Evolution of the Force or 
atom-to-man evolution.

There is a theory known as molecules-to-man evolution that refers to a large scale evolution of organisms over a long period of time. It explains that small organisms have evolved into more complex organisms through the improvement or addition of new organs and bodily structures. It may be so, but no organism can evolve without the evolution of the force that animates every living being, from micro organisms to humans. That force is called spirit or soul in human beings and based on the universal law of reincarnation, it undergoes an evolutionary trajectory for thousands of years. In fact the evolution of the soul throughout thousands and thousands of years starts in the atom.

We prefer to call it atom-to-man evolution. As the Universe is made of Force and Matter, Force makes use of the Matter, beginning its evolution in the structure of an atom, then moving to a new stage of constructive action in the composition of molecules. In the ceaseless aggregation and disaggregation of bodies, the intensity of force gradually increases in these infinitesimal nuclei, with more and more emphasis on vibrations of life, thus causing the degree of intelligence to grow. When the initial cycle in the first of the three great kingdoms of nature - the mineral kingdom - is completed, those nuclei start forming micro-organisms of the lowest class, from which they move on to the vegetable and animal kingdoms.

So in the "atom-to-man evolution", from micro-organisms of the lowest class the particle of Force continues its evolution through other species and other more developed organisms, always reaching more developed forms. In the molecule and its subdivisions, the Intelligent Force is perceived only by its vibratory expression or intermolecular movement. However in micro-organisms, besides the vibration already described, a sign of exterior movement is revealed: locomotion. Thus, always changing from one body to the next in rank, the particle of Force evolves until it reaches conditions which will allow it, as a Spirit (soul), to incarnate in a human body, enabling it to exercise free will and to take on the responsibilities which free will carries with it.

Continuing our concept of "atom-to-man evolution", the Force which is now called Spirit (soul), reincarnates countless times, always acquiring more intelligence, more light, more experience, more knowledge, a more clear concept of life and better reasoning capacity. The spirit makes its way through this planet under suitable conditions for its stage of advancement. In each successive reincarnation it progresses to an environment which is appropriate to the stage already reached, until it completes the part of evolution which corresponds to his present life on Earth.

Evolution is everywhere

So the concept "atom-to-man evolution" or better, "evolution of the spirit", is the fundamental principle of life in the Universe. In spiritual evolution, based on the law of reincarnation, lies the basis for the understanding of everything that comes to pass within and outside the reach of human perception. Without spiritual evolution there is no logical or rational explanation for existence. Despite all the denials, evolution will always be present, always alive and active in all manifestations of life since its emergence.

Evolution must be accomplished, at all costs and the concept of "atom-to-man evolution" is an imposition of the natural, immutable laws that rule the Universe. And these laws are not influenced by the foolish pretentiousness of those who believe they can evade or nullify them. Therefore, everyone should strive to give a sound orientation to his life in order to shorten evolution on Earth, which is hard and covered in suffering, so that he can continue his evolution in spiritual planes, without the need of a human body.

Evolution is perceived everywhere. It is felt in the seed that sprouts into a flower; in the tree that grows larger and bears fruit; in the human being that enters school illiterate and leaves it a scientist; in the development of the arts, letters, sciences, music, laboratories, industries, inventions and social needs. The atom has existed since the beginnings of life, but why were scientists only recently capable of identifying and isolating it? Why didn't they do it before? Even in the biological realm why didn't man's appearance on Earth precede that of other animals, if in the animal scale man is the most highly developed of them all? The answer is obvious: human beings made their appearance on Earth as a result of the evolution of the Force that animated animals that precede them. And all this was possible through the law of reincarnation and thus makes the "atom-to-man evolution" rationale, more comprehensible.

Despite the present degree of advancement of this planet, the march towards evolution, (including man evolution) in the three kingdoms of nature proceeds without interruptions or alterations. It is just that those who are now beginning their evolution in human form, in our day and age find more favourable conditions for their mental development. Even though such primitive human beings may be considered much more advanced than the inferior animals which they previously were, they are in reality so lacking in intelligence that they are actually guided more by instinct than by reason.

Evolutionary Trajectory

Humanity history is filled with innumerable historical marks which point to man's long, immense evolutionary trajectory, and it is impossible to make that long journey in a single physical existence. Mere reasoning will show that no serious opposition can be made to the law of evolution and the rationale of "atom-to-man evolution". Without evolution, everyone would have the same degree of intelligence, advancement and spirituality. It is inadmissible that a higher being which many call "God" and people are taught to worship, would create souls of differing degrees of advancement and consciously produce an idiot and a genius, in an arbitrary, imperfect, unfair way of doing things.

At the beginning of the evolutionary process, all particles of Universal Intelligence which thousdands of years later become spirits, start with the same possibilities and resources, have identical conditions and equal potential values. Therefore, all particles develop in the same proportion until they can be classified as spirits. At this stage (spirit) they become endowed with free will in order to act at their own discretion and risk. Any observer who really wants to see will have before his eyes a picture of the evolution of the spirit on Earth. He will see the concept of "atom-to-man evolution" with clarity. No two individuals are alike, although there are those who are similar. Everyone is promoting his advancement in his own way and at his own cost, in accordance with the pattern of conduct adopted by him in the course of previous incarnations over a period of thousands of years.

Those who made better use of their free will obviously have made progress in the same number of incarnations than those who were less thoughtful. This is one of the explanations for the great dissimilarities in mentality, disparities in feelings, and disagreements in opinions found among people. The reason is that the number of incarnations lived varies among individuals, as well as the profit gained from them and the effort made by each individual. There may be one who wated time in two hundred reincarnation as a result of disorderly life, and another who lost only twenty in a similar period. The spirit of the latter is undoubtedly more advanced than the former. That's why the natural law of evolution grounded on the law of reincarnation, justifies the precept of the "atom-to-man evolution".

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