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De: RGirard321@aol.com
Título: Arcturus Bks NDE & Other Side List
Fecha: Thu, 15 Feb 2007 10:31:01 EST
Para: igcabria@yahoo.es
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Undecoded Letter

PHONE:  772-398-0796
FAX:  772-337-1701
EMAIL:  rgirard321@aol.com


1254.  Alexander, Mark.  PHANTOM BRITAIN.  Frederick Muller, 1975.  HC, 1st ed., 256pp, VG, dj
            frayed at top, $15.00

1255.  _____.  HAUNTED INNS.  Frederick Muller, 1973.  HC, 1st ed., 279pp, good, dj edges frayed. $14.00

1255A.  Bache, Rene.  GHOSTS!  Dorrance, 1937.  HC, 1st ed., 105pp, edited & signed by Violet Biddle.  Reading copy, cloth showing splash & damp damage, text clean, no dj,  $10

1257.  Bardens, Dennis.  GHOSTS AND HAUNTINGS.  Taplinger, 1968.  HC, bk club, good, no dj, $5.00

1258.  Bartell, Jan Bryant.  SPINDRIFT: SPRAY FROM A PSYCHIC SEA.  Hawthorn, 1974.  HC, 245pp, 1st prtg.  Good in dj, re haunted NY townhouse, $8.00

1259.  Bayless, Raymond.  THE ENIGMA OF THE POLTERGEIST.  Parker, 1967.  HC, 1st ed., 210pp, good in dj, $15.00

1260.  Bett, Henry.  ENGLISH LEGENDS.  Batsford, 1950.  HC, 1st ed.,150pp, VG, no dj, $10.00

1261.  Blundell & Boar.  THE WORLD'S GREATEST GHOSTS.  Octopus, 1983.  HC, 192pp, VG, not issued with dj (pictorial covers), $10.00

1263.  Braddock, Joseph.  HAUNTED HOUSES.  Batsford, 1956.  HC, 1st ed., 228pp, slight spine lean, else good in torn dj, $10.00

1267.  Burke, Clara.  THE GHOSTS AROUND US.  Dorrance, 1970.  Thin soft, 49p, fair, $5.00

1268.  Carrington, Hereward, and Fodor, Nandor.  HAUNTED PEOPLE.  HC, 1st ed., 225pp, good in chipped and price-clipped dj, $25.00

1269.  _____.  SAME, another copy, 2nd printing, rear cloth shows indistinct dampmark, as does jacket, several stains to jacket front.  $15.00

1271A.  Cahill, Robert E.  NEW ENGLAND'S GHOSTLY HAUNTS.  Chandler-Smith, 1983.  Thin softbound, 48pp, VG, $5.00

1272.  Corbett, Tom, and Norman, Diana.  TOM CORBETT'S STATELY GHOSTS OF ENGLAND.  Taplinger, 1970.  HC, 1st Am. Ed., 191pp, good, no jacket, $6.00

1273.  Coxe, Antony Hippisley.  HAUNTED BRITAIN.  McGraw-Hill, 1973.  HC, 201pp + 13 maps.  Apparent 1st ed.  Tour guide.  Good in VG  dj, $12.00

1274.  Coxhead, J.R. W.  LEGENDS OF DEVON.  The Western Press, 1954.  HC, 1st ed., 185pp.  Many hauntings & ghosts, plus a 6-page chapter on the Devil's Footprints.  Good, dj, $25

1276.  Cummins, Geraldine.  UNSEEN ADVENTURES.  Rider, 1951.  HC, 1st ed., 183pp, good, dj, $14.00

1277.  Curtin, Jeremiah.  IRISH FAIRY TALES.  Dorset, 1992. HC, reprint, 198pp, VG, dj, $8.00

1278.  Daiches, Belle T.  ADVENTURES IN SURVIVAL.  Aries Press, 1949.  HC< 1st ed.,177pp, psychic experiences.  Signed By Author.  Fair copy in much worn dj, uncommon book, $14

1280.  Dingwall, Eric J., and Hall, Trevor H.  FOUR MODERN GHOSTS.  Duckworth, 1958.  HC, 1st ed., 111pp, good, dj, couldn't ask for 2 better ghost-busters.  $15.00

1281.  _____, and Goldney, Kathleen.  THE HAUNTING OF BORLEY RECTORY.  Duckworth, 1956.  HC, 1st ed., 181pp, the most famous British haunting.  VG, dj, $20.00

1282.  Flammarion, Camille.  HAUNTED HOUSES.  Unwin, 1924.  HC, 1st UK ed., 328pp, ¼" tear in cloth at spine base, else good, solid 1st ed. copy.  $26.00

1283.  Fodor, Nandor.  ON THE TRAIL OF THE POLTERGEIST.  Citadel, 1958.  HC, 1st ed., 222pp.  Paper browning, s always, here, otherwise good in dj with small chip to front.  $15.00

1284.  Green, Andrew.  GHOSTS OF TUNBRIDGE WELLS.  The author, no date.  Bklt, 16p, VG, $3

1285.  _____.  GHOSTS IN THE SOUTH EAST.  David & Charles, 1976.  HC, 1st ed., 143pp, good in VG jacket, ghosts in the southeast of England, that is.  $13.00

1286.  _____.  OUR HAUNTED KINGDOM.  White Publishing Ltd., 1973.  HC, 367pp, big fat ghost book, good in dj, $20.00

1287.  Green, Celia, and McCreery, Charles.  APPARITIONS.  St. Martin's, 1975.  HC, 1st Am. Ed., 218pp, good in VG jacket.  $23.00

1288.  Halifax.  LORD HALIFAX'S GHOST BOOK.  Didier, 1944.  HC, 1st Am. Ed., 298pp, well-known collection.  Good copy, no jacket, $10.00

1289.  _____.  LORD HALIFAX'S COMPLETE GHOST BOOK.  Castle, 1986.  HC,  reprint, 433pp, VG in dj, $12.00

1290.  Harper, C. G.  HAUNTED HOUSES.  Cecil Palmer, 1924.  HC, revised ed., 288pp, nice gilt cover & spine devices, foxing to flyleaves, else good copy, $25.00

1291.  Hole, Christina.  HAUNTED ENGLAND.  Batsford, 1940.  HC, 1st ed., 184pp, rather unpleasant fox-spots to fore-edge, else good copy in nice jacket.  $22.00

1292.  Holzer, Hans.  GHOST HUNTER.  Bobbs-Merrill, 1963. HC, 1st ed., 249pp, good in dj, $10.00

1294.  _____.  THE GREAT BRITISH GHOST HUNT.  B-M., 1975.  HC, 1st prtg, 207pp, VG, dj, $10

1295.  _____.  HANS HOLZER'S HAUNTED HOUSES.  Crown, 1971.  HC, 190pp, good in jacket with serious tear across front.  $10.00

1295A.  _____.  THE LIVELY GHOSTS OF IRELAND.  B-M., 1967.  HC, 1st prtg, 182pp, VG, dj, $8

1297.  Hunyadi, Eleanor.  GHOST TOWN TALES (FOR YOUNG PEOPLE).  The Author, 1971.  Softbound, stapled wraps, 103pp, typescript, may be handmade.  Gotta be scarce, stain to rear cover along spine, fair to good, $10.00

1299.  Jackson, Robert G.  THE SPIRIT RAPPERS.  Doubleday, 1972.  HC, later prtg, 226pp, VG, $8

1300.  Kerridge, Roy.  BIZARRE BRITAIN.  Blackwell, 1985.  HC, 1st ed., 210pp, Vg, dj, $12.00

1301.  Lee, Marguerite D.  VIRGINIA GHOSTS.  VA. Bk Co., 1966.  Trade soft, 255pp, reader, sticker or illustration on cover removed, few page corners jammed at end, text VG.  $10.00

1309.  Morgan, Fred T.  GHOST TALES OF THE UWHARRIES.  John Blair, 1968.  HC, 1st ed., 152pp, Carolina ghost stories.  Good in dj with nibbled chip at upper right.  $12.00

1310.  Moss, Peter.  GHOSTS OVER BRITAIN.  Hamish Hamilton, 1977.  HC, 173p, good in dj, $12

1312.  Munn, Debra.  GHOSTS ON THE RANGE.  Pruett, 1989.  Trade soft, 1st ed., 190p, VG, $8.00

1313.  O'Donnell, Elliott.  PHANTOMS OF THE NIGHT.  Rider, 1956.  HC, 1st ed., 190pp, foxing to fore-edge, else good, no dj, $12.00

1314.  _____.  GHOSTS.  Foulsham, no date (ca 1955).  HC, 1st ed., 176pp, good, no dj, $11.00

1315.  _____.  ELLIOTT O'DONNELL'S GREAT GHOST STORIES.  Arco, 1984.  HC, 448pp, collection of, VG, dj, $12.00

1317.  _____.  ROOMS OF MYSTERY.  Philip Allan, 1931.  HC, 1st ed., 282pp, front hinge cracked, else good, $15.00

1318.  _____.  HAUNTED BRITAIN.  Rider, 1949.  HC, 3rd prtg, 194pp, dusty, still good in dj, $15.00

1319.  _____.  HAUNTED WATERS.  Rider, 1957.  HC, 1st ed., 222pp, good in dj, $15.00

1320.  _____.  FAMILY GHOSTS AND GHOSTLY PHENOMENA.  Philip Allan, 1933.  HC, 1st ed., few instances of bracketing, else good, no jacket, $12.00

1324.  _____.  HAUNTED PEOPLE.  Rider, 1955.  HC, 1st ed.,191pp, good, no dj, $13.00

1326.  _____.  GHOSTS WITH A PURPOSE.  Roy, no date, HC, 196pp, fair in hopeless dj,  $9.00

1327.  _____.  THE SCREAMING SKULLS AND OTHER GHOSTS.  Taplinger, 1969.  HC< 1st Am. Ed., 174pp, small bite taken out of rear edge & jacket, still entirely readable, $6.00

1328.  _____.  HAUNTED PLACES IN ENGLAND.  Sands & Co., 1919.  HC, 228pp, good, no dj, $15

1329.  O'Donnell, Elliott.  THE MENACE OF SPIRITUALISM.  T. Werner Laurie, no date (ca. 1915).  HC, apparent 1st ed., 216pp, fair copy, faint dampmarking to rear cloth, $18.00

1330.  _____.  ELLIOTT o'DONNELL'S CASEBOOK OF GHOSTS.  Taplinger, 1969.  HC, 287pp, VG, dj, $15.00

1331.  Owen, A.R.G.  CAN WE EXPLAIN THE POLTERGEIST?  Helix, 1964.  HC, 1st ed., 436pp, ex-library copy, stamps on edges, still good & solid in dj, great study copy, $15.00

1332.  Patterson, L.E.  TRUE GHOSTS OF NORTH GEORGIA.  The author, 1982.  Bklt, 61pp, Inscribed by Author, good copy, light staining on cover.  $8.00

1333.  Playfair, Guy.  THIS HOUSE IS HAUNTED.  Stein & Day, 1980.  HC, 1st ed., 190p, VG, dj, $12

1335.  Poole, Keith B.  BRITAIN'S HAUNTED HERITAGE.  R. Hale, 1988.  HC, 1st ed., 189p, dj, $10

1336.  Price, Harry.  POLTERGEIST OVER ENGLAND.  Country Life, 1945.  HC, 1st ed., 423pp, much used copy, just fair, in poor jacket, still got a read or two left, $25.00

1337.  _____.  CONFESSONS OF A GHOST HUNTER.  Causeway, 1974.  HC, 396pp, reprint ed., 4" x ¾" piece of jacket nibbled away, else good, $10.00

1338.  _____.  THE END OF BORLEY RECTORY.  Harrap, 1946.  HC, 1st ed., 358pp, Ex religious library copy, several small stamps, no other indicators, much used, $14.00

1339.  Price, Harry, and Lambert, R.S.  THE HAUNTING OF CASHEN'S GAP.  Methuen, 1936.  HC, 1st ed., 12mo, 211pp, fair, small stain on cloth, spine darkened, $20.00

1341.  Roberts, Nancy.  AN ISSUSTRATED GUIDE TO GHOSTS OF THE OLD NORTH STATE.  McNally & Loftin, 1959.  Lg. HC, 1st ed., 53pp, good in rubbed dj, $12.00

1342.  _____.  GHOSTS OF THE CAROLINAS.  McNally & Loftin, 1967.  Lg. HC, 2nd ed., 63pp, VG in dj, $12.00

1345.  Sitwell, Sacheverall.  POLTERGEISTS: FACT OR FANCY.  University, 1959, HC, dj, $15

1346.  Stirling, A.M.W.  GHOSTS VIVISECTED.  Citadel, 1958, HC, 158pp, reader, shabby, $5.00

1347.  Tackaberry, Andrew.  FAMOUS GHOSTS, PHANTOMS AND POLTERGEISTS FOR THE MILLIONS.  Bell, 1967.  HC, reprint, 160pp, VG, dj, $7.0-0

1348.  Thurston, Herbert.  GHOSTS AND POLTERGEISTS.  Burns Oates, 1953.  HC, 1st ed., 210pp, fair to good copy, small spots to cloth along edge, no jacket.  $12.00

1351.  Tweedale, Violet.  GHOSTS I HAVE SEEN.  Frederick Stokes, 1919.  HC, 1st ed., 319pp, good, spine darkened, $18.00

1352.  Underwood, Peter.  GAZETTEER OF BRITISH GHOSTS.  Walker, 1971.  HC, 1st Am. Ed., 256pp, illus. guide to 236 haunted locations in UK.  Good, dj soiled, $11.00

1353.  Walker, Danton.  SPOOKS DELUXE. Franklin Watts, 1956. HC, 1st ed., 187pp, good, no dj, $8

1354.  Webb, Richard.  GREAT GHOSTS OF THE WEST.  Nash Publishing, 1971.  HC, 1st prtg, 278p, VG, dj, $12.00

1355.  Wickland, Carl.  THIRTY YEARS AMONG THE DEAD.  Spiritualist Press, 1968.  HC, 2nd prtg, 390pp, top edge a bit splashed, otherwise good + in slightly chipped dj, $30.00

1357.  Wilson, Colin.  POLTERGEIST: A STUDY IN DESTRUCTIVE HAUNTING.  Putnam, 1982.  HC, 1st Am.    ed., 382pp, VG, dj, $20.00

1359.  Wood, G. Bernard.  SECRET BRITAIN.  Cassell, 1968.  HC, 1st ed., 203pp, good, dj, $14.00

1360.  Wright, Alfred A.  GHOSTS.  Paebar Co., 1948.  HC, 154pp, good, not issued w/dj, $12.00


1361.  Cannon, Dolores.  CONVERSATIONS WITH NOSTRADAMUS.  America West, 1989.  Trade soft, 322pp.  !st ed., volume 1.  Channelled.  VG, $8.00

1362.  Cheetham, Erica.  THE PROPHECIES OF NOSTRADAMUS.  Spearman, 1979.  HC, 426pp, one of the better Nostradamus efforts.  Top edge spotted, else good + in dj, $18.00

1364.  de Fontbrune, Jean-Charles.  NOSTRADAMUS II: THE 21ST CENTURY.  HRW, 1984.  HC, 166pp + tables.  Good in good dj, $8.00

1365.  Forman, Henry J.  THE STORY OF PROPHECY IN THE LIFE OF MANKIND.  Tudor, 1939.  HC, 347pp.  Fair in torn dj, prelims are discolored from clippings laid in (not present), acidificatioin to pastedowns, still a decent copy for study.  $15.00

1366.  Garrison, Omar V.  THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PROPHECY.  Citadel, 1978.  HC, 225pp, VG, dj, $10.00

1367.  Leoni, Edgar.  NOSTRADAMUS AND HIS PROPHECIES.  Bell, 1982.  HC, 823pp, fair copy, light dampmark to fore-edge, else good in jacket.  $10.00

1368.  Murray, Richard D. THE KEY TO NOSTRADAMUS.   Scorcap, 1975.  HC, 1st prtg, 523pp, binding is cocked a bit, still good in torn dj, $12.00

1370.  Roberts, Henry C.  THE COMPLETE PROPHECIES OF NOSTARDAMUS.  Nostradamus Inc., 1970.  HC, later prtg, 350pp, good in dj, $9.00

1371.  Rowley, H.H.  PROPHECY AND RELIGION IN ANCIENT CHINA AND ISRAEL.  Harper, 1956.  HC, 1st ed., 154pp, good in dj, $10.00

1372.  Ward, Charles A.  ORACLES OF NOSTRADAMUS.  Scribner's, 1940.  HC, later prtg, about 400pp, waterstain to front of jacket, visible on cloth beneath, not disastrous, else fair, dj, $14


1373.  Allegro, John.  THE MYSTERY OF THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS REVEALED.  Gramercy, 1981, HC, reprint of The Dead Sea Scrolls: a Reappraisal.  Vg, DJ, $10

1374.  Armstrong, W. A.  MIRACLE HILL: A LEGEND OF WISCONSIN.  Cramer, Akins & Cramer, 1889.  HC, 73pp, Good, interesting folklorish-style tale.  $20.00

1375.  Berna, Kurt.  CHRIST DID NOT PERISH ON THE CROSS.  Int'l Fdn for the Holy Shroud, 1975.  HC, 253pp, essential book for Shroud collections.  Good + in dj, $25.00

1376.  Boa & Proctor.  THE RETURN OF THE STAR OF BETHLEHEM.  Doubleday, 1980.  HC, 1st ed, 204pp, good, dj, $10.00

1377.  Cruz, Joan Carroll.  THE INCORRUPTIBLES.  Tan, 1977.  Trade soft, 310pp, re the incorruptibility of saints' bodies.  VG, $10.00

1378.  DeMarchi, John.  THE IMMACULATE HEART: THE TRUE STORY OF OUR LADY OF FATIMA.  Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 1952.  HC, 1st ed., 287pp, good in sl. Torn dj, $15.00

1379.  Estrade, J.B.  THE APPEARANCES OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY AT THE GROTTO OF LOURDES.  Art & Book Co., no date (internally 1879).  Softbound, 281pp.  Essential book for religious phenomena collections.  Dampstains showing to cover, but text is clean.  $35.00

1380.  Evans, Helen F.  THE GARDEN OF THE LITTLE FLOWER AND OTHER MYSTICAL EXPERIENCES.  Sutherland Press, 1947.  HC, 138pp.  Therese of Lisieux.  Good, dj, $12.00

1381.  Haffert, John M.  MEET THE WITNESSES.  AMI, 1961.  HC, 160pp, re Fatima, good, dj, $16

1382.  Helle, Jean.  MIRACLES.  Burns Oates, 1952.  HC, 1st Eng. Ed., 288pp, spine lean, else fair in poor dj.  $15.00

1383.  _____.  SAME.  Another copy, D. McKay, 1952, HC, 1st Am. Ed., 288pp, VG, dj, $20.00

1385.  Hynek, R. W.  THE TRUE LIKENESS.  Sheed & Ward, 1951.  HC, 96pp + plate section.  Scarce Shroud of Turin title.  Good copy, but lacks jacket.  $26.00

1387.  Lefebvre, Eugene.  A LAND OF MIRACLES FOR THREE HUNDRED YEARS.  St. Anne's Bookshipo, 1958.  HC, apparent 1st ed.,185pp, re St. Anne de Beaupre, Canada.  VG, dj, $10

1388.  Lindsay.  RAPTURE.  Bantam, 1983.  Trade soft, 1st prtg thus, good, $3.00

1389.  _____.  THE 1980'S: COUNTDOWN TO ARMAGEDDON.  Westgate Pr., 1980.  HC, 1st ed., 200pp, we're still on out feet, Hal-when's it coming, dude??  Good, no jacket, $6.00

1391.  McGrath, William C.  FATIMA OR WORLD SUICIDE.  Scarboro Fgn. Mission Soc., 1959.  HC, 94pp, good in slightly torn dj, $10.00

1392.  Martindale, C.C.  THE MESSAGE OF FATIMA.  Burns Oates, 1950.  HC, 1st ed., 183pp.  Paper aging, still vG in jacket.  $15.00

1393.  Moule, C.F.D., ed.  MIRACLES: CAMBRIDGE STUDIES IN THEIR PHILOSOPHY AND HISTORY.  A. R. Mowbray, 1965.  HC, 1st ed., 245pp, good in rubbed & frayed dj, $15.00

1394.  Nickell, Joe.  INQUEST ON THE SHROUD OF TURIN.  Prometheus, 1983.  HC, 1st ed., 178pp.  VG, dj, de-bunk.  $15.00

1397.  Pelletier, Joseph A.  OUR LADY COMES TO GARABANDAL.  Assumptioin Publications, 1971.  Trade soft, 231pp, VG, $10.00

1397A.  _____.  SAME, another copy, hardcover, apparent 1st ed., fine in jacket, $14.00

1397B.  _____.  GOD SPEAKS AT GARABANDAL.  Assumption, 1970.  HC, 12mo, 1st

1398.  Pike, James A.  IF THIS BE HERESY. Delta, 1969.  Trade soft, 205pp, VG, $5.00

1399.  Pulos, Lee, and Richman, Gary.  MIRACLES & OTHER REALITIES.  Omega Pr., 1990.  Trade soft, 253pp, VG, $10.00

1401.  Rogo, D. Scott.  MIRACLES: A PARASCIENTIFIC INQUIRY ITO WONDROUS PHENOMENA.  Dial, 1982.  HC, 1st ed., 332pp, VG, dj, $18.00

1402.  Schonfield, Hugh J.  AFTER THE CROSS.  A.S. Barnes, 1981.  HC, 113pp, VG, dj, $10.00

1403.  Smith, Jody Brant.  THE IMAGE OF GUADALUPE: MYTH OR MIRACLE?  Doubledaqy, 1983.  HC, 1st ed., 173pp, VG, dj, $12.00

1406.  Teodorowicz, Josef.  MYSTICAL PHENOMENA IN THE LIFE OF THERESA NEUMANN.  B. Herder Bk. Co., 1947.  HC, 519pp.  Later prtg.  Good, spine faded, scarce, $35.00

1408.  Zugibe, Frederick T.  THE CROSS AND THE SHROUD.  Angelus Bks, 1982.  HC, 1st ed., 217pp, VG, dj, $18.00


1410.  (Anonymous).  THE MESSAGE OF ANNE SIMON.  The Gorlham Press, 1920.  HC, 1st ed., 145pp.  Some pencil bracketing & underlining, cover soil, gen. good copy, uncommon, $12

1411.  (Anonymous).  THE SECOND MESSAGE OF ANNE SIMON.  Gorham Press, 1920, HC, 159pp, sequel to previous book.  VG copy, $12.00

1414.  Atwater, P.M.H.  COMING BACK TO LIFE.  THE AFTER-EFFECTS OF THE NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCE.  Dodd, Mead, 1988.  HC, 1st ed.  Inscribed by Author ("Phyllis").  VG, dj, $16

1415.  Bailey, E.H.  THE PRENATAL EPOCH.  Foulsham, 1916.  HC, 239pp, 1st ed.  Astrological study.  Hinges very tender or cracking, good study copy, $10.00

1416.  Bander, Peter.  VOICES FROM THE TAPES.  Drake, 1973.  HC,  1st ed., 167pp, VG, dj, $10

1417.  Banejee, H.N., and Oursler, Will.  LIVES UNLIMITED: REINCARNATION EAST AND WEST.  Doubleday, 1974.  HC, 1st ed., 187pp, good +, dj, $8.00

1418.  Barbanell, Sylvia.  WHEN YOUR ANIMAL DIES.  Spiritualist Pr., 1961. HC, later prtg, good, dj, $10

1419.  Barker, Elsa.  LETTERS FROM A LIVING DEAD MAN.  Mitchell Kennerly, 1915.  HC, 291pp, apparent 1st ed.  Via automatic writing.  Spine lean, fair copy.  $10.00

1421.  Beard, Paul.  LIVING ON.  Allen & Unwin, 1980.  Special edition.  HC, 202pp, good, no dj, $8

1422.  Bernstein, Morey.  THE SEARCH FOR BRIDEY MURPHY.  Doubleday, 1958.  HC, later prtg, 258pp, good in chipped dj, $8.00

1424.  Brian, Denis.  JEANE DIXON: THE WITNESSES.  Doubleday, 1976.  HC, 1st ed., VG, dj, $8

1425.  Cahagnet, L. A.  THE CELESTIAL TELEGRAPH, OR, SECRETS OF THE LIFE TO COME REVEALED THROUGH MAGNETISM.  J.S. Redfield, 1851.  HC, 2 vols in 1, 180, 230pp, 1st American edition.  Reports on 86 deceased people.  Good, solid copy, only 1 on the net now (at $250 in poor condition), we'll ask $150.00 for ours. 

1427.  Carrington, Hereward, and Meader, John R.  DEATH: ITS CAUSES AND PHENOMENA, WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO IMMORTALITY.  Rider, 1911.  HC, 1st ed., 552pp, hinges tender but good copy nonetheless-handle carefully.  $75.00

1428.  Cerminara, Gina.  MANY MANSIONS.  W. Sloane, 1962.  HC, 13th prtg, 304pp, VG, dj, $7.00

1429.  Clarke, Ida Clyde.  MEN WHO WOULDN'T STAY DEAD.  B. Ackerman, 1945.  HC, 1st ed., 288pp, good in rubbed jacket.  $14.00

1432.  Cooke, Ivan, ed.  THE RETURN OF ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE.  White Eagle Publishing Trust, 1956.  HC, 1st ed., 203pp, purported messages from beyond.  Fair, some pencil bracketing, a few turned page corners, $8.00

1433.  Cranston, Sylvia, and Williams, Carey.  REINCARNATION: A NEW HORIZON IN SCIENCE, RELIGION AND SOCIETY.  Julian Pr., 1984.  HC, 4th prtg, 384pp, good in dj, $10.00

1434.  Cummins, Geraldine.  MIND IN LIFE AND DEATH.  Aquarian Pr., 1956.  HC, 1st ed., 270pp, paper aging, just good in frayed & chipped dj.  $12.00

1436.  Curtiss, Harriette and Homer.  REALMS OF THE LIVING DEAD: A BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF LIFE AFTER DEATH.  Curtiss Philosophical Book Co., 252pp.  HC, 1st ed., good copy, $20

1438.  DeCamp, Etta.  THE RETURN OF FRANK R. STOCKTON.  Macoy, 1913.  HC, 1st ed., 314pp.  good copy, automatic writing, $15.00

1440.  Dethlefsen, Thorwald.  VOICES FROM OTHER LIVES.  M. Evans, 1977.  HC, 1st Am. Ed., 235pp, reincarnation as a source of healing.  VG, dj, $10.00

1445.  Eddy, Sherwood.  YOU WILL SURVIVE AFTER DEATH.  Rinehart, 1950.  HC, 1st ed., 210pp, much worn in worn dj, $8.00

1451.  Garrett, Eileen J.  DOES MAN SURVIVE DEATH?  Helix Pr., 1957.  HC, 1st ed, 204pp, dj, $12

1454.  Hall, Manly P.  REINCARNATION: THE CYCLE OF NECESSITY.  PRS, 1978.  HC, later prtg, 224pp, VG in chipped dj.  $14.00

1455.  _____.  THE INNER LIVES OF MINERALS, KPLANTS AND ANIMALS.  PRS, 1973.  Glossy Bklt, 31pp, fine, $5.00

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