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Si Jia- 06-21-2005
Contemporary Contactees UFOria Contemporary Contactees: The Abbotts - "This Outstanding Site Freely gives Higher Spiritual Knowledge (e books, lessons, articles & channellings) to Enlightened People of ALL RELIGIONS and Beliefs." Includes free e-book "LIFT - Starseed Problem Solver." Alahoy Books , featuring contacts with Ashtar, Lord Hatonn,Valient Thor, Council of 9, Council of 48, etc. free to read on line. Some stuff for sale. Offers 93-page "Divine Guidance from the Space Brothers" for free! ALLOYA.COM - "Hello and welcome, I am Alloya Ye Ra Har/ I am a multi-dimensional being. I have an expression on each and every dimensional level , from the very highest dimension which is the Creator , the Source , to my human third dimensional representive here on earth.I like to call her alloya." "The Mission of the One Star " - by Alloya. Download free book here in toto as a PDF file! Amorah Quan Yin - Dolphin Star Temple Mystery School. "Amorah Quan Yin is author of: The Pleiadian Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ka, The Pleiadian Tantric Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ba, Pleiadian Perspectives on Human Evolution, published by Bear and Co. She is channel for the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, Sirian Archangelic League of the Light, Andromedan Emissaries of Light, Ascended Masters, Intergalactic Federation of Light, and others, and founder of Pleiadian Lightwork - Dolphin Star Temple. An Encounter with Visitors From Space And their message to Humans - "The following is from a contact we have in France briefly describing a series of encounters they had with beings from outside the earth, who desired to bring us (Earthlings) a message..." Ananda - "Ananda is an international lecturer, teacher and researcher. He is both an extraterrestrial "contactee" and an InterUniversal "contactee." Daryl Anka/Bashar: Bashar - Official Homepage of contactee Daryl Anka Bashar - Core Concepts Extraterrestrial Contact and Communication Celebration of Life The Hearts Code The New Millennium and Major Earth Changes Creating Your Reality: The Four Laws Journey to the Great Central Sun - Written by Joseph Antaree, based on original channelings by Allen Michael. Complete e-book free to read on-line! PDF file requires Adobe Acrobat Reader Autobiography of a Space Being - Jospeh Antaree's story of his 27 year experience with ETI contact amidst life in the One World Family Commune. PDF file requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Aquarian Perspectives Interplanetary Mission Arcturian Group of Forty Blue Star Speaks - Teachings and Transmissions of Blue Star The Pleiadian, Through Celestial. The Blue Star Light Clans of the Earth - The Blue Star is a Starship that resides within the 5th dimension and it is our ship as it were. Our 5th dimensional selves reside upon the BlueStar Starship. We work closely with the Ashtar Command and the Galactic Federation. We were here in the beginning when the Earth began the project of Seperation from Spirit and we are here again to assist in awakening the people of Earth and coming back into unision and union with Spirit once again. Jonathan (Jody) Boyne - Wanderers, Walk-Ins, Starpeople, ETs, Contactees, Ufos, Interdimensional Reality: Physics and Metaphysics... Tons and tons of valuable information here on the Ra Material, Ascension, ETs and spiritual awakening, etc. Low-tech, but, hi-info! Connie Cook - "Connie Cook's Journal Journeys." This site offers you personal-experiential information regarding UFO contact, spirituality, politics, and this Transformational Age. It also offers music, a narrative recording, a poster, and reading products. Offers FREE "Details Of ET Contact" tape, no shipping cost (one per address). Susan DeVere - "Lord God Enki, Creator of Mankind." Nibiru, Reptilians, Ascension and more. Carlos Diaz - Bio and contact profile Krsanna Duran - TimeStar Earth: A Time Traveller's View . Realizing that the war against Nature could not be won, a band of scientists in the ancient civilization of Atlantis dedicated themselves to developing Nature's power for peaceful evolution. These scientists rose above the wars of Atlantisas Time Travellers to return with a message of peace with the Earth." Top to bottom, an extraordinarily interesting site! A must visit! Adrian Dvir - “An on going strange extraterrestrial activity is taking place in ISRAEL since 1995. Alien medical teams from other realm cure humans at Healers-Mediums clinics. Patients feel strange sensations during the treatment and some even see and communicate with the Aliens medical team. The number of clinics increase steadily and now (2003) there are 50 clinics in ISRAEL and 464 in the states. Other countries also has Alien Clinics. ET medical activity, in addition to the positive medical results help to raise the public awareness and acceptance of Aliens existence...” Adrian Dvir - Book "X3 Healing Entities and Aliens." Sample chapters free to read on-line: Synopsys 1-Introduction 2-Personal Encounters 3-Developing Within a Group 4-Past Lives 5-Parasites 6-Otherworldly Spirits and Beings 7-Beings and Spiritual Guides 8-Partings and Unfinished Business 9-Aliens from Another Universe Elan - "Channeled by Andrew, this being Elan is from the Essassani civilization and offers profound information on the mechanics of "how" we each create our own reality. This information is very similar to the wisdom offered by Bashar - another being from the same civilization. However, each of these two beings focuses on emphasizing different "facets" of this civilization's "data-base" of accumulated Wisdom." Rev. Ronald S. Eppich - contactee/channel for the extraterrestrial entity ASH-KAR (not Ashtar). ASH-KAR is a remarkable being existing in a 13th dimension, outside the standard 12 dimensions of our universe (or "Grid Existence"), who broadcasts telepathically through a gravitational anomaly at the center of our galaxy. UFOria Research has posed a growing series of important questions to ASHKAR on subjects as diverse as ascension, Humanity's origins, the nature of DNA, etc. ET 101: A Cosmic Instruction Manual - Excerpts Extraterrestrial Earth Mission - Light Speed Articles: the Earth Mission periodical newsletter catalog EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL PEACEKEEPERS AND THEIR GENETIC ENGINEERING PROJECT , by Djwhal Kuhl - A Channeled Lecture Presented on October 24, 1996. Brian Farrell - The Fine Art of Contact: A Profile of Artist and “Silent Contactee" Brian Farrell, by Chris Tannlund. "The still-unfolding story of Brian Farrell’s extraterrestrial contacts begins in childhood. One of his earliest memories is of waving to a pulsing ship that hovered silently outside the window of his parents’ bedroom. “I only remember waving to the ships,” he recalls, “There were three of them, and the ships themselves seemed alive. I could talk to the beings through the walls of the ship” ... Galactic Information Service - tough site to navigate, but tons of good info here, including messages written in alien script GIBBON's CHANNELING RESEARCH SITE - "This site presents reviews of non-physical, 'channeled' literature. The reason for collecting all this channeled material is for the possibility that indeed these messages stem from Angels, 'Beings From the Stars' or as some claim from the consciousness of the stars (or our planet) themselves, and while we are listening to radiowaves in our SETI-projects we might completely miss the beauty and wisdom given to the minds of many people on this globe. If there is truth in these messages then it should be made easily available for the interested reader, and that is what I have set out to do." AN EXTRAORDINARY RESOURCE! James Gilliland - Mt. Adams, WA contactee Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ECETI) Self Mastery Earth Institute "Beckoning Contact" - Positive, in-depth investigation of James Gilliland and the Mt. Adams contacts by Steve Moreno's PSI Applications The Ground Crew Project: . Mass Landings . . A Message to Humanity . . An Urgent Message to Humanity . Debi Haverfield - Taking the Mystery Out of Evolution and Ascension. If you think the world's in trouble now you aint' seen nothin''s gonna' get way worse if we, as individuals, remain aloof to our own personal humanness and allow that part of us to be consumed. If you want to evolve, really evolve, to your highest potential as a spiritual being, you must become really human. There is an innate art to becoming human and collectively we are not cultivating that art. We are allowing it to be neutralized without even knowing it. We look for conspiracies and aliens...ways to save the world, save the whales, save the rain forests...ways to make money, save money, spend money and while we watch people on television eat bugs and bed hop we are actively participating in a movement that is creating a hive rather than an organism whose parts are thriving individuals. That's not evolution and it won't get us up the ladder to mass ascension. It will destroy us. . . Excerpts from the Pleiadian Agenda - by Barbara Hand Clow Heaven's Gate: . Original Site . . New (Reactivated) Site . . " Successful Transference " message received by the Andromeda Group, 3/29/97 . . " Binary Codes and Interplanetary Contact " message received by the Andromeda Group, 3/30/97 . . Statements Heaven's Gate Released Over the Years - New Yokl Times Newspaper article . Angela Kahealani - In response to those who are skeptical of things psychic, and/or my claims of my conscious awareness of my past lives on Pleiadian and Sirian planets... Karinya's :UFOs and OTHER ADVENTURES DIRECTORY - "The latest in up-to-date data in the form of articles, books, videos, TV programming and others featuring information from a wide array of sources throughout the world. There are valuable messages and things that Man can learn from these visitors and happenings..." Junichi Kato - Japanese telepath and contactee. Head of OUR-J (Organization of UFO Research, Japan). Interview with photos. Junichi Kato - OUR-J main website, "UFO Report Japan On-line." Cherry Kilgore - "Alien Lady." On May 30, 1954 at 10:56 a.m. as the light being stepped into the cylindrical chamber and energized into blue light disappearing from the chamber on the ship, a soul breathed new life into a baby being born on this Earth plane - Alien Lady. Karen Kimura - . URGENT MESSAGE FROM ETs . . ETs & YOU . . Hermie's Farewell . . ET Q&A . Donna Kinniburgh - Planetary Voyagers - "A search would begin, an alliance formed, referred to as "The Vegan Alliance". This would consist of Ambassadors from the Sirius Grouping, the Pleiades Grouping and from the System of Orion, chiefly that of Arcturus. And there were two others not from your present solar system, but from another universe. These were very important planets and representations existed there upon. They are known, for reference point, (and you will understand at some point why) two planets known as Sodomora and Gomorri. And these did come together in the alliance and the search began for the landmass that would hold the proper and correct atmosphere, conducive to these five races. Indeed, and as the individual races would take up their mission, some for the seeking of landmass, others for the holding of very evolved technology, others for preparation of environmental studies and many other choices. And, indeed, "In the beginning, God so saw the light..." Laura Knight - Cassiopaean Contactee Main Cassiopaean Contact Site "The Exorcist in Love - A Tale of Possibilities" Long, in depth article on Cassiopeaen contactee Laura Knight, by Thomas French. Phillip H. Krapf - "The Challenge of Contact: A Mainstream Reporter's Report on Interplanetary Diplomacy" Free text from the book: . Table of Contents . . Preface . . Recap of the Initial Contact . . Chapter One: A Walk in the Park . . Chapter Two: Surpise Visitor . Phillip H. Krapf - Lengthy excerpts from "The Contact Has Begun" Lisette Larkins - Contactee & author of "Talking to Extraterrestrials: Communicating with Enlightened Beings." . Brief Bio . . Introduction: "An Offer We Can't Refuse" . . Preface: "It Doesn't Seem Believable" . . Chapter One: "Preparation" . . Chapter Two: "Who We Are, Why We Are Here" . From Lissette's New Book, "Calling on Extraterrestrials: . Chapter One . Lightheart Pleiadian Channeling - Louis Richard Martin Lightside Study Group - Through channeling we became reacquainted with our ET contacts, as we come here without full memory. The ET team that we work with lives on a ship that we have nicknamed the Peace Ship. The Peace Ship is roughly the size ofChicago and circles the Earth just outside our atmosphere. It is the home base for many of the light workers that are on Earth at this time. Life on Alpha Centauri - by K.T. L/L Research - Founded by Don Elkins. Contact with the Galactic Confederation, the RA Material, etc. Living the Law of One: A Seminar Sponsored by L/L Research and - A gathering August 19-21, 2005, in the resort-like rural setting of Wooded Glen in southern Indiana to create a circle which will help to anchor the fourth-density grid of planet Earth. Speakers include Carla L. Rueckert, Jim McCarty, Vara L. Lyngklip, Stephen T. Tyman, Maxine Pfefferkorn, George Pfefferkorn and Paul A. Jacob. Gillian MacBeth-Louthan - "Quantum Awakenings." Channeling the "Pleiadian Council of Light," among others. Scott Mandelker - Ra, Law of One. Click " Articles " link for much contact material. Barbara Marciniak - World renowned Pleiadian channel. . Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians - Complete text free online! . . Marian MacNeil, CHT - "The Gift of Words." Contact with extra-dimensional entity/teacher "Neuman." Riley Martin - Riley Martin says it all started when he was seven... they took little Riley aboard an alien spacecraft to a huge mothership parked near Saturn. Their computers download into Riley's brain... the history of humanity, alien insights, and a whole lot more... plus beautiful symbols by the thousands. Riley made friends with this little alien he calls... Tan. MESSAGES FROM THE PLEIADIANS , Through Jerry Wills, Peru Mission Rahma - Puruvian-based contact community. .Mission Rahma Website . - Website is entirely in Spanish. .Mission Rahma Website . - IN ENGLISH! Finally! "Peruvian Contactee Discloses Details of ET Contact ". Brief article in English. Myama - For the last 13 years the channelings of Equinox have provided an impressive amount of information that we feel is crucial for this planet at this time. The purpose for creating this web site is to effectively share what we know with those people who wish to help further the evolution of consciousness on this planet. The Nibiruan Council Sheldon Nidle - Sirian and Galactic Federation contactee. Norweigian Center for Cosmic Awareness Joan Ocean - Within the Spiral Matrix: Communion with Celestial Intelligence Into the 5th and 6th Dimension and Beyond."On this web site, it is my pleasure to share with you many of my personal contacts and interactions with our ET Friends.... " A visually stunning website, packed with fascinating information! Operation Terra - "A new revelation on Earth Changes, ETs, the end times, and the journey to the New Earth, Terra." Organelle - Cognitive Activism in Defense of a Sentient World. This indescribable website must be experienced to be understood. An unparalleled intellectual adventure. The original version identified "Organelle" as a non-human intelligence who "downloaded" the information contained on this website into the author's mind. The website itself is almost "alive." Spend time here. Move around. Learn! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Path to the Source Pleiades - Basic info on the star system in astronomy and mythology The Pleiadian Initiative - For human Pleiadians seeking to activate their purpose. The story of the Pleiadian assistance program to the Human dimension. PLEIADIANS - SPIRITUAL WISDOM FROM THE PLEIADIAN REALM - “We came long ago from the STARS as STARSEEDERS, and now have evolved and exist in another realm. As you acquire enough information to accelerate your own evolution, YOU will become the NEW STARSEEDERS of this realm! The Project At Earth "The Ra Material" . The Law of One, Book I . . The Law of One, Book II . . The Law of One, Book III . . The Law of One, Book IV . . The Law of One, Book V . Reptilian Transmissions from Alpha Draconis Reptiloids of the Inner Earth : "The Lacerta File" translated by Christian Pfeiler - "I certify that the following text is the absolute truth and no work of fiction. These are parts of a transcript of an interview I've made with a non-human and reptilian being in December 1999..." Lyssa Royal-Holt Royal Priest Research (her main website) More Lyssa Royal-Holt Integration: Acknowledging Our Role In The Human Galactic Family Contact and the Power Struggle ETs and Civilization Zeta Reticuli Update The Lyran Beginnings ET History & Sexuality ET Physical Characteristics The Link Between Contact and Consciousness Contact Philosophy and Human Evolution About Contact Work and A Review of Terms All New Interview (2003): Ten Years After: An Exclusive Interview with Lyssa Royal The Pioneering Work of Arizona's Royal Priest Research - article by Chris Tannlund Lia Shapiro - Interdimensional contactee and Pleiadian channel. A SIRIAN GUIDE TO HUMAN SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT AND THE NATURE OF HUMAN REALITY- In 1984, a group of people began meeting to develop Spiritual awareness. They were guided by a group of extra-terrestrials from the Sirian star system. This meeting took place weekly for many years. These are some of the lessons presented by the Sirians (24 in total!) The Sirian Revelations - Six Dimensional Keys to the Universe. "This is the most unusual body of metaphysical and cosmological teachings to have emerged in recent times. Its source is a group of discarnate six-dimensional beings who identify themselves as The Speakers of the Sirian High Council..." Rick Smith - Author of "Legions of Light, Armies of Darknes, which "… is about my relation- ship with “Mother” – an impassioned matriarch best understood as a bipedal female preying mantis – her swift, diligent and ancient guidance in my life’s journey – and the relentless but virtuous veil of protection she has always extended around myself in the form of “downloading” – something that goes well beyond the pale ignorance of my academic, dull–witted detractors. Solara and the 11:11 The Space Intelligences Master Interface - Contactee/researcher Andy Eastman. "Descriptions of methods to contact extraterrestrial lifeforms and some experiences with same. This manual can aid discovery of creatures called Space Intelligence Masters (SIM's or Sims) who live in dimensions of pure intelligence. It also has descriptions of these creatures, their hierarchies and encounters, as additional preparation resources." Extraordinary information. A "must read!" Star Nations - Brother Veritus's contact site, with articles by, through or about the Dr. & Professor Dove of the Aquarian Perppectives Interplanetary Mission, "Azeal," Jose Garcia on the Ashtar Command, Sheldon Nidle, etc. Marshall Vian Summers: Allies of Humanity Homepage - with links to numerous lengthy excerpts from the book. The Greater Community Teachings - A New Message from God. A new awareness of our spiritual power, heritage and destiny.A new means for establishing peace, cooperation and freedom in the world. Talking to the Alien: Glimpses of Another Reality - by Brian Allan. "an account of an alleged communication with an alien entity conducted via a medium using a process termed 'channelling.'" Dianne Tessman's Star People Homesite Thiaoouba Prophecy - A.K.A., "Abduction to the 9th Planet." Michel Desmarquet. Thokol of Saturn Advises We Get Our Affairs in Order , by Nina Ansley Tony Topping THE TRUTH IS HERE A TELEPATH'S JOURNAL OF COMMUNICATION WITH EXTRA- TERRESTRIALS - A Non- Fiction Book, By Speaker Gerald A. Polley, Edited By Speaker Linda J. Polley Universal White Light Healing - Site includes "The Golden Movement," "Diary of an Extraterrestrial," "Protective Symbols," "Extraterrestrial signs," "Extraterrestrial Greetings (audio)" and an image study of ET eye structure. A Wanderer’s Handbook : An Owner’s Manual for ETs and Other SpiritualOutsiders, by Carla Lisbeth Rueckert David Wilcock - Ascension2000. "Although Mr. Wilcock is primarily a researcher of the physics of Oneness, he was contacted by positive extraterrestrial intelligence in 1995 and now produces their verbal transmissions with highly accurate remote-viewing style protocols. Since the conscious-mind interference is minimal in this technique, these “readings” are quite different from normal speech and are of inestimable value in understanding the spiritual perspective and humanity’s imminent destiny. David has dedicated his entire life to this process of acting as a researcher and telepathic ambassador for this angelic group, often known as the Confederation of Planets. Our accuracy has been continually validated through documented future predictions and other means that defy human intellect." Wingmakers - The Ancient Arrow Project: "Nearly a thousand pages of thought-provoking multimedia content (of extraterrestrial origin) that introduces a new cosmology and a future vision of our universe and our purpose therein. It is certain to expand the mind of any who reads, listens, and views this startling collection of philosophy, art, poetry, science, music, and integrated, multi-level story." Debra Yeager - Pleaidian channel with information on Alient Contact, Metaphysics and Earth Changes. ZetaTalk - Nancy Lieder, human emmisary to the Greys.

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