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Communique To The World

Exopolitical: Communique To The World
By Ed Komarek
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We the citizens of the world have embarked upon a worldwide exopolitical cosmic civil rights movement. (Exopolitics is the politics of the Universe.) This cosmic rights movement is necessary in order to liberate and free our minds as well as our bodies from the tyranny of the unethical, the unscrupulous, the greedy, the fearful and the hateful. It is no longer enough for those who desire dominion over us to enslave our bodies through corrupt economic and military institutions but the unethical now seek to enslave even our minds as well. It is our own human weaknesses that make this mind control possible. It is up to us to free ourselves from political and exopolitical external controls imposed by force through a cosmic rights movement while at the same time work to become more ethical human beings. We the ethical, know that both the means and the end are one so we can only use ethical means to free ourselves from the tyranny of the unethical.

The slowly emerging cosmic civil rights movement must not only be built upon a strong ethical and moral foundation it also must be founded upon a exopolitical model that best approximates exopolitical reality. We have to have a road map in order to properly navigate the difficulties ahead. Those that see clearly and think rationally, know, based on the evidence available, that the universe is teeming with technologically advanced intelligent life. This life has and is very involved on, in and about earth right under the noses of us all, yet unobserved and unacknowledged by many. This intelligent life is not only technologically diverse but also ethically diverse as well. It is this very diversity that allows humanity the freedom to choose its future. We collectively vote our future with every thought and action we take every day of our lives. None us can avoid our responsibilities even if we do nothing, for that is a vote for the destruction of our emerging space faring civilization. The current situation is that serious.

While there has been a informal sporadic struggle for our cosmic rights ongoing around the world for decades, now is the time to give the movement a name and begin formalize and plan for a much more organized disciplined struggle. Once we create the proper ethical and exopolitical foundation for a more formal cosmic rights movement we can move to plan and execute strategies of liberation on a massive scale if the people are willing.

Our first strategy should be to improve our ability to communicate and synergize amongst ourselves worldwide in spite of the geographical, cultural and language barriers to the free flow of information. The internet provides us with a powerful and effective tool to do this. We need to build up a worldwide network of bi-lingual individuals who can translate and distribute the exopolitical foundational thought and the now developing exopolitical actions into their respective native countries. This can be done through individual effort and through machine translations.

The most eloquent and moving appeals should be well translated by individual effort so as to convey the eloquence and inspirational nature of these appeals. The day to day material can be translated through machine translation. I would hope that those from around the world would contact me in the English language if possible or find someone who is bi-lingual in English in their own land to communicate with me if they recognize the importance of this work For myself I will attempt to get a machine translation program off the internet so that I can translate emails directly to me into English.

My vision of the organization of a worldwide cosmic civil rights movement would be to grow a organizational structure following the example of natural processes. Groups of regional and local organizers around the world networking together through the internet united in a common vision could cover the whole globe and reach out into space as well. Anyone can be a organizer provided they strive to maintain high ethical and moral standards and get along well with others. The organizers must have personal agendas that are in harmony with the overall vision of the networks and should be routed around and displaced if they impede or disrupt the free flow and synergetic interactions amongst individuals because of personal weaknesses or lack of motivation. In this way leaders are continuously being chosen and removed from leadership positions within the network based upon the collective decisions of the individuals within the networks. I can foresee that such highly ethical networks of liberation could then morph into a new advanced enlightened social political world government in the future.

My advice to those who wish to become leaders in the emerging cosmic rights movement is to just communicate and experiment without fear of making mistakes. Mistakes are just the product of the learning process. The important thing is learn from mistakes. Don't overestimate or underestimate your abilities, just move! Sitting in place and talking, wanting to do something is not going to get the job done. What really matters is that we sincerely wish to change things for the better and discipline and focus our efforts to see that the job gets done. We have to always keep focused on our goal to maintain and expand on our basic freedoms, liberties and responsibilities.

Our goal is our most fundamental human rights and liberties. We have the right to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about exopolitical realities. We have the right to assemble freely and wilfully with ethical celestial beings with no interference or disruption from any institution, individual or group. We have the right to speak openly and freely amongst ourselves with no strategic deceptions of denial, fear or ridicule imposed upon us by anybody terrestrial or extraterrestrial. We have the right to develop and practice freedom of religion with cosmic visitors without any interior or exterior interference or disruption.

We have the right to create a peaceful ethical future on earth and in space. The question is do we have the will and the motivation to become a civilized space faring civilization? We will each answer this question with our own thoughts and actions one way or another.

Exopolitical: Second Communique To The World
By Ed Komarek
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The United States of America has been primarily responsible for the creation, maintenance and the orchestration of the UFO/ET coverup. This has been accomplished not only through a series of strategic deceptions perpetrated upon the American public but upon the world body as well. It is known that after World War II unethical fascist elements within the United States government imported into America fascists from the defeated Germany though programs like Operation Paperclip. While these unethical groups have subverted American democratic ideals in private they have as a strategic deceptive cover preached democratic ideals and ethical values to the rest of the world. The most damaging of all these strategic deceptions is the denial to the peoples of the world their rightful cosmic heritage.

Exopolitical investigators and activists around the world have begun efforts to persuade their respective governments to come clean and tell the truth about exopolitical realities to their citizens. This has been going on in the United States as well. It is my opinion that we should engage our unethical adversaries not where they are strongest here in the United States but where their influence is the weakest. This would be in other countries that have been catching on to the machinations of the United States. All it would take to end the exopolitical coverup would be for a few countries to break from the world wide cabal lead by the United States and Britain. Already we see signs where exopolitical activists in Brazil, Peru, and Mexico have persuaded their respective governments to respect moral and democratic ideals and begin to tell the truth to their peoples.

In Brazil it seems ET contact has been negative yet the cooperation between civilians and military seems to have caused the unethical ET's there to back off. In Peru the ET contact has been mostly positive and has resulted in many prearranged flyovers that have been filmed by the mass media in Peru but have not reached the rest of the world. Reports form Russia indicate a strong desire by the public for ethical ET contact. American activists should come to the aid of their counterparts around the world to help them in every way possible.

We here in America are developing a powerful conceptual framework called exopolitics that will help to liberate ourselves from the mind control programs and strategic deceptions placed upon us. This conceptual framework will not only help free us from the UFO/ET worldwide coverup but it will protect us from the sure to come negative unethical spin to militarize space after the coverup ends. We in America need to do everything we can to export this exopolitical conceptual framework to our fellow citizens around the world. We are in need of translators to translate our exopolitical thought as well as others who can assist in distributing this important knowledge to exopolitical activists all around the world through the internet.

One of the toughest obstacles to the free flow of information worldwide is the language barrier. Thanks to machine translation programs and the internet we here in America are beginning to interface with our counterparts all around the world to break through the language barrier. Exopolitical investigator Steve Moreno is breaking new ground using machine translation programs to discover contact networks worldwide. (Here are two translation programs
and .) We will soon be able to communicate and link up with these other contact networks like our own through a discussion board that automatically translates posts. I am at present trying to get Steve in touch with Dr. Michael Salla to see if such a board is immediately feasible at his web site.

Through conversations with Steve both he and I now realize that other contact networks in other countries are coming to these same realizations and are extending their networks to reach out to us. This organization structure appears to mimicking the processes of the brain where individual nerve cells come together to form networks then connect and grow into even larger networks. The advent of the internet makes this advanced organizational process possible.

As this post makes it to other contact networks like our own around the world I hope it stimulates interest to respond in kind so as to improve all networks through shared information and synergies. I am presently getting Steve to help me understand machine translator programs and am trying to get him to post what he is learning to the rest of us. Steve is way ahead in reaching out to the rest of the world and we have some catching up to do.

As the exopolitical contact networks come together in some unified fashion worldwide we also begin the process of interfacing and guiding other earth human groups and institutions. Simultaneously the earth based exopolitical agenda integrates into the universal exopolitical agenda contacting and integrating into ethical celestial networks. This appears to be a most elegant and sophisticated process most likely repeated elsewhere in the universe for emerging stellar space faring societies.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Exopolitics: It's Your World

Exopolitics: It's Your World
By Ed Komarek
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This article is addressed to the youth of the world. We your ethical elders have found great value in truthfulness and loving kindness, in moral and ethical values and have been involved in a struggle all our lives for both our and your freedom and liberty. There are those within society that do not value true moral and ethical values but seek to impose themselves upon your bodies and minds so as to hold you in bondage. We who value truth have through diligent effort all our lives discovered that the Universe is seething with life here and elsewhere.

This life is much more technologically advanced than we are, and so can move about relatively undetected upon and around the earth for two reasons. One reason is that many technologically advanced races of celestial beings that are ethical and moral only want to make their presence know on a gradual basis giving our society time to adapt to the knowledge of their presence. These celestial beings have founded most of the worlds religions. On the other hand there are unethical celestial beings operating in conjunction with unethical earth humans in great secrecy who through a long series of strategic deceptions wish to enslave the minds as well as bodies of men. This is nothing new as can be seen by reading the ancient religious texts of peoples around the world.

Through our lifetime of effort, we your ethical elders, who value truth over lies, love over hate, openness over secrecy, have developed a workable model of the current situation and we call it Exopolitics. Exopolitics is the politics of the universe. It is we rightly believe through our lifetimes of investigation that the universe has developed a vast number of intelligent space faring races over billions of years of evolution, many who come to earth on a regular and sporadic basis. These races have a wide variety of agendas and motivations that reflect a diversify of ethical and moral values. Just because a civilization is highly technologically advanced and has great control over the material world or virtual reality field does not mean it is also ethical. Nevertheless it is true that there are cosmic moral and ethical laws that never change that govern both individuals and societies regardless of technological development or ethics.

It does not matter wether one believes or disbelieves in these ethical or moral laws they still hold sway over the affairs of all beings. The moral and ethical laws tend to segregate and stratify intelligence so that each has the opportunity to learn specific and collective lessons without overdue interference from other intelligence's learning other different specific and collective lessons. What is important to know is that if we want to live a free happy life then we must always use ethical means to achieve our objectives, else the means will subvert the desired goal.

It is not enough for the truth seeker to be truthful because we do exist amongst those who value deception rather than truth and who live miserable lives beneath a cloak of respectability and false happiness. These poor miserable people often are very intelligent but use strategic deceptions to ensnare the unwary and draw others into their personal and collective hells. The battle between truth and lies is a age old battle and it runs through he minds of everyone both on and off planet. This battle forces us to get smart as well as develop truthfulness and loving kindness in our lives. Each individual, group and society has the choice which road they will take either the path of creation or destruction. Today our society appears to be choosing the path toward destruction but this can be changed if enough people choose truthfulness and loving kindness over hate and lies. The fate of your world in your hands.

You the young people of the world have your lives ahead of you while the lives of your elders draw to a close. You must stand up for your cosmic civil rights of freedom of association and religion in regards to ethical celestial space faring races of beings coming to earth at this time. There are those who would and are denying you these rights wishing to stand between you and these advanced beings so as to gain power and influence over you. Those unethical people and groups that would deny you your own mind have used the tricks of the magician on a mass scale to attack the people of the world in a deliberate and systematic manner.

SETI for instance uses the technique of misdirection to get the people to look far away for advanced cosmic intelligence when these intelligence's are knocking on your back door. Millions of people are seeing and photographing UFO's around the world. But the term UFO is in itself another strategic deception created decades ago by those who knew that "UFO's" were in fact the spacecraft of celestial beings. The spacecraft had been identified by the military and to claim they are unidentified is a strategic deception. The true term is ETV (extraterrestrial vehicle) and this is the term the military secretly uses.

The Committee For The Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal is nothing more that a proprietary organization used by the intelligence services to deceive the public. Even the name of the organization is a deception. There is nothing scientific about this organization, it does no scientific research, it is a political organization that works in conduction with SETI to deny and debunk our cosmic heritage. It is no secret that CSICOP is loaded with magicians and illusionists. Even the groups studying "UFO's" have been infiltrated by intelligence agents and used by the vast intelligence community for data collection. The members of these organizations have been dissuaded from political action that is necessary to end the political problem of a Coverup. It should be obvious that scientific solutions will not in themselves solve political problems.

Star Wars and the militarization of space is another strategic deception being perpetrated on the peoples of the world. Star Wars technology is meant to create a shield that will only allow in those unethical cosmic races that unethical world leaders have dealings with. The more ethical races will be deterred by this shield because they are ethical and will respect the right of humanity to remain in insolation and pursue destruction rather than creation. I ask is this what you want your future to be?

So what are young people to do? You the youth of the world have to wise up and realize the urgency and immediacy of the problem confronting humanity. You must take to the streets in the thousands to demonstrate for your cosmic civil rights of freedom of assembly with ethical space faring races. This is being denied to you at present. You need the advice and the insights that the celestial beings have to offer. These ethical beings can work together with humanity to insure our society becomes a ethical civilized space faring race rather than a race heading headlong into destruction. You have a daunting task before you but a task that you must do as nobody is going to do it for you either on or off planet.

The Case for Celestial Humans

The Case For Celestial Humans
By Ed Komarek
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There have been no ET cases more heavily discredited and debunked than those that relate to the existence of celestial human space faring societies coming to earth to interact with terrestrial earth humans. This is no accident. The military and the intelligence community realize that if UFO/ET investigators are able to verify the worlds religions and clear up the confusion in the minds of the religious, a powerful force for truth will be unleashed.

There is much detailed information available in ancient Hindu texts for the existence of extraterrestrial humans who make war amongst themselves and destroy many ancient cities in what we now realize was the cradle of human civilization in the Indus Valley. I will limit my discussion here to the Bible as it and the Christian faith it inspires is much closer to home. I live in Southwest Georgia a area still known as the Bible belt and I am surrounded by fundamentalist Christians. Some of my friends have been pressing me to reread the Bible over the years and I have begun to do so. I am doing this with eyes opened by a lifetime of experience in the UFO/ET field. The Bible is based upon human extraterrestrial contact. Human evolution on earth has been manipulated for better or for worse by space faring celestial races of humans.

Genesis is the first chapter on the Bible and in the very first chapter of Genesis it states, "Let us make man in our own image and in our own likeness." In chapter two God walks in the Garden of Eden. He does not float or fly but he walks! Chapter three God walks in the Garden of Eden in the cool of the day and after Adam and Eve have eaten of the forbidden fruit God says, "The man now has become like one of us, knowing good from evil." In chapter four Cain kills Able and is kicked out of the Garden of Eden and goes to the land of Nod and finds a wife there. It appears that Adam was the first of a new line of genetically altered humans but that other humans lived outside the Garden of Eden.

In chapter five it is said again, "When God created man, he made him in the likeness of God." Chapter six clearly shows that the celestial human were so closely related to terrestrial humans that they could interbreed. "When man began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born unto them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful and they married any of them they chose." Later in this chapter it states, "The Nephilim were on the earth in those days and also afterward when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them."

In chapter eleven the Lord came down to see the city that men had built along with the Tower that was later to be called the Tower of Babel because he was displeased by man's progress and confused the men's language causing the men to disperse. In chapter sixteen the Angel of the Lord found Hagar near a spring in the desert beside the road to Shur. The Angel tells Hagar to return home and Hagar says, "You are the God who sees me," for she said, "I have now seen the one who sees me." Notice here that Hagar calls the Angel God!

In chapter eighteen it says, "The Lord appeared to Abraham near the great trees of Mamre while he was sitting at the entrance to his tent in the heat of the day. Abraham looked up and saw three men standing nearby. When he saw them he hurried from the entrance of his tent to meet them and bowed low to the ground." He said, "If I have found favor in your eyes, my Lord, do not pass your servant by." The reader should notice once again that Abraham calls the three men or one of the men Lord! Then Abraham goes and puts together a meal and the three men eat it while Abraham stands nearby.

"When the men got up to leave, they looked down toward Sodom, and Abraham walked along with them to see them on their way. Then the Lord said, "Shall I hide from Abraham what I am about to do?" Then the Lord said, "The outcry against Sodom and Gomorrah is so great and their sin so grievous that I will go down and see if what they have done is as bad as the outcry that has reached me." Two of the men turned away and went toward Sodom but Abraham remained standing before the Lord and began to negociate with the Lord to save the two cities.

In chapter nineteen the bible says, "The two angels arrived at Sodom in the evening, and Lot was sitting in the gateway of the city. When he saw them, he got up to meet them and bowed down with his face to the ground." "My lords," he said. "Please turn aside to your servants house." Then the angels blinded and dispersed the crowd of men who want to have sex with them and later the Angels lead Lot and his family out of the city before they destroy it from the sky by raining down burning sulfur upon it.

All this and I have only got as far as chapter nineteen in Genesis. Put this together with the descriptions of God and his Angels coming and going back and forth from Heaven in fiery chariots, clouds, and whirlwinds, and wheels within wheels there is a large amount of evidence confirming extraterrestrial human contact in just this one sacred text. This is just one sacred historical text confirming the existence of celestial space faring humans interfering in the affairs of terrestrial humans. All this from sources almost completely separated around the earth. How much ancient evidence do we need.

No wonder the military and the intelligence agencies want to discredit the existence of celestial human interactions with terrestrial humanity. These space faring humans have not gone away, they are still interacting with humanity in a more subtle manner and perhaps more ethical manner than they have in the past. There are some very good human contact cases and not only with individual humans but with groups of humans as well. I and my friends are pursuing these cases with new interest and vigor as we become more aware of Exopolitical realities.


Celestial Humans (Part 2)
By Ed Komarek
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In the first part of this article I discussed the role of celestial humans in earth's history. It appears that these same celestial humans are still here effecting humanity for better or for worse. In order to free ourselves from the UFO/ET cover up and other mind control programs being imposed upon us we need to understand the underling dynamics of the mind control programs and the perpetrators of those programs. We need to do this so as to develop effective strategies to use in our defense.

Many of us realize that one of the most important drivers of the cover up is to maintain a monopoly on ET technology by a powerful worldwide oligarchy. What is not as well understood is that the existence of ethical celestial humans presents a great threat to earth human leadership and the control the oligarchy exercises over humanity. Earth humans and celestial humans seem to have a lot in common and share a common spiritual and genetic heritage.

As word on the existence of ethical celestial humans leaks out, earth humans dissatisfied with the current earth human leadership's ability to satisfy basic humans needs, will begin to defect and look toward the celestial humans for leadership. In fact we can see this struggle developing throughout history between the politicians of the day and the celestial humans in both the political and religious spheres. The rulers of the past had little understanding nor defense against the superior technology of the celestial beings but now the situation is changing. Today we see huge sums of resources being spent in exotic weaponry and a drive for the militarization of space in a attempt by the oligarchy to stop ethical ET intrusions into earth human affairs that threaten the earth human leadership to its very core.

If the oligarchy is unable to stop these intrusions and more and more people become dissatisfied with the current world leadership and defect over to the celestial ET's for guidance this will cause either a complete collapse of the current power structure or force it to restructure and become more accommodating to the needs of humanity. This is why I am placing such importance on current ethical celestial human contact cases.

As can be seen this is a primary reason for the heavy debunking of celestial human encounter cases form the 1950's onward when earth leaders realized the situation. While most of the contactees of the fifties are dead like George Adamski see web page: Daniel Fry see web page: Howard Menger I am not sure if he is alive or not. See web pages. Dr. Frank Stranges is still alive the author of the book Stranger in the Pentagon. There are also other cases of celestial human contact even abuse against these celestial humans. See the case of a human from Tau Ceti in the 1991 Journal of Facts. There is also a reference to contactee Billy Mier who also claims to be dealing with celestial humans. For more information on Billy see: Report at the following site titled I Met A Man From Another World or attached to the comments section of this article. and another case in 1940 here.

People should not be put off that many of these celestial beings claim to reside on our planets, moons and even the sun as these beings seem to be able not only to travel great distances in space in time but into and out and even live in other dimensions. Obviously in three dimensions these places are not inhabitable by humans.

Recently I have been researching the celestial human contact cases in South America. I give special thanks to Steve Moreno for putting me on to this case. The first and most interesting case involves Sixto Paz Wells the founder of the Rama Mission. See web page at: While Sixto Paz Wells founded the group it involves many more contactees who have had contact with celestial humans. Searching Sixto Paz Wells name on the net will give you a lot more information and it seems his story has held up well over the years even though Sixto's brothers story is more troublesome and seems to have hurt the group as a whole. Also associated with the Rama Mission Group is Ricardo Gonzalez who also has had direct contact with celestial humans and who is best researched on the net as much of his stuff is in Spanish. This can now can be easily translated with net search engines.

This Rama group is not a cult but has many serious and rational individuals involved with connections to both the Peru and Spanish governments. There have been arraigned flyovers filmed by reporters of the mass media. Already on my blog I did a review on Charles Silva and the book, Date With The Gods, about his experiences with a celestial human named Rama. Interestingly both contacts happened at about the same time in 1974 seemingly independent of each other. There are other independent accounts on the web like those at: Also see at the following site that Wendle Stevens was on many of these other celestial human cases.

Aside from the Rama group is another contact group that is very significant that I will call the Ummo Group. I read a book on this years ago published by Wendele Stevens the following shows how significant this human contact case is. I am not sure if it is still ongoing or not at this time.

A very well placed contactee and researcher in Russia is Dr. Valery Uvarov. This case may be as significant as the Rama case and also involves a number of people. A article on this celestial human contact case can be found under, Tom Dongo Interviews Dr. Valery Uvarov at or at the comment section at the bottom of this article.

I keep adding more cases to this blog as they are passed on to me. Here is another case from the Australian outback from Leneesa's blog and can be found in the comments section of this article or at her blog site somewhere. I have been putting more cases as I find them on the comments section of this article. Lightning Strikes At Otter Clifts a celestial human case can be found on Lennesa's blog or below in the comments section.

Bill Hamilton has some known and little known contactee's along with his experences here. and the Brian Scott case here by Bill and by Brian himself.

I am still researching and the list of contactees with celestial humans continues to build. Also don't forget that Travis Walton also had contact with celestial humans. See Travis Waltons experience is less of a abduction and appears to be a accident when he ran up and got a violent electrical discharge off of the craft and had to be picked up and healed.

What this all means is that one primary reason for the UFO/ET cover up and the mad rush to militarize space is to keep disgruntled earth humans from defecting to the ethical celestial human camp. It seems that the present governments of the world would rather destroy our civilization rather than risk giving up control over their respective populations Ultimately this mad policy will fail I hope and world governments and the power brokers that control them will be forced to become more respective of the needs of their citizens. Hopefully a new leadership should emerge that will work together rather than against ethical celestial human races to move earth humanity forward into a enlightened age rather than backward into a new dark age.


Celestial Humans (Part 3)
By Ed Komarek
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In this post I would like to speculate on the possibility that the problems of earth bound humanity that have been so aptly pointed out in celestial human contact cases may be symptomatic of a far greater and widespread problem amongst celestial humanity in general. I have a background in land and wildlife management having grown up in a family of ecologists. I would like to make some comparisons that may be applicable to management problems associated with celestial humans interactions with earth humanity.

Before human beings were on the earth, nature managed and shaped the natural landscapes through the forces of nature. Wind, rain, and fire sculptured landscapes into a diversity of ecosystems and habitats that provided for a diversity of plant and animal species. Plants and animal species adapted and they themselves worked to alter their environments to better suit themselves. Certain species of pine such as longleaf pine not only adapted to fire by developing a thick fire resistant bark but they increased the resin content of their needles so as to use periodic natural wildfires to their advantage and burn out the competition near the tree and in the forest as a whole.

When man came onto the scene he used fire to manage the land just as any other animal or plant attempts to manage it's environment. No self respecting hunter- gather wants to slug through bramble infested with ticks and chiggers to hunt and gather food, so man used fire even more frequently than nature alone to clear out the underbrush in the forest and fields so as to create open park like forested savannas and prairies. This practice was so complete and widespread that animal and plant species have adapted to man's activities as they would to any other of nature's forces and any attempt to revert back to ecosystems that existed before man would be catastrophic to the plant and animal species on earth today.

So we can see that ecosystem management and even management for a single species of animal or plant involves a very complicated understanding of the environment and all the various relationships that exist between the plant and animal species in that environment. If this were not enough, the actual practice of land management is complex in itself. Managing for a variety of species and habitants requires a lot of experience. A long term management plan must be developed through experimentation on a small scale where failures are limited and success can be ramped up to manage on a large scale. Additionally the plan has to be implemented and applied in a consistent manner over a long period of time.

This is easier said than done because the land manager may become distracted by other things, fail to burn on time, or not burn at all one year and so consequences develop that take even more work and expense to correct. The manager can even go into denial and make excuses as to why he or she did not burn that year, even while perfectly good conditions existed but were not taken advantage of because the land manager was other wise occupied. Another almost impossible problem is that when a group of people with a diversity of interests and little experience are involved together in management, management policy and implantation shifts from year to year depending on whose idea of the proper management is being applied at any one time. Management by committee rarely works well for this reason. Its like ten artists are attempting to paint one picture and the resulting product is a mess.

I think if we study ancient religions we can see an attempt by various celestial humans to manage humanity throughout history but in a neglectful and sporadic manner based more on self interest and exopolitical interests rather than in humanities best interest. In my estimation these celestial beings have acted more like neglectful parents rather that good advisors. While the intentions may have been good much like a group of inexperienced land managers but result has been catastrophic for humanity on earth. When mankind explodes a atomic weapon and begins to move into space, suddenly we have a lot of visitors in the late 1940's and early 1950's. Just as interesting it appears that the initial surveillance was done in haste and lacked good planning as the implementation of the plan resulted in the crash of several spacecraft and occupants that fell into earth human hands.

The visitors first overfly sensitive facilities like around White Sands where rockets are being tested, around Los Alamos were atomic research is going on and around Roswell New Mexico where the Army - Air force has its only atomic bomb wing at the time and manage to crash at least one craft that falls into the hands of earth humans. Over the next few years reconnaissance spreads out making a even more prolonged study of technological and social developments worldwide and even more crashes take place for a variety of reasons and more craft fall into earth human hands to accelerate already out of hand technological developments by earth humans. It seems to me celestial beings just were not paying attention until suddenly their was a big problem that effected them. To make things worse they must have suddenly realized that a covert group of unethical celestial beings had broken the blockade, the quarantine, and had slipped in and had become embedded in earth human's upper echelons of power. What a mess!

When a neglected child grows up and gets into a lot of trouble we know that the problems of that child are often symptomatic of inherent family problems. The destructive problem did not just happen all of a sudden but developed gradually when the child was not corrected and guided properly from a young age. Suddenly the surprised family who have been in denial all along and have neglected the child's development suddenly get involved and become very upset when something really bad happens. The first reaction of the parent is to blame the child for their bad behavior. If they are reasonably good parents they will try to get the child some help and if things go right the therapist not only works with the child but the family as a whole to get all to accept responsibility for the problems of the family and to take corrective actions together. What good parent would say, go ahead and commit suicide, maybe in your next life you will act properly. That is exactly what some factions of celestial humans seem to be implying. Let them destroy themselves and start over once again!

We have heard a lot of stories from those who claim contact with celestial beings in which the beings are quick to point out mankind's faults but slow to point out their faults to mankind. This seems to be typical human behavior so perhaps there really is not much difference between celestial human beings and ourselves. We may not only share a common genetic heritage but a cultural and psychological heritage as well. With humanities knack for experimentation there may be more varieties of humans in the universe than we have dogs and cats and no telling how many other intelligent species with at least some human genes in their genome. I can only imagine the complexity associated with such creative experimentation let alone attempts to organize and manage such a diversity of creation. It's about time that all parties confront their collective denial and accept responsibility for the current serious situation on and off earth.

Letter to the Exopolitical Elders

Exopolitics: Letter to the Exopolitical Elders
By Ed Komarek
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This article is addressed to the Exopolitical elders who have struggled by all ethical means possible over many years against those who would deny the people of the world their cosmic civil rights and liberties. It has been a long struggle and will surely continue for many years to come. We few have stood up for the many, humanities right to know the truth, for the right of free assembly with all ethical beings, and the right to pursue our religious, scientific, political activities in conjunction with advanced ethical celestial space faring societies. Many of us recognize the fact that most of the worlds religions have been founded by advanced ethical space faring societies. We few have begun a cosmic rights movement but is our children who will have to pursue this movement in mass if they are to free themselves from the strategic deceptions perpetrated against their minds and bodies by the unethical, the unscrupulous, the greedy, the fearful and the hateful.

We the few while we have stood up for the many have endured the ridicule heaped upon us by the many. Yet we have persevered true to our own selves and to others no matter what the cost. We have forgiven our adversaries and the public who have been deceived into attacking us. We will continue the struggle for both the truth and our love of those who advertently or inadvertently out of ignorance persecute and ridicule us. Our adversaries have show the power of deception to ensnare and all but shut down open dialogue between people involving Exopoltical realities. The power of the wall of denial and ridicule laid down upon us all has subverted our emerging stellar civilization and set us all on the path to intellectual and emotional stagnation and planetary disaster.

It is no secret to secular and religious people alike that we live in apocalyptic times. It is most unfortunate that things have come to this and that our very survival as a civilization is at stake as well as our planet sits at the verge of environmental catastrophe. The primary cause of our now precarious position is our low ethical and moral values. Our all to pronounced human weaknesses have made us vulnerable to strategic deceptions perpetrated not only upon the world political body by greedy, unscrupulous evil humans but by strategic deceptions perpetrated in the larger arena involving Exopolitical realities.

Our present situation is immediate, precarious, and urgent. We today by our thoughts and actions are determining what type of celestial space faring race we will become now and in the future. While I admit things look grim I am hopeful that humanity will somehow muddle through this grave Exopolitical crisis. I see our times as the birth pangs of a new cosmic race of people who will one day abide by cosmic ethical law and travel out into the reaches of space in peace and friendship rather than to colonize and war against our cosmic neighbors.

Today those of us who now have a vague understanding of Exopolitical realities have the opportunity to use our collective experience to plan and develop ethical strategies for the sure to come cosmic civil rights movement that the young people will have to exercise in the future. We may never see the promised land but it is my dream that our children will build upon our small beginnings, take up the torch to ignite the passions of the many and inspire the masses of humanity to seek and become an enlightened stellar society.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Shadow Government's Fix It Man

Col. John Alexander: The Shadow Government's Fix It Man
By Ed Komarek
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I have discussed in some detail where the oligarchy that control world affairs to a high degree have a vested interest in the status quo and are unethically motivated by both greed and fear to suppress multidimensional consciousness and awareness in the public domain. What I would like to discuss in more detail is the way the world militaries have inadvertently played into the hands of those of unethical intent who would suppress human evolution on earth.

The military has a rightful place in a democratic republic, and it rightfully should be focused on threats to national security. The problem is that because of the corrupting influence of power, world militaries and the U. S. military in particular, have ignored the democratic and republican restraints placed upon them. They have exceeded their authority and rightful place in a democratic republic and so have themselves become a major national security threat. Nowhere is this becoming more apparent than in the United States where the U.S. is being viewed worldwide as slowly slipping into fascism while much of the rest of the world is attempting to become more democratic.

As in the oligarchy, fear and greed seem to be the predominant factors that cause unethical elements within the military brass to subvert a democratic republic. The motivation of greed is understandable but the motivation of fear is not as quite as easy to understand especially under the current circumstances. I think exopolitical factors are involved and that possibly a few unethical celestial beings are behind the current climate of fear and have willfully and with evil intent stoked and intensified the fear that is naturally a part of the military mind set. They have done this rather easily through a large number of cattle mutilations, , a few human mutilations , and attacks against civilians and military with beam weapons in Brazil and elsewhere and undoubtably other atrocities that I am not aware of. In my estimation the world's militaries have fallen, lock, stock and barrel for this ploy and in a very predictable fashion created powerful systems of covert autocratic control that can easily be controlled from the top of the chain of command. I have discussed elsewhere in my blog the agenda and motivations behind this unethical ET conduct.

All of us both in our personal affairs and in affairs of state have to balance threats vs opportunities. I believe world militaries have overstepped their bounds by focusing almost exclusively on threats to national security regarding exopolitical realities and have intentionally and unintentionally suppressed diplomatic efforts by departments of state to reach out and negociate with ethical celestial beings. This in itself has caused the greatest national security threat of all. By alienating potential celestial allies and so creating a imbalance between threat and opportunity one inevitably creates a situation where the military's worst fear are realized. If ethical allies withdraw that leaves earth society to be colonized by unethical ET races.

Those reactionary factions around the world that are attempting to maintain the status quo in exopolitical affairs are faced with some very difficult choices. Either they allow ethical ET intervention to move forward without impediment to raise global consciousness or they risk colonization, dominion and loss of all human rights, liberates and self determination.

Much closer to home and on a much more personal basis I see this same theme of threat vs opportunity being played out in John Alexander's activities within the paranormal and exopolitical fields. (On the back of the jacket of his book Future War, it is stated: (Colonel Alexander participated in the landmark Council on Foreign Relations study of non-lethal weapons and chaired the first major conferences on the topic. His extensive military experience includes commanding Green Berets in Vietnam as well as conducting research and development in advanced weapons." "At los Alamos National Laboratory, he developed the concept of Non-Lethal Defense, which he presented to senior defense, industry, and academic officials. Politically, his work involved meetings with Members of Congress, White House and National Security Council staff, and the Director of Central Intelligence." )

While John is well known in regards to his research in exotic weapons, his activities as trouble shooter for the shadow government are not as well known. Over the last few months I have had the opportunity to become somewhat enlightened as to John's activities in the exopolitical field as well as in the field of the paranormal in general. The most enlightening and troublesome were the revelations and accusations against John Alexander, Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), the U.S. and Canadian governments made by inventor James Black before his death under suspicious circumstances. Before his untimely death he was about to sue the aforementioned in a court of law for theft and suppression of patents, inventions and intellectual property. and

John's mode of operation seems to be rather straightforward. He makes friendly attempts to inquire and negociate with an inventor, investigator or organization whose research activities involving the paranormal might be considered a national security threat and who might be having or about to have government troubles. Interestingly John has the remarkable ability to make a problem go away no matter how great, if a compromise is reached. Obviously I can't give my personal sources in these cases.

On the other hand if the investigator, inventor or group are unwilling to compromise and are unreasonable then government harassment can increase tenfold and can even lead to very unethical drastic measures being taken. This seems to have happened with James Black who put principle before compromise. The James Black case has exposed John Alexanders public cover. This case is very disturbing to those of us who knew James as a good and honorable man dedicated to full and open disclosure, who wanted his patents and intellectual property to be available to all of humanity for peaceful purposes.

Interestingly major reputable investigators who have become aware of this case in the UFO/ET field are scared to death of it. A very well know and respected mainstream investigator told me personally he would not touch the case! Obviously there are some very real national security threats as to exotic cognition's and inventions that could be used against the United States by terrorists or other enemies but this is trumped by the need to move human evolution forward on earth.

Further evidence of death squads or hit squads operating out of LANL have surfaced recently with the beating of a whistle blower that was about to testify before congress as to financial improprieties at Los Alamos National Laboratories. Of course the existence of American death squads being used not only around the world, but in the U.S. as well, is old news to us long time exopolitical investigators.

There is a interesting little book called Double Cross by Chuck Giancana, the brother of the greatest mobster west of the Mississippi Sam Giancana. Chuck wrote the book after the murder and death of his mobster brother Sam. Chuck did not participate very much in mob activities but was the single and only confidant of his brother. Sam divulged to Chuck what really was going on in the halls of power and how all U.S. presidents since and including Truman had been helped into high office by the mob. The first part of the book is slow and difficult reading because it is a attempt to explain to the reader the context the culture of the mob so as to present the stage for the revelations in the second half of the book.

One of the main reasons that John Kennedy and his brother were assassinated was because their father, Joe Kennedy was a mobster and double crossed the mob. Joe Kennedy had a history as a double crosser and went to far and stepped over the line when he used his sons, once the mob had helped get them into office, to double cross the mobsters to whom he was indebted so as to remove the debt. The other reasons had to do with secret elite groups within the secret U.S. government. The book also gets into why and how Marilyn Monroe was murdered. She was the lover to both the Kennedy brothers.

In this book it discloses how the CIA and the mob began to work together starting in the 1950's with the creation of a multi million dollar slush fund for the CIA that was funded by the mob in a cooperative venture for covert activities in the U.S. and around the world. This is a very significant fact because it is evident that this slush fund has grown to astronomical proportions and is still funded through this unholy alliance between secret government groups and the mob involving drug and arms running around the world. The other thing the book talks about are mob's and the shadow government's death and harassment squads and how they differ in composition and operations This little book makes for very interesting reading and is a simple first hand honest account of the inner workings of the mob and the secret government affiliation with the mob in the time frame of Sam Giancana's lifetime.

What I have yet to determine about John Alexander and his activities is if his intent is based upon a sincere and devoted interest in the National Security of the United States. If it is and he is truly a reasonable and honorable man as attested to by many of his peers, perhaps there is room for a dialogue. If in fact his motives and intent are not sincere then there is little room for communication and dialogue. I expect to hear from John one of these days and perhaps he will tell me his side of the story. I hope others that have information on John's activities will get in touch with me so that I can update this work in progress so that we all can better understand a very important player in the exopolitical field.

Feedback: Mike Jamieson called John Alexander after reading this piece and talked with John for awhile and said that John was a good man and I ought not be so hard on him. Mike also heard from George Knapp that John had been to Afganistan recently to advise on special operations in the area. John told Mike for me to check out the other party to James Black, Mr. Hutchingson who is also a inventor. I checked John Hutchingson's web page but it was down but there is more on the man here.

It also has been rumored that Dr. Steven Greer called John Alexander the most dangerous man on the planet but I have been unable to confirm this. I emailed Dr. Greer but he would neither confirm nor deny that he made the statement.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Cosmic Rights Movement

Cosmic Rights Movement
By Ed Komarek
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In a letter to UFO Magazine I have made a call for a Cosmic Rights Movement patterned after the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960's. I envision this movement to follow cosmic ethical law, the Law of the Universe. Because the means and the end are indeed one, we only have the option to use ethical means to achieve our ends. If we do not do this our means will subvert our lofty goal to free ourselves from the tyranny of the unethical, immoral, unscrupulous, greedy, evil elements within and without our newly emerging space faring cosmic race. We seem to be at a tipping point in human history and it is up to each of us to stand up and practice truth, honesty and love in our everyday affairs, Exopolitical affairs and finally and foremost stand up for our cosmic civil rights. If we do not all pull together to do so then it may well be that instead of joining the cosmic neighborhood our civilization will fall into planetary destruction to be recycled and begin anew.

In order to achieve our strategic objectives we while working outwardly must also most importantly work on improving ourselves so as to remove the faults that can be so easily exploited by our powerful unethical adversaries. There is a reason that Satan lives in the Garden of Eden and that is make us smart while God however you conceive him or her to be teaches us to love. We have to become as wise as the serpent who stalks us and harmless and loving as the dove that flies overhead.

In order to wise up and free ourselves from those that would hold us in mental bondage through their unethical strategic deceptions, we have to develop clear and precise strategic thinking. Then we must discipline ourselves to carry out our actions in an efficient manner as possible because we have so few resources at our disposal while the unethical adversary has a vast amount of resources. One of the most important first steps that does not consume many resources is to love our adversaries so as to understand their unethical agendas and motivations. Once we put names and faces to our adversaries and understand why they do what they do, then we can develop ethical strategic plans to reform and revitalize the mainstream institutions. Our adversaries control and use these institutions to deny us our freedoms, rights, and liberties as well as deplete us of much needed resources to struggle against them. Finally we hope to persuade our enemies if possible, to stop doing both they and us harm and join us to abide by cosmic ethical law.

One of the first things we have to figure out is how to get around the mainstream press blockade that very effectively keeps vital information within the UFO community in the UFO/ET community and out of mainstream society. This is a problem not only in the U.S. but around the world. If we in the UFO/ET community can't get the truth about Exopolitical realities and convey the immediacy and urgency of the disasters awaiting humanity out to the public at large in undistorted manner then we have lost before we even begin. We need figure out how to run the blockade. "Grin"

Next after we are able to figure out various ways to run the blockade we must begin the task of revitalizing and reforming our economic, scientific, religious, legal, medical, and political institutions that now serve to enslave and ensnare us rather that liberate and enlighten us. This is going to be one daunting task and we to may not live to see the promised land. The more people we can bring onboard from the mainstream the faster the job of restructuring our societies on earth will be. Ultimately we have the truth on our side and that will work greatly to our advantage once we put our shoulder to the wheel.

A Modern Perception Of An Age Old Problem

Exopolitics, A Modern Perception of an Age Old Problem
By Ed Komarek
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Exopolitics seems to be a modern take on a age old problem. A problem made more acute by the fact that we are becoming a space fairing civilization and entering into the domain of the Gods of old. Those of us wishing to contact and negociate with ethical space fairing beings or with the celestial host find ourselves faced with the same obstacles of unethical ET or demonic activity made more urgent by the times. While we in the Exopolitical field investigate sightings and contact with beings of a extraterrestrial or interdimensional nature many in the religious community speak of Gods, celestial angels, evil fallen angels confined to earth, and of the apocalypse and Armageddon. Could these two perspectives be one and the same? Can science and religion find common ground here?

Researchers and archeologists who have studied and researched ancient historical religious texts from around the world have in recent years been impressed by their historical accuracy. Archeologists and anthropologists have discovered and unearthed ancient cities and long forgotten civilizations by following clues in the old historical religious texts. Modern day researchers of past civilizations have developed new insights and perspectives on political conflicts between civilizations and races of humans that go back thousands of years. Also recorded but usually ignored in these religious texts is a much broader and universal perspective that just that of humanity on earth. The old religious texts record and describe conflicts between races of space faring civilizations on earth and in space with earth bound humanity caught in the middle of these Exopolitical conflicts.

I believe that we who are working in the newly emerging field of Exopolitics have valuable allies within the world wide religious community if we can validate with our more modern understanding these religious teachings. Much of the confusion in modern religious thought results in the problems of translating the concepts of simple primitive ancient cultures into modern day sophisticated concepts and scientific understanding. What was happening long ago is still happening today. What has changed is our perceptions, not the Exopolitical reality itself. The struggle between ethical and unethical races on earth and in heaven continues to this day with humanity more than ever still caught right in the middle of conflicts that span thousands perhaps millions of years and through all space and time.

The battle lines between the opposing forces of good and evil, creation and destruction seem to run through emerging planetary and stellar civilizations, through our social and religious institutions, and even within our own minds. It is in times like the present that Exopolitical conflicts between ethical and unethical space faring civilizations may reach a level of high intensity conflict, or apocalyptic conflict never before experienced by these emerging civilizations. One of the problems we have in the field of Exopolitics at this critical juncture is our inability to communicate the urgency and danger of the present day situation to mankind. Our attempts so far have been frustrated for decades by a strategic deception of denial and ridicule regarding ET activity. I have to ask just who or what is behind these powerful organizations of social control that keep the people ignorant of the truth and heading down the road to planetary disaster?

The ethical and unethical races use very different means and strategies to achieve their ends but these strategies are consistent and change little over time because they are based on cosmic ethical law or the rejection of that law. The unethical space faring races operate by infiltrating, subverting and controlling emerging civilizations before the civilizations have developed into a cohesive whole. The unethical races over thousands of years gain control over the peoples minds as well as their bodies through sophisticated networks and mechanisms of social and mind control. By the time a civilization is ready to develop space travel and emerge into a stellar society the networks and elements of social control are intrenched and may seem to be insurmountable. In other words resistance may seem to be futile, for as is said in the bible, " Who can stand up to the Beast?"

But resistance is not futile because the ethical cosmic races are not sitting idly by while unethical races subvert emerging civilizations. Throughout the process of subversion they work quietly and behind the scenes to expose the machinations of the unethical. They see reality as a school and that there is a place for the destructive unethical forces in the teaching process. This is why Lucifer lives in the Garden of Eden. The job of the ethical cosmic races is to maintain the school and keep a balance between creation and destruction so that each individual and society can choose between good and evil, ethical and unethical behavior. At the end of a virtual cycle some people will become as wise as the serpents that stalk them and as harmless as the doves that fly overhead. These people will leave this virtual school behind and move on to more advanced virtual schools and grades. Those that flunk out, get recycled and start back over again if the civilization collapses or much later if the civilization makes it to become a space fairing cosmic race.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Why Christians Need To Act Like Christians

Why Christians Need To Act Like Christians
By Ed Komarek
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Christ led by example and by moral and ethical persuasion not by military or political force. Religion is not anymore exempt from confusion and corruption than other social institutions. As with all institutions religion should promote human liberties and freedoms not be corrupted into a institution of social control that deprives humanity of freedom and liberty. Today confused, immoral and unethical Christians have embarked on a crusade to impose their confused and immoral beliefs on humanity in direct opposition to he teachings of Christ while at the same time turned Christianity into a personality cult.

True moral and ethical Christians must work diligently in a moral and ethical manner to revitalize Christian institutions that have become confused, immoral and corrupt. We have to do this not by military or political force but by the clarity of our thought and actions. Christians as well as Buddhists, Taoists, Hindus, and Muslims have separated themselves from their religions in a manner that allows them to not practice what they preach. In this way the practitioner of a religion can play lip service and make a front of being religious for all to see while at the same time acting unethical and immorally in direct contradiction to ethical and moral religious teachings. By such actions the practitioner in fact worships evil rather than good. The true creative purpose of religion which is to provide ethical and moral values to live by becomes subverted and inverted toward destructive ends by destructive evil forces.

I am beginning to see that one of the confusions or illusions perpetrated and accepted by mankind is that the struggle between ethical and unethical celestial beings happened long ago and does not continue to this day and still effects everyday lives. Because of this deception, illusion or confusion people are unaware and fail to appreciate the great danger they and society are in because of these Exopolitical conflicts. Religious people today fail to realize that the fiery chariots, and whirlwinds in the skies thousands of years ago are ancient descriptions of what today we call spacecraft. That the gods and devils of old are in a more modern scientific context are ethical and unethical space faring extraterrestrials attempting to effect the fate of humanity for better or worse.

In spite of this Exopolitical situation the ultimate fate of humanity rests with humanity. Every moment of the day people exercise their free will or have the opportunity to do so. Evil unethical celestial beings work to exploit human weaknesses like fear, envy, greed, muddled thinking etc. to turn humanity into a unethical space faring race. These unethical beings use all unethical means at their disposal to colonize and exert dominion over a largely unsuspecting humanity while ethical beings use every ethical means possible to enlighten and free humanity.

We in the Exopolitical field have the opportunity to inform the religious community of the clear and present danger to humanity and to cooperate with those elements of the religious community who are receptive to the truth. If we can revitalize and awaken the religious community to the dangers facing individuals and our newly emerging space faring race then we have done a great service to humanity and to ourselves.

Why The Old Guard Can't See

Why The Old Guard Can't See
By Ed Komarek
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Dr. Michael Salla has been having ongoing discussions with the old guard UFOlogists over their faith based approach to the investigation of UFO's. (-: It is my opinion the methods and methodologies used by old guard investigators are not so much flawed as they are specific to the collection and analysis of superficial data only. The old guard have faith that their superficial collection and analysis will ultimately one day solve the UFO/ET mystery. They have become so attached and emotionally invested in their outdated methods and models over time that they no longer can think clearly and rationally. This is not only a problem in our field but in all disciplines as well. As people age their emotions and thinking become fixed into static habitual patterns that are not able to adapt to incorporate new evidence as it become available. The new valuable evidence is either ignored completely as hogwash or heavily discounted

Let me give an example. I was raised in a family of early Ecologists. My father when he was a boy used to hang around and was mentored by taxonomists and collectors at the Chicago Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois. During the depression he had to quit college and was lucky to find a job working for the Field Museum collecting small mammals in the Smokey Mountains. Later he came south and was mentored by Herb Stoddard who was a close friend of Aldo Leopold sometimes called the father of Ecology. Because my father was young he quickly grasped the principles of Ecology from Herb and other scientific friends. Herb himself was a collector and naturalist turned ecologist and lived on the plantation next to my family and was like a grandfather to me.

My father told me years later that try as he may, he could not convince his taxonomist mentors that Ecology was a new science. The taxonomists would say, "Show us a relationship it does not exist. If we can't touch it with our fingers, see it with our eyes or hear it with our ears it does not exist." The old guard taxonomists and collectors were important in their day because before Ecology could develop plant and animal species had to be collected and given names. Then the early ecologists could study the dynamics of how these species interact within each other to create habitats and ecosystems. Were the taxonomists methods and models wrong? No, they were not wrong but limited in scope and were not applicable to the larger field of Ecology. Because their thinking and emotions had become fixed they could not adapt their methods and models to a ever-changing perception of reality. They failed to understand that there were other tools in the tool chest that could be used to solve ecological problems. As far as I know it was only the collectors that became Ecologists.

The emerging field of Exopolitics is similar to the field of Ecology in that both emerged out of older more established fields. It is also similar in that it is the young who can better grasp the basics of the new emerging fields when mentored by a few older "mavericks", as my father used to call them. These heretics, which means free thinker in Greek, broke free of the fixed herd mentality of the old established paradigm Lucky for us today the heretics are not burned at stake but they still are ridiculed and disparaged by the old guard and their work suppressed.

Mainstream UFOlogists fail to understand that the methodologies of collection and analysis that they are using are analogous to that of taking a photograph. The photograph wether it is of a human being or that of a ocean surface mostly only records surface features. We can't understand a human being using just a camera that records only the surface of the person. We need a MRI or CAT SCAN to image the interior of the person and a psychologist to attempt to understanding the thinking and emotions of a person. In the ocean we use sonar to collect data in the interior of the ocean.

What I am getting at is that what most UFOlogists are doing is simply collecting surface features in a very broad sense all over the world. It is evident that there is a massive amount of UFO activity going on everywhere as anyone who has been investigating actively around their own neighborhood can tell you. Only a very small fraction of sightings or encounters get reported to a UFO reporting service. I have pointed out that in my own neighborhood when I had a active intelligence net operating I was getting a couple of reports a week within a fifty mile radius of my home. Its obvious something very big is going on right under the noses of all of us. That is about as far as most old guard UFOlogists are going to get. Dr. Salla is right, the old guards have a faith based approach to the UFO/ET problem and no amount of faith is going to solve the problem. What is needed now are new models and approaches to the analysis and collection of data because the old ones have failed to keep pace with the times.

Here is a interesting story. This was told to be by Jack a marine biologist and a good friend of mine. A biologist friend of his was doing research on octopuses. He had one in a tank and like any good scientist was meticulously going about doing experiments using little stakes in the tank to test the intelligence of the octopus. He became increasing frustrated when the octopus began to pull up and move his stakes around about the tank. The octopus was ruining his experiment. One time while he was becoming increasingly upset and frustrated with the behavior of the octopus he suddenly realized what was happening. To his amazement, the little critter was moving the stakes around to see what he would do! The octopus was testing his intelligence! His old methodologies had suddenly become obsolete with his changing perception of his relationship to the octopus.

Addendum: After having written the above I headed down to the coast to visit with my friend Jack. I hijacked his computer while he was busy around the marine lab. I found a email from an establishment UFO investigator in my email box. We proceed to get into a discussion, "grin" that further clarified my thoughts on the above matter. I would like to give him credit for his contribution to this paper but we both agreed to keep our personal correspondence confidential.

Later I had a long walk with Jack through the Saint Marks Wildlife Refuge in a area not far from where UFO's been chasing around the flounder fishermen late at night. Jack and I discussed the animosity between academics and or taxonomists in particular and the collectors that feed the taxonomists. It seems that the animosity originates from misunderstandings in the use of very different methodologies in their respective areas of expertise and the value assigned to the data being collected. I would suspect this to be a far reaching problem and effect other disciplines as well. This would include animosities in the intelligence community between the agent in the field and the analyst behind his computer at CIA headquarters. Sometimes the only way for the boss to make sense of the data is to get out in the field to see for himself what is going on. "Grin"

The taxonomists in the days of my father, used to work in the musty smelly basement of the Field Museum sorting and identifying preserved dead plants and animals and rarely got out in the field. Today I assume taxonomists work in offices behind their computer screens as do the academics and intelligence analysts. Today just as yesterday these in house people tend on average to maintain a air of snobbery and quiet disdain for the collector or agent on the ground who is out mucking around getting his or her hands dirty and in direct contact with the data. This direct contact with the data it is believed by the analyst or taxonomist to somehow taint the collector or agents objectivity. On the other hand the collector or agent believes that analyst or taxonomist is living in a ivory tower out of touch with the real world and is incapable of properly filtering the data that comes to his or her desk. This is a very dysfunctional situation. In the intelligence world this can lead to disaster and in the field of exopolitics it has stymied progress amongst mainstream investigators.

In the field of Exopolitics the mainstream investigator and data collector sitting behind his or her computer excludes in my opinion the most significant data from his or her data base that will lead to the resolution of the UFO enigma. These errors in judgment keep the old guard investigator stopped in their tracks and unable to proceed further, while the new guard moves ahead. While the old guard hold to their faith that their failing methodologies will eventually solve the UFO enigma the new guard penetrates the problem with new and various multiple methodologies adapted to the task and hand.

The old guard works to get better and better superficial pictures of the exterior of the enigma. They become increasing frustrated and disparage the new guard's more error prone flying by their seat of their pants methodologies. I don't see any problem with making errors except that people admit to errors and try to correct them. (See allegations make by Dr. Edgar Mitchell on Dr. Steven Greer's overreaching and apparent failure to make amends. Maybe the disagreement centers around just who is disclosure witness but Dr. Mitchell's feelings should be considered. I hope this dispute has been settled. ) Meanwhile the new guard gets on board the spacecraft and begin to negociate with the occupants. The old guard will think the new guard are nuts until the evidence becomes indisputable that some UFO are as Stanton Friedman is fond of saying, "are somebody else's spacecraft." It seems obvious that once a investigator realizes that some UFO"s are somebody else"s spacecraft the next step is to get invited on board for tea, as Jack says, providing the occupants are cordial and friendly and respect basic human rights.

I suspect all new fields that emerge out of older established fields or disciplines run into these very same problems that originate in the mind and the emotions of the participants. The experienced old guard become fixed and inflexible in their beliefs holding on to outdated methodologies that have worked in the past. The young with more open minds draw on the experience of the older generation but with more open minds move the field forward even though they are at times reckless.

As we ended our walk through the forest, Jack commented to me that all methodologies and disciplines are faith based. The problem seems to be that most people as they age become heavily invested, mentally and emotionally, in their beliefs and are unable to detach from methodologies that are not keeping up with our ever changing perceptions of reality.

Date With The Gods

Date With The Gods
By Ed Komarek
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My main interest and intent in the field of Exopolitics is not to prove that ET spacecraft exist, and that various ET races with different ethical levels are very active on, in and around earth. I am already convinced of this fact. What I am interested in is to gain from the wisdom that the ethical ET's have to offer and share it with my fellow human beings. Therefore my main interest is in cases of contact where individual civil liberties are fostered and respected. I am not interested in cases of contact nor do I wish to involve myself with unethical ET races that violate basic human rights and liberties.

It is my intent to first communicate indirectly with ethical ET races and civilizations through those who already have achieved contact and hopefully from there enter into face to face discussions and negotiations with ethical ET races. Of course I understand that benevolent ET interactions with earth humans has been throughly trashed, both by frauds that claim contact but don't have it, and by those that believe all ET's to be dangerous and unethical. Its been my job to sort through the garbage for those golden nuggets and diamonds that have been trashed and tossed aside by the UFO/ET community along with the waste. I intend to concentrate my time on benevolent contact cases where there are actual sighting of craft in the vicinity of the contact person by other individuals. I know of a number of contact people, some who I am in contact with.

I am not yet in contact with Charles Silvia author of Date With The Gods, but I intend to be soon, as well as my good friend and fellow investigator Steve Moreno. Date With The Gods is a obscure book first published in 1977. The ET contacts began in 1974 which is the same date as two other large contact cases that Steve Moreno has been investigating for years one in Peru and one in Canada. Charles Silvia was the man known as David, in Shirley Mclane's well know book, Out On A Limb. Shirley's credits David as her mentor for a number of years and possibly her lover, as Charles seems to be quite the international jet set playboy. His sexual affairs seem to have landed him in hot water a few years back when he was accused and convicted in the US under molestation charges.

From what I have read on the internet it seems that some healing therapy's applied to a couple of ladies went to far and crossed over the line. He was deported back to Peru with a girlfriend where it says in the articles a number of years ago that he was trying to be allowed back in the US. Of course all this is enough for traditional mainstream investigators to pitch this case into their circular file because of the shallowness of their investigations. Anybody with any sense should realize that all people have their dark sides and a case should not be thrown out simply based of human failings. Anybody investigated throughly enough is going to find skeletons in every closet. Important contact cases should be throughly investigated and the pluses and minuses totaled up at the end of the investigation to determine the legitimacy of a contact case.

The edition I have been sitting on for years was published in 1986 so I must have acquired it about that time. When I first read it I suspected that all the material on the ET's was fabricated and used by the author to some how push his Christian Apocalyptical beliefs on members of the public who believe in UFO's. If I had know at the time of his connection to the book, Out On A Limb that I had read around this time, I would have taken a much closer look. Instead the book sat around my cabin with other books for years and occasionally I would pull it out and read a little. I always seemed to find something interesting but not enough to really get back in the book again. About a year ago with nothing better to do I found myself rereading the book with a lifetime of involvement within the UFO/ET community behind me. I became even more intrigued and told my friend and fellow contact investigator about it and read some passages which caught his interest but never seemed to stick with him either. But over the past several months as he told me about his two major contact cases he was working on I began to see parallels. The extraterrestrial lady in Date With The Gods was called Rama and the group down in Peru that Steve has been working with for years is called the Rama group. Charles first met with his ET friend and lover in 1974 the same date apparently that the Rama group began. The large contact case in Canada also began in 1974. When I started communicating this with Steve it began to blow his mind and he finally found a used book on the Internet and is now reading it. Could it be possible that a alliance of ET races that are human like ourselves is interacting with all three groups? Another interesting correlation is that Rama refers to her group as the brothers and this connects to other ET contact groups around the world that deal with human going back into the 1950's.

The apocalypse was supposed to have taken place by 2001 but that has not happened. Rama tells Charles that they are the apocalyptical angles of the apocalypse here to maintain balance in the Universe. The ET lady did say to Charles that the time was known only to God but the ET's were pretty definite that it would be by the end of he century. What happened? Things still seem to be heading in a very destructive direction worldwide. Were the ET's wrong, is Charles lying, or has the date of the apocalypse slipped or is being modified because of some unforseen circumstances even by the ET's themselves? I have a lot of questions to ask Charles if and when I catch up with him.

The tack that the ET's are taking in the book is in support of Christianity a religion that they say they had something to do with from the beginning. I also suspect they may have had something to do with the foundation of other religions around the world like in India and are also supporting those religions as well as cleaning up the accumulated garbage that has confused the world religions over the years. When I did a word search on Rama I came up with the ancient scriptures of India that go back at least six thousand years. The word for spacecraft in Indian Sanscrit is Vimana and this is what Charles's ET's called their spacecraft. Interesting correlations in that Rama said their group had major underground bases at the poles and a number of minor underground or underwater bases elsewhere, one being under Lake Titicaca in Peru that Charles was flown to. With all that UFO activity in Northern India of late is that one of their bases being upgraded? Rama also says they have a base on Ganymede and elsewhere in the solar system but apparently in another dimensions as some of these places are habitable.

Here is a example of this upgrading and rehabilitation of Christianity on page 231. Rama says, "Christianity in your world is divided beyond hope. I couldn't turn you on to religion because I wouldn't know which church to send you to. Knowing Jesus is having the strength to look for wisdom and understanding, to live in perfect harmony with yourself and your fellow human beings, which is life's greatest joy." " I say to you, follow Jesus's teachings, that doesn't mean you have to embrace a religion. You people on earth have made religion a screwed up mess in this part of the universe."

Not only does Charles describe his relations with ET"s but also his work for the CIA and under one of their top people Richard Welsh who was assassinated in early 1976 when Charles was writing his book. All through the book Charles is talking about real places, real people and real events. All this stuff can be correlated. He gets into why he was recruited by the CIA and how he was helping American business interests in Peru and spying on some school friends of his who attained high level posts in Peru's government. He talks about how the world is being run by one group of people who are immoral and without scruples. That these people's greed and avarice are bringing the world to eventual destruction. The more and more I reread this book the more I am intrigued.

If a person wants a copy of this book there may not be many used copies around as this book is out of print, so if you are interested in this best act fast. Steve only found eight used copies on the internet when he got his.

Jim Moseley Interrogates John Alexander

Jim Moseley Interrogates John Alexander (-:
By Ed Komarek
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My Blog:

Supreme Commander Jim Moseley is UFO Gadfly Court Jester extraordinary, is a master of the shake the tree and see what falls out methodology, both to gather information and for entertainment purposes. Most people don't realize that Jim has been active in the field of Exopolitics since the 1950's. He started as a investigator of UFOs, but gave up that pursuit completely when he became totally confused in order to become the UFO field's premier socialite. He publishes the rag Saucer Smear. Jim's speciality is to delight in pricking the overinflated egos of both researchers and debunkers alike. If you don't have a healthy sense of humor you better not mess with Jim!

In the material below we find him hard at work attempting to elicit information and entertain himself with none other than John Alexander. I think he will find the allegations of the theft against John Alexander made by the late James Black an inventor, of interest if he has not already seen them. and

I would like to state here that these allegations against the United States Government and the Canadian Government and John Alexander in particular are just that, allegations, and I hope I can reference here a refutation of those allegations should they come to my attention. My blog is a work in progress. John Alexander is powerful and influential individual in the military establishment and these detailed and serious allegations floating around on the internet for years are damaging to his reputation and should be addressed in the public domain. (On the back of the jacket of his book Future War, it is stated: (Colonel Alexander participated in the landmark Council on Foreign Relations study of non-lethal weapons and chaired the first major conferences on the topic. His extensive military experience includes commanding Green Berets in Vietnam as well as conducting research and development in advanced weapons." "At los Alamos National Laboratory, he developed the concept of Non-Lethal Defense, which he presented to senior defense, industry, and academic officials. Politically, his work involved meetings with Members of Congress, White House and National Security Council staff, and the Director of Central Intelligence." )

I expect Jim to complain mightily about the length of the files and will admit to only a cursory examination of the material I am sure. The internet files show James Black died a untimely death subsequent to filing a lawsuit against Alexander. Jim is smart and very subtle. Be sure to read between the lines carefully in the following missive. Thanks to Mike Jamieson for passing this piece on to me.

Open Letter To Army Intelligence

Open Letter To Army Intelligence
By Ed Komarek
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My biog:

It is well know in some circles the role that Army Intelligence has played in the disruption of political movements within and without the United States and with the civil rights movement in particular.

Now Army Intelligence is being implicated in the disruption and interference of political movements in the field of Exopolitics as well. This should come as no surprise as it would be quite natural for Army Intelligence to expand their often nefarious activities into the Exopolitical field being that the Exopolitical field is the more encompassing political arena. In addition to interference and suppression of our most basic human rights and freedoms, evidence is mounting as to the suppression of the development of exotic technologies within the public domain to be used for peaceful purposes. See allegations by the late inventor James Black who died under suspicious circumstances shortly before suing the United States and Canadian governments for the suppression and theft of his and Hutchinson's patents and intellectual property. and

I would be the first to point out that Army Intelligence has the right to be involved in the suppression and disruption of unethical ET conduct on this planet. I assure Army Intelligence that should I or my associates discover unethical ET conduct in our investigations of ethical ET activity they will be contacted by me in a prompt manner. It is my intention to investigate ethical ET activity and interactions with ethical earth human beings in preparation for possible more formal future diplomatic relations and negotiations. Army Intelligence's indiscriminate hostile policy toward all ET races is counterproductive and dangerous and invites unethical ET activity and Faustian relations jeopardizing our whole civilization. It should be obvious that Dr. Henry Kissinger's immoral approach to power politics as applied to extraterrestrial races has failed miserably and has endangered us all setting the stage where our worst fears are realized, that of alien invasion and colonization.

I would remind Army Intelligence that the penetration of earth space by non-hostile ET craft and their occupants for purposes of surveillance as well as other diverse activities have been going on for at least thousands of years and supersedes any claim made by any nation on earth. The fact is, we are the new kid on the block carrying a big chip on our shoulder that is violating the rights of ethical ET races as they go about the conduct of their business on earth and in space.. Where it can be show that specific unethical ET's in their spacecraft are in fact violating our space that is another matter altogether and defensive and offensive measures are with the realm of Army Intelligence and the military forces in general. The operative word here is that hostile intent must be show and defensive actions may be taken against specific unethical ET groups but not indiscriminately including ethical ET groups as well. Where there is a question as to ET intent we should not shoot first and answer questions later but should hold our fire until we certain that ET activity is hostile. Such a ethical policy would prevent further alienating benevolent ET groups who's help we sorely need and who are attempting to maintain a balance in the universe and on earth between constructive and destructive forces.

I specifically request that Army Intelligence refrain from disrupting developing benevolent ET networks in the United States and around the world until it can be proven that these networks represent a national security threat. These attacks against innocent civilians in themselves represent a threat to national security. I request a halt to any and all attacks against honest law abiding earth citizens with lethal and non-lethal weapons who are endeavoring to work with benevolent ET networks. Specifically I would like to note allegations by Dr. Alfred Webre that attacks have been made on his person with exotic non-lethal weapons because of his support of contactee's. This is not a isolated case. The god given basic right of freedom of assembly and religion applies to all species regardless of their origin.

Addendum: Current Exopolitical Model

I would like to take my speculations a bit further into the history as to why Army Intelligence may be involved in indiscriminately attacking and disrupting ethical earth human ET cells or what I call contact networks. There is a friend of our family who once worked in Army Intelligence and who is very close mouthed about the ET stuff. Over a number of years of pestering he did slip up one time and tell me that he had seen pictures involving ET's while working for Army Intelligence and they were so bad that he felt the truth should never be told. I am assuming he is referring to cases of human mutilations. Warning graphic and disturbing pictures are at the following site. Let's put that together with the ongoing cases of cattle mutilations that any advanced ET should have been able to easily coverup but instead blatantly leave the cattle carcasses as evidence of their presence for the public to discover and for the military to suppress. Excuse me folks but this is communication like that of a serial murder communicating with law enforcement. This communication is obviously being directed at the military and world elites not civilians.

In addition we have a huge body of abductee testimony that indicates interactions with unethical ET's. Why are these people able to remember their abductions? Excuse me again, but if we can sedate other humans and animals so that they do not experience or remember a painful operation then why can't ET's seem to do this with their superior technology? The obvious answer is they want us to remember! I have to ask why, and the answer again is they are communicating a message by their actions. I think the message being transmitted is: "Stupid earth humans get used to having your free will violated. You in the military can watch and even participate as you are helpless and impotent to act in your citizens defense."

The reader should please bear with me as I come up with a few more dots before I go to connecting them to show a pattern. We have all heard stories about how alien technology in the hands of the military is moved into the public domain and into the defense industry without is true origin becoming known. One of the best known cases is that from Col. Corso in his Book the Day After Roswell. Interestingly Col. Corso worked for Army Intelligence. Is anybody beginning to get my drift?

We add to this interesting mix of dots, the evidence that Army Intelligence has been involved in disrupting political movements such as the civil rights movement we see it is not much of a stretch to see their involvement also in Exopolitical movements. I am beginning to see a pattern of highly ethical ET's creating contact networks around the world in order to advance the human race. That is a political movement. But if these ET's are highly ethical why then is the military attacking ethical ET's and civilians cooperating with the ethical ET's? One reason is obvious and that is that a few wealthy evil unscrupulous greedy people who influence world events to a large degree consider the present status quo just fine and don't want any outside exopolitical influence of earth populations that they largely control through their financial networks. I think there is another more hidden factor. Let me try to connect the dots further.

I think there is a small group of unethical ET's that are intent on dominion and colonization of earth. They may not even constitute a civilization but could only be a faction, a group of renegades. Clearly if they were strong and large in numbers we would have been taken over long ago. So what's going on and why aren't the more ethical ET's coming to our aid? I think they are, but our situation is a part of a much larger exopolitical problem than just humanity on earth. I think the higher ET's view reality as a school and they are teaching humanity and the less ethical ET renegades as well. What's the lesson? It's all about love, truth, ethics, true religion and cosmic law but let me get back to my point.

In connecting the dots what I think what is going on is that world governments and the greedy power brokers that run world affairs through their financial networks are being manipulated by these weak ET factions just as they the power brokers manipulate humanity as a whole. The problem is when we manipulate others against their will we in turn become vulnerable to just the same kind of manipulation. It all seems to me to be just, and accordance with cosmic law.

So how are the earth human manipulators being manipulated by the unethical ET's? The classic form of manipulation is carrot and stick. Entice with the carrot and punish with the stick. If I put myself in the shoes of a small group of unethical ET's, I think I would use the carrot and stick this way.

First I would want to scare and terrorize the daylights out of the military and the elites so that they will circle the wagons, create a unified autocratic command structure that I can easily infiltrate at the very top and so gain control of most all of humanity. With just a little effort on my part I can cause the stupid humans to build the mechanism of social control that I need to rule and mine the masses. Even better I can cause the stupid confused humans to attack all ET races indiscriminately not knowing friend from foe. So in one simple stroke I have the humans build my mechanism of control for me and additionally I split them off from the more ethical ET's who for illogical stupid moral reasons will not fight back but have to withdraw.

These earth human manipulators are so stupid that with almost no effort at all I can sacrifice and mutilate a few humans to get the ball rolling. I then can continue to threaten the military whenever necessary by throwing a few mutilated cattle carcasses around about the country for the public to discover. I abduct people and experiment on them leaving the military helpless but to cooperate. I throw a few technological table scraps to the greedy power mongers and I feed the whole network of social control from the top down.

I protect the earth human elite and they protect me out of self interest and fear and they keep those damn ethical ET's off my back. There is a added benefit that by having the elites build up Air Force Space Command star wars planetary defenses at great cost to the humans, I can use this now and in the future against the ethical ET races to keep them at bay in space as well as on earth. Covert special forces groups in the military like in Army Intelligence on the ground take care of the ethical ET problem on earth by constantly disrupting the ethical ET-Human networks on the planet. I don't have to do a thing. I can sit back and enjoy the show. I am the puppet master. It's truly a relationship born in hell! "Grin"

The ethical ET's have a plan but it is a more encompassing one. It may go something like this: The ethical ET plan is based on the truth that life is virtual and a school where everybody attracts to themselves the lessons they need to learn. The unethical earth humans and the more technologically advanced unethical ET"s attract to themselves hellish painful lessons and in time many will see the error or their ways and come to the divine, to God, to love, to truth. If over time enough unethical humans come over to the side of the ethical higher power and embrace creation rather than destruction then earth human civilization with grow and prosper on earth and in space. If enough people do not change their evil corrupt ways then the civilization will collapse technologically from internal and external corruption as it should in accordance with cosmic natural law, and new cycle of creation will begin again from scratch. It is the goal of the ethical ET's to maintain the school and keep it running properly for the best of all concerned.

It should be understood that what I have written above is a model to guide and explain my actions in the Exopolitical arena. I am not saying this is reality. This is model to guide my actions, my investigations as I learn and grow. Like any good theory it explains and makes sense of many disparate and otherwise up to now unexplainable things. But it still is just that, a model, a theory, and must be adjusted to reflect changing perceptions of reality over time.

Ancient Religious Exopolitical Model

My sure to be considered "outrageous" Exopolitical model appears to be similar to an equally "outrageous" Exopolitical model inherent in ancient religious historical texts from around the world that record a battle on earth and in space thousands of years ago. This battle seems to have taken place primary in the Indus River Valley in Northern India which has been termed the cradle of our present civilization.

Furthermore the Christian and Hebrew Bible also describe a celestial battle on earth and in space between ethical space faring civilizations and a renegade unethical group headed up by Lucifer. Lucifer and his celestial army lost the battle and retreated to bases underground in the earths crust called Hell in the bible. The victorious celestial armies of God confined and imprisoned Lucifer or Satan and his renegade group to earth for thousands of years. This possibly indicates a very long life span for Lucifer and his fallen angels or the group is continuing to reproduce itself underground. It predicts in the book of revelations that Lucifer will attempt a break back out back into space that he and his group has been planning for thousands of years. The plan entails assisting humanity to become a space fairing society then manipulating humanity to attack the ethical space faring races that hold him captive on earth and so escape back into space. It is predicted in revelations that this desperate escape attempt fails but humanity gets caught in the middle of this celestial conflict called Armageddon. Lucifer again is confined underground to hell where he plans one last final attempt in a thousand years. Meanwhile the celestial army's show themself to mankind in all their power and glory and this ushers in a new golden age of enlightenment.