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Abraham Knowledge Site - an introduction from channel Esther Hicks with additional material at sun-angel.com
Academy for Future Science - research organization and source of The Keys Of Enoch: The Book Of Knowledge by J.J. Hurtak
Derek Acorah.org - famous British spirit medium, clairvoyant & fortune teller
The Afterlife Experiments - double blind research by Dr. Gary Schwartz
Afterlife-Knowledge - "The truth about life after death"
Amaritha - channeling via Elena Diana
AncientWritings - channeled inspirational messages for transformation from the Ancients via Shirley Catanzaro
George Anderson - grief support program from this accomplished medium
Angelic Inspirations - includes material from angel books by Rose Schwab
After-Death.Com - reports of direct contact from a deceased family member or friend, without the use of others
Agni Yoga - overview from Spiritweb plus Nicholas Roerich Museum and Helena Roerich
Alexander Material - from a discarnate spirit teacher who has been channeling through his human host, Ramón Stevens
Rosemary Altea - famous author of Proud Spirit and other works
The Antarian Conversion of the Human - (Solara)
Archangel Raphael - channelings about awakening, love, and Joy.
Arton New Age Page - articles, free books, well annotated Channeling Booklist
The Ascended Master Network - Ascended Masters, teachings, karma, reincarnation from Church Universal & Triumphant also see
Disengaging Church Universal and Triumphant - a critical view
Sylvia Browne.org - some short excerpts from her books here
Laurie Campbell - spiritual medium featured on HBO Life Afterlife
Edgar Cayce Official A.R.E. Web Site - with no channeled content
Ken Carey Books - brief critical aclaim of his many books
Center for Soul Evolution - includes free intuitive guidance - Ask Antera Channelling links from newagepage.com
ChannelRing - a web ring group of over forty channeling sites, see also Open Directory and Channeling.net for link lists
Christmas in the Trenches - lyrics of this popular channeled song also here
Church of the White Eagle - based on Grace Cooke's work
Conversaions with God - book's official site by Neale Donald Walsch
Course in Light - channeled by The Order of Melchizedek thru Antoinette Moltzan (Toni)
A Course in Miracles - ACIM, background material and resources
ACIM Current Workbook Commentaries - full text of workbook lessons
Principles of Miracles - attributes of Miracles within the context of the Course
Marianne Williamson's Official Web Site
Miracle Studies - a Course in Miracles site in Australia, also in Britain
JohnEdward.net - after death communications-also here
Elaria - messages from a highly evolved spirit Light guide/angel who is channeled by Moonsnake
Virginia Essene - author of "You Are Becominge A Galactic Human" et al
Great Dreams - nice link list for channeling
The Greater Community Teaching - via Marshall Vian Summers
The Hathor Material - a Leading Edge News interview with clinical psychotherapist Tom Kenyo, intermediary for a book called The Hathor Material
Hope from Beyond - spiritual chat room that offers a wide variety of free help with understanding Gifts of the Spirit, plus guidance readings given as well as articles on channeling, mediumship and spirit guides.
I Am America - tapes of channeled prophecies from Lori Adaile Toye
Iasos - explains core concepts of channelers, compares 3rd vs 4th density and lists Hot Links
Jerhoam - "The Teacher From The Light"
Kuthumi - teachings of the Master Kuthumi as channelled by Ruth A. Craig
Robert James Lees - a historical site about the life of this medium
Lucis Trust - based on the Arcane School teachings of Alice Bailey
The Mediumship of George Valiantine - intricate discussion of his abilities
MessagesFromBeyond - spirit-side communications after the passing of the author's wife
TheMichaelTeachings.com - channeling by Stephen Cocconi of The Michael Teaching, a Channeled Philosophy
NewReligiousMovements - academic background and classification of New Age groups
Noahs Ark Society - promoting physical mediumship-series of articles
OAHSPE, A Book Of Kosmic Knowledge - and anti-Oahspe
Orin and DaBen - Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer
1,000,000 Paranormal Links - section on edgar cayce
QuanYinSpeaks - learn about Quan Yin via Reverend Charlotte Tinker
Ramtha's School of Enlightenment - home of J.Z. Knight happenings
The Realms of the Universal Healing Energies - Wolf Khan channeling
Kevin Ryerson - popularized by his involvement with Shirley MacLaine
Ron Scolastico - Los Angeles channel, author and counselor
The Seance Website - by Suzane Northrop, medium to contact those that have passed over into the spirit world
Spirit of Maat - online community by Drunvalo Melchizedek
National Spiritualist Association of Churches and NSAC News
Saint Germain Foundation - source of Guy Ballard "I AM" books
Soul Journey - info about and from Angels Akasha and Asun
Spiritual Awakenings - L'Éveil Spirituel
Spiritualist Directories - lists of churches and mediums
Spiritualism - a profile of beliefs and groups
Spiritualism - Amish to Zoroastrian...religion and spirituality on the web
The Spiritualist Religion Page
The Stars Still Shine - Michael via his psychic father-in-law, Robert Murray
Tanika.com - excerpts from "Death: The Beginning"
ToDanceWithAngels - by Linda Pendleton, biographer of and now channel for Dr. Peebles
William Rainen and Doctor Peebles - long-standing source of spirit wisdom
Language of the Heart - Summer Bacon channeling Dr. James Martin Peebles
Trance Channeling Connection - info about trance research and entities
Spiritualism, Spiritualist and psychic sites
A lawyer argues the Case for the Afterlife - by Victor Zammit, a detailed study of what happens at death
The Swedenborgian Church - also see info on Swedenborg Periodicals
Swedenborg Foundation - publishes works of Emmanual Swedenborg
Trancenet.org - cult awareness and support for "those in recovery"
Twintrees - new site called Ahhhmuse.com
Urantia Foundation - publishing head office for the Urantia book
White Bear - channelled teachings from White Bear - who was a North American shaman in one of his previous incarnations. White Bear is Channelled by Kath Pimlett in weekly group meetings held in Saltaire, England.
World of The Spiritwalker - channeled and inspired writings concering Native American spirituality
World Channelers Directory - listings from spiritsearch

Important Note: due to the close relation between channeling and contactee communications, be sure to visit our Contactee area

Channeling: The Process

Channeling FAQ - a detailed discussion with links on the nature of channeling
Channeling Glossary - an extensive list of terms defined
Channeling Rules of the Road - list of tips from Allan Kardec
Encyclopaedia of Psychic Science - full download of early work by Nandor Fodor
A Short History Of Spirit-Channeling
The Mediums' Book (acrobat format) - Guide for Mediums and Invocators by Allan Kardec [full text] or browse excerpts here
What is Channeling? (newage.com)
What is Channeling?
What is Channeling?
St. Germain About Channeling
Channeling as Method for Self Discovery
Channeling - A Natural Skill Easily Learned
First Spiritual Temple - explanatory material from Christian Spiritualist Church
Mishlove interviews - Arthur Hastings and Jon Klimo
Nature of Channeling
Noahs Ark Society
Physics of Trance Channeling
How to Channel Links - from SpiritWeb
Metaphysical Bookstores List - Links to book sites by category

Channeled Content

Channeling Examples - a few samples from well-known U.S. Channels
Channeling Anthology on September 11 - 9/11 channeled collection
Aaron - several books via Barbara Brodsky from Deepspring
ACIM Current Workbook Commentaries - full text of workbook lessons
Angelic Messages - shares messages received from the angels
Answers From The Lord Maitreya - based on questions from readers
Archangel Gabriel - several transcripts via Robert Baker
The Ascended Master Network - teachings of the Ascended Masters from Church Universal & Triumphant
Ascension.net - includes both Channeled and Ascension Articles
Ascension Research Center - pages of Ascended Master quotes prepared by students
AskAlana - over 1000 pages of answers from Alana via Sandy Breckenridge
Cassiopaea.org - "Messages from Cassiopaea, channelling, Armageddon, Quantum Future" from the Perseus Foundation
Edgar Cayce Readings - index to text of many readings from AUM~Sparky
Edgar Cayce CDs of readings - Mac CD  Windows CD
EdgarCayce.org - transcriptions of Cayce on various topics
Celestial World Mission - classic received through James Padgett
Channelings - a major Australian archive of over a dozen channels
Channelings From Around The World - nice variety from many sources
Concept:Synergy - includes the Lazaris public library of channeling via Jack Pursel
Conscious Creation - Becky Burke and Kristen Fox channeling their "higher" selves (Gradius and Ragon)
Cosmic Internet Academy - received teachings from Jasmuheen and others
Cypress Online - psychic digest dedicated to seth matrial and consciousness
The DOMA Way - full text of the book
Doors of Peace Channelling - from Phillip Brown and Louise Tincombe
Elias related Information - extensive transcripts from Gerhard Fuchs
Elias Forum - sessions from Elias, channeled by Mary Ennis
EmmanuelAndFriends.com - selected quotes channeled by Pat Rodegast
Energy Channelings - a potpourri of material from many sources
Flower of Life - Abby Haydon channeling the Assembly of Light
Foundation for "A Course in Miracles" - ACIM Articles

Gaelic Manuscripts - full length book via Betty White
Gibbon's Channeling Research Site - a variety of channels represented

Golden Eagles - original channelings from Kuthumi and other sources thru Aisha
TheGroundCrew.com - Valerie Donner, The Great One, and Earth Changes
CarrieHart.com - excerpts of channeling from Quado in "There is a Garden"
The Hilarion Page - material as channeled by Jon C. Fox
Hilarion - over two dozen chapters via Andrew Buttner
House of Light - dedicated to ascension and ascended master channeling via Jaraya and Sel-en-a
Kirael's Inward Portal - includes transcript excerpts via Rev Fred Sterling
Annie Kirkwood - messages from Mother Mary
Korton - four chapters from spirit via Susanna Thorpe-Clark
Kryon - includes samples of recent channeling
Life After Death - excerpts from The Next Life by C. C. Zain (a born clairvoyant)
Lord Maitreya - channeled material from a World Teacher via Margaret Birkin
Direct From Spirit - more channeling from Margaret Birkin at Karinya
Mahatma.co.uk - channelings by Kathleen Murray, John Armitage, Brian Grattan, and many others
Marcia's Garden of Light - channeling by Marcia Wilson
MasterDK.com - an archive of dozens of monthly lessons from the Master Djwhal Khul via Kathlyn Kingdon
Metatron - channeled articles and more Metatron Channelings
Michael Teachings - resources, channeling, and spiritual teachings of the entity Michael, see also the FAQs
the Nvisible: Solara & 11:11
New Heart - an archive from Cherubim and Seraphim. "This soul group emerged through the Heart of the Universe carrying the blueprints for the next Creation - The 5th World."
Orvotron - archive of newsletter that ceased web publication in 1994
Path Of Light - a full length book by Emanual via Gerrit Jahn
Service and Servitude - by El Morya via Tuieta
Seth Network Intl - Jane Roberts channeling & Seth Material & Seth's Concept
About Seth and Seth Quotes - biographical info, book recaps, letters & FAQ
Seth Codicils and Library Information - plus concordance & webring
Seth and Jane Roberts - a bookstore and audio collection
Share International Foundation - includes channeling from Benjaman Creme
Paul Solomon Foundation - including a bio of Paul Solomon
SpacesBetweenThings - Ray Donnelly and Rosalie Miles
Spirit Teachings - full text of this classic work through William Stainton Moses
Spiritual Connection - answers to life's big questions via Daniela, Gerrit Jahn and others at Channeling.net
Spiritual-Endeavors - varied noteworthy archive for channeling
Joshua David Stone - also see his Corner on SpiritWeb
Tatiachas Spirit Nexus - a multifaceted resource site including spirit messages and an audio library
Teachers-of-Light - sells the transcribed lectures of Yada di Shi'te via Mark Probert
The Teaching - a trilingual presentation of this book length work through Kathleen Long in New Zealand ( also at SpiritWeb)
Teachings of the Clear Light - five books by Thespian Michaels & Esmi Fernau
The Urantia Book - the full text on-line
Vibrani's One Source - from E. Nora Amrani and other contributors
Wirral Light Cirlcle - channellings from Bartholomew, Sananda, Ashtar and others plus ascension and ET material
A World of Compassion from Majahnae and Spirit - spirit channelings (200k+)
World Light Center - material on Seth, ascension
Zareth's Teachings - several dozen channelings on many topics

Smaller collections:

2012 Unlimited - ascension, prophecy, alternate realities
Abigail - insights on life's most significant dilemmas
Archangel Michael - channeled messages of Love, Inspiration, Faith, Hope, Wisdom and Truth via Carolyn Ann ORiley
ArchangelAriel - (and others ) via Isaac George
Ascension Transmissions - via Karen Danrich 'Mila' and Thomas Weber 'Rama'
Awakening Rainbows of Light - travels, episodes & Archangel messages
Beacons of Light - reminders from home, channelings from The Group via Steve Rother
Blue Rose Productions - Orpheus Phylos channeling, prophecy from Archangel Michael
Channeling and Channeled Materials - via Marina Michaels
ChannelingSpirits - (and its sister site) full of material from Lysa Moskowitz Mateu including audio
Christah - Gateway to Oneness
Cities of Light - Lady Kadjina speaks (help facilitate our shifts in consciousness), Tawatnaw speaks (explains the dynamics of Earth changes) from Reverend Kay Simmons and Wayne Moody
Council of Love - 13th octave channelings through Linda Dillon
Crimson Circle - a collection of channeling from Tobias
Joseph Dreams Channeling Directory - material by Al Bouchard
Earth Changes Weekly - by Peter P (suspended) includes channelings
Chris Hamilton - Australian channel for Astara
Inspirations from the Light - from Yeshua, Anthony and Aloria through Diana
InwardJourney - archives monthly lessons from Salem via Diandra
Sam Johnson - friend of Bigfoot (site includes some channeling)
Light messages from Johannes - modest collection of transmissions
Lightsmith - Earth Mother channeled by Michele Mayama including audio
Ellen Meredith Channeling - author of Listening brings wisdom from The Council
Melora - messages of light through Jyoti-Alla-An as published in Sedona
Mona Rolfe - a small collection of channelings
Mystic Planet Presents Channeling - from a variety of popular channels
Osirians - multidimensional beings from the Sirian star system
Pathwork - Eva Pierrakos interview and quotes
Reconnections - "Studies in Personal Alchemy", an interesting archive of channeling from a group of Spiritual guides via Daniel Jacob, worth a visit to the transmission archive and channeling FAQ.
Revelations of Awareness - some free issues of Cosmic Awareness newsletters
River of Inspiration - mix of channeled and inspirational writings
School of Living Light - a long page of excerpts from Ortan via Lita de Alberdi
SherrySherry - transcripts of channeled sessions by Sherry Smith
Spiridex - from Ascordia Center via Amy Bortner
The Temple Of Truth And Light - ISIS site with material from different sources
United Circle Of Light - hear from God, Ariel, Lord Maitreya, John, the Earth, Mylorian, and more on all kinds of topics
Veronica's Corner - trance channeling from Veronica
Visitations Excerpts - deep trance samples from Rainbow Lady ( Donna Kinniburgh)
Wisdom from the Light - light warrior Tehannah mixes art with two messages

SpiritWeb Channeled Archives - sorted by channeler or by subject

Ascended Masters - an overview with links to channeled articles
Connecting Link - a collection of excerpts from this print magazine
Earth Changes - a full length channeled book by Tom Smith
Relationships of Transformation - a full length channeled book by Bill Davidson
Toraya Ayres - counselor for interspecies and interdimensional understanding
Celeste & Jananda - channelings from John, Josephus, Kuthumi, Kwan Yin, Monka, Sananda, Soltec, Wind of Change, White Eagle, more
Diandra - founder of Inward Journey channels a universal consciousness
Caroline Fitzgerald - counsellor & channeler of Ascended Masters
Abby Haydon - channeling the Assembly of Light (also at spiritualguidance.com)
Ronna Herman - cosmic telepath channeling Archangel Michael
Lisa Holloway - a channel for Hilarion
Donna Kinniburgh - trance medium channeling "Reflection"
John Payne - messages from his spirit guide Omni
Polaris Writings - from a cosmic, centralized and evolved Intelligence
Julie Presson - doorways to knowledge "carried to you on the wings of the servents of God, the Angels"
Andrew & Lillian Whalley - two UK channels that focus on ascension topics
Adamski Foundation - official site of the first published contactee
Abduction and Contactee Messages - an analysis of common factors
Aetherius Society - UFOs, Yoga, and Channeling by Sir George King.
Alien Eyes - includes a book called "The Mission of the One Star". More material on Spiritweb as Alloya Ye Ra Har - the spirit name of Nikki Huckfield
Allies of Humanity - full text of this book by Marshall Vian Summers
Arcturians - an overview from SpiritWeb
Norma J Milanovich Ed.D. - "We, the Arcturians" summary, Celestial Bodies and Entities, other messages
Are you a Starseed or Contactee? - UFO contactee/starseed profile list
Ascension2000 - from contactee David Wilcock
Ashtar.org - Ashtar Command channeling through Soltec
WunjoOne - live channelings from a being called Morvica held every Wednesday plus an Ashtar archive from six channelers.
The Ashtar-Command - an overview from SpiritWeb
Ashtar-Command - channeled by Dana Summer from Spiritweb
AshtarCommand.net - smaller site, has some interviews
TheashtarCommand.com - includes bbs
Galactic Server - more material from the Ashtar Command and reports of physical contact
Orvotron Newsletter - a long sample of Ashtar channeling
Star Esseenia Temple - another home for Commander Ashtar
Starfleet A.C.F.R - home of Ashtar Commander Lyur
Astara.org - "Dedicated to elevating the consciousness and health of humankind," based on teachings of Earlyne & Bob Chaney
Bashar - Darryl Anka's extraterrestrial channeling, a must read, core concepts as well as many tapes and additional files on SpiritWeb
Blue Star Speaks - "channeled teachings from a Pleiadian theta master"
Channeled Information - a political hotspot, a place for discernment
Elan - profound insights from the Essassani civilization via Andrew
Flying Saucer Religion - two cases studies, a more academic outlook***
FromElsewhere - article about walk-in book by Scott Mandelker plus an interview
HeavensGate replica site and Links
Lyssa Royal Holt - and more at SpiritWeb and RoyalPriest.com
Interdimensional Doorways and Starseeds
Intergalactic Anthropologist - by Marcia Schafer blurbs and introduction
International Raelian Religion - contactee site based on beliefs of Frenchman Claude Vorilhon
Sam Johnson - friend of Bigfoot (site includes some channeling)
Birgit- Kein - Danish voice of interplanetary Federation (as Archos) and ascended masters on SpiritWeb
L/L Research - contactee research by James Allen McCarty and Carla
Rueckert, Law of One article and sample
Lia Light - Pleiadian material from Lia Shapiro including an article on SpiritWeb
Lightwork - the way to integrate other realities, ETs, walk-ins, starseeds
MARK-AGE Period and Program - Preparing for the Second Coming
Nibiruan Council - learn about the flagships of the council and their involvement in Earth's history
Only Planet of Choice [800k] - transmissions from The Council of Nine through Phyllis Schlemmer [also available in Polish]
Planetary Activation Organization - Galactic Federation rundown from Sheldan Nidle
Reptillian TransMissions From Alpha Draconis
Semjase Silver Star Center - a multilingual site in Switzerland by Billy Meier
Billy Meier Web Site - by an authorized Los Angeles chapter of FIGU
UFO - The Pleiadian Mission - by Randolph Winters. UFO from the Billy Meier contacts from the Pleiades.
Barbara Marciniak - links to Pleiadian material and book
Who are the Pleiadians and Barbara Marciniak? - an interview about the Pleiadians from the 'Codings' tape
P'taah and Jani King Online - Pleiadian contact with sample transcripts and more at SpiritWeb
Pleiadians - overview from SpiritWeb
Quantum Awakening - Pleiadian energies via Gillian Macbeth-Louthan
Yvonne Moore - channeling from masters and space commanders
Starbuilders - from walk-ins Aldin and Malchora
UFOmind: Contactees - excellent link list of contactee resources
UNARIUS Academy of Science - founded by Ruth and Ernest Norman
Universal-Vision - Dr. Scott Mandelker integrates the cosmic meaning of UFOs, ET souls and Earth Harvest with the spiritual principles of healing, initiation and self-transformation.
Walk-ins.com - experiences, articles, conferences and newsletter
Claire Watson - channels members of an intergalactic consortium, but mostly Solon Centurion
Wingmakers - teachings from a group of being known as the Wingmakers, brough forth by someone that goes by the name James. The Wingmakers are also known as the Central Race and Elohim to some.
ZetaTalk - a Zeta emissary, Nancy. tells us of a Pole Shift and the coming millennium transformation

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