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Hi, I would love to get hold of ALL books by Hilarion, but that website apparently is not accessible right now.
Thank you--and your father--for what has been channeled. The spiritual knowledge contained in these books has been excellently enriching, uplifting, and enlightening. I wish I could do channel Hilarion myself.

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Some of the books are out of print, but I believe that several titles can still be ordered. There are websites out there, and the books can be purchased on ebay (if for an inflated price). I would advise going to the source. If you like, send an email to Christine Rieder and see what titles are still for sale.

For those who are interested, my father, though ill, has begun writing a newsletter about the relationship between astrology and the stock market. he has authored two previous books on the subject.

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Hi there,

My father wrote a couple of books about astrology, and a couple more about the relationship between astrology and the stockmarket. As mentioned above, he is starting up a newsletter on the subject.

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The only reason the stock market connects to astrology is because people are stupid and gulible. They are the ones that move the stocks, they make it real with their ignorance and foolishness.

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I think the idea is more that everything is synchronously connected. The planets and stars do not influence human behaviour by their positions, but their positions are synchronously tied to human behaviour.


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He is still working on the first issue. He has discovered some interesting correlations between recent stock market activity and certain planetary alignments. As he said the other day, however, he keeps finding new connections that force him to revise.

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This website was created with the full approval of my father, and contains material that has been out of print for some time. There is enough material that is freely available for someone to get a good sense of the quality of the material if you are unfamilliar with his books.
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