The Lost History of Man

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This website is about the earliest known civilizations and the legendary civilizations which would have existed prior to these times Various myths, legends, ancient writings and scriptures, works of art, and structures from around the world all tell their own part of the story.

In the Bible, the Thora, the Quran and the Mesopotamian myths there is the mention of angelic or godly beings, also called the sons of God, which once came from the heavens and bred with the humans, and whose descendants (called: "Nephilim") were described as "giants", which were bigger and stronger compared to the ordinary humans from those times. According to various psychic intuitives these spirtually highly advanced, angelic beings originally came from other parts of the universe.

The Mayan elders of today, descendants of the ancient Maya civilization from Meso-America, tell us that their ancestors received their advanced knowlegde (astronomy, mathemetics) from visitors that came from the stars. Members of the ancient Zulu tribe from Africa would have told us that their ancestors were indigenous to the planet Mars, who would have come to planet Earth and inhabited the Sahara desert which was then a tropic rainforest. Part of the translation of the Sumerian claytablets according to Zecharia Sitchin, author and expert of ancient langues, also tells of a society that was on stationary on the planet Mars (called: "Lahmu").

Also t
he old Chinese emperors themselves emphasized their claim that their own ancestors were the descendants of the "sons of the heaven", who came to this planet in fierce metallic "dragons". Local villagers from the nearby area of the Chinese city Xi'an still claim that their far distant relatives spoke about large airships that flew through the heavens and that the Chinese Xianyang pyramids would have been used as landing ports. Besides the existence of large pyramids in China, Egypt and America, we also find structures that look like pyramids on the planet Mars, buried below layers of dust and sand.

According to the translation of the ancient Sumerian clay tablets by Zecharia Sitchin - adjusted by some insights from various psychic intuitives - the story tells of that a long, very long time ago, visitors from one or more planets within the constellation of Orion came to earth for scientific research and to mine gold in an attempt to repair the atmosphere of the planet Mars (Nibiru according to Sitchin) where they also had established a colony. With the aid of their advanced knowlegde of genetics, on Earth they developed the current human race of modern man by crossing their own genes with the already existing apeman. Because they ultimately failed to rescue Mars, a certain group from the Mars colony fled to Earth where they intermixed with the humans on Earth, as they could because they were genetically compatible. This occurence was also described in the Bible as the story about the "sons of God" from the book Genesis, who descended to Earth and begat childeren from the "daughters of man".

Most of the knowlegde regarding mankind's oldest record of history however, was unfortunately lost because of the many catastrophes that plagued mankind which lead to the fall of civilization after civilization, as read in Plato's diagolue called "Critias". Perhaps we can find one of the legendary Halls of Records than we are able to learn our true history from the earliest times of Atlantis or even possibly from the even earlier period of Lemuria. Another still existing source of very ancient writings are the ancient holy Sanskrit texts from ancient India, which surprising enough seem to describe airships and weapons of mass destruction.

In the most ancient of times of humankind there would also still have lived these large beasts which we called dragons for a long time, as also mentioned in the Bible, and because of ancient depictions we now would recognize these beasts as the dinosaurs we know of today. According to various psychic intuitives these animals almost completely became extinct at the beginning of the last ice age, except for some remnants of some species that are now extinct but would still have lived during medieval times according to the legends from that time.

The previously mentioned angelic being and their descendants were respectively known as "gods" and "demigods" in other civilizations, because
they were they were not only bigger and stronger, but also had superiour intellect compared to most of the other people who lived a more primitive life. They would represent the technologically advanced civilization of one specific island of Atlantis, called Poseid or Poseidia. Atlantis previously was an enormous continent that was situated in the Atlantic Ocean, from were other parts of the world later became colonized by the Atlanteans, including Egypt, Peru and Mexico.

They apparently had a great - even to this day still unsurpassed - understanding of the workings of nature and the Cosmos, and because of this they also developed flying machines (which could also move under water like a submarine) by the means of anti-magnetic forces and the planetary electromagnetic grid that was laid out on the planet. This is why there is the mention among various ancient cultures of "gods" who could fly through the air in what had been described as flying chariots. (The Biblical story of Ezekiel possibly also describes such a "chariot".)

In those times before the collective use of written language, people knew of their past from stories of much older times, which are now known to us as the old myths and legends. The term "myth" is often used to refer to a false or fabricated story, but according to the academic use of this term it only concerns a tradition from the oldest known times of a certain group of people and does not pass judgement on its truth or falsity. Though there are sometimes different versions of one certain myth, probably due to the retelling of the story, it is up to the reader to consider if such a myth could have a certain base of truth. Some myths are likely not to be meant literal, but mere symbolic, to communicate a message in the form of a story that would be difficult to tell in the literal sense.

The story about the city of Troy was always previously thought of being merely a legend with no basis in reality until it had been found in the year 1870 in Turkey by Frank Calvert and Heinrich Schliemann, on the base of clues from the ancient Hittite and Egyptian texts. As of the year 1998, Troy was added to the UNESCO World Heritage list. Atlantis, which was ever been described in painstaking detail by the Greek philosopher Plato, could be approached in the very same way, for it is remarkable that there are a number of similar myths from various cultures which supposedly never had any form of contact with each other. The ancient Egyptians, Hindus, Chinese, Greeks, and the old Meso-American tribes (Mayas, Aztecs, Incas), all believed that they were the descendants of a lost civilization that disappeared after a natural disaster, what often concerned a huge flood.

A Brief Timeline

Before we enter upon the first chapter, here is a brief hypothetical time line of the earliest history of mankind as certain parts of it are being described in the next chapters. This time line is especially based on information of psychic intuitives like Edgar Cayce (the most documented psychic intuitive from the 20th century), trance mediums Daan Akkerman and Rev. Douglas James Cottrell (PhD), the translations of the Sumerian clay tablets by Samuel Noah Kramer and Zecharia Sitchin, and modern archaeology. Please do not not blindly accept or "believe" any of the numerous claims which are not considered as scientific facts, but try to consider these alternative points of view and form your own opinion. When two sides have complete opposite, polarized opinions about a subject, it is often the case that the truth lies in the middle, as both sides could have perfectly valid arguments. If something is really true, it will likely be proven eventually with the aid of our growing archaelogic, technologic and scientific knowledge, but this will not happen before it will be seriously considered and examined.

All mentioned dates are approximate.

  • 3.8 Billion years ago: Pre-Cambrian period. First organic life (bacteria) on Earth. (Archaeology)
  • 542 Million years ago: Cambrian period. Complex organisms became common. (Archaeology)
  • 250 Million years ago: Triassic period. Early dinosaur species emerged. (Archaeology)
  • 199 Million years ago: Jurassic period. Large dinosaurs roamed the earth. (Archaeology)
  • (65/68 Million years ago: Mass extinction of the dinosaurs according to modern archaeology.)
  • 10.5 Million years ago: First ape-like human beings on the earth. (Cayce 2665-2) Possibly "Homo Habilis".
  • 7 Million years ago: Existence of first beings we could identify as early primitive humans. (Cottrell)
  • More than a million years ago: Human-like beings from an unnamed planet migrated to Mars and also started a colony on earth that in time became the Chinese race. (Ernest L. Norman) Possibly this was the original Lemurian race.
  • 900,000 BC: Appearance of the now lost civilization of Lemuria, located in the Pacific Ocean. (Cayce)
  • 500,000 BC: Destruction of the Lemurian civilization. (Cayce)
  • 485,000 BC: Alalu, from the planet referred to as "Nibiru", arrives on earth. (Sitchin)
  • 445,000/414,000 - 300,000 BC: Arrival of Enki, Enlil and their helpers on earth. (Referred to as the "gods" in the ancient Mesopotamian myths and legends.)  Enki and his spouse Ninhursag created primitive workers that were called the species of the "Adama" followed by the much more intelligent "Adapa", through genetic manipulation of a still primitive race of humans that still existed (the ape man). Enlil brings the workers to the Edin in Mespotamia. (Sitchin)
  • Between 400,000 BC and 200,000 BC: Possible time frame of the Biblical story about the communion between the "sons of God" (possibly Cro-Magnon man) and the "daughters of men". (This time frame is based on the statement of Daan Akkerman that this happened during the transition phase from the age of Lemuria to that of Atlantis.)
  • 350,000 BC: Restoration of the Lemurian civilization. (Cayce)
  • 250,000 BC: Final disappearance of Lemuria. (Cayce) Possible time frame for the erection of the oldest Moai statues at Easter Island after the disappearence of Lemuria. (Cottrell)
  • 200,000 BC: Start of the initial civilization of "Atlantis" and the first appearance of "Homo Sapiens Neanderthalis". (Cayce)
  • 92,000 BC: Oldest known existence of modern Homo Sapiens. (Archaeology)
  • about 88,000 BC (very rough estimate): The arrival of the colony of Initiates on the shores of the "Scandinavian part of the continent of Europe" who founded Stonehenge. The initiated priests and their followers appear to have belonged to a very early strain of the Akkadian race - they were taller, fairer and longer headed than the aborigines of the country. ("The Story of Atlantis", by W. Scott-Elliot)
  • 55,000 BC: Oldest known existence of Cro-Magnon man in Europe. (Archaeology)
  • 52,000 - 50,000 BC: Great technological advancements in Atlantis. (Cayce)
  • 50,700 BC: The start of the time period of huge earth changes due to a shift of the magnetic poles of the earth. Atlantis lost land and became an archipelago of five islands. Initial migrations from Atlantis took place in small numbers to the east and west. The earliest settlements were in the region of the Pyrenees Mountains in France and Spain, and later in Central and South America. (Cayce) Lemuria also lost land and migrations were made likewise to Central and South America.
  • Around 33,000 BC: Time frame of the third destructive force in the world and afterwards the building of the first dolmens in Egypt (Cottrell). Archeology found out that Cro-Magnon man (possibly from Atlantis) invaded the western shores of Europe and North Africa in several waves in the time frame around 35,000 BC. This time frame also marks the final extinction of the Neanderthals.
  • 32,550 - 30,550 BC: First Golden Age of peace and enlightenment. Time of the Egyptian high priest Ra-Ta.
  • 28,200 - 18,000 BC: Spiritual decline of Atlantis. During this time frame there was another shift of the magnetic poles of the earth caused volcanic eruptions which led to great earth changes and the start of the last known glacial age. Atlantis loses land again and becomes one island that is connected by a chain of islands to the land of North-America. (Cayce 470-22).
  • Around 23,000 BC: Mass extinction of various animals including those large beasts, of which most of current modern scientists believe that all these species did became extinct millions of years earlier. The reason would be that many fossilized remains were wrongly dated to an age of millions of years ago. (Daan Akkerman) Rev. Douglas James Cottrell also mentions this date of 23,000 years ago as the Grand Meeting of all chiefs of the world to do away with those large beasts (these we might term "prehistoric") that were deemed destructive and a menace to the earth.
  • 22,006 BC: Time frame of the Biblical "Deluge" also known as "Noah's Flood"; This particular "flood" would have happened during the "second of the eruptions" in: "two-thousand - two-two thousand and six" [22,006?] BC. (Cayce 364-6)
  • 18,000 BC: First developments of saucer-shaped flying machines in Atlantis (according to Eklal Kueshana, author of the book "The Ultimate Frontier"). Possibly one of the "chariots" that had been witnessed and described by the Biblical prohpet Ezekiel. (Cayce 1859-1)
  • 17,400 BC: First destruction of Atlantis. (7,500+9,900) (Cayce 364-11)
  • 13,000 BC: Second Golden Age of peace and enlightenment.
  • 11,160 BC: Time frame of the story of Zailm from Atlantis, in the book "A Dweller on Two Planets". Cigar-shaped aircraft, which could also travel under water, were commonly used in these times. (Oliver, "A Dweller on Two Planets (1894)")
  • 11,016 BC: Arararat, second of northern Kings (Egypt) became ruler at age 16. (Cayce 341-9)
  • 10,700 (BC?): The continent of Lemuria began its disappearance. (Cayce 364-4)
  • Somewhere between 11,000 and 10,500 BC: Ancient knowlegde and history from the times of Atlantis had been concealed beneath the place which is now known as the Giza plateau in Egypt. (Cayce)
  • 10,490 to 10,390 BC: The construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza, which took 100 years according to Edgar Cayce, and was directed by Ra and Hermes. (Cayce 5748-6) The pyramids were built around 10,500 BC and the Great Sphinx was built 100 years later; during the time of the "great eclipse". (Daan Akkerman)
  • 10,360 BC: Destruction of the Atlantean manufacturing city Marzeus and Terna (the Biblical "cities of the Plain") by the "Navaz" forces (the enormous potential of the forces of nature) they had forgotten how to control. This caused the end of the knowledge and usage of advanced technology that was based on their science. (Oliver, "A Dweller on Two Planets")
  • 10,360(?) - 9,900 BC: Greed, lust and corruption led to moral decline and the spiritual downfall of the golden age of Atlantis. Blinded by the fear for coming disasters, as retribution for their sinful lives, human sacrifices of innocent people became common in an attempt to attone for their mutual sins. (Oliver, "Dweller on Two Planets") Edgar Cayce also mentioned between 7,000 and 9,000 BC as the timeframe of the decline of the golden age of Egypt.
  • 10,300 BC: Establishment of the Great Library in Alexandria, Egypt. (Cayce 315-4)
  • 9,900 BC: Another shift of the magnetic poles happened during the end of the last glacial age. This caused more earth changes that led to the sinking of the remaining islands of Atlantis including Poseidia. (Cayce 364-1 and 288-1) The people that were able to escape at that time, fled to Egypt, Yucatan, Mexico and other places. (Cayce) This also brought changes to the connections of the electro-magnetic field of the earth, which started the further densification of matter what ended the possiblity for spiritual beings (gods/angels/genies) to materialize and dematerialize at will, and incarnation became the sole posibility to experience life on earth. (Daan Akkerman) According to Rudolf Steiner, people were able to percieve the world of the gods in their sleep before the decline of Atlantis, but not anymore thereafter.
  • 9,000 BC: Animalistic influences like appendages of wings, tails, feathers, claws and hooves were finally disappeared from the human body, except for some remnants that were later depicted accurately in Assyrian and Egyptian art. (Robinson, "Edgar Cayce's Story of the Origin and Destiny of Man")
  • 8,000 BC: Original construction of the temple complex of Angkor Wat. [Around 10,000 years ago.] (Cottrell)
  • 6,000 BC: Ocean level rises again. Catastrophe in the surroundings of the Bimini Islands. (Archaeology)
  • 5,500 BC: Date of the Biblical "Exodus", according to Edgar Cayce, where Ramesses II was Pharaoh. (Cayce 470-22) This however contradicts the historical date of the reign of this Pharaoh (1,279-1,213 BC) according to Egyptologists, which would mean that either Edgar Cayce or the Egyptologists were wrong in this regard. 
  • 3,800 BC: Generally accepted by archeologists considered as the date of the "sudden" rise of a highly evolved civilization in Sumer (ancient Southern Iraq). (Archaeology)
  • 1,194 -1,184 BC: The Trojan War against the city of Troy by the Achaeans (Greeks) after prince Paris of Troy took Helen from her husband Menelaus, king of Sparta. (Traditionally dated)

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