Lecture by Yada di Shi'ite

Through Medium Mark Probert

Januari 03 1964

Introduction: This is Irene Probert speaking, it is January 03, 1964. We are in the recording studio of the Inner Circle, Kethra E'Da Foundation at 926 31th Street, San Diego, California, attending a deep trance lecture by Mark Probert and Members of the Inner Circle.

Yada: Senas et Senahas, ena Yada di Shi'ite.

Group: Good Evening, Yada.

Yada: A notchi. Conversation in his language, with Irene responding.

Irene: You've been running around a great deal. You went to Hawaii and around, and he's been observing some of the experiences you had. Yada makes mention of the Kahunas and the group comments enthusiastically.

Irene: You teach the Light, you are not a black magician. Tell me Yada, did you have as much fun as we did?

Yada: In my language; I said this: You get out of life what you put into it. If you go for the black forces, you get the black forces. In life, what we do is much like in Australia - the stick you throw - the boomerang. It always comes back. Even if it hits the target, you have to go and get it anyway, and all you can do is hope it hits the right person!

My friends, I will talk a little bit tonight on the various conditions of the life after the physical world. Many things are said about it. There are numerous people who have talked and written much about the life beyond the physical world, but I would like to say this, that it is a very personal world. It is not so much like the world you have here, that when you are born you have something ready for you. You take it with you from here to there, and all you can do is hope that it will be useful to you.

Many, many people die in violent deaths and unhappy states, and what you call tragedies. And because these tragedies have made such great impressions upon their minds, they stay around the places where the tragedy took place. Almost never are these people aware of time and the passage of time. That is why houses, places, and even people are haunted by beings that have passed over years and years and years ago. These people who have gone beyond, have no recognition of time. They do over and over again the thing that led up to the tragedy, and then the tragedy itself that killed them.

Then there are people who have not gone through these tragedies and who have not so marked their consciousness, who find a great deal of freedom from the physical world. Many of them stay around the location where they had their various experiences, but they are aware. They stay around for a purpose, mostly to help those they love and whom they have left behind. Sometimes there are people who come to one; and these people from the other side are complete strangers to the one they come to. But that one radiates a light through certain practice in metaphysical work, and these people as a rule know that that person is a helper. And they can get much assistance from them to get on the right road to a helpful life again.

Many people die in a state of confusion, especially in what is called a sudden and violent death, and they do not know where they are and that they have passed on, and they try to continue the work that they did while they were in the physical structure. These people have to be helped by people who are capable of doing these things, and enlightening them about their situation. Many people who go over in murder, a violent murder, wake up in a state of violence, very horrified, screaming. And often, the psychic body has all the marks that were put on the physical body at the time of the murder.

I think that if we could be taught that the human being is mind, is a consciousness; and that this consciousness, this mental self, is a recorder. It records everything. It also records reactions to everything, attitudes to everything. I think that if we could be taught this, and also taught how to keep ourselves emotionally detached from our experiences, I think many of us would not be haunts. We do not mean to be, we do not even know that we are haunting. Very often, people die in hatred, great hatred, and hatred will hold them bound to where that person is that they hate.

Question: Aren't there guides or helpers for these people?

Yada: Yes

Question: Are they incapable of seeing them?

Yada: No, there are many, many guides, helpers, assisters, but I think you will understand this as soon as I say it, that none of us, until we are prepared to accept the thoughts relayed to us by others, will accept that.

Aud: In other words, they might think you are kidding.

Yada: That is right. More than kidding, they become resentful. They totally disbelieve what they are being told. Like many do here, when told they will survive, the real self will survive the death of their physical structure, they resent this.

Aud: Something else, you have told us many times that we are consciousness and that all is mind.

Yada: Yes.

Aud: We hear you say it and we say we understand, but we can't get the picture in our minds

Yada: Very, very difficult. I think perhaps you can get at least a vague picture if I put it this way, like right now, you want to go home to your home in Texas. It is Galveston, huh?

Aud: Yes.

Yada: Yes, I was in your home. I was very honored to be there.

Aud: Thank you, Yada. We were honored to have you.

Yada: Grati ya. Now all you have to do is close your eyes right where you are, and immediately you can see inside your house, outside your house, wherever you want to project your mind, yes?

Aud: That is true.

Yada: Now this way, this is a kind of way, you can get a picture of how you will exist in the after death state. But this is the condition that you will get, after you have passed through the lower planes, what is called the lower astral planes. For in the lower astral planes, you tend to recreate the body you had in the physical world, so this acts as what you Americans call a "drag" on you.

Aud: Holds you back.

Yada: Yes, I think that this is a nice expression, a "drag" on you. Colloquial expressions are very, very good. It does, it holds you back. Then there will come a time when you will lose that astral body. You will not leave it floating around in space. In Theosophy there is a teaching that when one dies, they go into the astral world for a time and then they die, and then the life spark takes a quick trip to what is called Nirvana and leaves the corpse floating around in space. Now nature is not that careless, not that lacking of thinking. Nature, the great creative mind, knows what it is doing in every little step of life. It will not leave a corpse floating around in space for ignorant mediums to get in contact with.

That which appears to be a corpse, is the person who is lost in one trend of thought. He is like the tape here; all he can say is what is on the tape. His experiences repeat and repeat the same thing all over again. Now many of these zombies in the astral world appear in the seance room, and you can tell them every time you go there. However, you must go often and make the proper experiment. Ask them questions and you will see they will repeat and repeat the same thing they told you before. These are zombies in the astral plane and they appear in seance rooms quite often, but by no means every time; there are some very alive and very awake ones as well.

They are very often thwarted and held back by the ignorance of the medium and the people there. They are very limited by the thoughts of those present, yet they have their own awareness and operate through that awareness.

This astral body, during the time of the departing life spark, deteriorates. It is deteriorating, it is going through this process while the life spark is getting ready to leave it. Finally, when the astral body completes its deterioration and evaporation you might say, the life spark is free and there is nothing left to attract it any longer, or to be attracted to sensitive people in the physical world.

Now in the study of one who is seeking to become a medium, or sensitive, I think it wise that they first take an extended course in human psychology, because you know we humans are a very odd lot. We do not know one another, mainly because we do not know ourselves. Who knows what my drives are, what my wants are, what my deeper wants are? Many times, I do not even know. Not until a situation arises that triggers that unconscious thing within me that sets me into action, I didn't know it was there at all. So how can somebody else know it was there? On the face of it, you would very easily fall into the belief by the spiritualistic following that it is all a very simple process, that when you die you can communicate through a medium in any seance room whenever you want to. This is wrong. You cannot. If this were so, the seance rooms would be so full of spooks you wouldn't have room to breathe in there.

Yes, spooks because that is what they would be. Occasionally, an intelligent being comes into a seance room but he or she comes for a very definite propose, not for chit-chatting. No, they have purpose, they have design; they know what they are doing. The majority of these beings who come into seance rooms, have not the slightest idea where they are or what they are doing, so they make up stories through the help of the medium's mind.

Aud: How can you tell the difference?

Yada: You have to be smart! (LAUGHTER). That is why I say it is good to take an extended course in psychology. Then you can tell, really tell the difference.

Aud: You know, they are always talking about ... ...... .... ... they'll say so and so came through. How can you tell what level of consciousness they came from?

Yada: The only way you can tell is by what they say. Now, if you have a good background in psychology, you do not have to make any effort to expose the medium. All you have to do is to sit back and listen, and in a short time you will know the depth of the consciousness of the communicating medium. You will know it. And if you understand it and see that it is on a low level, you will simply depart because you will know there is nothing you can gain there.

Aud: Do they seek a medium on their own level?

Yada: Of course, what else?  Yes.

Aud: You are speaking of deep trance now?

Yada: Yes. You see, in this deep trance like this man here, unless we guard him he is completely open. All deep trance mediums are completely open to any of the astral dust that blows in.

Aud: Unless he holds an umbrella over it!

Yada: (Laughing) Is very true. What most mediums need is not so much an umbrella, but  a screen door on their open mind. Yes, keep out the astral dust. Whenever you go to such places, or whenever you personally do experimental work in what is called psychic things, ask yourself, What is your purpose? What are you really looking for? Are you simply looking to amuse yourself, or do you want truth about life? It is like you are going to study, what you call the study of plants. (Comment: Biology?)

Yes, thank you very much. Are you doing it for amusement or do you really want to know what makes the rose so beautiful? As you Americans would say, How come? Why is?

What makes anything beautiful? What is the nature of things - quite apart from beauty? What is homeliness? What is ugliness? What is the cellular structure of the plant? How does the plant function? How is it, apart from magic, that the acorn, this little bit of seed, out of that little bit of seed this tremendous material comes. You can't put it back in there. What a tremendous, what a marvelous thing. What a fascinating phenomena.

People looking for phenomena, especially people who are for the first time pursuing metaphysical or occult things, phenomena? I have said it before and I say it again, look into the mirror. You want to be fascinated? You want to be enchanted? You want to be awed? Look into the mirror. You do not have to go to seance rooms.

Look at the eye, just the eye. What a machine! What an instrument! It conveys to the looker, which is inside the head, to the mental self, to the operator, a picture. In what? In how? In electrical energy. Amazing! Fascinating beyond words! How? How does it do it? A picture. You look out here and you say, " I see".  Color, form. But few of us give any thought to the mechanics, the marvelous mechanics of sight.

COLOR. You know, there is no color, not per se. Color is in the mind. There are little cones sometimes called color cones, they are cones, sensitive nerve ends that pick up certain vibrations and reject others. Isn't that marvelous! Who ever thought to make sensitive nerve ends that knew enough to pick up certain colors and reject others? What a thinker! What an engineer! What a designer! What a mind! Think of that. Life after death is fascinating? What about Life Now!

Aud: Yes, Life itself.

Yada: Life itself is fascinating beyond words, every little bit of it, every part. Nobody should ever be bored. From birth to death there is one continual grandeur to be experienced. But you see, because we have been badly conditioned given false concepts, literally hypnotized with these false concepts, it is no wonder we fall prey to depression and other negative states. It is no wonder your mental hospitals are filled, and your physical hospitals, and your prisons. And all of these are filled to capacity. The only thing you can possibly do now is start a rotation system. (Group laughs)  And yet, as I say this and as I laugh, I know it is tragic because it need not be so.

Irene: Speaking of confused states of mind, Yada, we had a guest here the other night. I was wondering if you observed him. Do you think that there is a change? Are they any different than they were when they entered? Were they justified in putting this person in the insane institution, or just what?

Yada: Yes they were. Yes, they were justified and this man is still in need of some intelligent mental work done on him. It is a position I do not hold. I cannot do anything for him because of his position.

Irene: I understand. I wonder if suggestions made by him were reliable?

Yada: Let's say they will not hurt anything.

Irene: Well, that is what I wanted to know.

Yada: Pardon me, I speak to my teacher please. (Yada speaks in his language). You pardon me a little while, I will leave. (Yada withdraws)

- - - - - - - - - - -

Yada returns: Pardon please for my intrusion.

Aud: I'm glad you came, I couldn't speak for you and I would like to have you continue.

Yada: We can almost never speak for others.

Aud: We never can

Yada: To your question, I was eavesdropping, pardon me. To your question regarding the extent of intelligence of the medium, in relation to the communicating being. Take this man (Mark) please. He has had sixth grade grammar school education. Yet, we of the Circle find almost no difficulty in communicating some thoughts to scholars of your world in different fields of education.

Gerardus Note Here: Yada possibly overlooks here that the intelligence of a person has nothing to do with the amount of education that person has had. Yada comes back to it later somewhat.

Yada: MIND. What is it? Is there something called your mind and my mind? To a degree, yes. Personality is that which is gathered here on your earth plane. This is how we know one another in the earth plane, by their personality, which consists of experiences and attitudes to experiences.

Aud: Don't you think, Yada, that there are some very fine philosophers of life who don't know how to read or write. The mind of the individual doesn't necessarily dwell upon being fascinated with physical phenomena even though he hasn't been what we call educated?

Yada: This is so. Let us go to what is called the geniuses. I always like to speak of Mendelsohn, this great man of music. Where did he acquire this advanced and remarkable ability to play classical music at four years of age? Who taught him? Now, we can say from a scientific approach in what is called the biological or genetic thought, that he acquired it from the genes and chromosomes of his mother and father, or great grandfather, or great grandmother, going back to Adam and Eve! But not quite to them, because you see Adam and Eve were not genetic beings; they were mud people. It says in your Christian Bible that the God picked up mud and the earth and made a mold a form, then breathed the breath of life into them. He said nothing about genes and chromosomes.

So, we will say, going back that far, that Mendelsohn acquired his marvelous ability to play music at a young age. But then you are going to have to explain how. What do the genes and chromosomes do? In biology they talk of changing and crossing over of genes and chromosomes. You find that these things, the genes, are somewhat like beads strung in the chromosomes which are like wires or strings. Now these are all chemical compounds and they are, of themselves, genetic or cellular let us say. Can you, in thinking about these things, can you be satisfied about the genius of such people? Not only Mendelsohn, but what of the great artists and writers and other great creative people.

Aud: Well it seems to me that it isn't often that these geniuses acquire their talent from their genes and chromosomes of their ancestors, but it is something they have learned in former experiences and brought back with them.

Yada: Now all right, I will go along with that. Are you going to let it lay there? How did this happen? How did they bring it back? Did it come back from nothing? How did it get here? You see, your physical world is dimensional which is quite different from the world that you will come from and also that you will go to, after you depart this world.

Question: Yada, you say, how are we going to let it lay there. The mind having experienced some thing retains that experience. It may not use it for several lifetimes thereafter. Isn't this true? But it still retains it. And when it finds it wants to play music again, it will build a body and play music.

Yada: This is all right, but this is not satisfactory.

Aud: I agree with you

Yada: My honorable friend, you Sir, what is your work?

Man: I am in germinating.

Yada: I have a feeling you know something about chemistry also.

Man: Not since high school and college. Very, very little. I have been thinking about chemistry and I have this information and don't know what to do with it. I saw it on T. V. It was about a demonstration of chemistry, and it suddenly dawned on me, from the teacher's explanation that all the chemicals that were conducted by electricity were the things that were good for us, and the chemicals that were not conducted by electricity were not good for us, such as salt was good for us because it is conducted by electricity. White sugar is a non-conductor of electricity. Now it's a beautiful piece of information, but what am I going to do with it?

Yada: Use salt and stop using sugar. (Group laughs) I make joke. Yada laughs.

Aud: A very good joke!

Yada: Of course, and you will find that all your vital foods, the very word "vital" means energy, means alive, and alive means energy. Basically that is all there is, some thing called energy. You see, you have to be careful. You cannot say it's energy because energy is a word; but we can say something called energy. This is the essence of the physical world. Now, what I was wanting to say was that, genes and chromosomes, being chemical substances, very sensitive electrically wise, the incoming entity imparts electrically, by an electrical disturbance, upon these chemical substances, his memory patterns of what he did before. So you see, we are what our genes and chromosomes are. So the biologists are right after all, huh? But they only neglected to explain how this was done. That is all. Electrical impulses. Now, if any of you wish to contest me, we can talk about it more. What is your thinking?

Aud: We don't know as much about it as you do. No contest.

Yada: Thank you very much, but how do you know I know much about it?

Aud: It sounds good.

Yada: Well thank you.

Aud: It sounds logical.

Yada: All right, sounds logical, but don't stop there. Look somewhere else to see if I am true.

Question: What would cause the electrical impulse to bring back recall. Why does it come to particular people and not to others.

Yada: It is a memory pattern, what I was, what I did, what I dreamed before.

Aud: I know, but why should they actuate memory patterns when other people don't actuate memory patterns?

Yada: Oh yes it does, but in different ways. Now, there is also an activity that takes place between the genes and chromosomes that makes a crook, a bandit, a murderer. This is why you are not going to stop people from murdering if it is within their mental physical makeup. You are not going to stop them. So you put them in prison and pretty soon you let them out. And pretty soon they kill somebody else and you think by what you call psychiatric treatment, you are going to stop this. But you do not know enough about the inner personality of the human being to give proper psychiatric treatment that would circumvent the recurrence of killing.

Question: Would hypnosis regression do any good?

Yada: That depends. In the practice of hypnosis, if it is one who knows what they are doing and understands the mechanics of the physical body and chemical action of the mind, yes, it could do some good because then the hypnotist would know how to so manipulate that person's consciousness as to bring him back the proper pictures that will cause him to again live this intelligent life that he lived before. Now if he was a crook in the past, that does not mean he has to be a crook again. By no means. It is only if he does not get the proper education when he gets here, and if he comes into an environment that thwarts his efforts too much, he is likely to become crooked.

Aud: There are more crooked ones than straight ones.

Yada: Oh yes. Why is this? Because man is afraid. Fear is what makes us negative in our doings. The basic point for man's negative activity - is fear. Would you object to any of this sir?

Man: No.

Yada: Thank you.

Aud: I have a personal question. I used an oscillator on Mark yesterday as part of an experimental exposure. Did you notice that machine?

Yada: Yes.

Aud: Does it have any merit to it? Is it a faith healing machine or does it actually recharge the cells of the body?

Yada: Pardon me, if I seem to be, I do not mean to be offensive, but what do you want me to say?

Aud: Oh, you don't want to shatter my dream.

Yada: No. No. Now for some people, it could work or seem to work marvels.

Aud: It is faith healing?

Yada: Yes, it is faith healing. Where is your mind? Where are my beliefs? How are they centered? Take this man, what starts his condition. Now we have said in the past, he is diabetic. Now any of you sitting here, do you think, will you answer me, please. Do you know of one who contracts a diabetic condition, who is calm and unemotional about things? I know not of one myself, but perhaps you do. Diabetes is one of the most notorious emotional or what you call psychosomatic diseases; that, and what you call arthritis, things of ......

Aud: Anything in rheumatic ...

Yada: Neuritis. Neuritis is inflammation of the nerves. Does a detached person, an unemotional person get neuritis? No. You may say to me, some people are born with it. Same thing. You may say to me, "Oh, the baby, is sleeping, is asleep. He does not know what he is doing". Big mistake, big mistake. That brain is registering every sound, every thought, every feeling around it.

Aud: Awake or asleep.

Yada: Awake or asleep, young or old.

Aud: A lot of parents wouldn't believe that.

Yada: How do I say it. Come si, come sa? There are thousands of people who don't believe in me, in my existence.

Aud: A lot of them don't believe in me.

Yada: Is so.

Aud: Their disbelief doesn't put you out of existence.

Yada: Doesn't change me; it only chances them. When a person thinks of the non-existence of another, he is not thinking it of another , he is thinking it of himself, his own nonexistence. So you never have to fight someone else when they deny you in any way. We deny ourselves when we deny another. If that other is at all out of harmony with his environment, it will catch up with him. You do not have to do anything about it. The natural laws of life will take care of that one, the same as they take care of you and me. If you understand this, then you become emotionally detached from everything that goes on around you. You say, that is the way it is. If I can change it, I will; otherwise I will keep my hands off of it. That is all.   Lady, you are looking good. You feeling good?

Lady: Yes.

Yada: That is much better than looking good, feeling good, because when you feel good, you do not feel anything. It is only when we hurt, that we feel something, that we become aware of the body You see many people say "In the astral world, you have no body!" If you feel good here, you also have no body. You have no consciousness of it. In the astral world, you can have a body and not be aware of it because you feel well, in balance.. That is the joy of good health.

Aud: That must be quite an emotional experience for a lot of people, to be sick on this side and get over there, and feel nothing. They must be quite overwhelmed for a while.

Yada: Yes, if they accept the thought that they have lost their physical structure and they are not frightened by it, not panicked by the sensation that you get, especially if you have had a sick body for many years, in the physical world, is one of tremendous joy, tremendous ecstasy.

Aud: Some would think they really are in heaven!

Yada: That is right. It is no wonder, huh. In heaven, in heaven is to have peace of mind. And to have peace of mind is to have good health, physically and mentally. That is the greatest heaven, the greatest. Your priests not only want you to have a hell here, but after here too. You are getting two hells for the price of one! Ha, ha.

Question: Yada, how do you explain that especially when you feel pride, you feel so good, you feel like you will bust. You are aware of your body then?

Yada: Not so much, no. This is more of a mental feeling. It is centered more in the mind. The body does not sense what is called joy in the way it senses pain. The mind becomes held to the body in pain. In joy, the mind is free of the body. It is not centered on the body.

Let us speak of the sexual climax which may be called "The Poor Man's Samadhi". It is in that moment, in that tremendous moment of the mind meeting with the higher mind or consciousness, that you are free from your body. The pressure, the original pressure that triggered the climax is in the physical, but the real results are in the mind. In the mind. This is why when two people are properly mated, their sexual relationship is a joy, and it brings good health to both people. I have said it before and I will say it again, the only sin the human being can commit is to use sexual energy on one he has no love for.

That is the greatest sin he can commit and he commits it on himself, because he can bring ill health to himself on account of it and to his partner. He will deplete her energies and his own, and out of this depletion will arise tremendous irritations. You see my friends, when we do not know truth we suffer the consequences, which are negative reactions on the body and in the mind. We must know this. From our experiences. Do not our experiences teach us anything? They should.

Aud: That again depends upon the individual.

Yada: Of course, yes.

Aud: Going back to being aware of the body Yada, there are many times during the day when people are not aware of their bodies. But the mind operates so quickly that when they do think of the body, they think they have been conscious of it all along.

Yada: Of course. That is so. But it is also instantaneous. It is like, for me, while I am operating through this man, I want to touch the table. The thought is mother to the deed, no more said than done. I touched the table before I touched the table. I touched it when I thought about it. Otherwise I never could have touched it.

Aud: Did you touch it through faith?

Yada: Of course, of course, Faith. There is no greater thing.

Aud: Through the thinking processes of the mind, we are in the mental world 80% of the time.

Yada: Of course, Oh yes.

Aud: We are not aware of the body a good bit of the time.

Yada: That is right. Man lives 80% of his life mentally, with almost no awareness of either his body or his physical surroundings.

Aud: His mind is where he wants it to be.

Yada: Yes. How wonderful. When we get to know this, how much freer we can get from the tyranny of the hypnotized consciousness. I think I am going to leave again for a little while. It is difficult for me to operate through this man's body lately, he has been through a great deal of strain and strife. Many people say, "Why do you not heal him?" I didn't make him sick (LAUGHTER).

Irene: Yesterday when we went to the doctor and the doctor said,. "It's unbelievable that he can feel so bad and look so good.

Yada: Yes, I understand. Yes, please?

Question: Are you coming back tonight?

Yada: Yes, very soon.

Aud: Because I have more questions for you.

Yada: Yes, yes. Thank you very much. Your music is coming along very nice.. huh. And you are going to do much better this 1964, much better.

Man: I sure would like to ask some questions before we go on, nice to be here.

Yada: Would you mind Sir, it is not going to be too long before you hear of your mother departing.

Man: I was planning on taking a trip back there next September. But what is to be will be

Yada: That is very intelligent of you to keep that always in mind. What is to be, is to be. We cannot live another's life for them. No matter how deeply we love them, no matter how emotionally attached we are to them, we cannot live their life for them and we cannot die for them.

Man: Well, I appreciate the things I've heard from you and the others, and I am beginning to wake up.

Yada: That is so, that is so. And I do not need to tell you sir, that her sojourn to the other world will be a peaceful and a happy one. She will be very well off, very well. And free of the pain that has been with her for so many years. Margo, I greet you.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Yada: Well I have returned from whence I didn't go. There is a time to be a big ear and there is a time to be a big mouth, so now I will be a big mouth.

Aud: We didn't say that!

Yada: My friends, before I start in talking on other things, I think I ask you what you have to say to me.

Man: I have something to say.

Yada: Is nice to see you Joseph and your wife, Lois.

Joseph: My wedding.

Yada: Yes, I was there.

Joseph: That's why, I want to thank you very much.

Yada: It was my joy. It was a very nice wedding and if you do not mind I said a little blessing while you were getting married.

Joseph: Mark told me you were and we were delighted.

Yada: It is so very nice, so warm to be appreciated. It is a wonderful thing. You see you ought to appreciate one another. You do not really know the great joy that you have, when you associate with one another. What a wonderful thing. You wanted to say something else, Joseph?

Joseph: No. This will be all for now, I'll make my big mouth be still.

Man: I'd like to ask you a question.

Yada: Yes, please.

Man: This right eye of mine, this is a personal thing, but it is personal only because I want to help it myself and any suggestion on your part would be appreciated. I had an accident when I was 12 years old. It was operated on, a cataract removed. Therefore, there has been no vision for over 20 to 25 years. About two months ago, I went to the eye doctor because I thought I needed glasses. They checked my eyes and found that there was vision and I had 20/20 vision. However, he fitted me with a contact lens. So I am, now wearing a contact lens which is on the eye itself, on the front of the eye, remarkable things have happened. I am now able to see with it. The difficulty was in seeing two objects pulling the two objects together in a fusion of one.

Through a lot of effort on a lot of people's part, I am now able to pull this over, fusing it into one image. However I am having difficulty with one thing. I'm getting it to stay now, but it is higher than the actual image, so I'm trying different exercises, reading the calendar from a distance. The lens has been changed once to create a better image. It was fuzzy before, everything. I guess the eye is beginning to receive the thought, because I have been planting this in my subconscious that it is perfect every chance I get. But the image always wants to pop-up, get higher, and I want to get it down. Now will this, from constant practice, will I be able to do this or what exercise and what suggestion would you give me.

Yada: Yes, you will be able to do it. Now an exercise to do, you take an object, a straight object, a stick perhaps, and work it, and keep your eye on it and move it more down as you practice. Instead of this way, do it up and down. I'm certain that if you practice this, say ten minutes every day, you will have very good results.

Man: Anything can be done if you put your mind to it.

Yada: Of course.

Man: Faith and stick-to-it-ness.

Yada: That is it. Do you want it? That is all you need to know. Do you really want it? Mr. Daller, Bill here, has had the operation and some time ago I tried to do a little healing on this condition before he got operated on, but I was not very successful. Now apparently the doctors are not very successful either.

Bill: You were as successful as they were!

Wife: He must like that thing, huh?

Yada: Well no. I think more that his trouble lies in his weight. Now if you can reduce your stomach some.

Comment: Which one? LAUGHTER. He has one here and one here.

Yada: Well both of them! LAUGHTER. Bring them together, like this man with his eye, bring them together.

Bill: I've been thinking about going on a fast. Maybe that will do it.

Yada: But if you do that, you should drink good water.

Bill: I would not drink distilled water, but spring water.

Yada: Distilled water has a way of washing the mineral content out of your body. So don't ever drink distilled water. But if you go on a fast, you drink spring water. As you come off the fast, you drink fruit juices.

Bill: The best way to lose weight.

Yada: Yes it is and very good for the body. Everybody should from time to time, go on a two to three day fast, especially today when your foods are not so good for you. Give the body a chance to work off some of the toxins. Now the lower intestinal tract is a wonderful breeding place for bacteria, so I think for this, occasionally for a while, you should get what is called water in the body, colonic, more than enemas. Now in my time, it was more enema than colonic, but we knew what to do with the water, once inside. There is a way, once getting the water in the body, get on the knees, get underneath and work the stomach physically, not with the hands but with the muscles, and pull in the stomach and go like this. This washes out all the insides.

Aud: Hold it in as long as possible?

Yada: Yes.

Aud: I imagine about a quart at a time.

Yada: Yes.

Aud: Just plain water?

Yada: Yes, good spring water. If you have any kind of medication to put in it.

Aud: Epsom Salts?

Yada: No, I wouldn't do that.

Aud: How about coffee?

Yada: That is all right, but epsom salt has a way of cramping the stomach.

Aud: The salt?

Yada: Yes. And then after that, I would use spring water too, because coffee is a stimulant and it always has some effect on the heart. So be careful how you drink it, huh? I know most of you Americans, most of you Americans consume much coffee and you wonder why your heart becomes disturbed. Coffee and tea. Now tea, if you have diarrhea, plain tea, very good to stop diarrhea.

Irene: Make any difference if it is orange or black?

Yada: No.

Irene: I think too, Yada, remember when you told me to eat lots of okra? I think if people would make a habit of putting okra in with their vegetables, it would help them.

Yada: Very good for the stomach, okra.

Irene: Colored people down south eat a lot of okra.

Yada: Yes, very good for the stomach. Also in your meals, especially the evening meals, you have a little wine, good red wine.

Irene: Good red wine?

Yada: Yes.

Irene: Like Mogen David?

Yada: Who is that?

Irene: Wine made from red grapes.

Yada: Yes, very good, red grapes.

Aud: Sweet.

Yada: Yes. Now sour wine is all right. I think if I were you I would drink sour wine with your meals.

Aud: Sour wine? We call that dry wine. Now the Italian people make this very good Italian wine.

Yada: Italian Red Wine, very good.

Aud: Some people call it "Dago red". LAUGHTER.

Yada: The trouble with man and any alcohol is, that he got in the habit of it and consumes more alcohol than food most of the time, is not good. But wine, in small quantities with your food is wonderful for the body, for the intestinal tract. Never eat whipped cream. Whipped cream makes for a marvelous culture for bacteria in the intestinal tract. I know it tastes good.

Aud: How about sour cream?

Yada: Very, very good, sour cream, sour milk.

Aud: Yogurt?

Yada: Very good.

Yada: But whatever you do, enjoy your meals. Never sit for a meal and eat when angry or upset in any emotional way, never eat then. One of those times it can kill you. A lot of people die of indigestion and then they classify it as heart trouble, because of eating at an improper time. If you are depressed, eat fruit. Don't eat meat. Don't eat too much food. Eat mostly fruit. Do not even eat vegetables. Eat fruit when you are depressed. It gives back vitality to the body; it oxidizes the blood very quickly. Everything much better. Depression is a very great strain on the heart.

Aud: Worse than anger?

Yada: Oh yes, because it slows down the breathing. In anger, you tend to breathe faster, but in depression you breathe much slower and much more shallow. Very bad, depression. Now if I were you, my friend, I truly would try to reduce my weight, especially in the stomach.

Bill: Well I will keep that in mind now.

Wife: Will you please tell him, Yada, excuse me, that when he has his next one, not to come down the hospital hall on a stretcher and want to sit up? I think that is what made it pop out again.

Yada: Now after operation it is better to get up as quickly as you can. Now in hernia operation, when you get up, you get up slowly and walk slowly for a while until you get your strength back again. It is only quick motions that can be bad for you and quick motions in anything is bad for the body. It upsets the balance of the heart, the rhythm of the heart. So today, many people go around saying, "How's your liver". Your liver can be your lifeline or your death.

Aud: Do you think it would be all right to let the same doctor operate on me again. He wouldn't make the same mistake twice?

Yada: I do not think it will make much difference, very conscientious man and I know that he will do his best, and he did his best, but hernia operations are not always successful, more especially if they are in the middle of the stomach like yours is, rather than on the side, because most of your weight is taken there.

Aud: Pulls it loose again?

Yada: Yes, yes. Also were I you, I would learn to relax more than you do. You are under too much tension, my friend.

Bill: Maybe I would be joining you on your side.

Yada: I'm looking forward to meeting you. But you are still too young to be rushing over here.

Bill: Thank you.

Yada: My Honorable Friend, would you like to say something to me?

Friend: No, I enjoy listening.

Yada: Thank you. Would the lady like to say something?

Lady: Well I have a question in my mind, but I think I'd rather wait until another time.

Aud: Ask it now.

Yada: That is right, there is no time like the present.

Lady: I'm looking forward to a great change. If I should go out of town. You know what I am thinking about?

Yada: No, not really, no.

Lady: I was planning on going back East to see the folks, but I'll just let it go.

Yada: Yes, but I would not rush off into the East. The weather is very bad there and there is not much you could do anyway.

Aud: However, I still have my father and I wouldn't want him to ever think ill of me by not going back. I think this would break his heart.

Yada: In that case I would wait. Let me put it this way, because I do not like ever to predict the death of anyone, in time.

Aud: Your time is different.

Yada: It is not a very good thing to do. Yes, please do. But it will be within this year. Never, if I can avoid it, will I predict the death of another human being, because who knows but what that person may have certain conditions in his consciousness that will void his death at that given time. Many mediums do this sort of thing, but I do not like my medium doing it. And something more, the human being is the most unpredictable on the earth. So perhaps it would be better if we did not predict things about other human beings so as to save our own face, eh?

Aud: I understand, you are just trying to save me from a big shock.

Yada: This is so my friend. This is so. I want to say something to the man and lady Daller please. Do you have your child, your little child, on any kind of diet?

Dallers: No we don't.

Yada: My honorable friends, just as a matter of suggestion, I suggest you do. It will do more to cause her to grow out of her condition than any faith healer could do. It will give her a chance for a happier life as she gets older. I sincerely suggest that you find some intelligent dietitian who understands her condition, who would suggest to you the proper diet for your child. Her present condition could become dangerous.

Dallers: Thank you, Yada, we'll take care of that. We appreciate the information

Yada: Thank you. It would be my honor, for she is a very brilliant child, and a very alive child. You have to be proud of this child. She has the tendencies to be on the genius level, but that is aside from the point, I am concerned with her physical condition my friends.

Dallers: We'll look into it and it will be taken care of.

Mrs. Daller: Thank you for bringing it to our attention. But I want to ask your help too, she is quite difficult at times and is often beyond me. I have a hard time with her.

Yada: Yes. By spending some time sitting down, talking to her. Do not ever shout at her. It is very bad for her nerves, and it is very bad for your nerves.

Mrs. Daller: It seems that is the only way she can hear me sometimes.

Yada: Yes, of course. I understand, it is by good, strong suggestions, which is talking directly, get her attention, and talk directly to her, she will grow out of that. Yes, you never have to shout at her, then she will forget, because she's afraid of the shouting. Now, your older girls, they take it out by chewing their nails. Now this is also uncertainty and anxiety, a feeling of insecurity. You see, can you understand something better, any of you, by somebody shouting at you or somebody talking to you.

Aud: Talking to you. Shouting provokes you, puts you on guard.

Yada: Yes, it stirs up the big center, the big brain here to an extent, that it often causes people to be chronically constipated, because it causes the stomach muscles to do this - to grip. This gripping/holding comes about when people shout, whether they are big people or little people, they begin to withdraw into themselves and they do not want to give, not give anything. So they will not let go of the waste matter of their bodies. This causes chronic constipation. It also causes within some people a form of psychological deafness. They do not want to listen, they do not want to hear. What touchy beings we are! How sensitive we are! But few of us realize this even though we ourselves are greatly sensitive, we don't recognize it in others.

Now you two have all the material means to offer your children comforts and peace of mind, but they need something more. You have it to give to them, it is called understanding. I know it is very difficult, I know that little people as well as big people can ride you, can cause you to be short tempered because you yourself don't feel good. Make yourself feel good and they will feel good. Just a suggestion, I never tell people to do this or that, I suggest, and then it is entirely up to them what to do.

Dallers: We appreciate it. If you don't tell us, how will we know?

Yada: That is so, that is so. I say to this man (Mark), if you were not born with the cigarette in your mouth, why do you use it? But that's all I can do. Many people say to me, Yada, why do you not make Mark better? As I said before, I didn't make him sick. And by that I mean to say, I didn't suggest that he do the things he does.

Now why does he do these things? Frustration, again. Inhibitions to be able to cope with situations in daily life leads to excessive drinking, excessive smoking, excessive eating, excessive everything. Now if you know this then you stay awake and then you realize what must be done and you do it. You do it. You make no excuses, you do it. This is the thing to be done. I know now what has been bothering me. The thing that kills, in excessive smoking and drinking and eating, is neither the food, the tobacco, nor the alcohol. No, its attitudes to these things. Attitudes.

The inner consciousness recognizes your attitudes. It does not recognize tobacco as being detrimental to the body, nor alcohol in excess, nor food in excess. It does not do that at all. It has no such recognition. It recognizes only your attitudes to whatever you are doing. You can sit down to the best meal, the most health giving meal and if your attitude is one of anger, one of uncertainty or of depression you can poison yourself. Many food faddists, whose ideals are excellent,  suddenly die because they do not know. It's not just the food, it's attitudes. Mr. Reynolds, would you like to say something to me?

Mr. Reynolds: No, Yada.

Yada: Harry, I would continue with what you have been doing; it is having some very nice results.

Harry: Thank you, Yada.  I'll do that, I appreciate your help.

Yada: And appreciate yourself for being able to help. Wonderful! What a wonderful being you are. Wonderful! People in your world wonder why so many men die at a young age, such as 40 - 50 or so. They die suddenly with heart attacks. Basically it is a lack of appreciation of oneself and this lack of appreciation comes from fear. Many people who are very smart, high in their work, top in their work, suddenly die of heart attacks only because they do not appreciate themselves. They do not feel secure up there. They had the courage to climb there, but not the inner courage to stay there, that is sad. Ambition then becomes a disease. It is not ambition, it is fear, it is uncertainty. Man need not fear war, only the war within himself. If he conquers that, he has all wars conquered. Wars outside will mean nothing to him.

Aud: The question is how to conquer the war within yourself.

Yada: My friends, it is just like everything else. It is what you want. Do you want to accomplish this? Then it takes work. Work. I have had many people come here, as Mr. Reynolds very well knows. You have been coming here many years. Thank you very much. Many years, so you have witnessed it and we of The Circle have said, the first step, the very first step to the attainment of anything in life is emotional control. Yet I have had many people come back and say to me, "Yada, tell us something else, something more advanced". I say to them, "What have you done with what I have told you?" "Oh, we know about that".  Know about it?  Knowing is doing, yes?

Aud: If they know about it they should be ashamed that they didn't use it.

Yada: Of course, of course...

Aud: But that doesn't faze them.

Yada: No, because they do not know this. How can they do different than they are doing, I am not accusing them. I am not condemning them. I have my own life to live. To condemn anybody is a lack of understanding. I have my own life to live. They simply do not know. They do not comprehend. They hear my words but that is all.

Aud: They don't want to change, Yada. They want to get there without changing and you can't do that.

Yada: Is so. Many people, there is a great study in this city on what is called psychic phenomena, as there are in many cities throughout the country, throughout the world. But in the majority of these, they are all seeking one thing and one thing only, to be amazed at phenomena. Materializations. Mind reading. Fortune Telling. I was called upon to hold a private session with a man who is head of one of the churches of what you call Science of Mind, Science of Mind? You think of this now.

And the man tried to use me for a fortune teller. This man said to me. "Where am I going to build my next church? Where should I build it?" A man of this mind, a man who is a teacher in this field? Now I do not mind playing games with people as long as they know I am playing games and I know they are playing games. But we are adults my friends. We have reached the age of what is called our majority and our everyday life is a tremendous problem to every one of us. Do we have time to tease one another with questions like that? If he does not know where he is going to build his church, how can he think I should know!

Aud: He doesn't know his business!

Yada: I do not even care! There are tens of thousands of churches in your country, and tens of thousands of crooks!

Aud: Why didn't he use his Science of Mind?

Yada: I did not want to hurt his feelings by asking him that.

Aud: It wouldn't work for him.

Aud: For him that was a way to make a living.

Yada: Yes and he said all good mediums are fortune tellers. This man here (Mark) is one good medium who is not one of those. Good? Medium? Medium rare. Yes?  How good is the mind. Is one able to turn it on and off at will? Yes, but only when they know how, only after years of work and understanding the nature of one's mind can this be done. If I knew that one of you sitting here was going to die tomorrow, or inherit a million dollars, I wouldn't tell you. I wouldn't tell you; that is your business, not mine.

Aud: Either way, I would not be getting my proper sleep.

Yada: Of course not. You would be waiting for the million or waiting to die. I would be taking the pleasure of surprise away from you.

Comment: It would be quite a surprise if you told one of us!

Aud: May I ask a question?

Yada: Yes, please.

Aud: But when you had a problem and you wanted a specific knowing on it, even if you had to work on it.

Yada: I will talk about it, yes.

Aud: Because sometimes you do bring out something. Is that something you just picked up?

Yada: If I feel what is going on in a person's mind and I think it would be helpful to them I will give it to them. But in almost all cases I find that human beings can work out their own problems. In fact, that is what their life is for.

Aud: Yada, when you give us advise, that throws the responsibility on you?

Yada: Yes of course and I do not like that either.

Aud: Yada, I would like to bring to your attention what my daughter in Las Vegas wrote about. She was deathly ill a couple of weeks ago with the flu, she said she started shaking and she was so sick she knew she was dying. And she said she was frightened and she had not told her children about it either. All of a sudden she said someone else possessed her body and she couldn't even get out of bed or call her husband and all she remembered that she was dying. Then she woke up the next morning and she was fine. Can you explain that to me?

Yada: Yes, she was suddenly possessed by someone. Two things now; let us reason with this, one who had died in that manner, slow and alone, which brought on the fear as to make that person want to possess that other person's body and to re-experience this again with the hope of getting some help. Or two: A living person dying somewhere and she, this lady, receiving her thoughts telepathically.

Aud: She said she wasn't frightened. She was very calm; she wasn't a bit scared.

Yada: Very often this is the case. Some people, when they are really going to die, they are not afraid anymore. It is only when there is an element of uncertainty as to whether they will die or not, is there the fear. But once the mind knows that you are going to die, you will not be afraid. You will be peaceful, the kind of peace that you have not known before.

Aud: That is what she said, when she woke up the next morning and was all well again.

Yada: It sounds to me more like she had communication with a mind that was going through that experience but had not died, very much like it. Many people do not know, in what is called psychic phenomena. There are ghosts that are not ghosts. There are telepathic messages that are not telepathic messages. By that I mean to say, telepathic messages, there is often rising up inside of ourselves, information that comes to the lower consciousness through the higher consciousness where it sounds like a voice speaking to us. There are pictures in our own consciousness that lie somewhere deep within us. We have had an experience and now it is projected outside of ourselves, perhaps years later, many years later.

Something triggered it at that moment, some form of experience, either a sudden little memory, you know about that, huh? A sudden little memory that flashes across the mind, memories that you said or did or somebody else said or did when you were a little child. Suddenly it hits and sometimes the picture memories are re-projected. Something at that moment triggers this. Now there are people, for instance, who have an experience in which they say, "Oh, I have been here before; I have done this very thing before. Oh it must be reincarnation; another lifetime!" Not necessarily.

You may have been, let us say years ago, you have been sitting very quietly, perhaps reading and a part of your consciousness goes away and it has an experience and it comes back. But it does not tell the lower consciousness about it. Then years later, you physically go where that part of your consciousness has already been and you experience it. And you say, "Oh, a former life, undoubtedly", or, "I wonder what it is." There are many ramifications of the mind which we must learn to understand before we can be assured of what is happening to us at any time.

Aud: Does not label anything.

Yada: No. Have the experience and if you do, if it comes to you, experience it. I think it would be helpful if you could write it down. Keep it for later. Perhaps you will get a sequel to it. We dream and we wake up and roll over and dream again, in serial form. Yes, you know those stories when you were a child?

Aud: In serials?

Yada: Yes, serials. This man here spent, as a child, much time in the woods that surrounded the school he went to. He walked alone. He had many mental and emotional experiences that helped us work through him in these later years. It sensitized his consciousness; it opened the psyche. We are of good will; otherwise we could destroy him. The same with you in your associations with one another. Many people say, "Oh the spooks, they obsess people on the earth. The bad spooks! Shouldn't do that! But many people right here, spooks in the skin, obsess one another by domination very often. This is possession. This is obsession, sometimes in its worst form, to be obsessed by another spook living in the flesh. I could call the title of this talk, "Don't Spook Me". Laughter.

Comment: You would have lots of readers, Yada.

Aud: On the other hand, we never know what influence we are on one another, a kind word, an act of kindness, of love, we never know what influences affect us.

Yada: Is so, is so. You may think, I have many people come to me and say: "Yada, how can I be more useful to my fellowman? What can I do? I seem to be wasting my life. I do not seem to be able to get to anybody to really do them any good". You are wrong. Those very thoughts go out from you like ripples in the water and they touch many, many people. Just the will to be helpful, is helpful. You want to help other people? The best way to do it is in the silence, and in meditation, and in prayer is the best way to help your fellowman.

Reynolds: If you tell them, they may listen but don't do anything about it.

Yada: That is so. That is so. And more than this, the human personality is of such nature that it is inclined more to reject any physical approach, much more inclined, because the ego always feels that it knows what it wants to do. It doesn't need another ego to tell it what to do. Most people resent that. To get at this person you truly want to help, the best way is through meditation. By sending thoughts of love and affection, helpful thoughts. The best way. Lady, whatever is going to happen to you is not somewhere else. It is where you are. Is that not so? So why do you need to go someplace else to have happen to you what you want - I think you understand, yes?

Lady: Yes.

Yada: Here is where you are, this is your life, this is your time. This is your hour. Act in it. It has been my honor to come and communicate with you. Thank you very much.

Aud: Thank you, Yada.

Aud: It has been an honor to listen to you.

Yada: Thank you.

Aud: Thank you for the information. We'll see what we can do.

Aud: We'll do our best. Thank you very much.

Yada: A Notchi.