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The Secret of Fatima
1917 - 1960 - 1976

[Lucia, Giacinta and Francesco]
TAKEN from the Text of the periodical "L'ARALDO di S. ANTONIO" no. 15, May, 1975 and reprinted, in obedience to the will of the SS. Virgin Mother of the Savior Jesus Christ, for the apostolate and diffusion of the good press by the Group of Spiritual Children of the Servant of God Padre Pio from Pietralcina. (S.B.C. Turin)

The Decree of the Congregation for the Propagation of Faith A.A.S. No. 58/16, of 12-29-1966, had aiready been approved by SS. Paul VI on 10-14-1966 and was published by the will of His Holiness. Three months after publication, the Decree was confirmed; therefore it is no more forbidden to divulge - without imprimatur - writings regardin new apparitions, revelations, prophecies and miracles. The Vatican Council has recognized the right to sincere information among honest people.
(Catholic Documentation No. 1483 p. 327)

Here is the famous third secret of Fatima of which propagation was expected in 1960. The document, known due to a diplomatic indiscretion, would have been sent for information by the Vatican Authorities to those of Washington, London and Moscow deeming it not necessary, but indispensable to the agreement regarding the ceasing of nuclear experiments. The authenticity of such a document has never been denied by the Vatican.
On October 13, 1917, after a series of apparitions, the SS. Virgin appears for the last time to the children of Fatima: Lucia, Giacinta and Francesco. After the event of the "Miracle of the Sun", the Mother of God revealed to Lucia a special message that "among other things" said:

Text of the Secret
Message of Lucia (May 22, 1958)

"When the message was received, in 1917, no one yet could think about the atomic bomb, its consequences and all those other energies that, IN A FEW HOURS CAN DESTROY MANKIND. This is sufficient to show the authenticity of the message and it should also make us reflect on what else has been said and recommended by Our Lady. She is our Mother and, as such, wants to preserve us from every evil, whether spiritual, moral, or physical". (E. F.)

"Here is the greatest victory of Satan: He has convinced the world that 'He' does not exist!"

The Sacred Father JOHN PAUL II has sald:
"SATAN exists, has a kingdom, a logical action".

From the newspaper "La Stampa" of Turin, of 3-27-1981 we report the enlightening thought of the POPE.
The devil exists, has his own kingdom, his own program that "requires a strict logic of action, a logic such that not only the kingdom of evil can hold up, but that it can develop in those to whorn it is addressed".
It was the Pope to recall it and who yesterday afternoon sald Mass in St. Peter's, by now traditional, for the university students of Rome in view of Easter.
John Paul II, who in the homily mentioned Newton and Einstein, spoke at great length of Satan, of his kingdom opposite to that of God.
"The battle between the kingdom of evil, of evil spirit, and God's kingdom - he said - has not ceased, has not ended. It has not only entered a new stage, but the final stage. In this stage, the battle continues always in the new generations of human history".
Then addressing directiy young people, the Pontiff affirmed: "Leam to think, to talk and to act with evangelic clarity, call sin sin and do not call it redemption".

To men of good will we say: pass this message to the person you care a lot about; he will appreciate it, and, if you can, print it and divulge it in onor of SS. Mary and to the Salvation of mankind.

Messages of Eugenio Siragusa:

Somatic characteristics and behaviour of the Primate of the man and Third Message of Fatima - September 26, 1991
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Important declarations of the CARDINAL ODDI on the 3° Secret of Fatima
Answers of John Paul II on the Third Secret of Fatima

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