"So now, my dear ones, we welcome you. You who are yearning for expanded knowledge, yearning to know more of who you are, to know more about the wondrousness that you are, the miracle of life that you are, yearning to feel the connectedness.

And we remind you to give thanks for the fact that you have indeed birthed yourself in this time and this place. Give thanks for the opportunity to be, in a way, the forerunners of expanded consciousness for humankind.


You have birthed yourself in an era of great change -- cyclic change, huge cyclic change -- stepping forth from one age of consciousness to another. And this change and this stepping forward, this is the yearning within your breast. This is why you were here now. 


And it does not have to be a great calamitous automatic affair, because this journey is about love. It is about learning who you are and loving who you are. It is about allowance.  It is about connectedness. It is about compassion and nurturing. 


This new age of humankind, it is a state of being where no one shall be left behind. It is about non-separation, and it is you who shall accomplish it. And it is for you to know that as you step forth into this new dimensional reality, your New Age, indeed you are totally supported. The universe supports you in every moment in time. The universe supports your every choice and we are with you on this journey. It is a most exciting time for you, so well-come. You are well-come indeed!"



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