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Okay cos people sometimes wonder who is the author of this site I have indulged my ego and put up this section about me

Respectable biography

Disrespectable biography

internal link a short story ("cyber-grunge" quasi-science fiction) that I've written (one of the very few i actually finished!)

internal link another short story (actually it may one day become the first chapter of a novel)

external link Here is an essay - an essay I wrote some time back - published on-line in Cybersociology magazine

external link Stories myself and others have written, set in the science fiction worldbuilding project Orion's Arm

my three great interests:

especially Palaeontology and the evolution, transformations, and phylogeny of life and the Earth through Geological time
especially esotericism and occult cosmologies, and the theme of involution, evolution, and metamorphosis
Science Fiction
specifically hard science fiction (no science fantasy please!), with realisitic visions and warnings of the how the future may turn out. See Orion's Arm (hard science space opera)

Currently I am revising and upgrading my entire site - yes, all 3000 pages!!!

Orion's Arm


New Web Site on the History of Life on Earth

(still very much under construction)


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