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When we allow something higher than ourselves to flow through us, we are acting as 'conduits' of light, Channeling information from energy and light into this physical reality. The highest form of Channeling is that which benefits others, channelling in Service, for the greater good of all. <3

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What Is Channelling? 

Channeling is a natural form of communication between humans and angelic beings, nature spirits, non-physical entities or even animals and pets. A channeler is very similar to a translator or interpreter. They allow themselves to feel or sense the communication from the other being. The channeler then attaches human words to the communications for the understanding by themselves or other humans. A channeler can choose who or what they want to channel. As long as the other party has an interest in   communicating, the link is made and the channeling can begin. For instance, many people channel Archangel Michael. If he agrees to communicate with the channeler, the flow of non verbal information begins.    


The channeller receives the information at an intuitive or feeling level, and then their mind converts the raw information into words. Contrary to popular belief, entities do not generally use human languages because it is considered awkward and clumsy. The richer essence of their message is conveyed through an elegant series of sensory feelings. Another popular misconception is that a channeler must go into a deep trance state, or surrender their body and/or mind to the entity. But channeling is very similar to any other form of communication, whether verbal, body language, smell or art. They all communicate a message, and the message is subject to the receiver’s understanding. Most well-known channelers today, such as Lee Carroll (Kryon), Steve Rother (the Group) and Ronna Herman (Archangel Michael) are conscious channelers. They are aware of themselves and activities going on in the room. They focus their senses and attention on the entity they are channeling, and then interpret the message. Contemporary channels do not generally leave their bodies or surrender their minds during the communication process. Channeling pets is one of the easiest forms of this art. Pets, of course, do not use human language but they have a strong desire to communicate with humans. Simply release the concept that you’ll hear words, and allow yourself to “feel” your pet.


As you open yourself to the feelings, the mind will naturally begin to place simple words or phrases to the feelings so that your human consciousness will have a greater understanding of the communications. If you want to communicate back to your pet, let go of the need to use words. Instead, allow your feelings to open and flow to your pet. In the early stages of working with this type of communication, it may be helpful to imagine pictures or visuals when communicating with your pet. As you become more confident and proficient in channeling with your pet, the information will flow quickly and easily, and you won’t have the desire to even use pictures or images. Some people fear channeling because they don’t understand the process, or they think that a negative or dark entity can come in. But the channeler always has the choice of who or what they want to channel, just like they have the choice of who they want as friends or business associates. The channeller can insist on knowing the name and origins of any entity or angelic being who wants to communicate with them. Experienced channelers understand that just because an entity wants to communicate doesn’t mean the entity is necessarily enlightened. The channel should discern for themselves the level of enlightenment of the entity, and the value of their information. Some entities just like to chat; others can have an agenda; and there are also many entities who have a desire to provide enlightened guidance and counsel.

The Laws For The Agencies Of The Light

1. Agents of the light will never ask you to interfere with the will of another. 

2. Agents of the light will never promise you exclusive power or dominion. 

3. Agents of the light will never ask you to do harm to yourself or others. 

4. Agents of the light will never interfere with your free will. They will inspire you, but not compell you. 

5. Music from streams of the light are healing and filled with mercy. 

6. Agencies may only assist you once you grant them permission to do so. You will in turn become more responsible to dedicate your aligned energies having been visited so. 

7. At all times you have power to send love, love permeates all and no agent will disparage its power. 

8. When you stream, you do so as a conduit for all, when your ego gets in the way it will block you out from such connectivity. 

9. Sacred frequencies articulate the innate sanctity in all as necessary contributers to the true love system. They will always accentuate concentrating on finding the thread of oneness behind all things. 

10. Agents of the light will exude attributes of compassion and healing / if they depart from this stream they are not who they say they are. 

11. Most importantly: baser resonances cannot sustain the light of a higher love, hold this stream and u will be visited only by the light.


- Family of Jacob

Abraham Hicks - How you can channel Abraham 

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