This section is dedicated to the development of 'citizen based' or 'track two' Galactic Diplomacy. This is a process whereby individuals and groups with no official government standing can establish contact and communications with extraterrestrial races in ways that promote peace, fraternity and cooperation between humanity and extraterrestrial races. This process is designed to complement 'official' or 'track one' Galactic Diplomacy that is secretly conducted by appointed government representatives without the awareness of the general population or elected political representatives.

Galactic Diplomacy include articles and communications with extraterrestrials that will assist individuals and citizen organizations in developing the necessary skills to contact, communicate and interact with extraterrestrials. A chief goal of this section is to promote diplomatic solutions to the challenges that confront humanity in becoming a galactic society while most of the human population remains unaware of the extraterrestrial presence and of secret communications, agreements and interactions between extraterrestrials and select government agencies.







1. Galactic Diplomacy Articles

Jospeh Burkes

 -  Cosmic Peace


Michael Salla

 -  Eisenhower’s 1954 Meeting With Extraterrestrials - The Fiftieth Anniversary of First Contact? - Main File

'Jonathan Andrews'

 -  Galactic Diplomacy and Negative Governmental Responses


Michael Salla

 -  Galactic History According to Alex Collier and The Andromedans


Michael Salla

 -  Historia Galáctica según Alex Collier y Los Andromedanos


Allen Tough

 -  Security During the First Thirty Days


Jon Robinson

 -  Testimonio de un Testigo Apoyando la Legitimidad de Alex Collier como Contactado

Michael Salla

 -  The Emergence of ‘Track Two’ Galactic Diplomacy with Extraterrestrial Races

Steven M. Greer

 -  The Foundations of Interplanetary Unity


Allen Tough

 -  What Role Will Extraterrestrials Play In Humanity's Future?


Jon Robinson

 -  Witness Testimony Supporting Alex Collier's Legitimacy As A Contactee


2. Exopolitics Articles


Michael Salla

 -  A Report on the Motivations and Activities of Extraterrestrial Races - A Typology of the most Significant Extraterrestrial Races...

Ed Komarek

 -  Ed Komarek Exopolitical Files - Main File


Alfred Webre

 -  Exopolitics - A Decade of Contact


Farah Yurdözü

 -  Exopolitics - The Human Soul Meets the Future


Michael Salla

 -  The Failure of Power Politics - as a Strategic Response to the Extraterrestrial Presence Developing Human Capacity as a...

Michael Salla

 -  Typology of Extraterrestrial Races - according to Alex Collier and the Andromedans

Michael Salla

 -  Un Informe Sobre los Motivos y Actividades de Razas Extraterrestres - Una Tipología de Las Más Significativas Razas...

Ed Komarek

 -  U.N. Tribunal For Crimes Against Aliens?



3. Track Two Diplomacy Articles


Susan Allen Nan and Andrea Strimling

 -  Track I - Track II Cooperation


Christine Chigas

 -  Track Two (Citizen) Diplomacy


US Department of State

 -  Integrating Track One and Track Two Approaches to International Conflict Resolution - What's Working? What's Not? How...

Gabriel Chiron

 -  Intergalactic Politics


Gabriel Chiron

 -  Políticas Intergalácticas


Michael Salla

 -  Rebuilding the Negotiating Middle in Intractable Conflicts


University of Colorado:

Conflict Research Consortium

 -  Unofficial Communication, Citizen Diplomacy, & Multitrack Diplomacy



4. Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)

David Brin

 -  An Open Letter to Alien Lurkers


Anthony Judge

 -  Communicating With Aliens - The Psychological Dimension of Dialogue


Ray P. Norris

 -  How Old is ET?


Allen Tough

 -  Intelligent Life in the Universe - What Role Will It Play in Our Future?



5. Others


Angelika Sareighn Whitecliff

 -  A Guide for Initiating Contact with Extraterrestrials


Angelika Sareighn Whitecliff

 -  Minds of War vs. Galactic Diplomacy With UFOs


Angelika Sareighn Whitecliff

 -  The Age of Transformation & the New Human Species


Angelika Sareighn Whitecliff

 -  Three Steps to Integrate The UFO/Extraterrestrial Reality


Angelika Sareighn Whitecliff

 -  Visionary Communications


  Additional Information  

 -  Contact and Contactees - Main File


 -  Declaration for Citizen Contact Councils - Announced at Earth Transformation Conference


 -  Galactic Federations and Councils - Main File


 -  Galactic Freedom Day to Expose Secret Agreements with Extraterrestrial Groups


 -  Historia Exopolítica del Siglo 20


 -  NASA Sponsors Course on How to Talk to Aliens


 -  Sacred Encounters at Lake Titicaca - An Interview With Luis Fernando Mostojo Maertens


 -  Supra-Consciousness - Human Transformation, Earth Changes & The New World

 -  X-Conference 2008 - Press Conference at The National Press Club, April 21



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