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Spirit Writings (by title from less prolific authors)

1000 keys to the truth: spiritual guidelines for Latter Days & Second Coming; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

Abraham: The Initiator on Spirit, Will and Ego; Judith A. Sutherland Ph.D., Larry Wendell Sutherland; Paperback; 1989; $17.95

Across the Universe With John Lennon; Linda Keen, Darryl Price; Paperback; 1999; $11.96

Agartha: A Journey to the Stars; Meredith Young; Paperback; $11.96

Agasha, Master of Wisdom; William Eisen; Hardcover; $10.95

The Agashan Discourses; William Eisen; Hardcover; $11.95

AIDS: From Fear to Hope; Paperback; $10.80

Akanthos: a book of channeled insights; Akathos; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

Alawashka Language of Creation; Lumari; Paperback; 2000; $15.95

All That You Are by Mary; Paperback; 1983; $10.95

Always, Karen; Karen Walker, Jeanne Walker; Hardcover (Out of Print)

Ancient Echoes: The Anasazi Book of Chants; Mary Summer Rain, Mary Summer Rain; Paperback; $8.76

Ancient Wisdom: Invoking the power of your soul star; Dan Dupuis; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

The ancients come forth: lessons from the guardians; Richard Spencer; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

The Angel of Death; Flora Towler; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

Angel Talk; Ruth Crystal, et al; Hardcover; $12.60

The Angels Proclaim Radiant Living; Juanita Orton Keith; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

Answers from a Grander Self; Tam Mossman; Paperback (Out of Print)

The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ: The Philosophic and Practical Basis of the Religion of the Aquarian Age of the World; Levi H. Dowling, Levi; Paperback; 1979; $14.95

Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ; Levi H. Dowling, Levi; Hardcover; 1972; $18.95

The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ; Levi H. Dowling, Levi; Paperback; 1997; $11.96

The Aquarius Wayfarer; Netta Bayne; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

Arthur Ford Speaks from Beyond; Eileen Sullivan; Hardcover (Out of Print)

As we see it from here; Jesse Herman Holmes; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

Ascending from the center; John; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

An Ascension Handbook: Channeled Material by Serapis; Serapis, Tony Stubbs; Paperback; $10.36

Ascension: The Doorway Home, Volume I; Richard Putman, Jeannie Weyrick; Paperback; 2001; $17.95

Ascension the Time Has Come; Bob Fickes; Hardcover; 1991; $16.95

Ashan, the Gentle Way; Bo Gatewood; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

Atlantis-The Daughter-: The Legend Revealed; Joyce Steel (Preface;, Mariah Hendricks (Editor;; Paperback; 1998; $12.76

The Awakening letters; Sandys, Cynthia & Rosamond Lehmann; 1978; (Out of Print)

The Awakening letters Vol 2; ; Sandys, Cynthia & Rosamond Lehmann; 1985; (Out of Print)

The Barbanell report; Barbanell, Maurice [via Marie Cherrie]; 1987; (Out of Print)

Becoming Gods: Prophecies and Understandings Concerning the Past and Future Destiny of Humanity and the Earth; Cazekiel, James Gilliland; Paperback; 1996; $11.16

Becoming Gods II: Interdimensional Mind, Earth Changes & the Quickening; Cazekiel, James Gilliland; Paperback; 1997; $14.95

A Beginner's Guide to Progressive Evolution; Ruth Norman, C Spaegel; Hardcover; $15.00

Beginnings: Are for Those Who Want to Continue by Catharine Maria Sedgewick, Bill Thompson; Hardcover; 2001

Beings of Light, Worlds in Transition; Tricia McCannon; Paperback; 2001; $11.16

Bertie: The life after death of H. G. Wells; Elizabeth Hawley; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

Beyond a Master; Denise R. Cooney; Paperback; 1999; $9.95

Beyond the Horizon; Grace Rosher; Textbook Binding (Out of Print)

Beyond the light: a personal guidebook for healing, growth, and enlightenment; Katz, Ginny; 1991; (Out of Print)

Beyond the Lighthouse; Clarice Albritton; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

Beyond the Veil; Judy Laddin; Paperback (Out of Print)

The Book of Azrael: An intimate encounter with the Angel of Death; Leilah Wendell; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

The Book of Matan: Automatic Writings from the Brink of Eternity; Nik Douglas; Hardcover; 1992; $10.95

Book of Revelations for Aquarian Age; Esau; Paperback (Out of Print)

The book of the law: An Ixii sol in Aries March 21, 1938 e.v; Crowley, Aleister; Paperback; 1976; $7.15

The law is for all: An extended commentary on the book of the law; Crowley, Aleister; Paperback; 1996; $16.95

The Book of Theanna: In the Lands That Follow Death; Ellias Lonsdale, Theanna Lonsdale; Paperback; $16.95

Bridge Into Light: Your Connection to Spiritual Guidance; Pam Cameron, Fred Cameron; Paperback; 1994; $10.75

Bridge of Light: Tools of Light for Spiritual Transformation; LaUna Huffines; Paperback; 1993; $8.95

Bridge Over the River: After Death Communications of a Young Artist Who Died in World War I; Joseph Wetzl (Translator); Paperback; 1995; $9.95

Brother Lion: Words of Inspiration from a Spirit Guide; Jeanne H. Livingston, Brother Lion; Paperback; 1988; (Out of Print)

Buddha: Life and work of the forerunner in India: received in the proximity of Abd-ru-shin through the special gift of one; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

Butterfly Within; Kathleen Garbe; Paperback; 1999; $12.95

The Call Goes Out: Messages from Earth's Cetaceans: Interspecies Communication; Dianne Robbins; Paperback; 1998; $12.95

Call of the Dolphins; Lana Miller; Paperback; 1989; (Out of Print)

The Calling; Rasha; Paperback; 1999; $9.99

Celestial Reunion; Peter Phalam; Paperback; 1998; $17.95

The Celestial Telegraph: or, Secrets of the life to come revealed through magnetism; Louis Alphonse Cahagnet; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

Celestial raise: 'tiers of light' pouring fourth from the Son; Marcus (compiler); 1986; (Out of Print)

The Celestial Voice of Diana: Her Spiritual Guidance to Finding Love; Rita Eide; Paperback; 1999; $11.95

Chalice of the Dove; Gillian DeArmond; Paperback; 1994; $12.95

The Challenge of Evil; Graham Bernard; Paperback; 1988; (Out of Print)

The Changing Light at Sandover: Including the Whole of the Book Ofephraim, Mirabell's Books of Numer, Scripts for the Pageant and a New Coda; James Merrill; Paperback; 1993; $20.00

A Reader's Guide to James Merrill's the Changing Light at Sandover; Robert Polito; Paperback; 1994; 17.95

Channeling God Within Through Free Flow Writing - Profound Words from Common People; Cynthia Attar, Cynthia Llovit Attar; Paperback; 2003; $11.04

Channeling the Absolute Mind; Mark Jusczak; Paperback; 1998; $9.99

Chapters of Experience; Leslie Flint; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

Choices of love ; MacLean, Dorothy.; Paperback; 1998; $16.95

Christ in You Anonymous [Alice Mortley, 1910]; Paperback; 1984; $4.95 exceptional

Columba Speaks: Wisdom for the 21st Century; Charles Ferris; Paperback; 1997; $10.95

Coming Home: The Return to True Self; Martia Nelson; Paperback; $12.95

Coming Home; Paperback

Commerce into Global Awareness (A Channeled Book); Kirin Duncan; Paperback; $9.30

Continuous Energy: And Upcoming Earth Changes; Michael L. Schuster; Paperback; 1990; $11.96

Conversations With Angels; Marie Lise Labonte; Paperback; 1997; $16.95

Conversations with Adolf Hitler, 1992-1994; Michael L. Schuster; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

Conversations With Eternity: The Forgotten Masterpiece of Victor Hugo; John Chambers (Translator); Paperback; 1998; $13.95

Conversations With God: A Catholic View of Prophecy; Robert Baldwin; Paperback; $7.80

Conversations with the Spirit World Souls who have ended their lives speak from above; Lysa Moskowitz-Mateu; Paperback; 2001; $16.95

Creation: Its' Laws & You; June K. Burke; Paperback; 1998; $9.95

Creation of Reality; Kessler Frey; Paperback; $9.30

Crisis in the Search for Truth; A. M. Hodgson; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

The Crucifixion - What Really Happened and Why; Joseph Albiani; Paperback; 1999; $12.95

The Daisy Sutra (interspecies communication); Helen Weaver; Paperback; 2000; $14.95

The Day the Door Flew Open; Raymond Spina; Paperback; 1994;

The Death of the Prophet: The Powerful Completion of Kahlil Gibran's Immortal Trilogy; Jason Leen (Preface); Paperback; 1998; $7.95

Death the Beginning; Tatiana Elmanovich; Paperback; 1999; $13.46

Dialogue on Awakening: Communion With Jesus; Tom Carpenter; Paperback; 1996; $14.95

Dialogues With the Angels; Tricia McCannon; Paperback; 1999; $11.16

Divine Intervention: the true story of how one woman walked between worlds and returned with messages of hope from Diana; Hazel Courteney; Paperback; 1999; $27.50

Divine Intervention: The Story of the Luciferian Conspiracy and God's Solutions; Adriene Wentworth; Paperback; 1997; $17.95

The Doctrine and Covenants of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints; Joseph Smith (Editor), et al; Hardcover; 1971;

Down to Earth: The Jason journal; Jason; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

The Dreamkeeper; Deborah Katherine Harmes; Paperback; 1999; $19.95

Dweller on Two Planets or the Dividing of the Way; Phylos the Thibetan, Frederick Spencer Oliver (Editor); Paperback; 1991;

Dweller on Two Planets or the Dividing of the Way; Phylos the Thibetan; Paperback; 1980; $13.50

Earth Changes Ahead: The Coming of Great Catastrophies; Frank Doss; Paperback; 1981; $2.75

Earth's Birth Changes; Azena Ramanda; Paperback; 1993; $18.95

Earthbound: Conversations With Ghosts; Robert H. Coddington; Paperback;1997; $9.60

The Elijah Message: Acknowledging God's Vital Paternity; Elijah, Will Kohls; Paperback; $6.95

Episodes of enlightenment; Companions of Jesus [via Marjorie A. Joyce]; Hardcover; 1995; $19.95

Everywhere the Light: The Story of Zittelle; Neal. Biship; Hardcover (Out of Print)

The Evolution Angel: An Emergency Physician's Lessons with Death and the Divine; Dr. Michael Abrams; Paperback; 2000; $12.95

Exchanging Realities - A True Spiritual Adventure; Janis Abriel; Hardcover; 1999; $23.95

Filings of Light; A venture of the spirit; Adelaide Jefferys Garrett; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

Final Choice; Kari An' Eaton, Cynthia Anne Dahm; Hardcover; $15.95

The Final Elimination of the Source of Fear; Saratoga; Paperback; $11.95

The Final Mystery; Lilian D. Johnson; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

Fire of Love: True life in God: extracts on the Holy Spirit; Vassula Ryden; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

Flames of Grace, An Adventure of Spirit; Susan Walker; Paperback; 1998; $13.00

Flight into the Source: The Andomus Material I; Andomus; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

Flight of the Soul: The teachings of Zanzoona; Zanzoona; Unknown Binding

The Flying Phoenix: Aspects of Chinese Sectarianism in Taiwan; David K. Jordan, et al; Hardcover; $56.00

For Sceptics Also; Jean Hope Johnston; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

Four Concepts of the Spiritual Structure of Creation; Peter Daniel Francuch; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

Fragments of Experience; Viola P. Neal; Hardcover; 1940; $4.95

From a Gun to a Flower; Zaher P Kury; Paperback; 1985; (Out of Print)

From My World to Yours: A young man's account of the afterlife; Jasper Swain; Paperback (Out of Print)

Gemisphere Luminary; Michael Katz; Hardcover; 1997; $20.00

The Gentle Counsel of White Cloud; Larry G. Wayne; Hardcover; 1989; $14.95

Ghostly Poems; Bill Thompson; Hardcover; 2001

Gifts of the Gemstone Guardians: The Mission, Purpose, Effects, and Therapeutic Applications of Gemstones; Ginny Katz, Michael Katz; Paperback

Global Vision: Expanding Business Trade and Commerce into Global Awareness (A Channeled Book); Kirin Duncan; Paperback; $9.30

God has your best Interest at This Time; Susie Levan; Hardcover; 1996; $24.95

God I Am: From Tragic to Magic; Peter O. Erbe; Paperback; 1991; $16.95

God's Way of Life: A Spiritual Guide to World Peace; Adele Gerard Tinning; Paperback; 1999; $19.95

The Godspell Solution: Acceptance and Creation; Bill Jason O'Mara; Paperback; 1999; $11.95

The Golden Promise; Ronna Herman; Paperback; 2001; $23.00

The Golden Thread: A series of communications from a consciousness known as John; received by members of his family; John Raymond Berry; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

The Good Remembering: A message for our times, a guide for seekers; Lyn Roberts-Herrick; Unknown Binding

The Grand Design: A Simply Stated, User Friendly Guide to Living in the Universe; Paddy McMahon, Shebaka; Paperback; 2000; $11.16

The Great Beyond; Vernon W. Overlee; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

The Great Heresy; Guirdham, Arthur; 1977; (Out of Print)

Grieve No More Beloved; Ormond McGill; Paperback; 2001; $14.95

The Guide Book; Tony Neate, Michael Dean (Editor); Paperback (Out of Print)

The Guides; William Guillory; Paperback; 1997; $12.95

A Hand in Dialogue; Charles Fryer; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

Handbook for Humanity: A Guide for Spiritual Progression (Man, Soul, and Universe Enlightenment); Institute for Enlightment; Paperback; $14.95

Heart Initiation: Preparing for Conscious Ascension; Julianne Everett; Paperback; $11.96

Heart of Gold: The Light Within Life; Mary P. Fisher; Paperback; 1986; $6.00

The Heart of Interview With an Angel; Ariel, et al; Paperback; $4.95

Heather's Return: The Amazing Story of a Child's Communications from Beyond the Grave (The We Don't Die Series); Geri Colozzi Wiitala; Paperback; 1996; $11.96

Heaven and Beyond: Conversations With Souls in Transition; Mark, Barbara \ Trudy Griswold ; Hardcover; 2001; $14.95

Heaven Help Me! A Celestial Guide to Healing; Nancy Freier; Paperback; 2000; $12.95

Heavenly Father Speaks Second Arrival; Parvathy & Nada Kuzmic; Paperback; 1998; $14.00

Heavenly Insight on Love, Life and Dreams; Camille Starr; Paperback; 1990; $12.00

I Am the Open Door; Ascended Masters Staff; Paperback; 1989; $6.95

I Speak and Heal for the Angels; Elizabeth Rose; Paperback; 1990

I Still Talk To...; Paperback; 1994;

Impersonal Life; Anonymous; Paperback; 1980; $7.00

In Her Own Words: The After-death Journal of Princess Diana; Christine Toomey; Paperback; 1999; $114.95

In Light of the Truth; Kay Wheeler; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

In Search of Truth Vol 1; Gloria Sandvik; Paperback (Out of Print)

In Silence They Return; Judy Boss; Paperback; $7.80

In the Beginning (Conversations With David, Vol 1) Vol 1; Jeanette Kandl; Hardcover (Out of Print)

In the beginning: the first inhabitation of the planet earth: a channeled manuscript; Robert Frey; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

In the beginning was the world; Sheila Andrews; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

In the Garden of the Goddess; Sharon Shane; Paperback; 1999; $12.00

In the Spirit: Conversations With the Spirit of Jerry Garcia; Wendy Weir, Jerry Garcia; Hardcover; 1999; $24.00

Inanna Hyper-Luminal; V. S. Ferguson; Paperback; 1996; $14.00

Inanna Returns; V. S. Ferguson; Paperback; 1995; $14.00 ;

Incredible Alliance: Transmissions from T. S. Eliot through the mediumship of P. M. Douce; P. M. Douce; Unknown Binding; (Out of Print)

Innersource: Channeling Your Unlimited Self; Kathleen Kieft; Paperback; 1988; (Out of Print)

Inspired by Angels: Letters from the Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, & Uriel; Sinda Jordan; Hardcover; $12.95

Interview With an Angel; Ariel, et al; Hardcover; $17.47

Interview With an Angel; Ariel, et al; Paperback; $13.56

Interviews With Famous Dead People: Inspirational Conversations; Susanne B. Miller; Paperback; 1997; $10.95

Into Eternity; Thomas C. Fitzgerald, JeanAnn Fitzgerald; Paperback; 1998; $14.00

Into the Realms of Joy; A'aragon d'Ar Satumi, Milina An SaRa'i; Paperback; 1997; $12.00

It's All an Illusion; William Guillory; Paperback; 1988; (Out of Print)

The Jeshua Letters; Jon Marc Hammer; Paperback; 1991; $12.95

Jesus and Mastership: the gospel according to Jesus of Nazareth as dictated through James Coyle Morgan; Jesus Christ; Paperback; 1995; $14.95

John Dee's Actions With Spirits: 22 December 1581 to 23 May 1583 (Garland Publications in American and English Literature); Christopher Whitby; Hardcover (Out of Print)

John Lennon Conversations; Linda Deer Domnitz; Paperback (Out of Print)

JonBenet's Gift: A Miracle for the Millennium; Jane Gray Stobie; Paperback; 1999; $15.96

Journey into Light and Joy; Howard Ray Carey; Unknown Binding; (Out of Print)

Journeys into Radiance; Lindsey, Mira El; Paperback; 2000; $12.95

A Journey of Remembrance: The teachings of Ezekiel as shared with J.L. Sibrian; J. L. Sibrian; Paperback; 1995; (Out of Print)

Journey to Your Soul Angels' Guide to Love and Wholeness (The Angels Handbook for Humans, Bk. 1); Carole Marlene Sletta, Nancy Ambrose Snodgrass, Cameron, Tom; Paperback; 1997; $12.95

The Journey Within: Past-life Regression And Channeling; Henry Leo Bolduc; Paperback; 2004; $19.95

The Joy of Christ's Coming: From Traditional Religion to Ageless Wisdom; Howard Ray Carey; Paperback; 1988; (Out of Print)

The Joy of Knowing: We are One Transformational Conversations Among the Masters and Erik Myrmo; L. David Moore; Paperback; 1996; $13.95

Joy Riding the Universe: Snapshots of the Journey; Sheridan Bryce; Paperback; 1993; $24.00

The Judaic State: A Study in Rabbinic Political Theory; Martin Sicker; Hardcover; $42.95

The Jupiter Experiment; Margaret Moon, Maurine Moon; Paperback; 1976; $1.95

Just Love the People: The Family Frequency; Mom, et al; Paperback

Kaleidoscope of Living Thoughts; Betty Collins; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

The Keys of Enoch Book of Knowledge; J.J. Hurtak; Hardcover; 1987; $40.00

The Keys to Enlightened Living: Channeled Messages from the Masters; James Webb; Paperback; 2001; $17.95

King Tut's Reality: The 7 Steps to Redemption; Ronald Kaufman; Hardcover (Out of Print)

Kirael: The Great Shift; Kirael, Fred Sterling; Paperback; $14.95

Krishanta and the Way of the Avatar; Carol Bell Knight; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

Lamp Unto Our Faith; Clarice Albritton, Grace Newby; Paperback; 1976; $3.95

Last Days?: Spiritual Reality and Physical Illusions; Ventris Nukayis; Paperback; $10.80

Lazaris: A Spark of Love; Iasos; Unknown Binding; 1986; $9.95

The Lemurian Way: Remembering Your Essential Nature; Lauren O. Thyme, Sareya Orion; Paperback; 2000; $14.95

Let Life Live; Gita Keiller; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

Letters from Janice: Correspondence from the Astral Plane; Wayne Hatford; Paperback (Out of Print)

Letters from the Cosmos; Carol Swiedler; Paperback; 1994; $10.95

Letters from the Light: An Afterlife Journal from the Self-Lighted World; Elsa Barker, Katherine Hart; Hardcover; $13.27

Letters from the Other Side: With Love, Harry and Helen; Harry, Blount; Paperback

Letters from the Other Side: With Love, Harry and Helen; Mary B. White; Hardcover; $15.95

Letters Through the Veil; Loryn "Solana" Walton ; Paperback; 2000; $12.95

Letters to Bill; Billie Price; Hardcover; $18.95

Life in the Hereafter: Automatic writings and dictation from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sir Walter Raleigh, et al; Elizabeth Mary Thompson; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

Life on the Causal Plane: A Glimpse of Heaven; Marian Eileen Charlton M.A.; Paperback; 1998; $12.00

Lifeline: Experiences of psychic communication; Carolyn De la Hey; Unknown Binding; (Out of Print)

Light from the Angels: Channeling the Angel Academy; Hallie Deering; Paperback; 1997; $15.00

Light from the Angels; Channeling the Angel Academy; Hallie Deering; Paperback; $12.00

Light My Fire; Jim Morrison, Gordon Slack (Editor); Paperback (Out of Print)

Listening In: Dialogues With the Wiser Self; Ellen Meredith; Paperback; 1998; $14.95

A Little Light on Ascension; Diana Cooper; Paperback; 1997; $10.36

The Little One Diaries, Volume One; Susan Gallaher; Paperback; 1999; $12.00

Losing your Mind: beyond heaven, past the light, something waits; Daniel; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

The Magian Gospel of Brother Yeshua; Cahrles C. Wise; Paperback; 1979; $5.95

The Magian Gospel of Brother Yeshua; Charles C. Wise; Hardcover; 1979; $11.95

The Man Who Talked with Angels (Pastor Roland Buck); Sharon White; Paperback; 1982 (Out of Print)

Man's unending quest; Stewart, Robert Allan; Paperback; 1984; (Out of Print)

Manifesting: A Master's Manual; Khit Harding; Paperback; (Out of Print)

Many Were Called-Few Were Chosen: The Story of the Earth-Based Volunteers; Heather Anne Harder; Paperback; 1994; $11.16

Many Wonderful Things; Robert Huffman, Irene Specht; Paperback; 1988; (Out of Print)

Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven : A Matthew Book; Ward, Suzanne; Paperback; 2000; $20.99

Medium Touch; Joey Crinita; Paperback; 2000; $6.95

Menus for Impulsive Living: A Revolutionary Approach to Organizing and Energizing Your Life; Kurt Leland; Hardcover (Out of Print)

A Message to Mankind; Margaret Claire Mitchell; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

Messages from Beyond, The First Book; James P.R. Mason; Paperback; 1999; $19.95

Messages from Beyond, The Second Book; James P.R. Mason; Paperback; 1999; $19.95

Messages from Heaven: Amazing Insights on Life After Death, Life's Purpose and Earth's Future; Patricia Kirmond; Paperback; 1999; $10.36

Messages from Within; Peter Daniel Francuch; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

The Messengers: A True Story of Angelic Presence and the Return to the Age of Miracles; Julia Ingram, G. W. Hardin; Paperback; 1996; $12.80

Messengers of Hope; Carol P. Parrish; Paperback; 1982; $7.95

Mind with Reason: Egyptian identity "Master Karver" speaks with daily messages from the world of spirit, using the vyographic sensitivity method; Robert Villetto; Unknown Binding

Mindweld: A Cosmic Embrace; Odin, Silver Star, Julian Perry (Editor); Paperback (Out of Print)

The Missing Truth: Angelic Revelations Replace 16 Centuries of Blind Faith; Cornelia Shakour; Hardcover; 1997; $17.95

More Alive Than Ever...Always, Karen; Jeanne Walker; Paperback; $14.95

Mt. Shasta Ascended Master Teaching; Nola Van Valer; Unknown Binding; (Out of Print)

The Murder of Marilyn Monroe; Leonore Canevari, et al; Paperback (Out of Print)

My First Encounter with an Angel; Sidney Schwartz, Reverend Carl R. Hewitt; Paperback; 2000; $15.00

My Life in Two Worlds (Collector's Library of the Unknown); Gladys Osborne Leonard; Hardcover; 1931; (Out of Print)

My Life over the Rainbow; L Smith; Hardcover (Out of Print)

My meeting with the masters on Mount Shasta; van Valer, Nola; Paperback; 1994; $7.95

Myth or Reality: Touching on Life Here and Beyond; Trudy Jarno; Paperback; 1991; (Out of Print)

A New Beginning: Handbook for Joyous Survival - Abraham Speaks.; Jerry S. Hicks; Paperback; $15.00

A New Beginning II: A personal handbook to enhance your life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness; Jerry Hicks; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

The New Republic: A discourse on the prospects, dangers, duties, and safeties of the times; Thomas Lake Harris; Unknown Binding; (Out of Print)

No matter; Cyril A. Wild; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

Oahspe a New Bible in the Words of Jehovih and His Angel Enbassadors: A Sacred History of the Dominions of the Higher and Lower..; John B. Newbrough; Hardcover (Out of Print)

Omni Reveals the Four Principles of Creation; John L. Payne; Paperback; 2001; $12.76

On the Death of My Son: An Account of Life After Death; Jasper Swain, Noel Langley (Editor); Paperback (Out of Print)

On the Wings of Spirit; Rebecca Zinn; Paperback; 1988; (Out of Print)

On Wings of Light: The Teachings of Archangel Michael; Ronna Herman; Paperback; 1997; $19.95

On Wings of Truth; Janith; Paperback; 1989; $12.95

Oneness Remembered - Ultraconsciousness; Jean Peterson; Paperback; 1989; (Out of Print)

Openings: A Guide to Psychic Living in the Real World; Joan Pancoe; Paperback; 1995; $18.95

The Oracle Speaks: Breakthroughs for Humanity; Na; Paperback; 1996; $12.95

Orion Material: A Gift of Exploration; Elisabeth Fitzhugh; Paperback (Out of Print)

The Orion Material: perspectives of awareness; Orion; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

The Other Side of Life; Marjorie B. Thompson; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

Our Name Is Melancholy: The Complete Books of Azrael (Book and Pamphlet); Leilah Wendell; Paperback; $14.95

Our Unseen Guest; Darby and Joan; Paperback; 1979 (Out of Print)

Passing Through Time; Nicole Suzanne Brown; Paperback; 1999; $11.00

Passing the Torch: The Way of the Avatar; Carol Bell Knight; Paperback (Out of Print)

Path to Illumination; Wallace G. Richardson, Lenora Huett; Paperback; 1982; $9.95

Peace at Last: The After-Death Experiences of John Lennon; John Lennon, Jason Leen, et al; Paperback; 1998; $9.56

Personal Magic: Creating Life, Love, and Work That Resonate With Your Soul; Spotted Eagle and Grandfather White Elk via Jennie Marlow; Paperback; 2003; $12.95

Phases of Life After Death: Written in automatic writing; Irma Slage; Paperback; 2000; $16.00

Phoenix Operator-/-Owner Manual: Including Flight Instruction; Jesus Sananda; Paperback; $10.85

Polar Knight: The Mystery of Sir John Franklin; B. J. Rule; Paperback; 1998; $14.95

Post Mortem Journal: Communications from T. E. Lawrence; Jane Sherwood; Paperback; 1992; $12.76

Prayer and Meditation; Jesus, et al; Paperback; $8.76

Prepare for Great Tribulation; John Leary; Paperback; 1996; $8.96

Primal Legacy: Thinking for the 21st century;Joseph Costa; Unknown Binding

A primer of rotational physics; Myrna M. Milani; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

The Prophetic Revelations of Paul Solomon: Earthward Toward a Heavenly Light; W. Alexander Wheeler; Paperback; 1994; $10.36

Psychic Beam to Beyond; Jane Boulton; Paperback; 1983; $6.95

Pyramid Truth Gateway Universe; Reg T. Miller; Paperback; 1998; $24.95

Questions from Earth, Answers from Heaven; Char Margolis, Victoria St George,; Paperback; 2000; $6.00

Reflections on Ascension: Channeled Teachings of St. Francis; Anina Davenport,; Paperback; 1998; $12.95

Rainbow Warriors Awake! An Invitation to Remember; Aleia N. O'Reilly; Paperback; 1995; $15.95

Reclaiming the Shadow Self: Facing the Dark Side in Human Consciousness; Christine Breese; Paperback; 1997; $15.95

Reflections on Ascension:Channeled Teachings of St. Francis; Anina Davenport,; Paperback; 1998; $12.95

The reincarnation of John Wilkes Booth: A study in hypnotic regression; Leonardi, Dell; 1975; (Out of Print)

Rekindling Your Spirit: Messages to Live by; Seneca, et al; Paperback; $12.76

The Renderings of Stefanos; Stefan Grunwald; Paperback (Out of Print)

Return Passage; Michael Harvey; Paperback; 1991

Return to Atlantis (Return to Atlantis Series) Vol 1; Uriel, Antares; Hardcover; $25.00

Returning Home: A Workbook for Following Your Path to Ascension-Channeled Lessons from Mother Mary, Merlin, and Quan Yin; Penelope Genter; Paperback; 2002; $16.96

Revelations: extracts from the Book of tidings of the Almighty and His spirits to humanity; Mezins, Nick (trans); 1992; (Out of Print)

The River of Light: Teachings of Gwyneth the Lifegiver; Jean Marshall; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

A Rose without Thorns; A. Ray Elkins, Association of Universal Philosophy; Paperback; 1974; $15.99

The Sacred Mirror: A spiritual diary; Margery Eyre; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

The Saul Narratives: Channeled Admonitions Regarding Emerging Terrestrial States and Subsequent Effects On Soul Evolution And Expansion; Rich Oliver; Paperback; 2004; $19.95

Say Not Goodbye; Frederick Walter King; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

Scripts from a Naturalist; Ena Twigg; Unknown Binding; (Out of Print)

The Second Book of the Lamb; Peter C. Stone; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

Secret of the Andes; Brother Philip; Paperback; 1991; $9.95

The Secret of the Sphinx by Pharaoh Amigdar, assisted by ... others; Francesco Luciano Oscott; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

The Secret Pulse: A Channeled Work; Meredith Standiford; Paperback; $10.80

The Seeker and the Finding: A woman's search for inner truth; Margery Eyre; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

Sepher Rezial Hemelach: The Book of the Angel Raziel by Steve Savedow (Translator); Hardcover; 2000; $40.00

Sepher Rezial Hemelach: The Book of the Angel Rezial by Steve Savedow (Translator); Paperback; 2000; $15.96

The Seven Purposes (The Bestsellers of 1919); Margaret Cameron; Library Binding; 2000; $48.00

Shift to Spirit: Remembering Your True Self in Time of Transition; El Morya; Paperback; 1993

Shifting Frequencies; Jonathan Goldman; Paperback; 1998; $14.95

The Shining Brother; Lawrence Temple; Paperback 984; (Out of Print)

Signs of Christ; Harold Balyoz; Hardcover; 1979; $18.00

Simplicity & Love Speak; Erna M. White; Paperback; 1999; $12.25

Sky Father and Son; Mary A. Joyce, Evelyn Gordon (Translator); Paperback; 1990; (Out of Print)

Sojourns of the Soul: A Guide to Transformation; Kim D. Koenig, Robin O'Brien; Paperback; 1989; (Out of Print)

Someday You Can; June Knight; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

The Soul Group: Its Meaning, Magic and Imagery; Mick Avery; Paperback; 2004; $12.71

Soul Voices; Jeanette Strack-Zanghi; Paperback; 2000; $9.95

Speak, Shining Stranger; Ray Stanford; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

Speaking of Angels: A Journal of Angelic Contact; St. Albans, David ; Paperback; 2000; $14.95

Spirit Teachings Through the Mediumship of William Stainton Moses; William S. Moses; Hardcover; 1976; $26.95

The Spirit unto the Churches: An understanding of man's existence in the body through knowledge of the seven glandular centers; Ray Stanford; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

Spirit Visions: The Old Ones Speak; Dennison Tsosie, Teddi Tsosie; Paperback; 1997; $19.95

Spirit world Breakthrough; Jack Perry; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

A Spiritual Call to Awaken; B. J. Turner, et al; Paperback; 1997; $15.95

Spiritwalker Messages from the Future; Henry Barnard Wesselman; Paperback; 1996; $11.16

Spray from an Inland Sea; Lilian D. Johnson; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

Standing Stones Speak: Messages from the Archangels Revealed; Archangels, et al; Hardcover; 2001; $19.96

Stations in Life: The Andomus Material Three; Andomus; Paperback; $12.95

Step by Step We Climb (Step by Step Series) Vol 1; Pearl Dorris; Paperback; $10.80

Step by step we climb to freedom; Pearl & Arisen Masters; Paperback; 1981; (Out of Print)

Step by Step We Climb to Freedom and Victory Vol 3; Pearl Dorris; Paperback; $10.80

Step by step we Climb to Freedom and Victory; Pearl; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

The Story of the People; Eileen Miriandra Rota; Paperback; 1997; $11.95

Strings for a Broken Lute; Mabel Telford; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

Swan on a Black Sea: A study in automatic writing, the Cummins-Willett scripts; Geraldine Dorothy Cummins; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

The Sword in the Sun: Dialogue With an Angel; Anthony Duncan; Paperback; 1997; $14.95

The Symphony of Creation: The Heavens; Zanzoona; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

Talking With Angels; Gitta Mallasz; Hardcover; 1988; $45.00

Talks with the White Buffalo; White Buffalo; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

Talks with Trees; Leslie Cabarga; Paperback; 1997; $15.95

Teaching the Heart to Sing: A Guide to Shifting Consciousness at the Dawn of a New Age; Julie Redstone; Paperback (Out of Print)

The Teachings of Oscar Camille Vol 1; Oscar Camille, Paul Edward Napora; Paperback; $12.95

The Teachings of Oscar Camille Vol 2; Oscar Camille, Paul Edward Napora; Paperback; 1996; $12.95

The Teachings of the Angel of North America: Book I: How to Save Your Soul and Your Society; Patricia Ann Meyer; Paperback; 1996; $8.76

Telos: The call goes out from the hollow earth and the underground cities; Robbins, Dianne; Paperback; 2000; $15.00

The Temple at Jerusalem: A Revelation; John Michell; Paperback; 2000; $10.36

Ten Thousand Whispers: A Guide to Conscious Creation; Lynda Madden Dahl; Paperback; 1995; $13.95

Then an Angel Came; Carol Gino; Paperback; 1998; $10.40

There Is a Garden: A Song in Spiritual Time; Carrie Hart; Paperback; 1999; $14.00

There is Life after Death: Tape recordings from the other world; Leslie Flint; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

They Listened, Jesus Spoke; Jesus Christ; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

Through the Curtain; Viola Petitt Neal, Shafica Karagulla; Paperback; 1993; $13.95

Thymus Chakra Handbook: Channeled from Kwan Yin & the Christ; Brenda Montgomery; Paperback; $12.95

Timeless Visions, Healing Voices: Conversations With Men & Women of the Spirit; Stephan Bodian; Paperback; 1991; (Out of Print)

Timeless Visions, Healing Voices: Conversations With Men & Women of the Spirit; Stephan Bodian; Hardcover; 1991; (Out of Print)

To Dance With Angels: An Amazing Journey to the Heart With the Phenomenal Thomas Jacobson and the Grand Spirit, ' Dr. Peebles'; Don Pendleton, Linda Pendleton; Hardcover

To the Understanding of My Soul: True Experiences of the Author; Original Channeled Writings Conveyed by Spirit, Christ, Lucifer and others; Henry A. Zywiol; Hardcover (Out of Print)

Towards an Understanding of the Life Spiritual; Constance Margaret Beer; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

The True Life of Jesus of Nazareth; Alexander Smythe; Hardcover; 1998; $30.00

The True Light Cometh: Sparks of Light for Sparks of God; Bruce Stewart, Paul F. Daniele; Paperback; 1997; $11.96

Tuala Speaks; Tuala; Paperback; 1980; $8.95

Twin Souls and Soulmates; Azena Ramanda, Claire Heartsong; Paperback; 1995; $15.95

The Ultimate Frontier; Eklal Kueshana; Paperback; 1992; $3.96

Unconditional Love: A Course of Multidimensional Transformation; Betty Hudson; Paperback; 1997; $12.95

Under the Plum Tree: The Teachings of 'Old Chinese' by Chung Fu, Marjorie B. Giles (Editor); Paperback; $14.95

The Unfinished Cross: Listen to the Voice Within; Dave Austin; Paperback; 2000; $15.16

Unfinished symphonies; voices from the beyond; Rosemary Brown; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

Unified: A Course on Truth and Practical Guidance from Babaji; Roger G Landphear; Paperback; $9.80

Unseen Forces; John McAuliffe, Dottie McAuliffe; Paperback (Out of Print)

An Unusual Evening of Poker; James F. Liston; Hardcover (Out of Print)

Visioning a Wingsong Book; Strange De Jim; Paperback; 1985; (Out of Print)

The Visitation: An Archangel's Prophecy; Mary Summer Rain; Paperback; 1997; $10.36

Voice of Silence; Starr Farish; Paperback; 1973; $17.00

Voices from the Tapes; Recordings from the other world; Peter Bander; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

Voices of Spirit: Through the Psychic Experience of Elwood Babbitt; Charles H. Hapgood; Paperback; 1992; $13.00

Walk to Where the Butterflies Are; Joy Allyn Jones, Rodney Andrus McKeever; Paperback; 2001; $22.95

A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands; Franchezzo; Paperback; $14.00

The Way of Companionship, in two parts; Margery Eyre; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

The Way of the Servant: Living the light of Christ; Jon Marc Hammer; Unknown Binding; (Out of Print)

Way Out; Anonymous; Paperback; 1983; $6.95

We the People Are the Messiah; Jack Bartello, Deborah; Paperback; 1999; $14.95

Wedge: The Extraordinary Communications of an Earthbound Spirit; Margaret Moon; Paperback; 1975; $3.95

Welcome Home: A Time for Uniting; Pretty Flower, Eileen Rota; Paperback; $12.00

Welcome to the Home of Your Heart; Dorothy Brinkman; Paperback; $11.95

Welcome to Planet Earth: A Guide for Walk-Ins, Starseeds and Lightworkers of All Varieties; Hannah Beaconsfield; Paperback; 1998; $14.95

What Is Lightbody?; Ariel, et al; Paperback; $10.36 Cloud/Lakota Spirit; Cecelia Ferretti Brownlow, Leslie S. Wilner; Paperback; $10.95

When Angels Speak; Donna Wolfe, Nadira Duran; Paperback; 1997; $9.95

Whispers from Our Soul: The Voice of Tahkamenon; Valerie Wilkinson, Russell Reed; Paperback; 1999; $13.95

Willie Speaks Out! The psychic world of Abraham Lincoln; Elliott V. Fleckles; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

The Wise Man Stories; Friends Anonymous [via Harold and Alma Smith]; Paperback; 1979; $7.95

The Wisdom of the Adepts: Esoteric Science in Human History; Thomas Lake Harris; Hardcover; 1984; $55.00

Wisdom of the Rays: The Masters Teach; Norey Latona, Edwin M. Young; Paperback; 1997; $14.95

With Wings As Eagles: Discovering the Master Teacher in the Secret School Within; John Randolph Price; Paperback; 1997; $7.96

Words from the Source II; Starr Farish; Hardcover; 1987; $17.00

World Evolution: Our future in the 21st century; Gunter; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

Writings of the Master; Deborah Hill; Paperback; 2002;

Yeshu Hannosri: For God so loved the world; Joseph Costa; Unknown Binding

You Are God; Mark Clinton Patterson; Paperback; 2000; $10.95

You Are God; Mary; Paperback (Out of Print)

You Are the Answer: A Journey of Awakening; Paul N. Tuttle; Paperback; 1985; (Out of Print)

Your health & wealth IS your business; John; Unknown Binding (Out of Print)

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