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Peace to All Beings
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Offers Books of Light that give our readers Guidance and Benevolent-Magic Techniques to move them Safely through these Tumultuous Times.

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Animal Souls Speak - ER Vol. 13 Animal Souls Speak - ER Vol. 13
Robert Shapiro brings us wisdom and guidance from our fellow creatures across the globe in this compendium of ...

Crystal Skulls: Interacting with a Phenomenon by Dr. Jaap van Etten Crystal Skulls: Interacting with a Phenomenon by Dr. Jaap van Etten
The Crystal Skulls invite us to embark on a journey that leads to a deeper understanding of who we are and...

Continuity of Life Series #1:  Endings Are Beginnings Continuity of Life Series #1: Endings Are Beginnings
A new perspective on healing trauma and illness, and a positive way of looking at life's challenges and transi...

The Gentle Way by Tom T. Moore The Gentle Way by Tom T. Moore
Discover and strengthen your connection with your Guardian Angels. Create benevolent outcomes in every area o...

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Current Mag Cover SJE Offers Source Answers - Channeled Material - to Satisfy the Heart and to Inspire Lives

The one monthly publication that tells you WHAT'S HAPPENING NOW - predictables, your personal horoscope and channelings from humanity's spiritual teachers and mentors describing the safest way to journey to the next dimension and beyond. All people are expanding to their true nature - you can resist or you can assist. Choosing SJE gives you both conceptual information and benevolent magic techniques to assist you to enjoy the process.

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Robert Shapiro
Robert Shapiro
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Training in Benevolent Magic and Living Prayer.

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» My Use of Benevolent Magic and its Benefits
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» A Lesson in Benevolent Magic
» Living Prayer for the Present World Situation.
» Prayer to Stop SSG from Usurping Power
» Disentanglement: A Gift from the Explorer Race Mentors

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» September 23, 2007 - A Shift Into A New Phase
» The 23 December 2005 Toning was Successful!
» The Meaning of Crop Circle Illustrations
» Drunvalo Melchizedek Interview by Steve McCardell
» No Longer Need Your Fear Death - or Life!
» Your Responsibility To Resolve Other Worlds' Problems Is Over!
» Creating Safety in Your Life
» The Sinister Secret Government Attempts to Stimulate Global Crisis

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