Tuieta is one of Earth's Messengers of Light,
receiving telepathic messages
from the Spiritual Hierarchy,
Space Command and Elemental Kingdom
which she humbly shares through books and tapes published by

The Ascended Masters, the Great White Brotherhood and the Cosmic Brothers and Sisters of all on planet Earth desire that Truth be freely shared with the peoples of the planet. Thus, Messengers of Light have been dispatched to Earth to share teachings that will assist mankind to come into their own perfection and alignment with the Divine Truth.

Tuieta is one of these messengers. She is a conscious voice channel who receives telepathic messages from the Spiritual Hierarchy, Space Command and Elemental Kingdom, and humbly shares them with you through books and tapes published by Portals of Light. Communiques channeled through Tuieta have been translated into three other languages, and have also appeared in books published by others: Celestial Raise; on Earth Assignment; New Cells, New Bodies, New Life; World in Translation; and in newsletters published by other spiritual groups.

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In this series the reader is taken to the great meeting rooms of the command ships of our brothers and sisters of space to share first hand each of the meetings which began with the arrival of the Inner Council Representative in 1988. Each trip is shared from the time of being picked up by Sarna in her personal ship to the safe return at the close of the meeting. Thoughts shared by the Ascended Masters and members of the Command are carefully recorded to be relived by the reader. The series discusses topics progressively pertinent for the reader.

Conclave: Meeting of the Ones lets you stand beside each Commander as they recommit and affirm their pledges for assistance to planet Earth and her inhabitants. Hear them speak of their love and commitment to us through the changes which have begun. "Regardless of place, of cosmic origin or station, may each of us vow to continue in the pursuit of peace, of harmony and universal brotherhood." - Ashtar
Paperback - $7.00 - 94 pgs OR 4 tapes - $23.00

Conclave: 2nd Meeting takes the reader to the second meeting, six months later. This time we enter the mighty conference chamber aboard the "Star of Bethlehem", the command ship of the Ashtar Command. This volume assists the reader to expand with the new infusion of energies as we gain additional thoughts concerning man's relationship with man, with himself, sexuality, and the children; review Earth's weather patterns, water and ground ratio; listen as Andromeda Rex speaks of the grey men, and Lord Dionus talks of walk-ins; and, "See of the Earth washed clean of all debris. See of her creatures romping freely about. Taste of her waters... See of those that walk with her as ones of peaceful intent, who easily hold forth their hand in brotherhood... Hear the birds as they come together to signal the awakening of the new day." - Sananda
Paperback - $7.00 -102 pgs OR 3 tapes - $18.00

Conclave: 3rd Meeting is called one year after the first meeting. It takes us once again to the Command Ship, "Star of Bethlehem's" council chamber, to take our place in the rainbow colored seats. The Masters and Commanders discuss Earth's probable changes, time frames and events leading up to the changes as well as the plans for evacuation of the planet. Sananda tells us, "I am in the market place and I am in the cartels of the world. I am in the dusty land where children weep... I am there and I am in a form quite recognizable by any who have eyes to see me."
Paperback - $7.50 -112 pgs OR 4 tapes - $23.00

Conclave: 4th Meeting gives each of us the details for our various roles for which we have spent life times of preparation. We are given the summary of an earlier meeting in which the basics for Volunteers are minutely spelled out, such as clothing, food, location, and individual role during transition. Details of lift-off are discussed. The love and dedication is reinforced by each as they share thoughts and ideas. Lord Kut-Hu-Mi sums up the essence of the meeting as he says, "I extend my arms in brotherhood, in love, to each of you. May we walk the path which is the path of peace, so as we stand side by side, we might be that rainbow, that promise of a new beginning."
Paperback - $8.50 -138 pgs OR 8 tapes - $43.00

Conclave, 5th Meeting This is the latest in the Conclave series transcribed in Nov. '93. The reader is taken aboard the "Star of Bethlehem" to attend the fifth conference in the series of energy infusions which began in December '88. The information contained was given by the Ascended Masters, Ashtar Command and others who support and guide Earth and her inhabitants through this period of change.
We are told there are three other planets who have roles similar to Earth's. Each is going through its own process of change. We are given a glimpse of Earth and its way of life after the major changes.
The participants are privy to the last in this series of infusions as the gold wand strikes the gold triangle to initiate the final alteration for our acceptance in the New Day.
Paperback - $9.00 - 138 pgs OR 7 tapes - $38.00


This is a series of recordings divided by subject which share thoughts from ones of our unseen brothers and sisters of the Cosmos. Ashtar, Athena, Andromeda Rex, Monka, Cuptan Fetogia, and others share philosophies, experiences and attitudes about life and its purpose.

Letters From Home: Vol. I is composed of observations of our present state; possible intervention; preparation for today, tomorrow and the New Day; the role of the Eagles; ship sightings and more.
Paperback - $10.00 - 162 pgs

Letters From Home: Vol. II takes the reader on a mental voyage to the Ashtar Command ship. Ones ask questions and discuss with various members of the Command such topics as how the ships are made, the physical appearance of the commanders, life on other planets, Earth's "seeding", angelic beings, soul-less ones, spirit names, Earth bases on other planets and more.
Paperback - $10.00 - 200 pgs

Letters From Home: Vol. III takes the reader to a "town meeting" in which ones from the Command come to discuss their perceptions of Earth and her peoples. They answer questions and share views on energy infusions and activations; the effects of the axis shift, meteors coming, weather patterns, nuclear weapons and resultant wastes, the ozone layer, ley lines, the inner earth and the days of darkness; Earth man as he relates to all of these topics as well as his own altered state of consciousness and reaching his own potential now as opposed to later; AIDS; drugs, alcohol use and abuse; emotions; relationships; and children. They speak of tools for evolvement and their use, such as crystals, crystal skulls, music, potions, herbs, algae, decrees, past life exploration, short cuts, and inter-dimensional communications.
Paperback - $10.00 - 206 pgs

Letters From Home: Vol. IV continues the round table discussion of the Ashtar Command as they express their views of other aspects of life here on planet Earth and how we as the volunteers can help to bring about change. Topics discussed are the various world religions, their methods of manipulation and control to attain power; governmental systems, and their ploy to control and contain their peoples; the real New World Order and what it means; the illuminati and their relationship with ET's, mind control, ELF waves, alteration of the crystal's vibration, alien abductions, brothers of the dark robes. They tell us of the NEW DAY AND THE PLACE OF EARTH AND HER PEOPLES as they pass through this dark phase to WALK IN PEACE AND LOVE.
Paperback - $10.00 - 197 pgs


This series shares specific teachings by individual Ascended Masters, by topic, to help the reader to grow along his or her spiritual path.

Talks With The Masters: Theoaphylos. Theoaphylos is one who made his ascension between the close of Atlantis and the establishment of Greece. He speaks of his beloved Arcacia, his mother, father and all they shared with him to assist him to grow and evolve. His lessons are filled with deep love of the Christ within, learning through testing and temptation, honor, faith, and the strong belief in the Etemal Father of all creation. His teachings warm your heart and give you courage to continue because he will assist you through your journey.
Paperback - $10.00 - 207 pgs

Talks With The Masters: El Morya. El Morya's teachings carry a sterner vibration, yet they too are filled with love and the belief in mankind. He speaks of will as a tool, judgement, discernment, service and servitude, the ones of the dark robes, and tools to manifest your own perfection, plus more. This master is seen as one of discipline, yet it is through this approach one feels the love and belief he has in us as we take our joumey.
Paperback - $10.00 - 213 pgs

Talks With The Masters: Serapis Bey. Serapis Bey takes a slightly different approach to assisting us to grow. He uses thoughts and phrases which cause us to stretch, such as the electrom attribution, particums, dimensions, implosion and explosion, the bio-ogranism, the action of light, fear, pain, and joy. He shows the reader how to integrate with himself that which another cannot do for him. He demonstrates his love for us through challenge to help us grow.
Manuscripts - $10.00 -134 pgs

Talks With The Masters: Kut-hu-mi. Our fourth offering in the Talks with the Masters series. Join Lord Kut-hu-mi as he discusses such topics as: Date, Time & Place; Integration; Light & Dark; Duality; Release; Masters & Mastery; Operating in the Fourth Dimensional Mode, plus much more!
Manuscript - $10.00 - 129 pgs


Hello, I'm Tobias, Can I Come Talk To You? Tobias lets the reader see the world through a different set of eyes, the eyes of one of the Elemental Kingdom. This one who is warm and insightful was commissioned by the King to talk to the Big People about all that is around them. It provides wonder-ful reading for all ages from 2 through 202. Tobias describes through his secretary, his perception of Earth and all that is going on. He speaks of the role of the devas, fairies, gnomes, elves, and such which all come under the heading of the Elemental Kingdom. He answers questions about his kingdom, plants, animals, mountains, buildings, planes, and cars. His book is a joy to read and a must for all households.
Paperback - $9.00 - 170 pgs


Gathering in The Light This is a record of the messages given by the Father-Mother God, archangels, chohans, and several of the Intergalactic Fleet at a conclave where the plans for Earth were given forth from the Higher Realms.
$3.00 - 42 pgs

In the Beginning - The Truths of God Given by Master Josias. "I come forth with this message to help man to understand of his beginning for great is his need to know, to understand the travels of his soul, that he might know which path he might choose for Etemal Life."
$3.50 - 49 pgs

The Eternal Sea Given by the Ancient One. "I say the Sea of Eternity be about you. you be of the Sea, and it be of you. You cannot be lost for your mark has been placed within the Sea at the beginning. It shall be. All is of the Plan. All is of the Divine Creator, the Father-Mother God."
$2.00 - 22 pgs

Gifts From The Prophet. Given by the Prophet. Eight parables given of man's evolution here on Earth: The House of the Everliving God; The Dessert; The Oasis; The Mountain; The One of the Light; The Meeting with the Elders; The Search; The Golden Sunrise.
$4.00 - 58 pgs

Collective Consciousness of Earth Man Kind. Given by Lord Ochoomi. A discussion of the stages of evolution; the effects of avatars; inter-dimensional thought forms; division, expulsion and changing dimensional consciousness; infusion, yielding, integration oneness; cosmis consciousness.
$3.00 - 33 pgs

Teachings From Within The Golden City. Includes Polarity, by Djwal Kul; Dimensions and Planes, by Maitreya; Preparation, by V3s Par; The Law of Cause and Effect, by Monka; Man is a Pyramid, by Serapis Bey.
$3.00 - 30 pgs

Letters From My Big Friend: Dialogue With A Yeti. View Mother Earth through a new set of eyes, the ones of a visitor to our home. Join Chu-Ah, a Sasquatch, in his communiques with Tuieta, from the very first to the latest! Learn of his home, family, and his views of our future. Bask in the warm glow of one with a great wisdom and gentleness as he welcomes us into his life.
$8.00 - 74 pgs

The Trilogy. A compilation of threee of our favorites: "In The Beginning, The Truths of God", as given by Lord Master Josias, Master of the Twelfth Universe, the universe of Earth; "The Eternal Sea" as given by the Ancient One; and "Gifts From The Prophet" as given by The Prophet.
$8.50 - 85 pgs


Universal Contact is a televised channeling and interview hosted by Uria. Theoaphylos discusses each one opening up their own channel. Tobias talks, and the Combined Voice of the Ashtar Command share a message on peace and brotherhood. Tuieta & David respond to questions from the host and audience.
$23.50 - 60 min. -1/2" VHS


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