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In addition to the transcripts we are offering 18 Cassette Tapes. When Mark died in 1969 he left behind hundreds of reel to reel tapes. The quality of these tapes ranged between poor, excellent and anything in between. We have chosen 18 tapes which are of a good quality, but please remember, they were recorded when the technology was at the beginning stage

Yada speaks with a distinct Asian accent, which may be difficult to understand at first. Please be patient while listening to the lecture and feel the loving energy emanating from these Teachers. It will be well worth it and becomes easier as you continue to work with these tapes.

Enjoy them during wakeful hours, but also while you are asleep, as the subconscious records everything that is spoken.

We are very privileged to offer these wonderful teachings.



Cassette Tapes

No 1 Be Still - Calm the Storm

10. 5. 1968 Yada di Shiíte

Rebirth and Reincarnation. Man is evolving mentally. Man is a true magician. Abuse of power brought down past civilizations. War belongs to the animal mind. Violence of nature is caused by man. You are where your consciousness is. All around us is vital energy. Conscious rebirth. Destiny is now. Keeping the body clean.

71 Minutes $12.00

No 2 You Are The Dreamer

11. 12. 1967 Yada di Shiíte

Many people are unaware that they are no longer in the physical world. Man haunts the whole world. Staying conscious. Man must be his own authority. Hero worship. Everything has a purpose. Man can alter his condition. God is not a emotional being. Until man wakes up he walks in darkness. Contacting that Inner Consciousness. The vital need to become sane. Manís a divine being. Story of Jesus. Changing your dream.

90 Minutes $12.00

No 3 You Are the Master of Your Life

1.11.1963 Yada di Shiíte

What do you believe about yourself? Refusing to live oneís own life. Happiness is an individual thing. Attitude towards life. You do take it with you. We are where our consciousness is. Reincarnation is in manís hand hard to break. False teachings make us think. Man needs to be saved from ignorance. Accidents and diseases are unconscious ways to destroy the body. Sources of illness in babies. Acting out past experiences. Causes of schizophrenia. Changes in the personality. Causes of illness are inner conflicts.

60 Minutes $10.00

No 4 Going Home to the Light

1968 Yada di Shiíte

Protection from the awakened Christ. We are in danger while asleep. The god of fear and wrath is dead. The masses are still living in ignorance. Man is coming into the light of understanding. Finding that Divine Being inside. Sex and Kundalini. Life after death. Taking the body with you. Adventures into other lands. Life is a dream. Need for punishment drives man back into the physical world. Be your own psychologist. Breaking away from false concepts. To die knowing is not to be afraid. memory pattern

60 Minutes $10.00

No 5 The Spirit of Breath

10.15.1968 Yada di Shiíte

Breath brings back health to the physical body. Living food in your system. Almost all diseases disappear with proper food. Drugs do not cure. Cure is in the hands of the sick person. Selling out life for money. People are losing control. Teaching sanity. Man is keeping himself on the cross. Guiding children intelligently. Coming into a New Age. Electrical flow during sex. Touching with love. Cells are energized by the mind. Mark and diabetes. Changes from electrical flow to the brain cause schizophrenia. Astrology during Yadaís civilization. Contacting the Higher Self. Story of Jesus.

80 Minutes 12.00

No 6 Inner Meaning of Prayer

3.28.1965 Professor Alfred Luntz

Awakening the creator through prayer. The unconscious becoming aware of its creation. Why some prayers are not answered. Praying with emotions. Prof. Luntz talks about his passing from the physical world and his experience during and after his transition. All creation is safe. Finding the right path. Story of creation. The earth is a living planet because of water. Planets beyond our solar system. Space beings.

80 Minutes $12.00

No 7. The Wonder of Man

3.29.1958 Yada di Shiíte

Man has been indifferent to honor. Do not permit yourself to anger. Staying on earth to learn. Danger of suicide. The world of zombies. Man has been mistaught. Bowing down to actors. Religious wars. Death means Ďnot knowing.í Creating bodies. Do not become part of the raging storm around you. Teaching children the right way. We are all gods in the making. The religious food man has been taught is giving him indigestion. Christ means being conscious. Man seeded himself upon the earth. The food of man is knowledge. Garden of Eden is a state of consciousness. Man is like a lotus coming from the mire into wisdom.

90 Minutes $12.00

No 8. Rebirth of the Light

6.5.1966 Yada di Shiíte

To the dreamer all dreams are real. The whole universe is electrical. Coming out of the Mass Mind. Do not shine your light into the eyes of a sleeper. Mystical story of Jesus. The cross of the material world. LSD will cut away the external dream. Man is slowing regaining his human side. Underground library in the Vatican and Tibet. All ancient writings are not lost. Contacting the Akashic Records. The female is the center of physical creation. Adam and Eve are First Principle.

2 Hours 15 Minutes $20.00

No 9 The Point of No Return

1.17.1960 Yada di Shiíte

The danger of overpopulation. Side effects of drugs. Atomic poisoning creates growth in the body. Preservation in food harms one. The human body should survive 250 years. Causes of ailments. Ailments can be found in the emotional and mental self. Doctors do not understand illness. Mental attitude in sickness is most important. Matter is consciousness. Allergies. Each organ has a different chemistry. The magic of the physical body. Kundalini, Serpent Force. Space beings. Creating form through thought. Communicating with earthbound spirits.

70 Minutes $12.00

No 10 Treadmill of Life

11.6.1968 Yada di Shiíte

Annie introduces Mark and his work. You design your own body. Manís world is a state of confusion. Insanity is lack of understanding. The source of your Being is Light. Once we know ourselves, we know everything. Learning to live life in the now. Man is expanding his consciousness. Evolution of Mind-Man since 1945.Packing a bag for the journey. Do not look for happiness, look for peace of mind. Making rebirth stop. Yada talks about his one and only life on earth. As long as you live in the physical world your consciousness can be raised. Story of Jesus.

1 hour 45 Minutes $16.00

No 11 Endless Creation

7.7. 1964 Yada di Shiíte

Life is for learning how to return home. We have no free will until we become human. The importance of emotional control. Getting on the path. Earthbound spirits. The curse of the Pharaohs. It is more difficult to learn in the astral world. Meditation. Giving with love. Telepathic communication. We live in Mind. Do not take your anxieties into your dreams. Many suggestions for healthier living. Many ailments can be traced to early childhood and prenatal conditions. The violence of the insane mind. Every savior gets himself crucified. Man is going home to the Light. The coming children will be born knowing. Whirling lights on ocean waters. The vastness of space.

2 Hours 20 Minutes $22.00

No 12 The World Around Us

8.9. 1968 Yada di Shiíte

Man is spreading himself into the whole universe. Knowledge is manís basic food. Man sporned himself six times. Stepping up mental evolution. Man takes his hate and fears into the astral world. The hypnotic spell of the physical world. I go where my consciousness will take me. Yada talks about his lost civilization. Manís emotions affect the weather. Causes of earthquakes. Know the world around you.

Waking up the Creative Self. Jesus did not come to save man. The physical body is the temple of the living God. Paganism is the root of Christianity. Man created a male God so that the woman can worship him.

90 Minutes $12.00

No 13 Returning to Its Source

12. 8. 1961 Professor Alfred Luntz

Professor Luntz talks about his passing from the physical world and his experiences afterwards. Your title means nothing in the next world. Man grows by experience. The actor playing his part on the stage of life. Man comes into the world crying. You can make your dream what you want it. Kundalini and Chakras. The Tree in the Garden of Eden is a symbol of the spinal cord. Awakening our divine nature. Changing the frequency of the physical structure. The coming Age of Aquarius.

90 Minutes $12.00

No 14 The World is in Your Hands

12. 18. 1964 Yada di Shiíte

Man is not a sinner. Man does not know that he is insane. Manís ability to reason sets him apart from the other animals. Man created gods and devils in his own image. Morality and ethics are individual things. Man en mass is an animal. Overpopulation brings a country down. Knowledge is manís food. Religion holds man back. Man is going into space. Moving at the speed of light in the near future. There are no sharp edges in the future. Teaching non-violence. America is controlled by the banking system. America has been chosen to be the cradle of light for the whole world. Rebirth and reincarnation. Some people in the astral world are still waiting to die. Experimenting with the occult without danger. Mis-use of sexual energy. Atlantis was a large Island.

2 Hours $20.00

No 15 The Importance of Me

1.22. 1960 Yada di Shiíte

Importance of being self aware. Being fully conscious. The zombie mind The soul is a composite of experience. Dancing on the string of emotions. The human body should exist in good condition 250 years. Poison in our food. Chemical changes in the glandular system. Obsession. fear and the nervous system. Getting to the source of a disease lies in the mind. Split personality. Giants on the earth. The brain is a machine acted upon the mind. Purpose of life is a individual experience. Power of suggestions. The fall of man was losing consciousness of his state of origin. Space beings from other dimensions. There is only one consciousness.

1 Hour and 30 Minutes $16.00

No 16 I am the Eternal Light

Yada di Shiíte. Date unknown

The earth has suffered many disasters throughout history. The earth is a living entity. Changing conditions in the solar system. Mars is a dying planet. Mars was occupied by man. Mankind will be building planets to live upon. Man has existed in other dimensions. The forever-ness of space. Geometrical patterns are different dimensions. Worlds within worlds. Getting lost in a different frequency. Man is an alchemist. Story of space beings. Reincarnation. Praying for others creates a light to help them wake up. The power of the spoken word. Staying with the body.

90 Minutes $12.00

No 17 Law of Positive Thinking

9. 28. 1968 Yada di Shiíte

Firewalkers. If we do not have guilt feelings, nothing can harm us. Protection by the Light. Do not defend your beliefs. Committing suicide by mis-use of the body. The personality is shaped by attitudes. The world around us is an idea in the individualís mind. Love is the catalyst between the human and the animal in us. Religions are born out of the emotional self. Enlighten the criminal mind before putting him to death. Sex and guilt. You do take it with you. Ownership in marriage. Love of life opens the door to the universe. Earth has many layers which are constantly shifting. Greed destroyed many civilizations. Atomic destruction has come to many civilizations. People on earth are hypnotically conditioned. Power of suggestions. Man has been taught to be ashamed. Sex without love can be a curse. Causes of cancer.

3 Hours and 20 Minutes $34.00

No 18 Staying Awake.

6. 22. 1968 Yada di Shiíte

Man seeded himself upon the earth. Man is god in the making. Everything returns to its center. The Creative Self, when born into the physical world, is put to sleep by the conditioned mind. Yada talks about his last incarnation on earth. The nightmare of unconscious living. Manís imagination is mixed with his primeval brain. The incredible movie 2001. Man does not know about his own beauty. The art of listening. Man is a story teller. To go after what we want. Slaying the monster of ignorance. Using your power but not as force to destroy. To heal another is to heal yourself. The further along the path we go, the more alone we feel. Breaking down taboos. Man has been stepping on the path of mental evolution since 1945. Loss of energy in the body. Coming out of the trance. Evil is what we make it.

2 Hours and 30 Minutes $25.00


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