Excerpt from Chapter Six
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Spiritual Teachings and Universal Truths

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Immanuel's Teachings vs. "Christianity"






    Let no one deceive you concerning the truth about life, or the afterlife, with scientific theories or by the foolish absurd traditions of people and their religions, because the Evil Spiritual Powers that rule the world have established these as truth, but when examined closely in the light of Immanuel's (Jesus Christ) true teachings they become obviously untrue. 

     Why is it that the Teachings of Immanuel no longer seem to exert any influence upon the people of today?  The reason is mankind no longer possesses Immanuel's Teachings in their pristine purity and clearness, because in the course of time, many human errors and deliberate falsifications have crept into the "Christian" religions. 

     I am now going to compare the true Teachings of Immanuel with the false doctrines of the so-called Christian churches of today, and particularly with those of the "Catholic faith" to whom most Christians belong and from whom most of the other Christian religions have been derived. 

      At what point in a brook do you find the purest and clearest water, near the source or near the mouth?  Most assuredly, near the source, because as the spring water flows on as a stream, it loses its coolness and with it, its purity and clearness.  Small brooks, coming into it from either bank, mingle their waters with its current.  Further down it receives the drainage from human habitations, human and animal refuse and waste from mills and factories.  It no longer refreshes and those who must drink its waters to quench their thirst do so only when forced to and when no pure spring water is to be had.  The same may be said of the truth.  Taken at its source, it is a refreshing, life infusing draft, but when drawn from the stream which has been flowing for a distance through the lowlands of human error and worldly passions, its purity and coolness are gone.  The mixture of untruth and error has given it an ill flavor.  The thirsty truth seeker drinks of it with inner repugnance and only when denied the clear water of the fountainhead of truth. 

      The Teachings of Immanuel met with a fate like that of the water from a spring which, as a brook, flows by the haunts of people.  It also was defiled when it flowed through human channels.  The evil that is in people and the Powers of Evil which surround them, have so sullied and rendered unpalatable Immanuel's pure precepts, that they have lost their life giving power.  The source of all truth is God, a source to which people cannot ascend in their terrestrial shapes.  They must depend upon the bearers of the truth who draw from that source.  These are God's spiritual messengers and only they are admitted to that source.  Only they possess the clean vessels in which the truth can be brought fresh and unsullied to mankind. 

      The first and the greatest of the truth bearers was Immanuel as a spirit.  In the days preceding His incarnation it was He Who, partly in person, partly through His subordinates in the spirit world, brought the first draft of truth to humanity.  Because of Him there existed the communication with spirits by the ignorant and exhausted world of the Old Testament and the coming and going, in the early days of the Christian era, of truth bearing spirits, constantly drawing upon God's fountainhead and bringing the water of truth, at Immanuel's request, to the parched souls of mankind. 

      It is, accordingly, one of the fundamental precepts of the true Christian faith, that people cannot proclaim the truth out of their own consciousness.  They can do so only as instruments of God's spirit world. 

      Even Immanuel as a mortal could not of His own volition ascend to the source of the truth.  As a man, He had no more inherent knowledge of the truth than had others.  What He had known in the days when, as the first created spirit living with God, had been obliterated from His memory by His entry into a material body as completely as the knowledge of a previous existence is obliterated from the recollection of other people, although the time was when they too lived with the Father.  The property of physical substance by which the recollection of a previous existence is wiped out, exerted the same action upon the incarnated Immanuel that it exerts upon every other spirit incarnated in human form. 

      Consequently, Immanuel after His incarnation was dependent upon the spirit messengers sent to Him by the Father, as He acknowledged when He said, "You will see Heaven opened and the Angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of Man."  He was but God's envoy and had no advantage over the divine envoys who had preceded Him, because they too had been instructed by God's spirits.  Neither Enoch, Abraham, Moses, nor any of the Old Testamentary prophets said things that came from their own minds, but all, in the words of Peter the Apostle "preached the gospel by a holy spirit sent forth from Heaven."

     Immanuel repeatedly assured His hearers that He spoke not of His own knowledge, but only as He had heard from the Father.  It was the Father Who directed Him as the occasion required by means of His spiritual messengers "constantly ascending and descending above the Son of Man", and "then you will know, that I do nothing of myself but only speak as my Father has taught me", and " . . . I speak to the world only those things, that I have heard from Him."  (John 8:26)

      The same fountainhead of truth from which Immanuel had drawn was to serve all those who came to spread His gospel after Him.  The first of these would be the Apostles, who were not merely to repeat the words which they had heard Immanuel say, as they interpreted them, since it is a common human failing to quote inaccurately when called upon to repeat what someone else has said.  Of a hundred listeners to the same speaker, no two, when asked to repeat his remarks, will agree precisely as to his words or his meaning. 

      Therefore, the Apostles were to be instructed again by the spirits of the truth, concerning those things that Immanuel had spoken to them as a man, in order that His words might suffer no distortion from their erroneous interpretation.  They were to receive from God's spirits, confirmation of the Teachings proclaimed by Immanuel, as well as certain new truths which He had withheld from them, either because under God's Plan of Salvation these truths could not be announced before the Redeemer's "death", or because the Apostles themselves were not yet qualified to receive and to understand them. 

      You will find this statement of mine confirmed in Immanuel's own words, "Then will I ask the Father and He will give you other helpers, who will be with you henceforth, those helpers are the spirits of truth."  (John 14:16)   "I have yet many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now.  Nevertheless, when the spirits of truth have come, they will guide you into all the truth."  (John 14:16)   " . . . after me will come the helpers, holy spirits, whom the Father will send in my name, to teach you whatever else there may be and to recall to you what I have said."  (John 14:26)  According to these words, the spirits of truth had a twofold task before them.  First, it was their duty to bring to the remembrance of the people all that Immanuel, while on Earth, had told them, and to confirm its truth.  After that, they were to continue the teaching that Immanuel had begun and to proclaim those further truths that He had purposely withheld because of reasons that I have already stated.  In addition, the spirits of God were to be with the people forever, because of the power of evil and the weakness of humans, the fear of error was ever present. 

      The living must not be dependent upon the religious traditions of their ancestors, because such human traditions would bear no guarantee of truthfulness, nor could those, to whom they would be handed down, be expected to be able to know what part of them was derived from God's well-spring of truth and how much was attributable to human error. 

      Therefore, after Immanuel's corporeal death, God's messengers arrived constantly as spirits of truth, according to His promise.  The Apostles continually called upon them when urging their hearers to the faith.  Paul's writings especially, abound in references to these messengers, he writes, "Now the spirits which we have received are none of the evil spirits, which rule the world, but spirits coming from God, that we may know the things that God in His grace has bestowed upon us.  Of this we preach also, not in the words taught by human wisdom, but in words which are taught to us by God's spirits, in this way we deliver the message of a spirit in the same words in which the spirits gave it to us.  True, a worldly-minded man does not accept things brought by a spirit of God because he looks upon communication with God's spirit world as madness, neither is he fit for an understanding of such matters because only those who understand the laws by which spirit communication is governed can form a proper judgment."  (1st Corinthians 2:4-14)

      Not only the Apostles received their teaching from God's spirits, but also the "mediums" who were to be found in every community.  As you already know, they were called prophets.  Paul writes that the mystery of Immanuel "has now been revealed unto His holy Apostles and prophets by a spirit of God".  (Ephesians 3:5)   It was through these mediums as the instruments of the good spirits that the truthful people could at any time ascertain, whether a doctrine was true and how it was to be understood.  Concerning this, Paul writes to the Philippians, "If in any matter your belief should differ, that also God will make clear to you."  (Philippians 3:15)   They had the privilege of inquiring of God at their gatherings and were answered by His spirits speaking through the mediums. 

      Speaking of the earlier prophets, as well as of those who preached the gospel in his own day, Peter says that they "preached the gospel by a holy spirit, sent forth from Heaven".  (1st Peter 1:12)   To which he adds in another epistle, " . . . no prophecy of scripture is of private interpretation, because no prophecy ever came by the will of man, but people spoke from God, being moved by a holy spirit."  (2nd Peter 1:20,21)   The word "prophecy" which occurs so often in the Bible does not mean, as you believe, the prediction of an event to come, but all speech by a spirit of God through a human medium. 

      In the Old Testament God urged people to seek the truth from Him, "Inquire of me!"  And He revealed the truth through His spirit messengers.  By His own statements, Immanuel, as a mortal, received the truth from spirits of God.  He promises His Apostles that they too will learn the truth from the spirits of truth.  The Apostles testify that this promise of Immanuel was fulfilled and that they received their Teachings from God's spirits. 

     But from where does "Christianity" of today draw the truth?  Can the ministers of the various "Christian" denominations say of themselves that a spirit of God is speaking from them?  Can they testify, as did Paul, that they "speak not in words which man's wisdom teaches . . ." but that they have the mind of Immanuel?  They cannot. 

      They are in the employ of their churches, whose respective creeds they studied under human instruction at schools, seminaries and universities.  What they absorbed there was "man's wisdom", professorial wisdom, with all of its errors and that is what they preach to their congregations.  Of spirits as messengers from God and as heralds of the truth they know nothing.  In their eyes it is, to use one of Paul's terms, foolishness, to expect any further teachings from a spirit of God at this late day.  According to "modern" ideas, no further teachings are needed, in their opinion, such teachings may have been necessary in the days when people were supposedly much more ignorant than they are in our "enlightened" age. 

      A man like Moses may have felt that he must communicate with God's spirit world and to "inquire of God" in order to learn the truth.  So also the great prophets, Immanuel Himself, as well as His Apostles, but today all that is considered as old-fashioned and as a thing of the past.  To be sure, people have made great progress in science, you can all read and write and have millions of books to which you can refer, and in addition you have no end of learned "theologians", "doctors of divinity" and professors.  They can surely tell you what the truth is.  It is quite the contrary. 

      As a matter of fact, it is precisely these doctors and professors of the "sacred theology" who are responsible for the introduction of those doctrines against which Paul speaks these words of warning, "Wishing to be regarded as versed in the law although they do not understand the meaning of the terms which they use or the things of which they speak with so much assurance."  (1st Timothy 1:7)

     The spirit world of God has long since been eliminated from the Christian creeds.  The heads of the churches have exiled the holy spirits.  But wherever spirits of God have been forced to yield, spirits of another nature presented themselves, like those of which Paul writes to Timothy, "God's spirits declare expressly, that in times to come, many will fall away from the truth and, turning to spirits of deceit, will spread doctrines inspired by demons."   Into the places of the good spirits stepped the Spiritual Powers of Evil, whose chief concern it is, to obscure and to reverse the truth, an end which they seek to accomplish by playing upon every human weakness, such as vanity and arrogance of learning, or the greed for power, distinction, money and luxury.  All of these motives are utilized by them to tamper with the truths of God's wisdom, love and mercy, and to forge these into chains with which the heads of the churches manacle their poor, inexperienced adherents and render them subservient to themselves. 

     The root of all evil is greed, the love of money.  Even in the so-called Christian churches money plays the most important role.  Lucifer knew what he was doing when he made bait of money in the field of religion.  He knew that this was the surest way of binding the "spiritual" leaders fast to error.  He knew that none of them would be unduly ready to give up a well paid position for life, as the servant of a church, even after they had recognized the erroneousness of the doctrines they had been preaching. 

            Consequently, since the time when communication with God's spirit world as the sole road to the truth was dispensed with, errors of the most varied and far-reaching nature have crept into Christianity.  Century by century conditions grew worse.  Truth after truth was contaminated by error and rendered unpalatable.  And what has been the result?  Today you have before you a "Christianity" split into a thousand parts, into countless creeds each one of which proclaims a separate truth and each one of which contends that its' "doctrines" alone represent the true Teachings of Immanuel.  Do you wonder that a Christianity so adulterated and disfigured has ceased to exert an influence on mankind? 

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