-land dweller, mieta. Mie is flat, ta is man, human. Mieta. The world in which you live is Elegerro, the world body, Elegerro. Ga . . .Ga . . . wherever you hear me use the word "Ga", it means "body", means machine... "Chiga". Chiga a body that operates through material energies. Electricity or whatever the material energies may be. Chiga . . . Chi . . . the force.

The human body is a "Chiga" (machine) electrically operated. The electricity of chemistry. Isn't that marvelous? Isn't it astounding - that the eye can make pictures - pictures on the brain. But you can cut open the head and find no pictures there. A picture-less camera that makes pictures. A canvas upon which we paint our feelings about the world around us and the world inside us. We paint without paint, the paint of feeling, thoughts, ideas. Marvelous, amazing, fantastic, supernatural. LAUGHTER. Yes.

Man: Spooky.

Yada: Spooky. Creepy, very creepy; make hair stand on end. Ha ha. Yes, give bumps on the skin. Very thrilling, exciting. Just look in your mirror at one eye. Amazing. Who's that looking at you? Ha ha. A spook, a ghost, but a wonderful reality in the consciousness of the Creator. The body that has all kinds of systems, and as you Americans would say, they all say "GO". LAUGHTER. GO and unless, in our ignorance we poison them they do go, they serve us.

Sickness comes from fears of one kind or another. This fear of sickness may limit the vision, the ability of the eye to see; it may cause severe kidney trouble; it will make chemical changes in the blood, so that the pancreas gland is affected and cannot take care of the sugar, isn't that amazing?

A shock, an emotional disturbance can upset any organ of the body and cause a fatal ailment. Cancer is a rage against life. In fact, any deteriorating disease is a rage against life, a frustrated fear, ridden rage that turns in on the body-self and eats it. Cancer is a sign of cannibalism in the body. That is what rage is - cannibalism.

( I think Yada is feeling or stroking Mark's beard here - Gerardus ) He's got a beard!  LAUGHTER. Mark must have tickled Mark's face.....

Lady: He looks good.

Yada: I am certain that would please his ego no end.

Lady: Laughs.

Yada: Man is always decorating himself in one way or another. In my time, in my civilization, I was a temple Priest to begin with, and then I got better understanding and so I was given the position of the head of the temple, is called "a Yada". The priest of the temples all put on the eyes - blue; black in the lashes of the eyes, heavy black. What 's that called?

Audience: Mascara.

Yada: Mascara was also put on the forehead. The dyes were from the ground. We make from mud, we make from plants and vegetables, make colors. The sun - have sun on the forehead, depicting that man is in the process, always in the process of coming into understanding, self-awareness. Underneath this is a symbol of love, saying that man comes into understanding through love. It is the only way he can come into understanding. We of the temple shaved our heads, making bald, ha. All of this is a sign of inner growth. Every civilizations had its teachers, every civilizations had peoples that did things in different ways. They were beings of lighter skin than I. I had red brown skin, like your modern Indian in America, like that. Not like Indian in India. No. Like modern day American. Indian, red brown. I hear, little green men from Mars are coming to your Earth. It amuses me. You do not know what to do with your little brown men. What are you going to do with the green ones? By your skin, I hate you; by my skin, you hate me. So what does that lead to? The need to skin us. LAUGHTER.

Lady: Yada.

Yada: Yes.

Lady: You talked to us once about the eating of meat. Could you go into that again and tell us why are we taught that our body needs meat, if there is some question whether we do or not.

Yada: I say only: eat what you enjoy to eat. In killing an animal for food you are dong what all of nature does. Everything eats everything else. You live in a parasitical existence. If you would move consciously, if you keep aware, you can do anything you desire to do without upsetting universal law. Man in his blindness often has foolish ideas. In India, the Hindu feel the cow is sacred. So it walks and does its filth everywhere and the peoples walk in it; live with the cow and many even drink its urine. THE HOLY COW.

Man: Holy cow (LAUGHTER).

Yada: Holy Cow, that's 'Kaceda' in my language. LAUGHTER. Kaceda is like you saying: Good God; Da - the Light; God - if you wish. Aren't we strange little creatures when we sleep? When we do not know, we move like zombies. We know something is moving us, but we do not know what. Have you ever seen a man in a hypnotic trance? Have you ever put one (a man) into hypnotic trance and have six peoples in the room, more of less. And you tell this man that he is going to wake up and find himself alone. You give him post suggestion about it, so he wakes up and he finds himself alone, although the peoples are still there. Then you put pointed sticks in three peoples' hands and pleasurable items in the hands of the other three people. Then they tickle him and cause him pain, and tickle him. He laughs and he cries, but he does not see the source of the tickling or the pain. But give him time and he will rationalize, he will get the idea of where his pain and tickles came from. Why? Naturally he is the Creator. Even in the hypnotic state, he is still the same, he is a creator. Now, what he says may be totally without truth, but to him it is true. He made the law and until he wakes up, comes out of the trance he's been put into, he'll go on being just what he created. Do some of you know the power behind suggestion - or hypnosis?

Lady: It will kill you.

Yada: Let us go to the man who wakes up and finds himself confined in that little room with no windows and no doors. He does not know how he got in there, he does not know how he got there - my English slips a little bit at times, but he doesn't know where he came from. He doesn't know where he is going, if anywhere. All he knows is the four walls; but because he is a Creator, because he has that marvelous attribute called imagination, he soon comes to investigating the four walls. Ta, ta, ta. Is there anybody there? Give me a signal (raps on table) who's there?

Not getting any immediate reply and being an impatient creator, he looks for tools to cut holes in the facade. Dig, dig, dig; cut, cut cut, busy little person. Very soon he gets enough space between the walls where he can look out. At first his vision is limited, the slit is too small, but as his curiosity gets more and more the better of him, his ambitions grow, his excitement is coming up higher levels, he makes bigger and bigger holes; then he crawls out into a world so wide, so big, that at first he is frightened. It's too much, too much. Insanity holds him back. Fear brings on insanity, brings on a lack of security. The spaces are too big, I have nothing to hold on to, I have nothing to lean against. Oh, if I only had those walls around me again; if I only had my limits. Limited again. But he knows better than that, he was just making sounds to console himself with while he digs deeper into spaces. I don't like this, but dig, dig, dig anyway. LAUGHTER.

Man: May I ask another question?

Yada: Yes, please.

Man: Could you tell us about whether there is a specific energy in the organism? Before you talked about the mechanical energies in the body, is there any such thing as specific energy in the body that is characteristic of the living?

Yada: Yes and it dwells in a cell that you have but recently discovered, is called the DNA. You know? Huh?

Man: Yes.

Yada: This cell is controlling life energies. In all living organisms, there is DNA. What do you call the three letters, what's the name of the cell. What do you call it in English?

Man: Duxey, Nuclehte, Acid. D. N. A.

Yada: Observe something please. The word ACID - ACID IS THE BEGINNING OF LIFE. It is the source of life. In the beginning a living organism called "protein enzyme" came to earth. Before it came down to the earth, while it was still in the vastness of space, it was radiated upon by a ray called the "ultra violet ray", which you cannot expose a person to too much or you cause him to die.

Taking any living organism out of the acid they are born in and then putting them back in the acid, they die. There are many organisms that cannot be destroyed by the most intense electrically applied heat. Their coating is an acid, an acid that makes a shield around the life force within. It cannot be penetrated. Do you have any shield worthwhile today against atomic radiation? Is there any chemical shield? For human beings, for living beings?

Man: I don't know of any.

Yada: When you do discover it, you will find it to be basically an acid.

Man: Yes.

Yada: Yes, acid. Do you have something wrong with your voice, Sir?

Man: Yes. I would like to ask you a question. I've had it on my mind for a long time. You said when you died, you took your body with you?

Yada: Yes.

Man: Now, what became of your body in the other world?

Yada: There is . . . . . perhaps I'd better . . . . there is no other world. This is it. But in your kind of dreaming you think there is only one world, called the world of reality. The world of touch, the world of touch is the world of the senses. It is a sensory world. That's your world. Well, while I say these things, if you do not agree with me say so, please say so, huh?

Man: I understood that your world is a different world from this. The vibrations are somewhat....

Yada: Not really, it depends upon where you are in your awareness. How you have been conditioned, or better, how you have conditioned yourself.

Man: But nobody else takes their body with them.

Yada: Simply because they do not know they can do that. Nobody asked them and I do not speak with humor although I make humorous sounds. This body - let us examine it please. Skin, upper skin what you call "epidermis". Thank you (young lady in audience supplied word epidermis). There is upper and lower dermis, there is skin within skin. The entire body, blood, everything is a tissue that make up the body. Yes?

Audience: Right.

Yada: What are tissues made of?

Man: Cells.

Yada: Cells. What are cells made of?

Man: Molecules.

Yada: Molecules, what are molecules made of?

Man: I don't know.

Yada: What are atoms made of?

Audience: Neutrons, protons, litrons.

Yada: You are saying it and what are they?

Man: That's what we're trying to learn now, I think, energy.

Yada: Energy. Energy.

Man: What's energy? LAUGHTER.

Yada: Yes, what is energy? Is it a nothing? How could that be? It must be the greatest something to build matter. It is, you say, electrical force of positive and negative nature. That's what an atom is, pure electrical energy. Pure Kasida. LAUGHTER.  Remember please what we are trying to do is to describe the indescribable with the use of words that do not describe anything, but for convenience's sake, we will say words can tell us something.

Man: Would you use an analogy?

Yada: I do not know words to do that with, do you?

Man: I don't know your thoughts.

Yada: Pardon?

Man: I don't know your thoughts.

Yada: Hum. . . part of what you said then is the truth. These things you call atoms, these conditions you call energy, they are thoughts, ideas. In the big mind, the cosmic mind, the real you, the divine self, the eternal self. You cannot draw or paint with them - these words - you make abstracts and then sit and contemplate the canvas of your mind to determine the nature of your picture, its meaning.

Man: Would you say then that you took the thought with you?

Yada: Yes, yes. You have heard the expression of the Buddhi Teachings? That is one hand clapping? I took my thoughts with me, my thought that was given the title of Yada, but previous to that, as a baby, was given the name of Gana Shine Haddi, denoting my family. My physical family, Gana Shine Haddi. BODY. In height I was a little more than 6' 4", that was a lot of meat to take with me, wasn't it. But you see by breath I directed my feelings about my form, my substance, my dream body.

Doctor: Isn't the breath a specific energy then?

Yada: Yes, yes.

Man: Is the breath the same one that takes over Mark, when Mark goes into a trance?

Yada: That is right. I am the breath that speaks. When this thing called personality, called Mark, returns, that is another breath. That is specifically his breath, his energy, his specific energy. His Creative Self that is not aware that it is creating, but creates beautifully because it's not aware of its creating. Have you ever been very deeply engrossed in a work while you had a blank? Where you are not aware of what you are doing? But when you return to physical awareness again, you find that you have created a beautiful work. In any of the creative things, the creative arts, the more one loses their lower conscious awareness, the greater becomes their ability to create, because the personality self, the ego self, is not there to be critical. Now, as I said earlier, we are the most severe critics of ourselves. Shut out that critic and work. Do what you, as the Creator can do, must do.

Lady: Yada is self hypnosis one of the methods of doing this?

Yada: Yes, but you must be careful of giving yourself suggestions, unless you know the right way of doing it. Because you can cause what is called dissociation. It means that you will automatically, every once in a while, forget who you are and what you are and not remember your personality. It's easy to forget that being, because usually it doesn't like itself. How many of us like ourselves, to say nothing of love ourselves. That lower consciousness is never satisfied with itself. It is constantly haunting us, driving us, pushing us, or leaving us lie in a crumpled heap of self-pity. Do you love yourself? Then you must know yourself. What are you afraid of, what started you to be afraid? You can analyze yourself as good as any psychologist can analyze you; but you must know how to approach yourself. You must not be afraid to look at yourself. In meditation, the first step should be to take inventory on yourself. Why do certain colors affect you and these same colors do not affect someone else in the way they affect you? Why do some colors enrage us? Some colors just make us sick? Other colors make us gay, happy, free, open - why?

Man: By conditioning?

Yada: No. On account of the way we have been conditioned to feel. Perhaps in a certain time in your life something very good happened to you when you had around you a given color. While your conscious self may not have been aware of the color, it may have been entirely tied up in what was happening to you. But yet that color is impressed upon the unconscious self, it is always there. If it strikes you as comfortable, happy; the experience that you're having will be happy and vice versa. Now, years later, you have this color again around you and you are very pleased, even though the event may not be so happy. Yet, that color gives you the sense of happiness, so that you can perhaps better deal with the ordeal you are going through. If that color is negative to you, because of a negative experience that you had at the time of that color, you are going to have a negative experience again.

Doctor: As a physician, I want to ask you the following question: How can a person, today, with all the difficulties we have in our lives, as you told us, and as we understand and we feel; increase the vital energies in the body, the breath?

Yada: You know sir, I am going to be a little facetious here and say, that if I were you, I would not learn how to breath any deeper than you doing in your atmosphere. LAUGHTER. But without humor I speak now. You know sir, because of your body's understanding, that for everything that happens to one, there are changes in the nervous system that regulate the breathing, that alters it a little bit this way, that way, or a great deal, depending on the experience. Like sudden fright will cause one to gasp for breath, and it may even, that sudden gasping for breath, may short circuit the nervous system, so that the respiratory system locks up and you die, or become unconscious anyway. But when you are more free from anxieties and you learn to breathe evenly, you stir the energies at the base of the spine, called Kundalini. These are very vital electrical currents, you disturb them by awakening them, so that they move more smoothly through your body, the nervous system. That breath calms the nerves, relaxes them, so that they can be calmed. There is no danger threatening, so there is no tenseness to the body. You see, in past times, man was always in danger, I mean ever, present, real danger. He had to fight to stay alive, fight to protect himself.

In your modern times, you have more time to do what you desire to do, so you should have greater sense of relaxation, but you do not. As your society grows, as your civilization becomes more complex, the tension becomes greater on each individual. So you must learn, individually you must learn, to relax, to control your body self. Practice lying down, relaxing the body, telling the body, speak to it; it is a conscious body; it knows what you are saying. If you say it with honesty, with sincerity. But, if you say one thing and mean something else, you will get no results; in fact, you will get more negative results. Talk to it, relax, relax muscles, relax tendons relax what you call arteries, veins. You know one of the greatest causes of arteriosclerosis is inability to relax, so that you cause the glands to produce more cholesterol, or the droppings of fatty substances from your food into the veins, the arteries, instead of letting this oily substance move to their rightful places, where they keep the structure of the body moving smoothly, it just drops into the arteries and closes them off so that when the blood comes, push - push - push - and doesn't get through. Sometimes it causes clotting and perhaps that clotting may take place by a big artery called the aorta and dead you are - quick!

Many peoples who look healthy during all examinations by an intelligent doctorman and show no sign and no reason for having a sickness, drop dead. WHY? It's that ghost - called anxiety - that causes minute chemical changes in the blood and other tissues that make up the body.

Doctor: Now, according to what you say, we have to do this all with our mind?

Yada: Yes.

Doctor: What about with our bodies?

Yada: Foods. You know for the mind we need teachings that is called intelligent. We need knowledge; knowledge - - man's basic soul food, yes. That is true. So that now we need for the body self physical substances. The body is exactly what you say today, what one eats. If you put live foods in your body you have a live body; if you use dead foods, you have a dead body. This is the only reason I suggest that you do not eat too much meat. Small piece once in a while. Fish is very good for the body; but shell foods is not - clams - lobsters - crabs. These are scavengers of the waters and they have an element that can create cancerous growths in the body. Your modern today sugar brings to the body neuritis. It brings great irritation to the nervous system. It causes many kinds of heart difficulties. And, excessive starch eating is deadly, because it ages the body. It puts lines in the face and in the rest of the body. It reduces the energies, do not give it. Starch is broken down into sugars. Sugars are energy, but if you're going to eat sugar, do not eat white sugar, not bleached.

Man: How about honey?

Yada: Honey, very good for the body. It have a tendency to creating freedom from growths in the body.

Doctor: Was there in your civilization, or from the following or subsequent civilization, a system that promoted an increase in the vibratory energies of the body by a physical action, or by some other action besides food?

Yada: Yes. Again there are certain forms of action, exercise that make these energies more potent. The practice in what you call Judo and in Karate. Not in the violence of Karate, but in the use of the body (Motion). In slow motion manner - slow but direct. Produces energies that are long lasting. Because why? Because they do, they are not created out of heat, not - - - how you say?

Man: Cathodic?

Yada: Pardon?

Doctor: Cathodic - heat cathodic?

Yada: Yes. Now in what you call nature, in the world, in matter, there is a breaking down of atoms that produce cold electrons. Now what are cold electrons? They are more slow moving. Their vibrations are much slower than a hot electron. Hot electron is a very fast moving electron. Now, the body can produce cold electrons that do more work than hot ones, without burning up so much of the body energies.

Doctor: Is that the heat in the young?

Yada: Yes sir. Yes sir. Dances - the Indian people of Modern America, or of ancient America. I do not know the Indian peoples of both modern and ancient. In the beginning there were peoples on this, on this - - - on this - - I am losing energy, I am using more of Mark's energy than is good to do. I must go my friends.

Audience: Thank you very much.

Yada: It has been my honor and I am so delighted to come here again to your home. So honored.

Lady: We are honored, Yada.

Yada: Gratia. A Notchi - notchi

Audience: Good night.