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Incredible Stories of Near-Death Experiences

The phenomenon of Near Death Experiences continues to fascinate us. What is it that people see and feel as they stand at the brink of life? And do their experiences offer any evidence of an afterlife? Adding fuel to the debate, Dr Richard Kent and David Waite bring us a second book of true life stories.

Some of these experiences are good, some are appallingly frightening. Some of those with a religious faith are convinced that they point to the existence of Heaven and Hell. Others say that these things cannot be proved if they exist at all. Now you can open the book and join in the debate!

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Information About This Book
Certain Restrictions About The Free Distribution Of This E-book
Acknowledgements, Legal Notices, And Dedications
About Dr Richard Kent, Co-author Of This Book
About David Waite, Co-author Of This Book
Free Companion E-book, 'the Final Frontier'
Free Movie, 'the Final Frontier'
Free Movie, 'the Lazarus Phenomenon'
Free Conferences Anywhere In The World
Introduction By Dr John Sloane
The Story Of Shahid Siraj Din
The Story Of Pastor Daniel Ekechukwu
The Story Of Mickey Robinson
The Story Of Jennifer Rees Larcombe
The Story Of Buddy Farris
The Story Of Richard
The Story Of Kenneth Hagin
The Story Of Lorraine Tutmarc
The Story Of Terry Elder
The Story Of Maria Polack
The Story Of Howard Pittman
The Story Of Paul Mc Williams
The Story Of Vicki
The Story Of Stan Earle
The Story Of Calvin Sutcliffe
The Story Of Susan Finlay
The Story Of Richard Wright
The Story Of Bill Wilson
The Story Of Darrel Young
The Story Of David Pain
The Story Of Elizabeth Atkinson
The Story Of Wayne Shaw
The Story Of Linda Swain
The Story Of Ann Parnell
The Story Of Ricky Randolph
The Story Of Simon Mackrell
How Do We Know That God Exists?
How Do We Know That The Bible Is A Supernatural Book, Inspired By God Himself?
How Do We Know That Jesus Christ Is The Messiah?
Why I Believe The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ.
Where Will You Spend Forever?
The Medical And Biblical Definitions Of Death
Scientific Evidence For Near Death Experiences
Interviews With Six Medical Doctors And One Nde Researcher
Dr Richard Kent’s Belief About The 'tunnel Of Light'
Dr Richard Kent’s Interest In Christianity And Truths In The Bible
What Is It Really Like To Die, And What Happens Next?
What Are Heaven And Hell Really Like?
Are Near Death Experiences In The Bible?
The Resurrections In The Bible
The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ
The Shroud Of Turin Actually Proves The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ
The Bible States That We Are All Spirits Living In Bodies
God Loves Us, And Wants Us To Go To Heaven
In Order To Go To Heaven We Must Be 'born Again'
How To Be Born Again
Why Jesus Christ Came To Planet Earth 2000 Years Ago
What Exactly Is A Genuine Christian?
The Sinner’s Prayer
What Should I Do Now I Am Born Again?
Final Chapter By Dr Richard Kent

Dr Richard Kent interviews Christine Eastell about her Near Death Experience of Hell - Watch Now!

Dr Richard Kent interviews Pastor Rod Lewis about his Near Death Experience of Heaven - Watch Now!

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