The Study of Life Means
Waking Up To What You Are


The Inner Circle Teachers of Light
welcome you to a world of ancient
wisdom about the universe and our
relationship with it.

E Yada speaks:
When is man going to learn that love is the
ruling king at any time?
It must be if man is to survive.
But not only to survive, because animals
survive, but to grow more beautiful,
more fully, more balanced.

Here - today, as advanced you are
technically speaking,
you are no better of than way back in my time,
nor any other period of time.
You have grown outwardly,
but inwardly you have not.
You still cling to the same small things,
the same small narrow-minded moral
and ethical patterns.

Every time through history, you always
find man leading himself
into destruction because
he does not know who he is.
He has not given himself much understanding
about himself
and his fellowman.

He has not presented that wonderful
essence of life called love
in such a manner
that the greater majority of people
could comprehend and come quietly
out of the darkness
of their ignorance.

For I am a Being of Forever.
I was never born - therefore
I cannot die.
I - that Creative Self
is with us all the time,
wherever we are.

From “Seeing with the Inner Eye”.

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