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Channeled Prophecy Books

Contactee Prophecy Books

Popular Prophecy and Prediction Books

Channeled Prophecy

Edgar Cayce

Coming Earth Changes: The Latest Evidence; Hutton, William ; Paperback; 1996; $11.96

Earth Changes Update; Cayce, Hugh Lynn. ; Paperback; 1980; $8.95

Edgar Cayce: An American Prophet; Kirkpatrick, Sidney D. ; Hardcover; 2000; $24.00

Edgar Cayce: Modern Prophet; Cayce, Edgar ; Hardcover; 1998; $10.99

Edgar Cayce the Sleeping Prophet; Stearn, Jess; Mass Market Paperback; $5.20

Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Prophet; Stearn, Jess ; Hardcover; 1997; $19.95

The End Times: Prophecies of Coming Changes: Includes Prophecies and Predictions from the Bible...; Van Auken, John ; Paperback; 1996; $10.36

Our Origin and Destiny: An Evolutionary Perspective on the New Millennium; Callahan, Kathy L. ; Paperback; 1997; $14.95

The Millennium Book of Prophecy: 777 Visions and Predictions from Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce...; Hogue, John ; Paperback; 1997; $14.00


Apocalypse Explained: According to the Spiritual Sense in Which the Arcana There Predicted ...; Swedenborg, Emanuel ; Hardcover; 1996; $18.00

Apocalypse Explained: According to the Spiritual Sense in Which the Arcana There Predicted ...; Swedenborg, Emanuel ; Hardcover; 1994; $18.00

Apocalypse Explained: According to the Spiritual Sense in Which the Arcana There Predicted ...; Swedenborg, Emanuel ; Hardcover; 1994; $18.00

Apocalypse Explained: According to the Spiritual Sense in Which the Arcana There Predicted ...; Swedenborg, Emanuel ; Hardcover; 1997; (Price not available)

Apocalypse Revealed; Swedenborg, Emanuel ; Paperback; 1981; $10.95

Hidden Millennium: The Doomsday Fallacy; Koke, Stephen; Paperback; 1998; $14.95

The Apocalypse Revealed: Wherein Are Disclosed the Arcana There Foretold Which Have Hitherto ...; Swedenborg, Emanuel ; Paperback; 1997; $20.00

The Apocalypse Revealed: Wherein Are Disclosed the Arcana There Foretold Which Have Hitherto ...; Swedenborg, Emanuel ; Hardcover; 1997; $20.00

By Author

Prophecy and teaching in the new ages Vol 1; Armadeus [via Ronald Kaufmann]; 1987; (Out of Print)

Prophecy and teaching in the new ages Vol 2; Armadeus [via Ronald Kaufmann]; 1987; (Out of Print)

Prophecy and teaching in the new ages Vol 3; Armadeus [via Ronald Kaufmann]; 1987; (Out of Print)

Externalization of the Hierarchy; Bailey, Alice A.; Hardcover; $33.00

Externalization of the Hierarchy; Bailey, Alice A.; Paperback; 1976; $20.00

Rays and the Initiations (A Treatise on the Seven Rays) Vol 5; Bailey, Alice A.; Hardcover; $35.00

Rays and the Initiations: A Treatise on the Seven Rays Vol 5; Bailey, Alice A.; Paperback; $22.00

Conversations With God: A Catholic View of Prophecy; Baldwin, Robert; Paperback; $7.80

What on Earth Is Happening?: A Spiritual Vision of a World in Crisis; Bamforth, Nick \ Denise Cooney; Paperback; 1991; (Out of Print)

Reflections of an Elder Brother: Awakening from the Dream; Bartholomew [via Mary-Margaret Moore]; Paperback; 1989; $10.95

Conversations With Nostradamus: His Prophecies Explained Vol 1; Cannon, Dolores; Paperback; 1997; $14.95

Conversations With Nostradamus: His Prophecies Explained Vol 2; Cannon, Dolores; Paperback; 1993; $14.95

Conversations With Nostradamus: His Prophecies Explained Vol 3; Cannon, Dolores; Paperback; 1993; $15.95

Return of the Bird Tribes; Carey, Ken; Paperback; 1991; $12.00

The Starseed Transmissions; Carey, Ken; Paperback; 1984; $8.80

Terra Christa; Carey, Ken; 1988;

The Third Millennium: Living in the Posthistoric World; Carey, Ken; Paperback; 1996; $10.40

Vision: A Personal Call to Create a New World; Carey, Ken; Paperback; 1985; $8.80

Catastrophobia: The Truth Behind Earth Changes and the Coming Age of Light; Clow, Barbara Hand; Paperback; 2001; $12.80

Aquarian Wave: A Prophetic Handbook For The 90's; Cooke, Maurice B.; Paperback; 1993; $5.95

A Little Light on Ascension; Cooper, Diana; Paperback; 1997; $10.36

Secret Prophecy of Fatima Revealed: New Age Visions of the Virgin Mary; Crockett, Arthur; Paperback; 1982; $9.95

Earth Changes Ahead: The Coming of Great Catastrophies; Doss, Frank; Paperback; 1981; $2.75

You Are Becoming a Galactic Human; Essene, Virginia; Paperback; 1994; (Out of Print)

Ascension the Time Has Come; Fickes, Bob; Hardcover; 1991; $16.95

Divine Partnership: Book Three of the God-Mind Plan for Saving Both Planet and Man; Foster, Jean K.; Paperback; 1991; $10.80

Becoming Gods II: Interdimensional Mind, Earth Changes & the Quickening; Gilliland, James \ Cazekiel; Paperback; 1997; $14.95

Becoming Gods: Prophecies and Understandings Concerning the Past and Future Destiny of Humanity...; Gilliland, James \ Cazekiel; Paperback; 1996; $11.16

The Rider on the White Horse; Grattan, Brian; Paperback; 1990; (Out of Print)

World Evolution: Our future in the 21st century; Gunter; Unknown Binding; 1992; (Out of Print)

Searching for Light: Michael's Information for a Time of Change; Heideman, Carol; Hardcover; 1994; $9.07

On Wings of Light: The Teachings of Archangel Michael; Herman, Ronna; Paperback; 1997; $19.95

The Keys of Enoch Book of Knowledge; Hurtak, J.J.; Hardcover; 1987; $40.00

When The Comet Runs: Prophecies For The New Millennium; Kay, Tom; Paperback; 1997; $12.95

Mary's Message to the World; Kirkwood, Annie; Paperback; $8.00

Mary's Message to the World: As Sent by Mary, the Mother of Jesus, to Her Messenger; Kirkwood, Annie; Hardcover; $11.87

Survival Guide For The New Millennium: How To Survi; Kirkwood, Byron; Paperback; 1993; $8.95

The Crystal Stair: A Guide to the Ascension; Klein, Eric; Paperback; 1994; $11.65

Alchemy of the Human Spirit: Kryon Book 3; Kryon [via Lee Carroll]; Paperback; 1995; $11.20

Partnering With God: Practical Information for the New Millennium: Kryon Book 6; Kryon [via Lee Carroll]; Paperback; 1997; $11.20

Passing the Marker 2000: Understanding the New Millennium Energy: Kryon Book 8; Kryon [via Lee Carroll]; Paperback; 1999; $11.16

The End Times: New Information for Personal Peace (Kryon Book 1); Kryon [via Lee Carroll]; Paperback; 1992; $9.60

The Ultimate Frontier; Kueshana, Eklal; Paperback; 1992; $3.96

Evidence from Beyond: An Insider's Guide to the Wonders of Heaven; Mattson, A.D.; Hardcover; 1999; $18.36

The Millennium Tablets; McIntosh, John ; Paperback; 1997; $14.95

A Gift of Prophecy: The Phenomenal Jeane Dixon; Montgomery, Ruth; Hardcover; (Out of Print)

A World Beyond: A Startling Message from the Eminent Psychic Arthur Ford from Beyond the Grave,; Montgomery, Ruth; Textbook Binding ; 1972; (Out of Print)

The World to Come: The Guides' Long-Awaited Predictions for the Dawning Age; Montgomery, Ruth; Paperback; 2000; $8.95

Through the Curtain; Neal, Viola Petitt \ S. Karagulla; Paperback; 1993; $13.95

Mindweld: A Cosmic Embrace; Perry, Julian \ Odin, Silver Star; Paperback; 1991; (Out of Print)

Upcoming Changes: Prophecy and Pragmatism for the Late Nineties ( A Michael Book); Pope, Joya \ Michael; Paperback; $13.95

Pearls of Wisdom: A Prophecy of Karma to the Earth and Her Evolutions Vol 23; Prophet, Elizabeth Clare; Hardcover; (Out of Print)

Saint Germain's Prophecy for the New Millennium:Includes Dramatic Prophecies from Nostradamus...; Prophet, Elizabeth Clare; Paperback; 1999; $7.19

Saint Germain on Prophecy; Prophet, Mark & Elizabeth Clare; Paperback; 1986; (Out of Print)

The Visitation: An Archangel's Prophecy; Rain, Mary Summer; Paperback; 1997; $10.36

Earth's Birth Changes (St. Germain Series); Ramada, Azena; Hardcover; 1993; $17.95

The Revelation of Ramala; The Ramala Centre; Paperback; 1989; $17.95

The Vision of Ramala; The Ramala Centre; Paperback; 1994; $28.95

Revelations for a New Millennium: Voices of Saints, Angels, and God; Ramer, Andrew; Paperback; $13.00

Ramtha Intensive: Change the Days to Come; Ramtha \ J.Z. Knight; Paperback; 1987; (Out of Print)

Last Waltz of the Tyrants: The Prophecy; Ramtha \ Judi Pope Koteen; Paperback; 1989; $9.30

Notes From The Cosmos: A Futurist's Insights into the World of Dream Prophecy & Intuition; Scallion, Gordon-Michael; Paperback; 1997; $13.56

Continuous Energy: And Upcoming Earth Changes; Schuster, Michael L.; Paperback; 1990; $11.96

Mary's Miracles and Prophecies; Shaw, Constance; Unknown Binding; 1995; $11.55

The Cosmic Christ; Solana, Tambor; Paperback; 1997; $12.50

11:11 -- Inside the Doorway; Solara; Paperback; 1992; $15.95

The Wind of Change: A record of spiritual dialogues; Soskin, Julie; Paperback; 1997; $8.76

The Day the Door Flew Open; Spina, Raymond; Paperback; 1994; (Price not available)

Earth's Birth Changes; St Germain\[via Azena Ramada]; Paperback; 1993; $13.20

The Secret Pulse: A Channeled Work; Standiford, Meredith; Paperback; 1994; $10.80

Fatima Prophecy: Days of Darkness Promise of Light; Stanford, Ray; Paperback; (Out of Print)

Kirael: The Great Shift; Sterling, Fred \ Kirael; Paperback; 1998; $14.95

Beyond Ascension: How to Complete the Seven Levels of Initiation Vol 3; Stone, Joshua David; Paperback; 1995; $14.95

The Complete Ascension Manual How to Achieve Ascension in This Lifetime; Stone, Joshua David; Paperback; 1994; $14.95

Earth Changes Bible; Tessman, Diane; Paperback; 1986; $14.95

Conversations With God: An Uncommon Dialogue Vol 1; Walsch, Neale Donald; Hardcover; 1996; $19.16

Spiritwalker Messages from the Future; Wesselman, Henry Barnard; Paperback; 1996; $11.16

The Prophetic Revelations of Paul Solomon: Earthward Toward a Heavenly Light; Wheeler, W. Alexander; Paperback; 1994; $10.36

Pole Shift: Predictions and Prophecies of the Ultimate Disaster; White, John; Paperback; 1988; $8.95

Gildas Communicates: The story and the scripts; White, Ruth; Unknown Binding; 1971; (Out of Print)

Agartha: A Journey to the Stars; Young, Meredith; Paperback; $11.96

Contactee Prophecy

Bashar: Blueprint for Change: A Message from Our Future; Anka, Darryl; Paperback; 1990; $13.95

From Here to Armageddon: I Am Ashter (The Phoenix Journals); Ashtar; Paperback; 1989; $10.85

New World Order: Prophecies from Space Channeled by the Ashtar Command; Ashtar Command; Paperback; 1990; $10.95

Project World Evacuation: UFOs to Assist in the 'Great Exodus' of Human Souls Off This Planet; Ashtar Command \ Tuella; Paperback; 1982; $12.95

Keepers of the Garden; Cannon, Dolores; Paperback; 1993; $12.00

The Pleiadian Agenda: A New Cosmology for the Age of Light; Clow, Barbara Hand; Paperback; 1995; $12.00

Unbroken Promises: A True Story of Courage and Belief; Davis, Vance A.; Hardcover; 1995; $22.95

The Golden Reed; Duverus, Delamer; Unknown Binding; 1973; (Out of Print)

The Ptaah Tapes: Transformation of the Species; King, Jani; Paperback; 1991; $16.95

ET Contact: A Final Briefing for Planet Earth; Lake, Gina; Paperback; 1997; $10.36

The Extraterrestrial Vision: The ET Agendas--Past, Present, and Future; Lake, Gina, Theodore; Paperback; 1995; $11.16

Children of Ezekiel: Aliens, Ufos, the Crisis of Race, and the Advent of End Time; Lieb, Michael; Paperback; 1998; $18.95

World in Translation: With References for Further Study; Lopear, Bertha, Gerald Ross; Paperback; 1987; (Out of Print)

Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians; Marciniak, Barbara; Paperback; 1992; $10.36

We, the Arcturians; Milanovich, Norma J.; Paperback; 1990; $14.95

Visitors from Other Planets; Nada-Yolanda; Hardcover; 1974; $15.00

The Voice of Venus (Pulse of Creation); Norman, Ernest L.; Paperback; 1956; $15.00

Preparation For The Landing; Norman, Ruth \ Spaegel, Charle; Clothbound; 1987; $22.95

UFO Contact from Andromeda: Extraterrestrial Prophecy; Rodriquez-Mortiel; Hardcover; 1989; (Out of Print)

Millennium: Tools for the Coming Changes; Royal, Lyssa; Paperback; 1998; $11.16

The Only Planet of Choice Essential Briefings from Deep Space; Schlemmer, Phyllis V.; Paperback; 1995; $16.95

Edge Of Tomorrow: The Reinhold O. Schmidt Story; Schmidt, Reinhold; Paperback; 1975; $10.00

Shining the Light I; Shapiro, Robert \ Arthur Fanning; Paperback; 1995; $10.36

Shining the Light II; Shapiro, Robert \ Arthur Fanning; Paperback; 1996; $11.96

Shining the Light III; Shapiro, Robert \ Arthur Fanning; Paperback; 1996; $11.96

Shining the Light IV; Shapiro, Robert \ Arthur Fanning; Paperback; 1997; $11.96

Shining the Light V: Humanity Is Going to Make It!; Shapiro, Robert; Paperback; 1998; $14.95

Shining the Light VI; Shapiro, Robert; Paperback; 2000; $14.95

Message from the Pleiades; Stevens, Wendelle; Hardcover; 1979; (Out of Print)

Message from the Pleiades (UFO Factbooks Series: No 2); Stevens, Wendelle C.; Hardcover; 1990; (Out of Print)

A New Book of Revelations; Tuella; Paperback; 1998; $14.00

Cosmic Prophecies for the Year 2000: A Channeled Symposium on What We Can Expect for the Rest of ...; Tuella; Paperback; 1994; $12.95

On Earth Assignment; Tuella \ Ashtar Command; Paperback; 1994; $14.00

The Council Of Seven Lights; Van Tassel, George; Mass Market Paperback; 1999; $15.95

Other Voices; Williamson, George Hunt; Paperback; 1995; $15.00

The Pleiadian Mission: A Time of Awareness; Winters, Randolph; Paperback; 1994; $16.00

On a Slide of Light; Woodrew, Greta; Hardcover; 1981; (Out of Print)

A Message from the Stars: Abductions, Earth Changes; Wunder, Mary M.; Paperback; 1993; $11.95

Popular Prophecy and Prediction Books

End-Time Visions: The Road To Armageddon; Abanes, Richard; Clothbound; 1998; $25.95

Revelations 2000: Your Guide To Biblical Prophecy; Agee, M. J.; Mass Market Paperback; 1998; $6.99

Encyclopedia of Prophecy; Ashe, Geoffrey ; Library Binding; 2001; $75.00

Black Dawn, Bright Day: Indian Prophecies for the Millennium that Reveal the Fate of the Earth; Bear, Sun \ Wabun Wind; Paperback; 1992; $12.00

Trial, Tribulation & Triumph: Before, During, and After Antichrist; Birch, Desmond A.; Paperback; 1997; $15.60

Cracking The Apocalypse Code: The Shocking Secrets of the Book of Revelation Decoded; Bodson, Gerard; Clothbound; 2000; $24.94

Awakening To Zero Point: The Collective Initiation; Braden, Gregg; Paperback; 1997; $13.50

Isaiah Effect: Decoding Our Future Through the Lost Science of Prophecy; Braden, Gregg; Clothbound; $21.85

Apocalypse, 1998: Revelations of Forthcoming Worldwide Catastrophes ; Braun, Leo M; Hardback; 1998; (Out of Print)

Canons in Conflict: Negotiating Texts in True and False Prophecy; Brenneman, James E. ; Hardback; 1997; $49.95

The Two-Fold Chastisement: Visions of The Coming Earth Changes; Brocato, Charles S. \ Kathryn King ; Paperback; 1996; $23.00

Cosmic Voyage: True Evidence Of Extraterrestrials; Brown, Courtney; Mass Market Paperback; 1997; $6.29

The Quest; Brown, Tom; Paperback; 2000; $12.95

Omega Point : An Apocalyptic Parable of Spiritual Transcendence for the New Millennium; Browne-Miller, Angela; Paperback; 1995; $18.50

Earth Changes Now!; Bryant, Page; Paperback; 1989; $8.99

Earth Changes Survival Handbook; Bryant, Page; Paperback; 1995; $27.00

Conversing With The Future: Visions Of The Year 2020; Catherine, Jenna; Paperback; 1998; $16.95

Earth Changes Update; Cayce, Hugh Lynn. ; Paperback; 1980; $8.95

Doomsday : The End of the World-A View Through Time; Chandler, Russell; Paperback; 1995; (Out of Print)

Alien Intervention: The Spiritual Mission of UFOs; Christopher, Paul; Paperback; 1998; $11.99

The Prophecies of His Divine Grace Daniel Clay; Clay, Daniel; Paperback; 1998; $16.95

Book Of End Times: Grappling With The Millennium; Clute, John; Clothbound; 1999; $30.00

Pocket Guide To Fortunetelling; Cunningham, Scott; Paperback; 1997; $6.95

Prophetic Writings of Lady Eleanor Davies; Davies, Eleanor \ Elizabeth H. Hageman; Paperback; 1996; $29.95

Sacred History and Earth Prophecies; Dinawa; Paperback; 1996; $13.95

The Call to Glory; Jeane Dixon Speaks of Jesus.; Dixon, Jeane; Paperback; 171; (Out of Print)

A Wiccan's Guide to Prophecy and Divination; Dunwich, Gerina; Paperback; 1997; $10.95

Catholic Prophecy; Dupont , Yves ; Paperback; 1973; $7.49

The Invention of Prophecy: Continuity and Meaning in Hopi Indian Religion; Geertz, Armin W. ; Hardcover; 1994; $46.99

Last Cry: Native American Prophecies--Tales of the End Times; Ghostwolf, Robert; Paperback; 1997; $21.95

Winds Of Change; Ghostwolf, Robert \ The Mount; Paperback; 1998; $29.95

Mayan Prophecies: Unlocking the Secrets of a Lost Civilization; Gilbert, Adrian \ Cotterell, M; Paperback; 1996; $16.94

The Jupiter Effect: The Planets as Triggers of Devastating Earthquakes ; Gribbin, John R ; Mass Market Paperback; 1976; (Out of Print)

The Keepers of Heaven's Gate : The Millennial Madness, the Religion Behind the Rancho Santa Fe Suicides; Henry, William; Paperback; 1997; $12.95

Suicide: What Really Happens in the Afterlife?; Jon Klimo and Pamela Heath; Paperback; 2006; $14.93

Cataclysms : A New Look at Earth Changes; Hickox, Norma Green ; Paperback; 1998; $12.95

Last Pope: The Prophecies Of St. Malachy For The New Millennium; Hogue, John; Paperback; 2000; $19.95

Messiahs: The Visions And Prophecies For The Second Coming; Hogue, John; Quality Paper; 1999; $24.95

Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies; Hogue, John; Paperback; 1999; $24.95

Cosmic Suicide: The Tragedy and Transcendence of Heaven's Gate; Jackson, Forrest \ Rodney Perkins; Paperback; 1997; $12.00

Apocalypse: The Coming Judgment Of The Nations; Jeffrey, Grant R.; Mass Market Paperback; 1994; $6.99

Armageddon : Appointment With Destiny; Jeffrey, Grant R. ; Mass Market Paperback; 1990; $6.50

Prince Of Darkness: Antichrist And The New World Order; Jeffrey, Grant R.; Mass Market Paperback; 1995; $6.99

Maya Cosmogenesis 2012: The True Meaning of the Maya Calendar End-Date; Jenkins, John Major; Paperback; 1998; $20.00

Rolling Thunder : The Coming Earth Changes; Jochmans, Joey R. ; Paperback; 1980; $16.99

The Voice of the Great Spirit Prophecies of the Hopi Indians; Kaiser, Rudolf; Paperback; 1991; (Out of Print)

Fortune-Telling Book: Reading Crystal Balls, Tea Leaves, Playing Cards, and Everyday Omens of Love and Luck; Kemp, Gillian; Clothbound; 2000; $14.95

Earth Under Fire: Humanity's Survival of the Apocalypse; LaViolette, Paul A. ; Hardcover; 1997; $25.95

Violent Weather Predicitons 2000-2001: Countdown To Cataclysm; Lawson, Jennifer; Paperback; 1999; $9.95

The The Complete Idiot's Guide to New Millennium Predictions; Lenard, Lisa & Mishlove, Jeffrey; Paperback; 1999; $18.95

Nostradamus And His Prophecies; Leoni, Edgar; Paperback; 2000; $19.95

Last Days Handbook : A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding the Different Views of Prophecy, Who Believes What About Prophecy and Why; Lightner, Robert P. ; Paperback; 1998; $12.99

Riding The Tide Of Change: Preparing For Personal and Planetary Transformation; Luthke, Martin F.; Paperback; 1997; $11.94

Hopi Survival Kit: The Prophecies, Instructions & Warnings Revealed; Mails, Thomas; Paperback; 1997; $13.00

Storming Toward Armageddon : Essays in Apocalypse; Marrs, Texe \ Tim Lahaye, David Breese, David A. Lewis; Paperback; 1992; $11.95

Twenty Eleven: The New Millennium Begins: Messages for the Present and Predictions and Prophecies for the Future; Martin, Art; Paperback; 1998; $14.95

A message for the millennium; Martin-Kuri, K.; Paperback; 1996; (Out of Print)

The End of Nature; McKibben, Bill; Paperback; 1999; $14.00

Beyond The Horizon: Visions Of The New Millennium; Mercado, Walter; Clothbound; 1997; $20.00

Pyramid Truth Gateway Universe; Miller, Reg T. ; Paperback; 1998; $24.95

Nostradamus: A Beginner's Guide; Moorey, Teresa; Paperback; 2000; $11.95

Prophecies of Mother Shipton; Mother Shipton [1641`]; Paperback; 1983; $6.94

5/5/2000 : Ice : The Ultimate Disaster; Noone, Richard W. \ Richard Kieninger; Paperback; 1997; $16.00

Final Prophecies Of Nostradamus; Nostradamus (Cheetham, E., Ed); Paperback; 1989; $12.95

Complete Prophecies Of Nostradamus; Nostradamus (Roberts, Henry, T; Paperback; 1999; $12.00

Secrets Of Nostradamus: A Radical New Interpretation; Ovason, David; Clothbound; 2001; $28.50

Native American Prophecies; Peterson, Scott ; Paperback; 1991; (Out of Print)

Dreaming the Future : The Story of Prediction; Pickover, Clifford A.; Hardcover; 2001; $26.00

Return of the Children of Light: Incan and Mayan Prophecies for a New World; Polich, Judith Bluestone; Paperback; 2000; $16.95

Millennium : Fears, Fantasies & Facts : Astrologers Predictions; Pottenger, Maritha \ Maria Kay Simms, Zipporah Dobyns; Paperback; 1998; $12.95

Seeing Your Future: A Modern Look at Prophecy and Prediction; Ronner, John; Paperback; 1991; $10.95

Sathya Sai Baba and the Future of Mankind ; Ruhela, Dr. S.P. ; Paperback; 1996;

Notes From The Cosmos: A Futurist's Insights into the World of Dream Prophecy & Intuition; Scallion, Gordon-Michael; Paperback; 1997; $13.56

Surviving Catastrophic Earth Changes: A Practical Guide; Schellhorn, G. Cope; Paperback; 1994; $12.95

Light Before Dawn: New Information about Humanity's Future Based on Dreams & Visions; Schmidt, John; Paperback; 1996;

Eve Of Destruction: Prophecies, Theories, And Preparations for the End of the World; Shaw, Eve; Paperback; 1996; $16.99

Lord of the Dawn: Quetzalcoatl and the Tree of Life; Shearer, Tony ; Paperback; 1995; $12.95

Millennial World Order: Discover The Spirit, Philosophy and Conditions of the Coming 1,000 Year Utopian Age; Sherosky, Frank, J.; Paperback; 1998; $16.95

Mass Dreams Of The Future; Snow, Chet B.; Paperback; 1993; $15.95

Elements Of Prophecy; Stewart, R.J.; Paperback; 1991; $11.94

The Coming Global Superstorm; Strieber, Whitley \ Art Bell; Mass Market Paperback; 2000; $6.29

Think a Little: Evolutionary Perspectives on the Future of Civilization; Stryker, Tim; 1993;

Phoenix Rising: No-Eyes' Vision Of The Changes To C; Summer Rain, Mary; Paperback; 1993; $9.56

Spirit Song: The Introduction Of No-Eyes; Summer Rain, Mary; Paperback; 1993; $8.76

Thunder of Justice : The Warning, the Miracle, the Chastisement, the Era of Peace ; Ted Flynn, Maureen Flynn; Paperback; 1993; $17.95

Beyond Prophecies And Predictions: Everyone's Guide to the coming changes; Timms, Moira; Paperback; 1995; $8.80

World War III: Population and the biosphere at the end of the millennium; Tobias, Michael; Hardcover; 1994; $29.95

Pyramid Prophecies: Timeless Message of Sacred Stones Reveals Our Future; Toth, Max ; Paperback; 1988; $12.95

Predictions For A New Millennium; Tyl, Noel; Paperback; 1996; $14.95

Patterns Of Prophecy; Vaughan, Alan; Paperback; 1973; #23.99

Stone of the Plough: the Search for the Secret of Giza; Walker, Ann; Paperback; 1997; $14.95

Book of the Hopi; Waters, Frank \ Oswald White Bear Fredericks; Paperback; 1985; $13.95

Medjugorje: The Message; Weible, Wayne \ Svetozar Kraljevic; Paperback; 1989; $13.95

Comet Of Nostradamus: August 2004-Impact!; Welch, R.W.; Paperback; 2000; $14.95

Pole Shift: Predictions and Prophecies of the Ultimate Disaster; White, John; Paperback; 1988; $8.95

Mammoth Book Of Nostradamus And Other Prophets; Wilson, Damon, Ed.; Paperback; 1999; $11.95

Cosmic Trigger: The Final Secret of the Illuminati; Wilson, Robert Anton; Paperback; 1993; $14.95

His Truth Is Marching On: Advanced Studies on Prophecy n the Light of History; Woodrow, Ralph; Paperback; 1977; $7.00

Ultimate Prophecy; Zwang, Moshe; Paperback; 1996; $16.95

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