The Book of the Fourth Order of the Divine Plan


The First Order

The First Order of the Divine Plan covered the 2000 years before MOSES. It was the Order of the Ancient Periods and entailed the Sacred Suggestions. With this program, Planet Earth met the GODLY Energy directly for the first time.

The Second Order

MOSES, according to his duty, gave the direct Reality Knowledge as the Kabbalah Knowledge in the Old Testament. This second 2000 year long program lasted until the period of JESUS CHRIST.

The Third Order

The next 2000 year period was the Unified Order of JESUS CHRIST and MOHAMMED.

For Consciousnesses to evolve, the first step to transcend is Love and then Knowledge. JESUS undertook the program of Love, and for this reason the New Testament carries the Love frequency. Later, MOHAMMED formed the World living system by giving Knowledge through the Koran.

Humanity was then left alone with their Sacred Books for 1500 years to grasp the Truth. .

The 6000 year period (encompassing the First, Second and Third Orders) was the Age of Religion, Prophethood and the Sacred Books. It came to an end at the end of the 20th century. and as such MOHAMMED was the last Prophet.

The Fourth Order

The Fourth Order is the Order of Mevlana and The KNOWLEDGE BOOK. It commenced at the beginning of the 21st Century (i.e. in the year 2000) and issues in the Age of Knowledge, Science and Technology.

This Fourth Order will establish the GOLDEN AGE, and through The KNOWLEDGE BOOK the Foundation of the World State will be laid. The GOLDEN AGE will start from the 23rd Century and will include a Period of 7 Centuries until the end of the 29th Century.

The Fourth Order also incorporates the 10 Centuries-long Program of Unification (the 1000 years after the Year 2000) that will Unite the Human Being of Our Planet under the Consciousness of "SINGLE GOD - SINGLE ORDER - SINGLE PATH - SINGLE BOOK".
The 20th, 21st and 22nd Centuries are Preparatory Ages for the Golden Age. And, as the 20th Century was the last century of the Age of Religion, Sacred Books and Prophethood it was the Century of TRANSITION – transition from the Age of Religion, Sacred Books and Prophethood to the Age of Knowledge, Science and Technology.

 The KNOWLEDGE BOOK started to be dictated on 1.11.1981 and was completed in 12 years. The dictations were compiled as a Book, translated into English and published as a complete Book in 1996.

 In The KNOWLEDGE BOOK, the total Frequencies of the Old Testament, the Psalms of David, the New Testament, the Koran and the philosophies of Far East have been Unified, together with the Words of the LORD. Even though this Book carries the contents of all the previous Sacred Books, its attribute of Sacredness has been removed. As result, it is not a Sacred Book, nor is it a Book of Religion. It is a Book of Knowledge. It is never ever a Book to be worshipped. It is a Book of Truth. It is a Guide to lead Humanity.

 The Age of Light

The Age of Light will become effective in the 30th Century, after the end of the Golden Age.

 The REALITY OF UNIFIED HUMANITY will leave the platform by completing its Mission and will transfer The KNOWLEDGE BOOK to its Genuine Source (that is, to the LORDLY Order).

The Lordly Order will use The KNOWLEDGE BOOK for 9 more Centuries for the reason of attracting the Time Energy.

 The KNOWLEDGE BOOK will then have been valid for 19 Centuries (from the three Preparatory Ages of The Golden Age beginning in the 20th Century; through the 7 Centuries of the Golden Age; to the first 9 Centuries of the Age of Light). It is introduced to Us as "The SINGLE BOOK of the Morrows".

 The period of Books will then come to an end and The KNOWLEDGE BOOK will be taken into the archive.

 Other different Technologies will then come into effect.


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