Excerpt from Chapter One
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Spiritual Teachings and Universal Truths

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Teachings Concerning God





      You would like for me to enlighten you concerning God, but what can I tell you that you would understand?  Most of you do not understand the lowest creatures around you.  You do not even understand yourselves to the correct degree.  You cannot comprehend the composition of the smallest stone, or the most insignificant worm of the fields.  You do not know the facts of the most commonplace objects that you see everyday, and yet you would ask me to teach you about the Supreme Being, to give you understanding of someone purely spiritual.  Unfortunately, for the majority of you, due to your materialistic mentality and/or religious confinement that is impossible, since you lack all conceptions required to enable you to grasp these mighty truths.  Only by changing your way of thinking, and accepting the fact that the first step of your spiritual progress is a spiritual education, can you ever hope to comprehend these teachings and benefit both spiritually and physically from them. 

      Having said that, there is one thing that each of you can reason out for yourself by logical thinking and that is - There must be some cause for the existence of everything and everyone in Creation.  It's absurd and extremely illogical to believe that Creation "evolved" from an absolute nothingness or that Creation created itself.  Doesn't the word Creation logically imply that there must be a Creator? 

      Precisely as it is impossible to conceive of a clock without assuming the existence of a clock maker, it is impossible to conceive of the greatest and most accurate timepieces of all, the Universes (yes, there are many Universes) without assuming the existence of a great Master jeweler who built these timepieces with their billions upon billions of wheels, all of them so perfectly geared and running so accurately, that the astronomers of today can calculate what the exact relative positions of the various wheels will be thousands of years from now.  The Creator of these timepieces, whose greatness, origin and composition surpass the grasp of the human mind, is known to you as God.  It should be obvious to everyone that a God must exist.  Only a fool would say there is no God, a fool who is being deceived by the Evil Spiritual Powers of Darkness. 

      As to the nature of God, that is something which I cannot explain to you, any more than I can explain the cause of the divine existence.  If God Himself tried to explain these truths to you it would be like trying to explain the calculations of a planet's orbit to a five year old child, who would naturally lack all knowledge of astronomy and mathematics and of all the principles, formulas and equations involved.  If it takes astronomers months to calculate the orbit of a single planet or star, a child unfamiliar with the first inklings of science and math would be driven mad, if it were attempted to teach him something utterly beyond the reach of his understanding.  In the same way you would be driven out of your senses if God were to try to fill your mind with ideas which are quite incomprehensible to you and which your understanding could not assimilate.  You have been created with a limited mental capacity.  I suggest that you accept this fact. 

      Putting these two questions aside, there is much I can teach you concerning God that you may not know. 

      Your own reasoning teaches you that God is a creative spirit, endowed with a will, Who orders all things sagely, and similarly, you are convinced of His omnipotence, wisdom and greatness, so far as the human mind is capable of grasping the same.  Many of you know the way in which He rules the world; you know His wonders and His love and mercy for His creatures.  What I can teach you is a more precise knowledge of the truths to be found in the original Holy Scriptures relating to God and His attributes, and to call your attention to erroneous ideas, falsehoods, fantasies, and absurdities contained in the false teachings of the various false religious cults, which include all the religions in the world today. 

      The fact that God is a spirit is one thing on which most religions agree.  A point on which they do not agree, however, is whether or not this spirit has shape.  Many people think that shape is associated with matter only, but not with spirit.  This is a mistake.  Material forms are images of spiritual forms, and since all material things have form and shape, so too, have all spiritual things, and so also, has God.  In fact, everything and everyone, in either the material or the spiritual world, has shape.  Beauty is perfection of form, a statement that is equally true of the realm of the ethereal.  (Ethereal energy is exceptionally delicate and refined spiritual energy.)  God is the perfection of beauty, and therefore, also the perfection of shape.  God as an integral, thinking and planning being is a personality, and there can be no such thing as a personality, an "ego" without form or shape. 

      God as the highest spirit differs from all created spirits, and difference is possible only where distinguishing features exist.  Again, features can exist only where there is shape and form.  God's shape and form, His appearance, is that of a man, though He is not human nor is He similar to any created spirit in composition.  He created humans in His image. 

          Inasmuch as God possesses shape and personality, He is not omnipresent in the sense in which you understand the word.  It is true that He is aware of all things and of all events through the force that emanates from Him, because everything in existence owes its being, its perpetuation and its functions solely to the force disseminated by God.  Through His power He maintains contact with everything that exists, nothing can escape His notice.  Also, His spiritual messengers, the angels, report to Him what He desires to know concerning everything and everyone that exists, but as a personified spirit He is not everywhere at the same time.  It is impossible for any spirit to be located in two or more different places at the same time. 


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