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Please note The Melchizedek and Pleiadian Light Network does not necessarily support the views and opinions of the websites listed. 

Activate your DNA
Agora Arising Universal Ministry
Alternative Guide
Atelier Amiris Healing Art and Jewelry of Atelier Amiris
Aquarian Perspectives
Artura Sacred Art
Ascension Mastery International (AMI)
Ascension Network
A Time to Heal Diane Radha Sivani is a Reiki Master and Master Alchemical Spiritual Healer. By skillfully combining unconditional love, shamanism, energy healing and alchemy, physical, psychological and spiritual healing may be realized. 
Aumrita Crystal Star - Founder and Ambassador of Crystal Foundation for Global Peace and to support the new earth children. 
Biophile Dynamic organic magazine for the love of our earth and all her live on her.
Body and Mind Online health and well-being directory for South Africa.
Celestial Dynamics

CDX Online Biggest selection of New Age music in South Africa
Children of Light

Circle of Light 
Clear Intentions Light Center in the UK offering ascension teachings, healing modalities and alternative courses
Cosmic Revelations Greg Kasperek's spiritual theories on mankind's purpose and ultimate destination through personal ascension. Books, lectures, classes, and personal readings utilizing past-life regression, numerology, dream interpretation and spiritual guidance.
Courageous Souls Do We Plan Our Life Challenges Before Birth?
New book by Robert Schwartz
David Icke
Dr. Joshua David Stone
Drunvalo Melchizedek
El O Shearn Ascension doorway artwork - personally Divined portraits - healing the DNA/cellular body and heart through art.
Enlightened Planetary Civilization Network
Era of Peace .com
Flower of Life
Galactic Friends - First Contacts Team
Genesis Center
Gary Smith
Golden Eagles Ascension Group 
Golden Starseed Ascension Ascension teachings by Chiang Choun
Gordon John Hughes
Holistic World

I Am Above An online poetry book by Zadok.
I Am Ascension Now
John Armitage and Kathleen Murray
Keepers of Frequency
Light and Life Journal
Light Dove Art
Louix Dor Dempriey 
Matlapeng - Place of Stone Magnifiencent Wild Life Sanctuary for workshops two hours from Johannesburg
Metatron Channelings by Regina Huber
Mike Hammer
Mt. Shasta Magazine
Mystic Planet
Namaste Cafe

New Age Network
Nirvana School of Enlightenment
Naomi Mandel
NYUFO NYUFO is a resource website dedicated to the theme of Ufology and Under Ground News
Planetary Activation Organization
Raquel Gonzalez Sparks
Rising to Immortality Divine Paradigms from the Source of All That Is. Divine Language of Light mantras. Twin Flame/Ray/Essence/Spirit:- Levels of Soul Love Connection. Distance Study. Sacred Coded Angelic Art. 
Sananjaleen Sananda Kumara
Sandy Stevenson
Santafe Healing Art
Sean-Alonzo is the official site of occult fiction author Sean-Alonzo, exploring symbolism, alternative history, philosophy, secret societies and other areas of the esoteric tradition. 
Soul Connections
Suzanne Powell
Sedona Journal of Emergence
Spectrahue Light and Sound

Spirit Online
Spirituality and Healing learning center, meditation, Spirituality and healing
Spirit Link
Spirit Network
Spirit Teaching
Spirit Web
Spiritual Endeavors
Starseeds Ezboard
Star Crystals and Healing
Star Lighter Alternative Directory
Stephanie Ni Mhaille

The Ashtar Command Radio Station
The Aumara Light & Healing Circle Place for Healing and Inspiration 
The Arcturians Awesome crop circle codes 
The Energy Connection Klinsky provides Akashic Records consultations and vibrational energy, Light and crystal healing services and tools for health and empowerment

The Family of Light
The Kumara Center for Higher Spiritualism
The Light Weaver Channelings by Michelle Eloff and Lord Kuthumi
The Option Institute and Fellowship
The Quantum Awakening'The Quantum' a Global electronic newsletter. Cutting edge Channeled information which Activates Stellar /Cellular DNA Remembrance, Initiates Solar Lightbody activation. Enter the Apex of the Photon Light. 11:11 ACTIVATION PRODUCTS, Quantum Ascension Orchid essences, Light Activation tapes.
Truth Is
Twin Flame Distribution
TwinRays  A site for awakening, transforming, healing, civilization, culture, eternal love, and a place to be who YOU ARE
UFOria Research
Universal Way
Waking Up
Wayne Herschel Pyramid/Star Maps using "Da Vinci" code to decipher hidden message
Wings of Light Healing, educational, Spiritual enlightenment and personal development
World Healing
World Light Center
World Puja Site
Zenscapes Web Design

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