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  2. The Ultimate tribute : Mar. 8, 1978 / by Alan LaVerne [i.e. monologue, dramatization, compilation Alan Gibson LaVerne] - En caché
  3. Richard Kieninger the late Founder of the U.S. “Adelphi Organisation”, “Stelle Group” and the author of The apocalyptic “Ultimate Frontier” (Abanes, 1963). - En caché
  4. Anyone here familiar with "The Ultimate Frontier" (1963) by Eklal Kueshana (a pseudonym for Richard Kieninger)? The book's messages--from the Lemurian Brotherhood ... - En caché
  5. ... to the furthering of the Great Plan, with the philosophy upon which the community is founded, and with Richard Kieninger, the author of The Ultimate Frontier and ... - En caché
  6. ... community was built by members of the Adelphi Organization, founded by Richard ... In 1963, Kieninger published his own book, The Ultimate Frontier, under the pen name Eklal ...,The%20Ultimate%20Frontier... - En caché
  7. Factors in Moral Decay . By Richard Kieninger . The increasing incidence of overt violence in the United States is a very real and deep-seated problem. - En caché
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