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MT's Reply:
The Big Spin
First of all, Drummond (and all readers): an "overswelling ego" would take its own limitof comprehension as sole evaluative standard, assuming automatically that what the writer wrote was just unintelligible. An "overswelling ego" wouldn't write in further questions but rather adeclaration of dismissal, then roll over under the covers with a volume of 
(blanketed by theconceit that such material is somehow "easier to understand"). An overswelling ego doesn'tcreatively review the principal points so as to ask intelligent questions developed from the balanceof present comprehension. Thus an "overswelling ego" would
find what it sought nor evenextract whatever potential might exist within the framework of some such idea as "you create your own reality". But the one for whom it's all a creative Riddle, who pursues it diligently and likeJacob grabs on to the leg of the Angel declaring "I will not let go until you bless me", that one
So we will answer that one, and
one only at this late date; for as we've written inprivately printed materials, the current minuscule numbers of spiritual adepts are performing aservice of 
spiritual triage
at this time, i.e. as in emergency hospital practice working through anurgent economy on those still able to breathe, so as to register encouraging lifesigns. The rest must be let go. (As was expressed in another 
source—not that of Rueckert, McCarty and Elkins, butGladys Rodehaver, the beings of this earth dimension are unique in their presumptuousness to thedegree that,
even in the afterlife states
they carry forward the attitude they already know it all, already "have it down" so that inner plane adepts who
approach in order to wean them from their insular/selfcreated [astral] environs and take them toward further instruction, are stopped by a barrier of arrogance and must leave such souls to languish.)Let's back up a little then, Drummond. I haven't
technique, merely tried topoint up the
of technique with respect to ultimate Transformation. And after all, you
ask the $64,000 question. Technique (i.e., decreeing, positive thinking, confident imagining) works
to the limit we 've discussed.
And in our several essays we've merely tried to show
there's aninbuilt barrier to the degree one may receive the purely positive benefit and uninterrupted continuity of confirmatory manifestation. (As you'll see, there's also a limit to the extent mere oscillatory "backlash" recommends—or produces—the "spiritual", through the vehicle of material accomplishment.) We've tried to show it's nor just because you're failing to understand the "you create your own reality" principle completely enough. The principle
itself is
defective, and not only withrespect to the situational context of embodied spacetime beings of 3rd density. Our argument hasconsistently been that the "YCYOR" counsel comes from transdimensional states and planes whichnecessitate an
oblique intersection
into our shared domain on the part of any "disembodied" or higherdensity consciousness wishing to be helpful. There's something
our shared situationsuch consciousness can't clearly perceive or comprehend, and couldn't unless it were embodiedhere as well: thus the unique value of 
spiritual adepts, i.e. those who
share this plane
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