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This site has been made available in response to many requests from our loyal membership for more personal information about the staff and CAC. Cosmic Awareness Communications (C.A.C.) is a not-for-profit Educational and Religious organization, founded in 1972 in the State of Washington. The official organ is a 20 page newsletter, published monthly, called "Revelations of Awareness". The newsletter is comprised of questions sent in by its readers and the answers given by Cosmic Awareness, which has defined Itself as the Pure Consciousness that permeates everything, including all people, which It refers to as "entities." It defines Itself as the Divine Vibration of the Universe. It is the force many call "God". In no way is It an entity or a disincarnated spirit. It is the same Force which expressed Itself through Jesus of Nazareth, the Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, Edgar Cayce and other great avatars down through time who served as "channels" for the "Heavenly Father" and who speaks again today as the world begins to enter the New Age of Spiritual Consciousness and awareness.

Specially trained people who learn to carefully set aside mind, emotion and feeling, are able to go into a trance-like state and "interpret" the energies from Cosmic Awareness when a question is asked. The Interpreter, as he/she is called, translates these energy symbols into spoken English where they are tape recorded, later transcribed and printed in the
"Revelations of Awareness" newsletters. For 20 years the Interpreter has been Paul Shockley who lives in Oregon. In March, 1997, Paul announced he was no longer giving readings for C.A.C. A few weeks later "Grace" appeared as the new channel for Cosmic Awareness.

Through Grace, Awareness explained that Phase 1 and 2 had been completed. Through Paul Shockley's channel, humanity was made aware of the various conspiracies and the areas that were threats to humans, which included the Illuminati Conspiracy, the Alien Presence, the New World Order, etc.

Although many felt this type information was negative and not "spiritual", Awareness explained that it was necessary to spotlight these conspiracies, whose ultimate aim was to enslave mankind, and get the information into consciousness. Awareness, through the new Interpreter Grace, has indicated this has been successful, and the present focus is on
self-empowerment and spiritual development.

Grace is like a breath of fresh air. Her basic message is that now is the time to shift the focus to internal growth and self realization which feeds the high vibrations ushering in the new millennium. Remembering who, in fact, we really are will allow entities to enter the Millennium as enlightened spiritual beings who need not experience the negativity that has been predicted through the ages by various seers and psychics. Grace has channeled what Awareness refers to as "The Lessons of Enlightenment" (learning to attune to your emotional feelings and experiences of pleasure and pain for personal guidance from Spirit) and these are being mailed to CAC readers at no extra charge with the "Revelations of Awareness" newsletters. Awareness has indicated everyone should study these Lessons of Enlightenment and share the information with others, to spread it far and wide. It has said that even those of 80 and 90 years of age should study these lessons, for they too can enter the New Millennium as fully enlightened entities.

Since 1972, thousands of these "readings" have been conducted. Tens of thousands of questions have been asked and Cosmic Awareness has responded with the answers. What kind of questions? You name it. Everything from how the universe was created, to the cause and cure of cancer and hundreds of other diseases. It has extensively described what life is like on other planets, in other systems, how humans were created, the mystery of the pyramids, UFO's, how the Bible was written and by whom and for what reasons. Cosmic Awareness has answered questions about all the great mysteries-from who exactly was William Shakespeare, is the earth hollow as many claim, is there life on other planets and if so, what do the inhabitants look like, what do they do? Cosmic Awareness is very concerned about how people relate to one another and has given many readings on relationships, how to attract a mate, how to make your marriage work and last, how to correctly raise your children. It has given many readings on the subject of sex, homosexuality, etc.

Through Grace, Cosmic Awareness takes us back through the dense network of limiting assumptions, surface appearances and human manipulation, to the core of human existence. To paint----for the first time in human history---a definitive portrait of human nature. Cosmic Awareness now brings knowledge which reclaims the lost communicative strand between spirit, mind, and body. Knowledge of an undiscovered sense in the function and meaning of human emotion. Knowledge which can restore the utilization of free will to create desired reality. Knowledge which can restore the innate spiritual guidance and natural morality inherent in all humans. Knowledge which can explain the historical atrocities and aberrations of the human condition that allow humans to appear powerless and evil. Knowledge that shall restore individual empowerment and replacement upon the unique destiny path. Knowledge that can base a new civilized and evolved global society in which spiritual intention is ever-present.

Come join the forces of light in delivering these understandings. Come ride the wave which now crashes upon the shores of humanity, washing away the historical ignorance and floundering with cleansing rebirth. Come receive the Light and help usher in the dawn of the millennium of enlightenment.

Now meet the folks who conduct the question and answer sessions, tape record and transcribe and print up the information, and who faithfully bring you the newsletter every month.

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