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« Drunvalo Melchizedek: Mayan End Time prophecies of Earth changes, consciousness transformation and the divine feminine, 2007 – Jan. 1, 2016 | Main | 2012 - 2025: A positive human future »


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Trex Simon

Thanks for the update Alfred & Tolec !
Always good to hear from you guys. I get the feeling you are not owned by Rupert Marduk. Interesting that the ovum (Earth) had to travel to a place/time to be fertilised. Not unlike the fertilisation of the human egg. No wonder Drunvalo kept quiet about it until now. It wouldn't do to have a 4D Earth born into the bondage of a felopian tube.

Ruth Gormley

Gracias, por la informacion los tendre en cuenta.CON AMOR.
es un alivio saver que hay muchos planeta que nos estan ayudando en esta trancicion tan importante de nuestra Madre tierra. Gracias
Gracias por tan bella lavor, el amor por el todo este siempre bendiciendo nuestro UNIVERSO.
Ruth C Gormley.


Do Anyone really believe any of this ?

Noel Pocot

Yes, I do believe in this!


In my experience, it's almost always less than productive to "believe" anything because getting stuck in a belief disrupts the learning process. The greatest minds of this planet still have yet to be able to determine that we exist at all. How can we trust senses when the existence of the very things with which we sense is questionable. My point? Don't believe anything, but consider everything. Our existence, whatever it is, is proof that the possibilities that exist are far beyond our imagination.

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