by Michael E. Salla, PhD
Revised February 12, 2004

from Exopolitics Website







  1-  Introduction



  2-  Circumstantial Evidence Supporting Eisenhower’s ‘First Contact’ Meeting with Extraterrestrials

  3-  Gerald Light’s Letter That Eisenhower Met With Extraterrestrials


  4-  Testimonies Supporting Eisenhower’s Meeting With Extraterrestrials

  5-  The Subsequent 1954 Agreement with Extraterrestrials


  6-  What Do We Know of the Grey Extraterrestrials that signed the Treaty?

  7-  Maintaining Secrecy and Witness Credibility


  8-  Conclusion



Support and Additional Information



 -  55th Anniversary of Eisenhower Nuclear Diplomacy With ET?



 -  Eisenhower Briefing Document


Bloomberg News   

 -  Extraterrestrial Edge Helps The Balance Sheet


 -  Extraterrestrials Among Us


 -  Frank E. Stranges and Valiant Thor


 -  From Orgone Energy to Roswell - Wilhelm Reich: Eisenhower’s Secret Ally Against the Aliens


 -  Ike and Extraterrestrials - President Eisenhower at Holloman AFB?

Washington Post   

 -  Ike and The Alien Ambassadors


 -  Is The Cutler-Twining Memo A Hoax?


 -  Photo Reveals Star Trek-like Human-posing Extraterrestrials Who Visited U.S. Capital in 1957


 -  President Eisenhower at Holloman AFB?


 -  "Project JEHOVAH" - Interview With Ryan Wood


 -  The KRLL Papers



 -  What Did President Eisenhower Secretly Know that led to him supporting a Revision of the Pled...


 -  President Eisenhower's Historic Farewell Address to the Nation


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