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The Cosmos, involution and evolution. Devas are the brings of creation.

There seems to be two living process on the planet earth.
The first is to reach for the heavens.
The second is to strive for incorporation into the earth.

Devas seek involvment with the heavens. Elementals seek to reach into the earth.

This is a simplistic statement. Many beings seek both, human beings are complex, the human soul seeks heaven, the human body seeks earth. Humans are paticularly complex.

Devas are much simpler, their links to the cosmic processes are so strong that they understand the pathways of evolution becasue they are part of it. Humans, because we are incarnated into the physical world are locked into a conflict of understanding.

Elementals, and occupants of the Ahrimanic world, are part of the involtion process. They await the the final decay and distruction of the sun as a super nova blast.

The Ahrimanic world? The world of potentials, electrical potentials and gravity potentials, both on earth and through cosmic space. Wherever these forces exsist there is the ability for Arhimanic conscousness to develop, in development it strenghten its drive, direction, and ability.

Perhaps in time science will present us with concepts beyond mass, light, gravity and electricity. Perhaps from these new concepts the links between the Ahrimanic and physical worlds will become clearer.

To date physics and astronomy have presented us with star images that make the events, the forces, the impulses of creation and decay clearer.

Its totally out there, expanding outwards for 15 billion light years and it contains the forces that make for everything we experience on earth. Thanks to modern astronomy clarvoints now have clearer and far more complex base line pictures on which to place their images. Gone are the rounds of Indian tradition and the paradoxical living but empty space of the Buddhist meditator. We now know that Jupiter's red spot is a huge vortex of gases activity, visit it in your imagination and you will find a salamander of great age, wisdom and curiousity.

I am suggesting that Devas are part of the cosmic process of life. And that elementals are part of the cosmic forces of accumulation. The same creative forms are out there as are here on our planet. Vortexs form on earth just as do in galaxys.

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