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Crop circles - an esoteric perspective

Windshore from the air
Windshore from the air. Situated on a powerful Geomantic site it was where the author experienced Crop Circle phenomeon. The article was written in the large room of this house.

Crop circles

Crop circles hit the world, well, sneak into the world's awareness in the early 1970s. At first the circles were accepted by many as the imprints left from flying saucers after nocturnal visits to our planet. I remember people searching for the holes that must have been left by landing struts. No holes. The answer to that was the spacecraft hovered balancing by antigravity.

As crop circles designs came more complex and the net (at that stage largely an academic's toy) began to carry images puzzlement grew with the growth in complexity and number of new crop circles.

The phenomenon is yet to reach significant attention in the mass media. So by 2002 not all that many people know about them and recognise them as the serious and miraculous phenomenon they are. Many seem happy with the notion that there were created by a groups pranksters.

There are crop circles created by humans. Early copies were so crude that they only served to illustrate the miraculous nature of the real phenomenon. Currently people are creating pretty good crop circles, some are almost as good as the real thing. Visit for a readable discussion on complexity of the "real" and a list of the difficulties of making a 100% copy (the lack of footprints being an obvious one). Visit for a description of how a simple circle was made for a Japanese TV documentary in New Zetland.

Over the last 10 years I've met two English people who have had direct personal contact with crop circles dduring their formation. Both shone with light when they discussed the creation process that they had experienced. They had stood next to miracle and it had left an imprint on their bodies. Slowly my scepticisms started to vanish.

By now, a few years later my initial disbelief has changed to an attitude somewhat like the one expressed in the quote below. It comes from

… "Since these formations, which appear in crop fields around the world, are largely ignored by the media, and what has been reported by and large has been startlingly irresponsible, their genuine nature as a non-human perpetration is not understood by the majority of people. Those who do know what is happening call the appearance of the designs the most awesome thing that ever has happened to humanity. We are being visited and signalled. There is no debate about this among those who are paying attention to what is going on. That there is so little recognition of the fact that this is happening is as astonishing as the very existence of these art works that are executed from another dimension."

The quote below, from the same site, is by John Michell a respected author known for his carefully researched books on earth energy phenomena.

… "A great power has arisen, directing thoughts and perception in a certain direction, towards a more complete and satisfactory view of reality than the modern conventions of materialism have previously allowed. Gently, subtly, with no disturbance or panic, we are being guided across a watershed, from one world view to another. And this is in no way arbitrary, but a purposeful process, in accordance with the interests of eternal nature and the necessities of the present. We can now see something of what the ancients meant when they spoke of revelation."

Well, having accepted the above propositions I've had to mediate and think about the phenomenon. I've presented my musings as a stream of consciousness, within the time frames that I first wrote them up - with pencil on paper. (I write on paper, I compose on the computer. )

Written at Windshore Hermitage at 6.00am ... 3/5/02

I don't watch television so after dinner I talk, read or drift between meditation and digestion. It was doing that last night visualising and puzzling over crop circles. I've given up wondering about the "how" - I know as much physics as the "common man" and that's nowhere near enough. And so I'm focusing on the "who" or perhaps it is the "what" that is creating crop circles drifting once in the while into the "why".

I seem to have another common ability to contact the consciousness that is in hills, buildings, streams, statues, trees and people. People present more of a problem, but am not too bad doing that either. So I'm working on the assumption that I be able to the same with who or what is creating crop circles and perhaps even reach out to get the why.

Now working in this way means you don't think about the problem rather you become the problem. Retaining one's identity one wanders and drifts into the situation one is investigating. I call this Zenning the situation. Author Robert Pirsig in "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" describes and illustrates the technique brilliantly in a way our machine dominated western minds can understand without once using the word "Tao". For Pirsig one becomes "one" with the machine and so its pleasures, its aches, its pains become part of one's awareness. One does this by sitting on and using the motorcycle rather than by taking apart bit by bit and analysing the function of every nut and bolt.

I use the same technique to design books, solve business problems and work out how to assemble dinner from the leftovers in the fridge. It works well for helping people with their health problems too.

But back to last night. I was sitting here. On this couch visualising crop circles that I've seen in the 1999 crop circles calendar. I was working on "falling down" into the middle of the designs. I was doing fairly well and ended up deep underground amidst the streams and energy consciousnesses that live under this hillside - under this house which I have shaped and positioned to maximise the geomantic potential of the location.

Well, this meditation technique lead me to the idea, the best who and why I have come up with. Crop circles come from the gnomic forces of our planet, the beings the ancients called the "Giants of the Earth". Who live the underground ... Jack didn't climb a bean stalk he really went down a travel hole in his barn.

Other giants. Well, there is Atlas, who the Greeks visualised as living under the earth and holding it all up. That's true enough. The gnomes live in the earth and hold it together by their wishing and singing. Than of course, there was the Monator; he lived on the volcanic island of Minos and occupied the labyrinth that stretched out under the Palace. Infact that connection between the labyrinth and the giant is a good clue. And don't forget that the Nazis. They had crazy ideas about a hollow earth in which lived beings, the giants of Nordic mythology that hopefully would help them with their intentions once contact was established.

Alas, this is the best I've come up with. I think its true, you may not. Actually, the whole problem is extraordinarily difficult to work one's way into. There has been so much thought about crop circles with so much attached emotion, that a cloud of intermediate zone junk simply overwhelms the meditating investigator. It's as if there is a circle of ideas clustered around crop circles that has to ignore to get at the realities that may be behind the phenomenon.

Ideas that have come to me range from the specific … it's people, its UFOs, it's the government's secret weapons, ancient Druids, disincarnate people, LSD elementals, benevolent space people, the very devil, Pytagorous and his friends, physicists from the future. To the generalistic … it's Gaia telling us how to save the world, it's God showing us how creation takes place, or it's God showing us that he/she exists.

But let me tell you about how I got to my discovery.
Its been an interesting adventure into the netherworlds.
On the couch at Windshore … 3/5/02

Here I am sitting on the couch at Windshore. Kathrine, my partner has just come in from the bed room and the morning sun is drifting across the pad as I write.

Kathrine says, "It was strange last night." It sure was. She goes on to say, "The sound was like somebody playing on the fly wire and ripping up baking paper at the same time." A good description. I thought at first that it may have been the kangaroos around the house, but really it was too much like the wind for that. It went on for 15 to 20 minutes. A strong torch out the window revealed nothing - not a roo, not a breath of wind. Aha, thinks I, crop circles noises - a bit like what people describe as accompanying crop circle development.

So something is trying to do crop circles around here, around this house. Well I guess is shows that some level of human interaction is part of the phenomenon. I'll check on the morning - good that of the camera with me.

Morning, 7 am, at Windshore ... 3/5/02

That brings me to the here and now it's time to get a check for circles, or atleast for bent over weeds.

Morning, 9 am, at Windshore ... 3/5/02

Looking for CC at Windshore
The morning after the Crop Circle noise we went to look for possible circles on the land around the Windshore house. All we found were Kangaroo trails.

Not a bent over stalk. We wondered over the hill behind the house and check the surrounding area. Not a thing. Lots of roo tracks the only animals that live on this 100 acre plot. Plenty of dry and St. John's Wort (a woody weed, about a metre high) to bent over, but nothing.

Going back a night to 2/5/02.
'Bibaringa', overlooking Canberra.

Bibaringa from the air
On a misty night the Crop Circle noise came happened on both the East and West sides of the house

I had been thinking about crop circles for weeks, surfing the net and letting the problem rest in the back of my mind.

I was in bed, really tired and about to drop off and go to sleep. Kathrine came in and asked, "Do you hear the noise?" Half awake, half asleep I wondered what she meant. I could see that she had been on the veranda with a torch and was encouraging me to could do the same. I got up grabbed the torch and shone it out the window, thick mist - the clouds were around us and nothing could be seen. Then I heard the noise, it always somewhere between a click and a bubble. Roos I thought (there really are roos around both our houses, generally inarticulate they do on occasionally make strange noises). I was puzzled and about to go back to sleep when it happened again. No, it wasn't water bubbles in the roof drains … well, its not bothering us, so forget about it … and I dropped off and went to sleep.

The next morning our son Robert told us that he heard a scary noise out his window - which is on the directly opposite side of the house. He put down to frogs outside his room. His girlfriend said it was, "A monster". None of us had any idea when it came from - perhaps from under the house?.

Late morning, 10.30 am at Windshore … 3/5/02

We'll see what happens tonight.

Next day. 8.00 at Windshore … 4/5/02

Nothing did. I admit my fear got the better of me - or perhaps it was caution - and I pushed the crop circle phenomena out of the back of my mind, letting family matters take up the space.

I've just meditated on the problem, and I've come to accept the conclusion that crop circles are manifested from the gnomic forces that reside inside our planet. It seems we have woken up the old giants who given the new ideas, new wisdoms, new tools. The new tool seems to be the silicon chip - here we are spanning the globe with a magical crystal technology created in by plasma and employing a strange new force somewhere between electricity and light.

Apparently the force that makes the chips work is embedded in the consciousness of the gnomes. The gnomes are the Beings, the Devic energy, the Gods of manifestation … they make the material world happen. No stone, building, animal or bird could exist without the force of crystallisation they supply. Without them we humans would be pure consciousness without any hope of bodily existence. Interacting with the earthly gnomes are energies - Beings from other realms conventionally we call them the Devas of fire, air and water. All energies that could never have a material form without the earthy gnomes to supply the matrix, the woof into which they manifest. Without the earthy gnomes they (and we) would just be energy waveforms moving endlessly through intergalactic space.

The gnomes around me and around our two houses have had very little input from people. I believe it significant that the best manifestations of crop circles appear at locations where earth energies have been interacting with humans for hundreds perhaps even thousands of years. Create a Stonehenge, do ceremony and ritual and gnomes (plus God knows what else) is a going to come and watch and absorb the doings.

So the gnomes, the monsters from the inner earth that live around me just don't know how to collect enough energy to do with they would have liked to do. Perhaps they wanted to play with me, perhaps they showed me their willingness to cooperation, perhaps they wanted to scare me? Whatever, it seems they didn't have enough accumulated wisdom or enough energy to create a full crop circle manifestation.

Why do the gnomes bother to create crop circles.? Because they want to play. The universe is a creative play, an interplay of possibilities. Simply, gnomes like to do and doing crop circles is a new game. Read some of the papers on Astrognosis this site and perhaps you too will come to suspect that creative play is perhaps the touchstone of the total cosmos, the "why" of creative evolution.

I need to add that I have given only a simple outline of my meditative perceptions. It seems that crop circles are more than just a manifestation of gnomic energies. Other consciousnesses are undoubtedly playing into the situation as well - perhaps they are disincarnate Druids, interstellar intelligences, or the astral leftovers of drug blown computer programmers. The intermediate zone is full of these realities and it is hard to pick out the ones that are likely best fit.

Crop Circles, Gnomes and Humans.

Seemingly gnomic human consciousness are interlinked, each influences the other. Wisdom gained by humans passes on to the giants and enables to play new games. Undoubtedly the reverse is also true.

The implication of this is that we humans and the Devic kingdoms are locked into a cooperative planetary game. No one can play hide and seek alone. Humans can no more hope to control nature than they can hope to hide from themselves.

Perhaps - so it is suggested to me - this is the "Why" the crops circle phenomenon is trying to demonstrate to us.

This may sound strange to our ears, trained as we are to believe that the scientific method can dominate nature. But the truth is that creative forces of the universe and human consciousness are one in the same thing. This is certainly the basic Astro and Ecognosis position. The quote from Blolfeld below illustrates this…

Know that your mind itself is immeasurable, the container of a myriad, myriad universes, each of them vast beyond your comprehension. All the illimitable power that exists in those myriads of universes would be yours in full, if you had the wisdom enough to use it. The same is true of every sentient being ... when a single bee sucks honey, all beings in the myriad universes suck honey; when a worm is crushed , all beings in those universes are crushed. Remember, the source of all power lies within yourself ...

The "How"? Well, I got a hint which I can pass on. Watch a dust devil, a small tornado, a vortex that draws up from the earth dust and debris and lifts it high into the sky. Seemingly crop circles are created in a similar way but use an energy closer to the creative rather than the destructive side of planetary doings.

Now, think about this for a minute. If groups of gnomes, the giants of old, can manipulate energy for play what could happen if they did so to fulfil needs which they felt were imperative?

Steven Guth
Canberra - 27/5/02

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