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In Resonance with Jasmuheen
119structure, it becomes multidimensional i.e. able to move into other dimensions of reality.Again, it is simply a matter of shifting one’s point of conscious awareness and ‘switching’channels.Various reliable channeled sources report that as we evolve further into light, our DNA is undergoing modifications to accommodate these changes and is in the process of  becoming 12-stranded. The influx of higher energies at this time will allow for humanity toevolve faster in the next 40 years than it has in the last 3 billion. These higher energies arealso responsible for the speeding up of time as we know it.Also as our frequencies change, abilities such as telepathy, healing by touch,clairvoyance, teleportation etc. will become completely natural. As tuned instrumentsoperating at our highest maximum potential, our life will become harmonious, joyous andfilled with synchronicity, grace and magic. Even though we cannot avoid this process of change – as due to the Earth’s evolution, we must also change – we can consciously beaware and accelerate these changes if we wish to.Well-researched information plus practical techniques for changing vibrationalfrequencies by conscious choice are outlined in full detail throughout this book. Succinctly put, it can be achieved by the following:-
Most importantly and powerfully by meditation – breath and light work – especiallywhen meditation is used to increase the light quotient in our cellular structure.-
By the fuel chosen for the maintenance of the physical body. We can treat thevehicle like a Porsche for peak performance or like a jalopy – the choice is ours.-
By mastery of the emotional body and cellular memory.-
By mastering the mental body via intention, programming and accessing the four-fifths of the brain that house higher consciousness.-
By mantras and toning using sonic waves.The conscious process of tuning brings also strong feelings of empowerment as weliterally understand the practical game of reality creation through signals we transmit asenergy centers.
33 – The Universal Beat 
To deepen our understanding of vibrational frequencies and the power one can hook into when one is tuned, we can to look at what are termed beats and octaves.Esoteric research discloses that physical reality operates in bands of seven, withseven sub-planes or sub-levels (octaves) in each band. There are seven chakras, seven colorsof refracted white light and so forth.It is also held that the beat of the solar system is ten, with ten sub-levels in eachenergy band. The beat of the galaxy is 12, with 12 sub-levels. The highest and most refined beat one can obtain or tune to while still retaining physicality is 33 – the universal beat.Again, this beat fragments or refines into 33 sub-frequencies.When we embark on the journey of refinement, we gain an understanding of thevarious dimensions and parallel realities. If, for instance, people focus on physical realities – those who adhere to the ‘I’ll believe it when I see it’ school – the result will be the limitationof their field of reality to the 7 x 7 dimension and they will not be able to move beyond thatfield until they consciously refine themselves to the next higher beat.
In Resonance with Jasmuheen
120Conscious refinement takes place as one undergoes the process of involution, inner reflection, contemplation and connection with the Divine One within. The beat of the DivineOne is 33. It is the backdrop upon which all creation is manifested in its various forms.As a being consciously ‘refines’ and tunes itself, it can gain access to higher realitiesand tap into the ten x ten, 12 x 12 or even 33 x 33 levels. Hence, we have many people nowfeeling expanded and multidimensional as the Inner Teacher begins to share the delights of all that we are – beyond just the more dense aspect of ourselves housed in a physical vehiclewitnessing and enjoying physical reality of the 7 x 7 paradigm.Conscious refinement brings great freedom and limitless being. Freedom from theneed to eat. Freedom from the need to sleep. Freedom from utilizing the Gregorian time of 12:60 or the Mayan time of 13:20 and moves us into the divine time flow where one findsthemselves always in the perfect place at the perfect time.The subatomic particles or ‘soft particles’ of the quantum field – also known as prana, chi or the universal life force – beat to the octave of 33 x 33 in their most refinedexpression.When we tune to this beat, in a manner similar to turning the dial of a radio to pick up a specific frequency, we literally move into the paradigm of Oneness. We see the divine perfection in all. We lose all feelings or interpretations of separation.It is a fascinating journey for me. When people ask me questions, I now find I haveto ask, ‘On what level do you want that information?’ The correct answer depends on their  beat and their ability to access various levels of reality. The simplest way to tune in is to ask that all our sharing with other people be for their highest good and your highest good. Thisguarantees that the interaction is energetically matched and synchronized to the highest possible paradigm that the combination can possibly access.Conscious tuning is like practicing scales on a piano. At first the scales are basic andthen rhythm or beat combinations are introduced. Similarly, as we expand our consciousness – through the desire in our heart to realize our full potential – we attain different levels of refinement, which can be likened to advanced note combinations.Eventually we realize that we have the power to create or access any level of realitywe wish – and that we have been constantly creating to learn and evolve through all our embodiments – even to the creation of parallel realities.The Universal Mind guides us to simplify the game and tune to the highest paradigmthat is accessible, namely the Divine Rhythm. This is the symphony that is driving theunfoldment of the Divine Plan and when we become part of the orchestra by aligning our free will with the Divine Will,
all doors are guaranteed to open.
The only catch to this – as many have found out – is Divine Timing. One can be aninstrument in the Divine Orchestra and still be either out of step or synchronistic. The program of 
‘Dear Mother Father Creator God, I ask that the next perfect step of my piecein the Divine Blueprint clearly reveal itself to me and bring with it the perfect peoplerequired to make this piece manifest into physical reality NOW!’ 
as many have nowexperienced, will guarantee alignment with Divine Time.So one literally flows in a sea of Oneness. As Sai Baba says, “For the individual andthe universe are One; the wave is the sea. Merging fulfils. When merged, the ego isdissolved; all symbols and signs of the particular, like name, form, caste, color and creed,nationality, church, sect and the rights and duties consequent therein, will fade. For such
In Resonance with Jasmuheen
121individuals, who have liberated themselves from the narrowness of individuality, the onlytask is the uplifting of humanity, the welfare of the world and the showering of love. Even if they are quiet, the state of bliss in which they are will shower bliss on the world. Love is inall; love is of all; love is all.”The vibrational aspect of the feeling of this beat is pure love, Divine Love withvariations of this from the 33 x 33 to the coarser 7 x 7 vibration and lower emotional bodyexpression. Divine Love is not only the source and building block of all creationenergetically, but also the most powerful transmutational force available. When tuned to,accessed and focused upon, it absorbs, refines and realigns all lower emotions to the mostrefined beat possible while in a physical body. Again, it brings freedom.Commanding the Divine One to align our energy fields and express full embodimentin our physical reality automatically tunes us to the universal beat. All veils of illusion andseparation fall away – like the peeling of layers of an onion until all that remains is the perfectly tuned pure essence.This is what I have come to term ‘plugging into the cosmic circuit board’. This iswhere the discussion of breatharianism and liquidarianism leads us in the end. For the abilityto live on light is a natural by-product of giving ourselves permission to be sustained by thedivinity within. Similarly, we can tune ourselves to do without sleep, or tune ourselves to nolonger feel temperature extremes but simply adjust our body temperature so that we can becomfortable in every physical environment – an ability I am still developing.All this is just raw human potential – to get to a point where there is no differencewhether we are in our physical bodies or ‘sitting on the lap of and wrapped in the arms of God’, for all is one. We are one with all. This is what the Indian sages term ‘Sat ChitAnanda’ – being, consciousness, bliss. I see myself in you. This is the paradigm of onenessand limitless being.
The Seven Elements and the 33 Beat 
The following information flows naturally on from the previous chapters. I had been programming that ‘the next piece of my part in the Divine Blueprint NOW CLEARLYreveal itself to me AND bring with it any beings who would aid in the physicalmanifestation of this part into physical reality NOW’ when who should be magnetized to myfield but Leonard Orr.For those unfamiliar with Leonard’s work, in 1974 he founded the rebirthingmovement, now some 10 million strong world wide. In Australia on tour, we managed toconnect and discover each other’s work. We swapped books and agreed to co-facilitatethrough Europe and part of South America. We now include some of his work on spiritual purification in the chapter on the great immortalists.Reading Leonard’s work has allowed me to understand another perspective of myown by recognizing the connecting links. I have discovered that I am being intuitivelyguided to
build bridges
. I knew that I liked to network, to discover, share and enjoy brilliance and limitlessness. So, adding a ‘rebirthing flavor’ to our understanding, let’s look at effective bridge-building via tuning: tuning to the elements and also energy field purification utilizing the elements.
In Resonance with Jasmuheen
What I call tuning the four-body system – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual – Leonard calls ‘spiritual purification’ which is achieved by utilizing the four elements.The following information continues from our previous discussions on vibrationalfrequencies and the universal beat.The first element is
– the ‘learning to live with an open flame’ practice. Thiscorresponds to the physical field of the 7 x 7 beat. Fire can be used to burn accumulatedemotional dross from any energy field we wish to cleanse.The second element is
– tuning to the earth element involves the practice of fasting, food mastery and exercise.The third element is
– tuning to this element is done through conscious energy breathing. Each breath is connected, the inhale followed by the exhale and is deep and fineuntil one clicks into the experience of 
being breathed 
. In its finer expression this is anexperience of Akasha – the sixth element. Conscious connected breathing bridges the physical and etheric by bringing an experience of refinement into the physical vehicle.The fourth element is
Long hot baths tune all the chakras, especially the sacralor ‘muladhara’ chakra. The latter is the connecting link between the energy fields of theemotional and physical bodies. Baths also realign and rebalance the body’s energy fields anddilutes, what Leonard terms, emotional ‘energy pollution’ accumulated within themorphonogenic field of mass consciousness. Even long hot daily showers clean your auricfield but, according to the rebirthers, not as powerfully as baths. They say that daily bathsand rebirthing sessions can clear cellular memory on many levels.The fifth element is
astral light.
This is of the solar vibration ten x ten, and is thevibration of living from the pranic field – utilizing photon energy to sustain the body.Vibrating at a galactic frequency of 12 x 12 is the sixth element or 
the firstelement beyond the void or Source. It is semi-manifest and is the matrix in which our universe is embedded.
Cosmic fire,
alternatively known as the Principle,
the seventh element vibrating tothe universal frequency of 33 x 33. It is the first element in the expanding beat, and theseventh element in the contracting beat.The five elements, including astral light, also correspond to our five senses: fire =sight; earth = smell; air = touch; water = taste; astral light = hearing. The sixth element,Akasa, corresponds to intuition, our sixth sense. The sense for the cosmic fire element hasyet to be revealed. I think that it is, perhaps, the sense of just
.When we bridge the worlds, we discover the three subtle elements, enjoy theexploration and experience of their power and then consciously direct their flow back intolinear time and physical reality.Tuning the four-body system with the four elements empowers us in the physical plane, provided mind mastery is adopted and demonstrated. It also brings into our cellular awareness a strong elemental force that will tune us to the heartbeat of the Mother Earth.The more tuned we are to the heartbeat of God – then allow the forces of the elements totune us to the heartbeat of our planet – the stronger and more effective our bridge, betweenthe differing vibrations of these worlds, will be.Bridging the worlds occurs when the inner doorways have opened through the practice of ‘spiritual purification’ or through tuning the four-body system to its synchronistic
In Resonance with Jasmuheen
123and ‘Divine beat’. When these doorways are open, we can direct the resulting flow of open, pure consciousness.Masters are aware that only an aspect of their consciousness is expressed into physical reality. A master is consciously aware of all levels of creation, both in themicrocosm and the macrocosm.Utilizing the Universal Law of Resonance, the “as you sow, so shall you reap” paradigm, we realize that the more we consciously tune to the universal beat of 33 x 33 – Oneness – the more we draw to us the mirror image of these elements. This is then what brings Oneness into evidence in the physical as it is mirroring our vibration and our creative power.
Vibration and Sound – Toning and Mantras
“Toning is a technology and language for the multidimensional transmission of light, color, motion and geometries. Toning breaks up dysfunctional patterns, transmuteslifetimes of karma, infuses new patterns and feels good,” writes Tony Stubbs in
 An Ascension Handbook 
.My personal experience of toning has been primarily to use it for shifting and breaking down energy blocks in the physical body. The physical body often has weaknessesin certain areas due to cellular memory held there from previous life experiences.We can change our frequency by toning and using mantras. According to
 Keysof Enoch
, mantras are “sacred syllables; a contracted form of the Dharanis (Sanskrit – syllables as prayers) for mental and spiritual expansion ... A set of sound patterns andthought-forms which can code consciousness into the consciousness of light. The mantrasare holy energy forms of meditation which are used to change the body with the powers andrapture of the Divine Mind. The greater the thought-form, the greater the mantra in openingthe mind for real disclosure of knowledge”.All great avatars and masters have recommended the use of sound and mantras inspiritual practice. It has been said that if we have the name of God on our lips in the lastmoment of life, our spirit will pass directly to that sacred space of being. That is how powerful the sacred names and sounds are.In his book,
The Complete Ascension Manual 
, Dr Stone writes: “The ultimate purpose of reciting names of God is to blend your consciousness with God-consciousness”.He says that constant chanting of power names and words tunes your frequency to the particular mantric resonance being used. The discipline required builds spiritual force and power in your aura, cleanses your four-body system and brings your energy fields intoalignment with the energy of the sound being used. Dr Stone devotes a chapter to these power names that is well-researched and worth reading.Sound is vibration and use of sound realigns vibrational frequencies. White Eaglesays: “The word was sound, vibration and the vibration created by the Word started life inform. The Scriptures of the world all contain this same truth, they all tell of the Word, thesound, the vibration, the activity of the atom which created form or life on the Earth.”AUM. In the beginning was sound – the Word – and the Word was God. AUM. Theword AUM creates a powerful vibration throughout the whole of a person’s being whenused repetitively. All religions use mantras, from the chants of the Jewish ‘Yod hay vod
In Resonance with Jasmuheen
124hay’; the Hindu ‘AUM’ or ‘OM’; the Islam ‘Allahu Akbar’; the Western ‘I AM that I AM’;the Egyptian ‘Nuk-Pu-Nuk’; the Christian Lord’s Prayer and the Jesus Prayer; the TibetanFoundation chakra mantras; the Buddhist ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’; to Djwhal Khul’s mantra‘I AM the soul (or I AM the monad), I AM the light divine, I AM love, I AM will, I AMfixed design’, plus many more variations.An ancient mantra currently used in New Age circles is, ‘Kodoish, Kodoish,Kodoish, Adonai, Tsey Beyoth’ (pronounced Ka-doi-sh, Ka-doi-sh, Ka-doi-sh, ah-don-ai,Sey-bey-ot).
The Keys of Enoch
say that this is the universal greeting in the mother tongueof the civilized worlds – its origins being Sumerian-Hebrew. It is a mantra of prayer and protection which immediately balances and repels negative forces on all levels. It is said to be a sound code and the frequency signature of the universal hologram that encodes therhythm and beat of all energy and matter. It is also said to be the sound of the humanheartbeat and synchronizes the left and right hemispheres of the brain within the overself  body (our higher brain function) engendering not only spiritual focus and discernment, butextraordinary flashes of insight and clarity.
Mantras to use for expanding inter-dimensional consciousness
One of the most powerful mantras one can use is described in
 Keys of Enoch
andis as follows: ‘Amen- Ptah, Phowa, Kwan Yin, Gabriel, Buddha’.This mantra interconnects languages of Egyptian and Chinese to unify all the biochemical languages within the body on a horizontal level. Sanskrit and Tibetan fireletters will unify all vertical levels. Hebrew fire letters, sacred energy sounds and thought-forms of light connect us with the intelligence of the Pleiades and Orion, unifying allcrystalline languages of the third eye and opening the template of the mind for eternal light.When the above names are spoken simultaneously, the mantra will activate the pictographic communication of the Brotherhood within the brain. These languages form agrid connecting the higher I AM with the human I AM through a cosmic light vibration.The Egyptian-Chinese grid pattern (horizontal) interchange with life situationthrough a series of light pictographs which allow for multi-levels of external knowledge to be internalized and encoded beyond that which is normally spoken (through the mental process).The Sanskrit-Tibetan grid pattern (vertical) form connecting links from the lower  planes to higher dimensions of an infinite quality of joy. These two grid patterns continuallyrealign to accommodate changes brought by reincarnation cycles.When you reach a point where higher soul transplant can take place, the grid opensto the presence of a third grid pattern – the divine light pattern (the Hebrew connection)which allows for complete bliss and freedom – a total cosmic spiritual connection.The flame scripture, or 
 sacred fire letters
is an ancient, cosmic language of geometries that, according to
The Keys of Enoch
, are designed to “open the eyes of Man to behold wondrous things of Divine Wisdom”. They are also “specific letters of a sacredlanguage shaped in ‘fire script’ so that the consciousness of the sacred letters of spiritualwritings can actually penetrate the soul of the reader so that the soul of the reader comes to behold the Deity”.


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