Excerpt from Chapter Three
of the Book

Spiritual Teachings and Universal Truths

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God's Plan of Salvation





If I teach truth, it is such only in the minds of those who are prepared to receive it.  It is not the so-called "truth" of this world or of its "religions" or rulers, who are far from being knowledgeable of the truth.  They want only to control, manipulate, exploit, and rule you.  They are not interested in truth.  They are interested only in wealth and power.  If they were interested in truth, they would surely have it because God has promised that if anyone seeks the truth he or she will find it.  You can judge them by their actions.  A good tree always brings forth good fruit, and an evil tree always brings forth evil fruit. 

      Take a good look at the world around you, is it not filled with atheism, false religious cults, false teachings, corrupt governments, war, poverty, disease, pollution, crime, immorality, liars and many other evils and evil-doers?  There are so many evils in fact that it would take an entire chapter of this book to list them all.  All of this did not just happen by chance, it is a direct result of the free will decisions of the people in power and positions of authority who are under the influence of the Evil Spiritual Powers that rule this world.  Those of you who fail to see this truth are deceived and you are on a path to destruction and separation from God. 

     Those of you who love truth, read, study and learn, because this is the truth that is the path to salvation. 

      After the revolt of a great part of the spirit world, God decided upon a plan for saving the unfortunate spirits whom had fallen into the Abyss, and for bringing them back into His Kingdom.  His clemency would be extended first of all to the less guilty, those countless spirits who had deserted Him when they were subjected to trial in the sphere of Paradise.  Only after these had been saved, would their corrupters, Lucifer and his lieutenants, be allowed to return to God's Kingdom. 

      God is just.  Those who had been misled were guilty of weakness only, but those who had led them astray had sinned with premeditation, and since their offenses had been fundamentally different, so too would be their punishment, and so too would be their respective roads of escape from the Abyss. 

      God's first step toward salvation was the creation of levels of spiritual progress or amendment, disposed in stages after laws incomprehensible to you and conceivable only to the infinite wisdom of God.  These steps, by which spirits may ascend out of the darkness toward God, were provided for one purpose, that all would once more be reunited with His Son.  If you will use a logical and reasoning mind you will easily understand what I am going to tell you of the levels of amendment for the fallen spirits. 

      What you call "Hell" is the lowest stage into which they sank, but even Hell has its levels of progress through which a spirit may climb upward by a change of heart, until it reaches the lowest of the terrestrial realms.  These begin in the lower forms of animal life and advance through the stages of rocks, plants, herbs, flowers, and the higher beasts, arriving at last at the highest of animals known to you as "mankind".  Such terrestrial levels exist not on Earth only, but also on the other heavenly bodies.  There are many stages parallel to those on Earth on other planets.  Moreover, the terrestrial stages exist not only in material shape as you see them in animals, plants and minerals, but there is also a corresponding spiritual shape, and in consequence, a spiritual animal, plant and mineral kingdom embracing all orders and species of living beings, which in the spiritual kingdom are clothed in spiritual physical bodies, the counterparts of the material physical bodies which you see on Earth. 

      Again, spirits parted from their material bodies by corporeal death enter into the respective parallel spiritual realm where they remain until they are reincarnated on Earth.  Spirits that have not progressed are reincarnated in the same stage as often as may be necessary to fit them for reincarnation into a higher one. 

      Each stage of advancement required a special act of God to permit the desired physical shaping of the spirits, and to this end He created the spiritual shapes of pairs of spirits corresponding to the shape in question and endowed them with the power to reproduce the body peculiar to that stage.  The spirits themselves are incorporated in the bodies that are procreated, according to fixed laws that prevail in the spirit world. 

      You cannot understand how these processes came about, any more than you really understand the processes of Nature which go on all around you, although you witness them daily with your own eyes. 

      Earth scientists concern themselves with the problem of descent, particularly with that of the descent of mankind from the apes.  There is no such thing as physical descent of a higher form from a lower one.  Plants do not produce animals, nor do the lower animals produce the higher forms.  Every form of life breeds true to kind, although within each species there are many races, the individual belonging to races of the same order being mutually capable of reproduction among each other. 

      Humans belong to the order of the apes and are the highest race of this order.  The ape is the lowest stage of humanity and mankind is the highest of the apes.  Humans are therefore the highest animals on Earth.  Nevertheless, humans have not descended physically from the ape.

      This is true in spite of the fact that in point of physical development, the ape most closely resembles humans. 

     The theory of "Evolution" is just that, a theory.  It will not, and cannot, ever be proven.  The fact that scientists have found skeletons that have the appearance of creatures that are half human and half ape proves only one thing, that these skeletons are skull and bones of the offspring of a human and an ape.  Regardless of how many of these they find, how old they are, or where they find them, this is the truth.  You can shake your head with disbelief and disgust at this statement; it will not change anything. 

      Before the first incarnation of the spirit of a person in a human body, that spirit inhabited the body of an animal, and is the same spirit rising through the different stages of Nature in constantly increasing perfection. 

      These stages undergo no physical changes.  They are the same today that they were millenniums ago, even if, in the course of the ages, certain orders died out because spirits were no longer incarnated in them.  For this reason God created other and higher forms, incarnating in them those spirits which had previously inhabited the extinct species, which had served as intermediate stages in the progress upward.  When they disappeared and the higher forms took their places, the spirits in question were compelled to wait until the replacement had been created. 

      This is why scientists find to this day the remains of extinct species of plants and animals that lived in former ages. 

      There is no retrogression of the spirit from one stage of progress to a lower one even though a spirit may remain at the same stage for a long time. A spirit which, when its body dies, has not progressed during its incarnation, must be reincarnated again and again until it is fit to enter the next higher stage.  If, during your present lifetime on Earth you have made no advance on the road leading to God, you must go through life again, always as a human being.  Every life is an examination, whoever fails to pass, must try again until you succeed.  That is a divine law that applies with equal force to all Creation; there is nothing capricious about the ways of God. 

      A spirit does not retrograde into a lower stage, because although he may have degenerated spiritually in one respect he will have advanced in another, so that a balance is struck. 

      Of the time that elapsed from the days of the fall of the spirits to the time when the first fallen spirit was fit to be incarnated in human shape, you can form no conception. 

      Of all these facts "Christendom" of today is ignorant, and they run counter to your own previous ideas, but why conceal the truth from you even if you may find it beyond belief and because it may be scoffed at by your fellow humans?  You have the opportunity of inquiring into these truths during the spiritual communications at spiritualistic services, and if you do so, you will find my statements confirmed in every particular. 

      Unfortunately, the important facts that I have revealed to you have been deleted from the Biblical account of the Creation, until scarcely any of them have been retained.  This account says nothing of the creation of spirits by God, nothing of the revolt and secession of the spirits, nothing of the levels of spiritual progress, nothing of the shaping of the spiritual bodies of the fallen spirits into their various stages, and nothing of the incarnation of those spiritual bodies into earthly substance.  The Biblical story of the creation of the world describes an entirely independent creation, quite unconnected with the creation of the spirits and their fall. 

      The original Scriptures contained all of these facts, but when they were revised later, the Powers of Darkness were at work to deprive mankind of the knowledge of the links in the chain of God's Plan of Salvation and to withhold from them the consolation of knowing that ultimately everything will return unto God.  It was for the very purpose of leading every spirit back to God, that the material Creation was created. 

      The Powers of Darkness were, of course, much better served by the doctrine of hopelessness and despair, and by the belief in an "eternal Hell" of which a poet has written the dreadful words, "All hope abandon you who enter here".  Such sentiments were far more acceptable to the rulers of Hell than was the belief in a merciful God, Who may be angered, and punish with just cause, but Who, at last, will forgive His children and call them back to Him.  The conception of a Deity has been debased by the "doctrine" of "eternal damnation" designed only to inspire terror.  Furthermore, that doctrine added to the difficulty of carrying out the Plan of Salvation conceived by a God Who said, "Never will I forget you". 

      Many passages in the Bible have shared the fate of the paintings by the old masters placed upon the walls of some of the ancient churches.  In later times, so-called "church decorators" came and daubed their commonplaces over the masterpieces, so that if today you remove the outer layer of paint carefully from the walls, the ancient pictures are once more revealed, leaving the beholder enraptured over the great painters' art. 

      In the same way the truthful picture presented by the original Scriptures was defaced in later times.  Erring men of the religions revised the historical accounts, omitting what they could not understand or adding their own mistaken explanations.  Their successors "improved" further upon the previous work, supplementing and abridging at will. 

      In this way not only was the truth crowded aside, but many things crept into the Scriptures that make a travesty of the word of God. 

      A poet once said, "Books have their changes", and unfortunately this is true of the Bible also.  Much that it should contain has been eliminated, and much of what it does contain should never have been admitted, because it conflicts with the truth. 

      The various "churches" which refuse to acknowledge this fact and persist in regarding their version of the Scriptures as authentic are serving the cause of God very poorly.  In fact they are doing that cause a thousand times more harm than good, because even the least intelligent reader of the Bible, and of the account of the Creation in particular, must realize that much of it must be inaccurate, to say the least. 

      The falsifications introduced into the Old Testament called forth the protests of God Himself, voiced through the prophets, who were stoned to death because of this.  The "religious" leaders murdered them because they dared to tell the truth. 

      Elsewhere in the Holy Writ the truth has suffered at the hands of translators who have rendered certain words and phrases of the original text so inadequately as to distort their real meaning beyond recognition. 

      From what I have said you can see the reason for the great obscurity and the many misstatements to be found in the story of the Creation as you have it today.  Only occasional references retain a faint glimmer of the truth.  It is true that some of the stages of the progress of material Creation are indicated, but these are not consistent with facts, in point of number or of sequence. 

      The same is true of the Biblical version of the creation of the first human beings, a passage in which the creation of their spirits is hopelessly confused with their first incarnation in a human body. 

      In the first chapter of the Bible you are told that God brought man into existence as the last act of Creation, after the Earth, plants and beasts had already been made.  Then follows the statement, "And God created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him, male and female created them.  And God blessed them, and God said unto them, "be fruitful, and multiply . . . "  It is perfectly true that the two spirits which were the first to be incarnated as human beings were named "Adam" and "Eve", and had been formed by God and in God's image previous to their apostasy.  It is also true that He had created them male and female spirits, and had blessed their union.  This, however, did not happen after the Earth with its plants and animals had been made, but at the time of their creation as spirits.  Anything made by God in His image must be a spirit, because God is a spirit, and a spirit only, and not material substance.  Whatever He creates in His image must likewise be purely ethereal, and not partly ethereal and partly material, as is the case with humans. 

     The rest of the falsified Scriptural account of the creation of mankind contains contradictions even more flagrant, because a few lines further on you are told that God made man out of clay, and moreover only the male, at a time when there was no other living thing on Earth, and according to what is said before this, man is said to have been made after all other life had been created.  Yet, according to the second statement, God placed man upon a barren Earth, and not until then did He create the Garden of Eden into which He "put the man whom He had formed".  Still later, it is said that God caused this "Paradise" as you call it, to grow up with trees bearing luscious fruits of all kinds, and that He put the man into the garden to, dress it and keep it.  Inasmuch as there was no living thing on Earth to endanger the garden, it is impossible to understand the need for such keeping.  Every single sentence contradicts the one that precedes it! 

      Compare this picture with the facts, as I will relate them. 

      You now recognize in Paradise that spiritual place into which God, after the revolt of the spirits, sent the least guilty of the rebels, partly as a punishment, partly to try them once more.  Within this Paradise grew the "spiritual tree" of the knowledge of good and evil.  This was nothing more than God's commandment to not eat the fruit of this tree that had been given for the purpose of proving the spirits in this sphere, and the significance of which they did not grasp.  The observance or the violation of this commandment or rather, of this prohibition, would show whether the spirits in Paradise were prepared to take sides with God, or whether they had fully determined to join Lucifer.  Should they respond to this test by obeying God, the commandment would become for them the tree of life in God's glorious Kingdom, should they disobey, it would become a tree of death.  They would be driven from Paradise into the realm of Lucifer, and on that day, the day of their spiritual "death", their severance from God would be complete.  "For in the day that you eat thereof you shall surely die."

            Now you will understand why Adam was commanded to "keep" Paradise, namely, to protect himself and others against succumbing to the temptation to sin by disobeying God. 

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