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Robert Ernst Dickhoff (February 6, 1904 – July 27, 1991) was a writer on the paranormal and the founder of the American Buddhist Society and Fellowship, Inc. and an author of several books relating to UFOs and the hollow earth theory.

He was born in 1904, in Cologne, Germany, moving to the United States in 1927.

His friend the Lord Maha Chohan K.H. the Prince of Om Cherenzi-Lind, the Tashi Hutulkto of Chan Cheng Lob, Tibet, bestowed the title "Most Reverend" as an addition to Red Lama, also accepting him as an Anagarika or Universal One, instructing him further to gather the Buddhists in American into a Society. In the Spring of 1945 Robert Ernst Dickhoff organized The American Buddhist Society and Fellowship, Inc.

He has also become known in some circles for his publications regarding the Hollow Earth theory and UFOs. He was one of the earlier UFO writers to speculate that UFOs might be hostile. His statements that UFOs might be Garudas, which capture humans and kill them for food, made him one of the earlier UFOlogists to consider UFOs possibly unfriendly.


  • Homecoming of the Martians
  • Agharta: The Subterranean World
  • Behold.. the Venus Garuda.
  • The Eternal Fountain.
  • An Encyclopedia of Flying Saucers