The War of the World: The End Game


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Physical Science and Spiritual Science: Some Definitions. 2

The Evidence about UFOs and Alien Abductions. 5

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Since my return to the US from Zambia, I have spent some time visiting relatives.  A couple of weeks ago I was in Spartanburg, South Carolina, where my mother and sister live.  Now ordinarily I don’t engage either of them in discussions concerning my politics or metaphysical views (“religion”), but at some point in the conversation my sister must have asked me something to “get me started,” and I mentioned to her my latest article, Alien Invasion Strategy.  Immediately upon my providing a “thumbnail sketch” of the alien invasion paradigm, she exclaimed, in her broad Southern accent, “Why, George, you don’t really believe all that, do you?”


In response, I explained to her that the matters of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and alien abductions were a theory – a paradigm – and not subject to proof in a mathematical sense.  I pointed out that I could not “prove” many things in my life, such as whether Venice, Italy, exists (I have never been there), or whether the US really landed a man on the moon, or whether the light in a refrigerator stays off after the door is closed, or whether Jesus Christ ever lived or performed miracles or “saved souls.”


Well, my sister was not interested in carrying on a philosophical discussion, but the exchange prompted me to dwell, some time later, on the issue of UFOs and alien abductions, and the acceptance of these phenomena by the general human population.


Like Newton’s and Einstein’s theories of physics, the phenomena of UFOs and alien abductions fall in the realm of “theory.”  Their truth cannot be established (or, at least, not readily or unequivocally, or at the present time), but that does not matter.  All that matters from a practical viewpoint is their “utility” – their usefulness in serving as a basis for future action.  With respect to the matter of “belief,” it doesn’t matter at all whether I believe in the “truth” of these theories, since that cannot be established.  All that matters with respect to belief in a theory or postulate is whether I believe it to be useful.  If Newton’s theory can be used to predict solar eclipses, then that renders it useful.  If Einstein’s theory can be used as the basis for making an atomic bomb, then that renders it useful.  The fact that we cannot “prove” either theory is not terribly bothersome.  The main issue of concern for a theory is its usefulness, not its truth.


The issues to be addressed in this article are: (1) What is the nature of the evidence concerning UFOs and alien abductions; and (2) What is the utility of accepting the UFO / alien-abduction paradigm as a basis for future action.


Physical Science and Spiritual Science: Some Definitions


When most people use the term “science,” they are referring to physical science.  A general definition of the word “science” is (Merriam Webster’s Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, 1988) “the state of knowing: knowledge as distinguished from ignorance or misunderstanding; a department of systematized knowledge as an object of study.”  A more specific definition is “knowledge covering general truths or the operation of general laws esp. as obtained and tested through scientific method; such knowledge concerned with the physical world and its phenomena; natural science.”  “Scientific method” is defined as “principles and procedures for the systematic pursuit of knowledge involving the recognition and formulation of a problem, the collection of data through observation and experiment, and the formulation and testing of hypotheses.”


Physical science is concerned with theories of how the physical world operates, including chemistry, physics, biology, geology, astronomy and the like.  Spiritual science, on the other hand, is concerned with the nature of the spirit world.  The definition of “spirit” is “an animating or vital principle held to give life to physical organisms; supernatural being or essence; Holy Spirit; soul.”  Spiritual science deals with things that cannot be observed by the five human physical senses (sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell).  Physical science offers no insight into the basis, purpose or meaning of life; awareness; memory; thought; emotions; sentience and existence.


The investigation of UFOs has included both physical science and spiritual science.  The physical evidence includes physical records such as photographs, radar tracks, and visual sightings.  The spiritual evidence includes reports from military remote viewers, meditators, astral projectors, channelers and hypnotic regressors.  In any of these cases, the scientific method may be used to evaluate and systematize the data, test hypotheses, suggest paradigms / theories to explain the phenomena, and test the utility of posited paradigms / theories.


The word “paradigm” is one that I use from time to time, and it occurs in UFO / alien-abduction literature.  In recent years, the principal meaning of the word has shifted somewhat.  Some time ago (Merriam Webster’s Webster’s Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary, 1988), it more often meant “example, pattern, esp. an outstandingly clear example or archetype; an example of a conjugation or declension showing a word in all its inflectional forms.”  Recently, however, it is more often used to mean “model” or “representation” or “explanation” or “theory.”  For example, the 1996 edition (Tenth Edition) of Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary includes the definition, “a philosophical and theoretical framework of a scientific school or discipline within which theories, laws, and generalizations and the experiments performed in support of them are formulated.”  In UFO / alien-abduction parlance, it is this latter usage that applies.  For example, someone may attempt to explain all UFO activity in terms of generally accepted physical phenomena, whereas another person may explain this activity in terms of extraterrestrial, other-dimensional or parallel-universe visitors.  The first person’s “paradigm” (explanation, model, theory) is that UFOs are manifestations of ordinary physical explanations.  The second person’s “paradigm” is that the UFOs are alien transport vehicles.  In the realm of reported alien abductions, one person’s paradigm may be that the individuals are suffering from delusions, whereas another person’s paradigm may be that the individuals are indeed abducted by UFOs, and another may posit that the person has become involved in an astral-projection (out-of-body) experience.  The word “paradigm” is not at all as strong as the word “theory.”  A “paradigm” is more in the nature of an hypothesis or tentative explanation, whereas a “theory” is a representation that has stood the test of time.


The theories of modern physical science are really rather superficial.  Newton’s “theory” of mechanics simply summarizes three aspects of the motion of bodies: (1) a body remains in a state of uniform motion unless acted upon by external forces (the velocity (speed and direction) of a body left to itself will remain unchanged); (2) the (time rate of) change in momentum (mass times velocity) of a body is proportional to the force impressed, and in the direction of the force (i.e., force equals time rate of change of momentum); and (3) to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  These three principles are simply descriptions of the behavior of particles (objects) when acted upon by forces.  They offer no insight into the essence of matter, energy, and its behavior (i.e., how and why it exists, and why it obeys these laws).  They are like a picture of a flower – it provides a view of certain aspects of the flower (size, color, parts, etc.), but it tells nothing about the real essence of the flower (why and how it exists, lives, functions, grows from a seed, etc.).  A stochastic-process model may describe the statistical properties (occurrence) of sunspots very well, but it tells us nothing about how the sun works and produces sunspots.


Einstein’s theory of relativistic mechanics extended Newton’s theory of mechanics by accommodating the fact (observed in the late 1800s) that the speed of light is a constant relative to the observer, regardless of the direction of travel of the light beam.  This observation implies that the mass of a particle is not a constant, but increases with speed (approaching infinity as the particle approaches the speed of light).  (At particle speeds that are low relative to the speed of light, the change in mass is negligible, and Newton’s second law, F = (d/dt)(mv) may be approximated as F = m dv/dt, or F = ma, where F denotes force, t denotes time, m denotes mass, v denotes velocity (speed and direction), a denotes acceleration, and the operator (d/dt)(.) (or d(.)/dt) denotes differentiation with respect to time.  The relationship of the moving mass, m, to the rest mass, m0, is given by the relation m = m0/sqrt(1-v2/c2) where v denotes the speed of the particle (in its frame of reference) and c denotes the speed of light (a constant).  Expanding m in a power series about v2/c2 and inserting in the formula Kinetic Energy = c2(m – m0) leads to the equation ΔE =c2Δm and hence the familiar equation E = mc2 relating mass (m) and energy (E).  (See, e.g., Elements of Physics, Second Edition, by George Shortley and Dudley Williams, Prentice-Hall, 1955.)  The point to be made here is that Einstein’s theory, as Newton’s, explains nothing at all about the essential nature of matter or energy – it is simply a description, whether verbal or mathematical, of how they act and are related in the physical universe.  It provides no insight concerning how or why matter and energy exist, or how or why they act the way they do.


[Just for the record….  There is no difference between the three laws of mechanics as originally stated by Newton and as later stated by Einstein.  A difference arises if one assumes that mass is a constant, independent of speed.  In this case Newton’s second law of motion, F = (d/dt)(mv) reduces to F = m dv/dt, or F = ma.  But Newton’s original formulation (if you check the Latin in his Principia) was correct – in his statement of the second law of motion, he did not assume mass to be a constant, and formulated the law in terms of momentum (the product of mass and velocity).  It is only if and when it is assumed, as was generally done from Newton’s time to Einstein’s, that mass is independent of velocity, that a difference arises.  About 1906, physicists observed a difference in the charge-to-mass ratio for high-speed electrons.  Since charge is a constant, this meant that mass depends on speed.  The relationship of mass to speed was observed to be the formula given above, m = m0/sqrt(1-v2/c2).


[The essential difference between Newton’s physics and Einstein’s physics arises with respect to gravity – not with respect to the three laws of motion (as long as it is not assumed that mass is a constant).  Newton assumed, based on empirical evidence, that the force of gravity between two objects is proportional to the masses of the objects and the inverse of the square of the distance between them.  This formula works fine for objects moving at speeds that are low compared to the speed of light.  But it fails otherwise, and, in particular, it fails for objects located very far apart (astronomical distances).  Newton’s inverse-square law of gravity is inconsistent with astronomical observations (e.g., the rotation of planetary orbits with respect to the stars; the curvature of light rays passing near the sun; and the displacement of spectral lines of light reaching us from distant stars).  In Newton’s theory, space and time are independent constructs; in Einstein’s theory, space and time are intimately related (Einstein’s general theory of relativity introduces the concept of “space-time”).   (See Relativity: The Special and the General Theory, A Popular Exposition, by Albert Einstein, Crown Publishers, 1961).  Or, for the mathematically inclined, Roger Penrose’s The Road to Reality: A Complete Guide to the Laws of the Universe, Jonathan Cape (London) / Random House, 2004.]


A person may be an advocate of a theory or model without necessarily accepting it as true.  For example, most people accept Newton’s or Einstein’s theories of mechanics as useful, and at the same time acknowledge that they are simply theories (descriptive representations of certain aspects of reality, which may be approximations, may have limitations, and may have to be modified at some point to apply to more general circumstances).  Strictly speaking, Newton’s inverse-square theory of gravity is false, but it is quite good enough for solving practical problems on Earth.  It may not be “true,” but it works – it is useful for most applications, and that is what really matters.


Some people accept Darwin’s theory of evolution as a useful theory, while others may profess a belief that Creationism is not just as a theory, but a fact (truth).  The sad fact is, however, that the “truth” of statements about our physical universe cannot be established from within it.  In fact, if you look closely enough at matter, nothing is there!  The mathematician Gödel proved that no system of logic / mathematics can be both internally consistent and complete (capable of establishing the truth of all hypotheses that can be formulated within it).  Within the bounds of our physical universe, we will never know the “truth” in a larger sense.  We are like the characters in a comic strip, arguing about the nature of reality – the “reality” is the artist, not the comic.  The comic characters are endowed simply with the awareness and abilities and settings provided to them by their creator, and are quite unaware of his existence or the universe outside the strip.


From a practical viewpoint, the fundamental issue is the utility of a theory as a basis for future action – not its truth.  In fact, what is “true” in scientific theories is of very little significance, from a metaphysical viewpoint.  Scientific theories are simply mathematical descriptions of how the physical universe works – they offer no insight into why.  These descriptions may be true, or approximately true, or true most of the time, but they are simply descriptions of effects.  Even if they are perfectly true (“action equals reaction,” “the sum of one and one is two’), they do not describe the reason for anything in our physical universe.  They are analogous to a picture (or any other physical description, such as an X-ray or MRI image or chemical analysis) of an animal – it describes the physical nature of the animal, but offers no insight concerning the essential nature of its being, viz., why it exists and how it lives (is created, grows, thinks, etc.).




The Evidence about UFOs and Alien Abductions


In recent years a large amount has been written on the subject of UFOs and alien abductions.  In previous articles I mentioned the books Alien Agenda by Jim Marrs (Harper, 1997); Sight Unseen by Budd Hopkins and Carol Rainey (Simon & Schuster Pocket Books, 2003); and Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens by John E. Mack (Scribners, 1994).  There are many more, such as The UFO Book: Encyclopedia of the Extraterrestrial by Jerome Clark and The UFO Magazine UFO Encyclopedia by William J Birnes.  Recently, I read the following books by David M. Jacobs: The Threat: Revealing the Secret Alien Agenda (Fireside / Simon & Schuster, 1998); Secret Life: Firsthand Documented Accounts of UFO Abductions (Fireside / Simon & Schuster, 1992); and UFOs and Abductions: Challenging the Borders of Knowledge (Edited by David M. Jacobs, University of Kansas Press, 2000).  These books are really interesting reading.  It is clear that the investigation of the UFO / alien abduction phenomenon has matured into a scientific discipline.


The primary tool of the alien abduction investigators such as Hopkins and Jacobs is hypnotherapy.  This tool, used improperly, can be highly unreliable, and Jacobs describes the care that is required to obtain useful results.  His approach is similar to that of Michael Newton (Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives, Llewellyn Publications, 2003); Destiny of Souls: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives (Llewellyn Publications, 2004); Life Between Lives: Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression (Llewellyn Publications, 2004) and the US military’s work in remote viewing (Reading the Enemy’s Mind by Paul H. Smith (Forge / Tom Doherty Associates, 2005; Mind-Reach: Scientists Look at Psychic Abilities by Russell Targ and Harold E. Puthoff (Hampton Roads, 2005; Delacorte Press, 1977); and Remote Viewing Secrets: A Handbook by Joseph McMoneagle (Hampton Roads, 2000).


Here follow a few quotes from Jacobs’ The Threat (Jacobs, a history professor at Temple University, has conducted hypnotherapeutic regression on hundreds of abductees):


The extensive use of women as hosts for hybrid babies brings into sharp relief the importance of the Breeding Program.  Its scope is enormous.  In theory, the aliens have produced hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of offspring.


Are all children of abductees incorporated into the phenomenon?  The evidence suggests that the answer is “yes.”  If an abductee has children with a nonabuctee, the chances are that all their descendents will be abductees.  This means that through normal population increase, divorce, remarriage, and so on, the abductee population will increase quickly throughout the generations.  When those children grow and marry and have children of their own, all of their children, whether they marry an abductee or nonabuctee, will be abductees.


Thus, at this point in time, the aliens’ policy of secrecy has been and continues to be enormously successful, despite the millions of UFO sightings and abduction reports.  The vast majority of abductees hav the memories of their experiences locked in their minds, entwined within a labyrinth of dreams, confabulations, false memories, and induced images – exactly where the aliens want them to be.  And if abductees recover these experiences, they endure societal strictures, ridicule, disbelief, and condescension.


In 1987 I also began to collect incidence data on abductees.  I developed a simple survey, based on the OMNI questionnaire, for a university student population.  Over the years, I refined the survey and continue to give it to students.  By 1991 I had collected over twelve hundred responses, mainly from college students aged eighteen to twenty-three.  These fell into three categories: possible abductees, questionable, or not an abductee.  I based the categories on my knowledge of the unusual experiences that abductees had told me about before they knew they were involved with the phenomenon.  The results of my analysis suggested that 5.5 percent of the respondents were “possible” abductees, and that 15.5 percent were “questionable.”  These numbers were shockingly high.


The results of the Roper Poll indicated that millions of Americans might be abductees.  Hopkins and I knew that the abduction phenomenon was widespread, but these numbers were breathtaking.  For that reason, we took the most conservative approach to the data.  We isolated the five questions that had been found in previous research to be reliable indicators of abduction activity.  And we included in the final sample only those people who answered at least four of the five questions positively.


The final analysis indicates that 2 percent of the American people – five million Americans – have experienced events consistent with those that abductees experienced before they knew they were abductees.  Even if this number is as much as 75 percent higher than actual occurrence, there would still be over one million people who might be abductees.  One thing is clear: The Roper Poll confirmed the less formal and anecdotal evidence that there are a tremendous number of people who have had abduction experiences.  And we can conclude, therefore, that the abduction phenomenon is widespread and touches almost all groups in society.


Although the frequency with which Kay is abducted is extreme, it is not as unusual as we originally thought.  In the last few years, many abductees have reported dramatic accelerations in the frequency of their abductions.  The general trend has been toward a greater number of events for each abductee.


The conclusion from the Roper Poll and from our own research is that, without a doubt, an enormous number of people are experiencing an enormous number of abductions.  The aliens have invested and continue to invest a tremendous amount of time and energy in the abduction program.  Many people think that abductions are a “study” or “experiment,” or that the aliens are “learning” about us.  The numbers suggest otherwise.  The learning and experimenting, if ever the case, are mainly over.  Hence, the evidence clearly indicates that the aliens are conducting a widespread, systematic program of physiological exploitation of human beings.


The production of a hybrid species appears to be the means to the aliens’ goal.  So far, researchers have been unable to uncover any other purpose for the UFO and abduction phenomenon, and the Breeding Program.  Why are aliens producing hybrids?  This has long been one of the fundamental mysteries of UFO and abduction research.  Until now, we have had precious little information upon which to formulate a theory.  But to answer this question, it is first necessary to understand both the idea of hybridization and the nature of hybrid life.


Late-stage hybrids possess the aliens’ extraordinary mental abilities.  They can engage in staring procedures, Mindscan, visualizations, envisioning, and so on.  They have nearly complete command over the abductees, who report having a little more physical and mental control during hybrid abduction activity – not enough, however, to effectively resist abductions.


Not only does [Joseph] Nyman find that many abductees think that they were aliens in a past life, but he also suggests that some abductees possess an aliens’ “consciousness,” which imbues their present human form.  For Nyman, the evidence is “overwhelming” that the aliens impose these dual feelings – human and alien – on the abductees.  “It implies the taking up of residence in the human form at birth (or before) of a fully developed intelligence which for a while is aware of both its human and non-human nature and of the pre-arranged monitoring to be conducted throughout life.”  [Compare this to Michael Newton’s case studies of the process of a soul’s melding to an embryo brain.]  Abductees and aliens have “melded” together in some way and in a sense abductees and aliens are the same.  Abductees live their present lives with a “dual” reference,” human and alien.  This allows the abductee to feel a positive connectiveness to the aliens with a resultant loss of “fear, anxiety, and self-doubt.”  [Refer again to Michael Newton’s description of aliens who incarnate on Earth.]


Taken as a group, the Positives’ message is that humans have conducted their affairs in a way that will lead to the degradation of the planet and the end of the human species.  [The term “Positives” refers to those who view alien activity (UFO activity, abductions, procedures on abductees) as beneficial for human society.]  Humans have caused poverty, ignorance, and overpopulation, and they risk environmental catastrophe and atomic annihilation.  The concerned aliens are “educating” abductees to warn us of what is to come if we do not change our behavior.


The Positives argue that aliens are more fully evolved spiritually than humans, and that they have a heightened awareness of the mysteries of the universe.  The aliens recognize the specialness of human life and are also aware of how humankind has erred.  They respect the sanctity of human life even more than we do.  They care about us and they love us.  The aliens are teachers and we are the students.  They are the parents and we are the children.  They must teach us to behave.  Because they are a benevolent species, they have come to help us find solutions to our problems.


The benevolent “spin” that the Positives (both abductees and researchers) put on the abduction phenomenon is puzzling, given the way most people describe their abductions: being unwillingly taken; being subjected to painful physical procedures (sometimes leaving permanent scars); enduring humiliating and abusive sexual episodes, including unwanted sexual intercourse; living with the fear and anxiety of wondering when they will be abducted again.


Furthermore, mainstream abduction researchers have been unable to uncover anything paranormal, spiritual, religious, or metaphysical about the phenomenon.  There is no evidence to support the New Age hypnotherapists’ contention that once the abductee “pushes past the trauma” of his abduction, he will encounter “spirit guides” or “guardian angels” who will steer him safely through abduction events, protect him in ordinary life, and guide him toward enlightenment.  Usually “pushing past the trauma” comes at the expense of rooting the abductee in the reality of what is happening.  Thus, the naïve hypnotherapist has unwittingly pushed the abductees into unrecognized dissociative states.


It is premature to assume that the Positives are completely wrong about alien intentions.  It is possible that the aliens will, in the end, help mankind and the world.  Their intention in the rush of human events might be a positive step toward solving the problems of disease, the environment, and war.  However, at this time the evidence of benevolent intentions is, at best, ambiguous.  One thing is certain: Most abductees say the phenomenon has had a devastating effect on their personal lives.  Many have phobias, scars, bruises, and physical problems, especially gynecological and urological dysfunction.  Many live in fear that it will happen again and feel guilty that they cannot protect their children.


If the aliens are genuinely concerned with the fate of our planet, then it must be because they have some stake in it.  Telling selected abductees that the environment is threatened is useless.  The majority of them will not even remember the conversation, and most abductees are neither environmental nor political activists.  Moreover, concern for the environment appears to be relatively new on the aliens’ agenda.  Researchers can date the abduction phenomenon directly to the late 1920s, and family stories suggest its origin in the 1890s.  Were the aliens concerned about the environment when they began their Breeding Program at the turn of the century?  If so, we have found no evidence suggesting this.  It is most likely that the stratagem of environmental concern developed well after the Breeding Program was in place.


Is it not possible that the aliens are concerned about the environment because they want a clean Earth for themselves?  The fact that humans live on a sullied planet does not seem important to them, but that they might have to live on a despoiled planet may be intolerable.


Pam Martin was led to believe that the alien agenda had three stages – gradual, accelerated, and sudden.  The aliens indicated to her that they are now in the accelerated stage….


It is disturbing that the aliens and hybrids seem primarily concerned with the Earth, not with human beings; they do not comment on the preservation of life or the value of humanity or human institutions.  They say they want to make a better world, but they never talk about partnership with humans, peaceful coexistence, equality.  Reshma Kamal was told that after The Change, there will be only one form of government: The insectlike aliens will be in complete control.  There will be no necessity to continue national governments.  There will be “one system” and “one goal.”


There is yet another very disturbing aspect to the aliens’ view of the future.  When they refer to the “humans,” they are talking about abductees.  The future of, and with, nonabductees is rarely the subject of much conversation.  They told Reshma Kamal that nonabductees will be kept as a small breeding population in case the hybridization program has unforeseen problems.  Allison Reed was led to believe that nonabductees are expendable.  The evidence seems to suggest that the future will be played out primarily with aliens, hybrids, and abductees.  The nonabductees will have an inferior role, if any at all.  The new order will be insectlike aliens in control, followed by other aliens, hybrids, abductees, and finally, nonabductees.


When I first heard of certain alien procedures, they sounded irrational and illogical, but as I learned about alien goals, they have proven to be the opposite.  Everything the aliens do is logical, rational, and goal-oriented.  With the use of superior technology, both physical and biological, they are engaging in the systematic and clandestine physiological exploitation, and perhaps alteration, of human beings for the purposes of passing on their genetic capabilities to progeny who will integrate into the human society and, without doubt, control it.  Their agenda is self-centered, not human-centered, as would be expected from a program that stresses reproduction.  In the end it is possible that it will be of some benefit to us, but if we survive as a species, the price for this charity will be relinquishment of the freedom to dictate our own destiny and, most likely, our personal freedom as well.


Through competent research, many of the abduction phenomenon’s challenges have been met, many of its mysteries solved.  And one of it aspects has emerged with crystal clarity.  The aliens have fooled us.  They lulled us into an attitude of disbelief, and hence complacency, at the very beginning of our awareness of their presence.  Thus, we were unable to understand the dimensions of the threat they pose and act to intervene.  Now it may be too late.  My own complacency is long gone, replaced by a sense of profound apprehension and even dread.  We know what their behavior means, and now it is imperative to ask what the consequences of that behavior will be for future generations of human society.  Perhaps, the answer to that question will not be found until they have completed their agenda, but I do not think that we will have to wait very long.


It has taken us more than fifty years, but we have finally learned why the UFOs are here.  We now know the alarming dimensions of the alien agenda and its goals.  I could never have imagined it would turn out this way.  I desperately wish it not to be true.  I do not think about the future with much hope.  When I was a child, I had a future with much hope.  When I was a child, I had a future to look forward to.  Now I fear for the future of my own children.


[End of quotes from Jacobs’ The Threat.]


Jacobs’ book, Secret Life, contains detailed descriptions of the alien abduction process.  It also presents a summary of the history of UFO sightings and abductions (to 1992) and the methodology used to investigate them (hypnotherapy).


Jacobs’ 2002 book, UFOs and Abductions, presents a good summary of the current state of knowledge about the UFO and alien-abduction phenomenon.  It contains articles by ten researchers in the subject.


Here is the list of articles contained in the book:


            Introduction, by David M. Jacobs

  1. Ufology and Academia: The UFO Phenomenon as a Scholarly Discipline, by Stuart Appelle
  2. Limited Access: Six Natural Scientists and the UFO Phenomenon, by Ron Westrum
  3. Science, Law, and War: Alternative Frameworks for the UFO Evidence, by Don C. Donderi
  4. UFOs, the Military, and the Early Cold War Era, by Michael D. Swords
  5. The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis in the Early UFO Age, by Jerome Clark
  6. UFOs: Lost in the Myths, by Thomas E. Bullard
  7. The UFO Abduction Controversy in the United States, by David M. Jacobs
  8. Hypnosis and the Investigation of UFO Abduction Account, by Budd Hopkins
  9. How the Alien Abduction Phenomenon Challenges the Boundaries of our Reality, by John E. Mack
  10. The UFO Experience: A Normal Correlate of Human Brain Function, by Michael A Persinger
  11. Research Direction, by David M. Jacobs


The article by Don C. Donderi, “Science, Law, and War: Alternative Frameworks for the UFO Evidence,” presents an interesting discussion of the assessment of UFO evidence by “science,” law, and the military.  This article includes discussion of the nature and use of paradigms, and Occam’s Razor.  Here follows a selection from Donderi’s article:


Therefore, of the three professions discussed here (military intelligence, the law, or science), I argue that science is the least fitted to uncover and present radically new facts about nature. Science can be the most protective of the "picture of nature" it already possesses, the most conservative about adopting a new "picture of nature," and the most ready to ignore facts that do not fit either the existing picture of nature or the one that science finds itself capable of developing.

The second-best profession under which to uncover and present radical new facts about nature is the law. But there has not yet been a place in the law courts for UFO evidence. Until someone's car is damaged by a UFO and an insurance claim is contested, or, as in my fictional trial, someone is "wrongfully dismissed" for publicly advocating the extraterrestrial hypothesis, it is unlikely that the courts of law will have any reason to recognize the UFO evidence. I cannot claim that the extraterrestrial UFO hypothesis could be upheld "beyond a reasonable doubt" in a criminal case, but I believe that before a civil magistrate the "balance of evidence" in favor of the extraterrestrial hypothesis would prevail.

The profession best suited to observe, analyze, and recommend action on the UFO evidence is military intelligence. Given the heavy weight of public evidence that supports the extraterrestrial UFO hypothesis, and given the much greater sensing and data-collecting resources of military intelligence, it is inconceivable to me that some members at least of the military intelligence community are not fully aware that the UFO phenomenon demonstrates extraterrestrial technology.  [End of Donderi quote.]


From a personal perspective, the introductory paragraph of the late Dr. John E. Mack’s article, “How the Alien Abduction Phenomenon Challenges the Boundaries of Our Reality,” caught my eye.


Speaking about the alien abduction phenomenon in 1994, Credo Mutwa, a renowned Zulu shaman, urged me to "ask the Americans to stop arguing about this. The reality of extraterrestrial intelligences should not be made the plaything of skeptics. This thing is too vital for the existence of the human race.”  But the argument does continue here and in other Western countries about whether the phenomenon is "real," and the skeptics, often with little more to support them than their a priori certainty that such things are not possible, continue to dominate the opinions on this subject held by most of our leading intellects, institutions, and public officials. This phenomenon, however, is not so easily dismissed.  Whatever its source, it now seems clear that it cannot be explained psychiatrically or, evidently, by any other conventional theory.  I will show why this is so and also address why that may be so difficult for the Western mind, especially among mainstream elites, to accept.  [End of Mack quote.]


The reason this paragraph caught my eye was the reference to Credo Mutwa.  Mack discusses Mutwa in his book, Passport to the Cosmos (Crown, 1999).  While working in Zambia for the past three years, I was called Mzungu (Muzungu) by the local people.  I asked what this meant, and was told that it simply meant “white man.”  There is, however, a history to this word.  About a year ago I purchased the book, Tales from the Time Loop, by David Icke (Bridge of Love Publications, 2003).  In this book Icke discussed Mutwa at some length, including, to my surprise, the background to the word Mzungu, which I had not heard prior to coming to Zambia: 


Many and various extraterrestrial groups have come to this planet and seeded the different races.  Atlantis was dominated by a white or Caucasian people called the Atlans.  They were from the star system known as Lyrae or Lyra, while a reptilian located on Mu or Lemuria in the Pacific. The original Lyrians were not physical as we understand that word, but they became trapped in this dimension and their vibrations became ever denser.  They had blond hair and blue eyes with the occasional red hair and green eyes. Credo Mutwa told me about a tall, blond-haired, blue-eyed, extraterrestrial that Africans called the Mzungu.  He said that when the white Europeans first arrived in South Africa the tribes people thought they were the returning Mzungu and called them by that name. You can see Credo’s painting of  the Mzungu in Figure 33 [of p. 267 of Icke’s book].  The Reptilians, [Stewart] Swerdlow says, were created by those he calls the "transparent people" who "cannot really enter into the physical dimensions because their energy vibratory rate is so high that it cannot sustain a physical body.”  When they appear, he says, "It looks like a transparent glass shell."  At first, the Reptilians were "borderline physical" and to function here they needed a physical form.  This was achieved by mixing reptilian genes with those of the Lyrians.  This is why, as we shall see, the Reptilians are so obsessed with blond and blue-eved people – they need their genetics to operate in this reality.

[The caption to Figure 33 reads: “The Mzungu: Long, long before Africans met the White people from Europe they first met a race of golden-haired and blue-eyed aliens from Space, a race to which the Africans gave the name Mzungu.  When Africans finally saw Europeans they transferred this name to them.  The Mzungu space aliens carry a mystic Silver Sphere that enables them to appear and vanish at will.  A Mzungu recently warned three Black Shamans about the coming destruction of Africa.”]   [End if Icke quote.]


In 1999, Rick Martin of The Spectrum newspaper interviewed Credo Mutwa by telephone.  Here is an excerpt from that interview:


Many, many, many centuries ago, before the first White-man came to Africa, we African people encountered a race of alien beings which looked exactly like the European White-man who were going to invade Africa in our future.

These alien creatures are tall.  Some of them are rather well built, like athletes, and they have slightly slanting blue eyes and high cheek-bones.  And they have got golden hair, and they look exactly like the Europeans of today, with one exception: their fingers are beautifully made, long and like those of musicians and artists. 

Now, these creatures came to Africa out of the sky, in craft which looked like the boomerang of the Australian people.  Now, when one of these craft comes down to land, it creates a whirlwind of dust, which makes a very large sound indeed, like that of a tornado.  In the language of some African tribes, a whirlwind is zungar-uzungo. 

Now, our people gave several names to these White-skinned aliens.  They called them Wazungu, a word which loosely means “god” but literally means “people of the dust-devil or the whirlwind.”

And, our people were familiar with these Wazungu from the start.   They saw them, and they saw that some – in fact, many – of these Wazungu carry what appears to be a sphere made of crystal or glass, a sphere which they always playfully bounce like a ball in their hands.  And when a force of warriors tries to capture a Wazungu, the Wazungu throws this ball into the air, catches it in his hands, and then disappears.

But, some Wazungu were captured by Africans in the past and forcibly kept prisoner in the villages of chiefs, and in the caves of shamans.  The person who had captured the Muzungu, as he is called in singular, had to make sure that he kept the glass-globe well-hidden from the Wazungu.  So long as he kept the globe hostage, the Muzungu could not escape.

And when Africans saw the real Europeans, the White men from Europe, they transferred to them the name Wazungu.  Before we met the people from Europe, we Africans, we had met White-skinned Wazungu, and we transferred the name Wazungu to the real Europeans, from the aliens. 

Now, in the Zulu language, we call a White man Umlungu.  Now, the word Umlungu means exactly the same as Wazungu, “a god or a creature which creates a big whirlwind underground”.  [End of Martin quote.] 


The works of David M. Jacobs and other responsible researchers establish unequivocally that something is going on.  A UFO / alien abduction phenomenon exists, although its true nature is barely understood.  It is relevant to consider the credentials of the authors of Jacobs’ work, UFOs and Abductions:


Stuart Appelle, Ph.D., is Professor of Psychology and Associate Dean of the School of Letters and Sciences at the State University of New York, College at Brockport.  He is a research psychologist who has written widely on sensation and perception.  He has also published in the mainstream academic literature on ufology, including a chapter on the alien abduction experience in The Varieties of Psychological Experience, published by the American Psychological Association. Since 1995 he has been editor of The Journal of UFO Studies.


Thomas E. Bullard, Ph.D., is a folklore scholar.  His work explores the relationship between UFO reports and traditional beliefs in publications such as UFO Abductions: The Measure of a Mystery.  He has written many articles on UFOs, abductions, and methodological issues.  He is a staff member of the Indiana University library system.


Jerome Clark is a UFO researcher and writer.  He is the author of books and articles about UFOs, including the multivolume UFO Encyclopedia, published between 1990 and 1998.  He has edited International UFO Reporter, the quarterly magazine of the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies, since 1985.


Don Donderi, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Psychology at McGill University, Montreal, and cofounder and Principal Consultant of Human Factors North, a Toronto-based ergonomics consulting firm.  He is coauthor with Donald Hebb of Textbook of Psychology, 4th ed., and has published many experimental and theoretical papers in the areas of visual perception, memory, psychological measurement, and the UFO phenomenon.


Budd Hopkins is an artist and abduction researcher.  He is Director of the Intruders Foundation and author of many pioneering articles and books on the abduction phenomenon, including Missing Time; Intruders: The Incredible Visitations at Copley Woods; and Witnessed: The True Story of the Brooklyn Bridge Abduction.


David M. Jacobs, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of History at Temple University.  He is the author of numerous articles and books on UFOs and abductions, including The UFO Controversy in America; Secret Life: Firsthand Accounts of UFO Abductions; and The Threat.


John E. Mack, M.D., is Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School at the Cambridge Hospital. He is founding director of Program for Extraordinary Experience Research (PEER), which is devoted to studying the clinical, philosophical, political, and spiritual meaning of the UFO abduction phenomenon.  His books include the Pulitzer Prize-winning A Prince of Our Disorder; Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens; and Passport to the Cosmos: Human Transformation and Alien Encounters.


Michael Persinger, Ph.D., is Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.  He has written several books and has published more than two hundred technical articles.  He is the author of the Neuropsychological Bases of God Beliefs and TM and Cultmania.  Dr. Persinger's clinical practice involves the accurate diagnosis and treatment of patients with acquired brain injuries associated with mild traumas.


Michael Swords, Ph.D., is Professor of Natural Science at Western Michigan University and the author of numerous articles on UFO history and the science of it as it applies to the phenomenon.  He is former editor of The Journal of UFO Studies and a member of the board of directors of the J. Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies.


Ron Westrum, Ph.D., is Professor of Sociology and Interdisciplinary Technology at Eastern Michigan University.  In addition to articles about the UFO phenomenon, he has written books on the sociology of technology and complex organizations, including Sidewinder: Creative Missile Design at China Lake.


A glance at the biographies of the preceding authors of UFOs and Abductions clearly reveals that they are serious people with established credentials and responsible careers.  The book was published by the University Press of Kansas.  The phenomena of UFOs and abductions are real.  The evidence is far too great and too consistent to dismiss as random, meaningless hallucinations.  Their nature, however, is not well understood.  The evidence is mainly from memory, hypnotic recall, and other subjective processes / techniques that are difficult to use.  The investigation of UFOs and alien abduction falls perhaps more in the realm of spiritual science than physical science, although the procedures of the scientific method are certainly applicable.  The preceding authors are applying the scientific method to this discipline, and they are on to something.  This phenomenon is being ignored, dismissed, and denied to the great folly of the human species (or more properly, to the current hominid occupier of physical Earth – H. sapiens).  The alien invaders of Earth have been very secretive in their activities, and they have powerful tools at their disposal (the abduction process, Mindscan, emotion control, transgenic modification, memory screens, amnesia).  Incredibly, what limited evidence exists is being ignored by the leaders of H. sapiens society.  With the exception of remote viewing by the US military, almost all of the published work on UFOs and alien abductions is being carried out by private individuals and a few small nongovernmental organizations.  H. sapiens could not be making it easier for H. alienus to take over the planet.


A Responsible-Planetary-Management Paradigm


For a number of years I have been asserting that as soon as global petroleum production peaks (expected in the present decade), global industrial society will collapse catastrophically, and human population will plummet.  Furthermore, since large human numbers have caused massive ecological damage to the biosphere (extinction of an estimated 30,000 species per year, global warming), I have argued that when the collapse occurs efforts should be made to move to a human society of much smaller size (and therefore less damaging to the biosphere).  Specifically, I have proposed the establishment of a “minimal regret” population consisting of a single-nation high-technology population of five million and a globally-distributed low-technology (hunter-gatherer) population of five million.  With low human population and low industrial production, such a population would have a negligible impact on the planet’s biosphere, and would be sustainable in the long term.  The role of the high-technology population is planetary management; the purpose of the low-technology population is to increase the likelihood of long-term human survival by reducing the chance of human extinction from a local catastrophe.


I proposed that human society be governed synarchically (in a manner similar to Plato’s Republic or St. Yves d’Alveydre’s “Synarchy”).  This rational system of planetary management would be more similar to a military mission – operating “Spaceship Earth” – than the current irrational, helter-skelter, anarchic, planet-destroying system of over 200 independent “sovereign” nations all champing at the bit to out-produce and out-breed each other.


The problems facing the establishment of a low-population synarchic planetary management system are two: (1) how to set it up; and (2) how to maintain it (long term).  The current alien invasion of Earth provides a solution to both of these problems.  The following paragraphs discuss why this paradigm seems to be a good solution.


It is now generally agreed by petrogeologists that world oil production is peaking – that global oil production will start to fall in this decade.  There is not an exact date for the decline – it may be this year, next year, or even possibly several more years in the future.  But it is coming soon.  (See Kenneth S. Deffeyes’ book, Hubbert’s Peak: The Impending World Oil Shortage (Princeton University Press, 2001) for discussion of this.)  Since industrial society is so dependent on oil, and there is no suitable substitute, a catastrophic collapse of the industrial world is expected, along with a precipitous decline in human population.


The serious problem facing the planet is not, however, the imminent decline in industrial production and human population.  The large human population and industrial activity are causing the destruction of the biosphere – the loss of an estimated 30,000 species per year through habitat loss, and a potential catastrophic collapse of the biosphere from global warming.  The peaking of global oil production will cause a significant decline in both human numbers and industrial activity.  The real problem is not the expected imminent decline in human numbers and industrial production, but rather that the leaders of human society, in their greed and rapacity, will diligently search for alternatives to oil (both as a material resource and an energy resource), and attempt, in the wake of the collapse, to rebuild industrial society and large human population and continue the biospheric destruction.  As is observed in Proverbs, “A large population is a king’s glory.”  The wealthy elite running the planet know that their vast wealth derives from large human populations and massive industrial activity.  There is no doubt that these leaders will attempt to rebuild industrial society and large human populations.  That is their principal modus operandi.


The planet is in the grip of an incredibly greedy and destructive species: Homo sapiens.  The world’s major religions work in concert with its political leaders in furthering the destruction of the planet.  They assert the sanctity of human life above all other forms of life, and justify as God-granted the dominion of mankind over all other species.  They promote peace or war, as it serves their purpose, and that purpose is always more people, a higher material standard of living, more production, and subservience to religious or political organizations / governments.  On the issue of slavery, Jesus Christ’s position was, “Slaves, obey your masters.”  With respect to government, it was “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and unto the Lord what is the Lord’s.”  It does not matter whether the human population is in the paralytic grip of Lucifer’s “Light” or Jesus’ “Christ Consciousness,” since both have the same end – the total destruction of the planet by human society.


So what is the likelihood that, following the collapse of the modern industrial world, human society would simply rebuild and resume the destruction?  Pandora has opened her box – human beings have learned technology, and can eventually replace the energy from oil by energy from other sources (coal for a while, then nuclear energy from fast-breeder reactors).  It would seem that the only way to control the rapacious, fast-breeding H. sapiens species would be for another species to be in charge of the planet.  From all that has been reported about aliens from abductees, they are rather emotionless beings, and quite rational and goal-oriented.  Although New Age channelers report that they express good will toward mankind, this is not at all what abductees report.  They are simply interested in H. sapiens as breeding stock.  They cannot assume physical form on Earth, and need our bodies, which have physically evolved on Earth.  As was discussed in my earlier article, “The Alien Invasion of Earth: Strategy for Planetary Conquest,” they cannot take possession of our bodies, nor can they simply manifest as physical beings on Earth.  Their plan for conquest is to genetically modify a sufficient proportion / number of H. sapiens, and then reincarnate in the abductees’ offspring, which, after genetic modification, will be a better match to their souls than to H. sapiens’ souls.


The takeover of Earth by these means was not practical in the past.  H. sapiens was more spiritual, and better able to repel abduction.  Human society was much more vigilant regarding abduction – those possessed of alien spirits were burned at the stake.  The alien invaders, of fourth density (fourth “dimension,” astral plane), are unconstrained by time.  They can choose any time to do their work.  The optimal time for a planetary takeover by an alien species is as the entire population of the planet’s intelligent species is self-destructing (and non-spiritual), as is now the case on Earth.  That is why UFO sightings and alien abductions started in large numbers about a generation ago, and are now proceeding at full throttle.  The collapse of H. sapiens society will occur within a few years, and at that time the alien invaders will take control.


The alien invaders will form the single-nation “high-technology” population of the minimal-regret synarchic population.  The human population will form the geographically distributed low-technology population of hunter-gatherers.  Since they are more advanced technologically and mentally than H. sapiens, the alien invaders do not need H. sapiens for anything but breeding stock, in case a problem arises with their program of genetic modification, or to “improve” their breed with occasional injections of H. sapiens genes to render them a better genetic match to Earth’s environment.


What Is the Likelihood of an Alien Takeover of Earth?


The alien invasion is well under way, and continuing full steam ahead.  Millions of human beings have had an abduction experience.  (As I have said many times, the “truth” of this experience is not only not provable, but not relevant.  The real essence of the phenomenon may never be understood, but that does not matter.  We do not understand, for example, why matter can be converted to energy (and vice versa), but Einstein’s theory predicted it and scientists were subsequently able to explode an atomic bomb.  The fundamental issue with respect to a model is its adequacy to represent (describe) certain aspects of a phenomenon – no model is ever a complete description or “clone” of the real (physical or spiritual) phenomenon it represents.)  Global industrial society is about to collapse, and H. sapiens numbers about to drop precipitously.  The alien takeover program is not limited simply to abduction and abductees.  It appears that a massive program of disinformation – psychological warfare – is being waged at the same time.  “New Agers” are becoming involved in channeling by the millions.  And the messages that they are receiving is totally consistent with an alien takeover.  Their “spirit guides” are telling them that a major planetary change (“Great Awakening,” etc.) is about to occur.  They are telling them that they (the aliens) have nothing but goodwill for human beings, and are trying to help them.  It seems that all they ever tell people is that they should “feel good” about themselves, and feel love, and be good little flower children.  But that is not at all the experience undergone by the abductees.  The aliens care nothing about human beings, except for their use as breeding stock and soul containers.  Ask any shaman about the nature of spiritual beings, and he will tell you that this is a very predatory universe, filled with those who would conquer, control, and use physical beings for their pleasure.  Read any of Carlos Castaneda’s works for a good description of the situation.  For example, from The Art of Dreaming (Element / Harper Collins, 1993): “Don Juan explained that in the opinion of sorcerers, the universe is predatorial, and sorcerers more than anyone else have to take this into account in their daily sorcery activities.  His idea was that consciousness is intrinsically compelled to grow, and the only way it can grow is through strife, through life-or-death confrontations.”  The situation is one of conflict and war, not harmony and peace.  It is the “way of the warrior” that will determine the outcome of this war, and the New Age philosophy of love and peace will be the philosophy of the losing side.  Nice guys will finish last.


The aliens are fourth-density beings (i.e., they exist primarily in the “fourth dimension” (where the word “dimension” is used in the spiritual sense, not in the mathematical / physical sense)).  There are plenty of beneficent beings in this realm, but there are plenty of evil ones as well.  This is the so-called “astral plane.”  It is the domain of many spiritual creatures, both good and evil, elementals and avatars.  It is populated by those in Service to Self (STSs) as well as those in Service to Others (STOs).  It is the domain of Shambhala, Agharta, Mt. Shasta, and all of the other underground domains seen by channelers, remote viewers and other mystics.  Mystics have been declaring the takeover of the world for a long time.  Bulwer-Lytton wrote The Coming Race in the middle of the nineteenth century.  St. Yves d’Alveydre presented his predictions of a synarchic global takeover by ascended masters in the late 1800s.  Quite at difference with the predictions of the mainstream New Age movement, the major changes will not be a wonderful, graceful move to a New World Order based on harmony, love and peace.  The change will involve, at least initially, war and destruction.  These are the images that the abductees see: catastrophic destruction, followed by a much-less-populated Earth.  These are the images that prophets and mystics see.  These are the images that remote viewers see.  The shift to a world in which the planet is controlled by aliens will be more consistent with the Biblical Book of Revelation and H. G. Wells’ War of the Worlds than the predictions presented in most New Age publications.


If H. sapiens, as a whole, does not “wake up” to the reality of the alien invasion, the aliens will surely win.  At the present time, the only people concerned are those who have undergone the abduction experience and a handful of UFO / abduction researchers.  The H. sapiens religious and political leaders are choosing to ignore or deny the threat.  The New Agers, numbering in the millions, are narrowly and selfishly focused on their own personal development (mental and physical health, “feel-good” ecstatic experience) or the “message of love” from their channels (spirit guides, talking boards (e.g., Ouija boards)).  A world takeover by predatory aliens does not fit their worldview.  They have, rather ironically, chosen to side with those who see the universe only through the eyes of physical science.  They have renounced spirituality for materialism, and are blind to what is happening.


If you are a channeler (trance, talking board, pendulum, psychotropic drugs, autohypnosis, meditation, etc.), focus on the source of your information.  Demand that your source be “good, honest (true), informative and exciting,” and see how few contacts you have.  Demand to know whether your source is aligned with the aliens who have designs on this planet.  Restrict your contact to your own “higher self,” and see what information you receive.  The astral plane is filled with spirits quite willing to fill your head with fairy tales and nonsense, with no regard for the truth.  It is filled with good / STO entities, with evil / STS entities, and with neutral entities (elementals).  Many spirit sources delight in frivolous discourse.  Operating in a telepathic mode, they often communicate using symbolic visions that can be misinterpreted.  Many images and visions are autogenerated and of little significance – like the images in dreams and daydreams.  Information received from spiritual sources (or our own “higher self”) is notoriously unreliable.  At face value, they represent little more than hypotheses.  To lead to something of value, they must be subjected to rigorous examination, as is being done by Dr. David M. Jacobs, Dr. Michael Newton and other serious, critical researchers using hypnotherapy.  No information received from spiritual sources (or any source, for that matter) can be taken at face value, and must be subjected to tests of validity.  The situation is analogous to the reputed ten thousand ideas that popped into Thomas Edison’s mind, before he finally invented the light bulb.  The wheat must be separated from the chaff, the signal from the noise.


What are mankind’s options in this war for control of the world?  At this point, they are very limited.  Human society is in the late stages of an “overshoot” condition, and faces imminent and unavoidable collapse.  All that remains to be seen is who is in control after the collapse occurs – H. sapiens or H. alienus.  And it is H. alienus that has a tremendous advantage.  Despite the massive evidence (from the UFO / abduction phenomenon) that an alien invasion is taking place, H. sapiens society in general, and its leadership in particular, ignore, deny or ridicule the proposition or possibility that an alien invasion may be taking place.  They are like the generation of 1912 – after 100 years of relative peace (since Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo), few would entertain the prospect that within two years the world would be embroiled in global war.  Few at IBM would entertain the thought that the IBM PC would soon replace the mainframe computer and lead to the near-collapse of the company.  Few Americans would accept – or even acknowledge today – that mass immigration and massive international trade would radically alter US culture, make the country highly vulnerable, and eventually destroy it.  The aliens’ main advantage is the fact that most people – except for abductees – refuse to entertain the thought that aliens exist and are taking over.  If you read Sun Tzu, Machiavelli, Liddell-Hart, or any other expert on war or strategy, you will know the importance of knowing your enemy.  But H. sapiens leadership refuses to acknowledge that the enemy exists!  As long as this situation continues, H. sapiens will surely lose.


Is an Alien Takeover a Good Thing?


Is this good?  Is it a good thing for aliens to wrest control of Earth from H. sapiens and take over the planet?  It depends on your point of view.  It appears (because of its uncontrolled greed and breeding rate – and collective lack of good sense) that H. sapiens is totally unable to prevent the destruction of the biosphere.  Human political leaders want high human populations and industrial production, no matter what the cost to the environment.  Until war occurs, religious leaders stress the sanctity of human life, and decry any move to limit human population.  Even if a rational planetary management system were to be set up for a while, it would almost surely fail in time – no human institution lasts for very long.  So it seems very likely that if H. sapiens continues to remain the planet’s dominant life form, the planet’s biosphere will be destroyed.  From this point of view, perhaps the only thing that will “save” the planet may be an alien takeover – assuming that the aliens will not also simply proceed to destroy the planet with their own overpopulation.  Given their emotional “coldness” and high intellect (as reported by abductees), it would appear that they do not possess the serious emotional shortcomings of H. sapiens, and would be quite prepared and able to implement a rational planetary management system (low population, low industry).


Since the aliens care nothing about H. sapiens’ welfare – other than their use as breeding stock / Earth-based soul containers – it will be an easy matter for them to manage a small, primitive H. sapiens population after they take over.   This would be difficult for H. sapiens to do (and probably impossible to do for a very long time), since some individuals would forever decry the “unfair treatment” of the primitives compared to the high-tech population.  Human beings have never been able to maintain an “unjust” society for very long.  Some thinking people like Thomas Jefferson inevitably reached the conclusion that human slavery was morally wrong.  As soon as the technological / energy revolution occurred, and slavery was no longer “economic,” it was banned, worldwide (by technological society – it still exists in primitive parts of Africa).  I have written before of the likelihood that the high-tech population would likely be of a different race from the low-tech population (although, at the time, I was not referring to an alien race), since it is much easier to control a population that is quite different from the master race.  The aliens will have no more compunction in controlling a breeding-stock population of H. sapiens than H. sapiens has in maintaining populations of cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and chickens for its use.  Just as H. sapiens has no moral problem in maintaining animal populations for its own use (including raising these animals under unspeakably cruel conditions, and slaughtering them for food), H. alienus will have no compunction in maintaining a breeding-stock population of H. sapiens.  Just as H. sapiens society can remain in control of animal populations indefinitely, H. alienus will be able to remain in control of the H. sapiens population indefinitely.


So the situation would appear to be that if an alien invasion does not occur, the biosphere is probably doomed, whereas if an alien invasion does occur, the biosphere may be saved.  What should be done?  Is there any advantage to repelling the alien invasion?  There is certainly no advantage for the aliens – at present they are bodiless (disincarnate) souls, committed to creating a physical existence on Earth.  Moreover, if H. sapiens proceeds to destroy the biosphere, as seems to be almost inevitable, there is no advantage to it, either.  The question to address is whether there exists, under any circumstances, any advantage to H. sapiens to repel the alien invasion.  This question is not easy to answer.


This problem is somewhat of a “Catch 22” – if the aliens take over, then we lose control of our planet and may never have the opportunity to regain it; whereas if the aliens do not take over, then we will probably destroy our planet and lose it anyway.  Naturally, H. sapiens would like to remain in control of its destiny.  Many people would simply exclaim, without hesitation, that we should repel the alien invasion.  But what if, because of our inability to control its population size, this is impossible (i.e., extinction is virtually certain).  Then it may be that the only long-term-survivable option for H. sapiens is to allow an alien takeover and wait, probably for thousands of years, until it (H. sapiens) has advanced (evolved) intellectually, emotionally and spiritually, for a chance to retake control of the planet (assuming that the aliens do not simply exterminate H. sapiens once they are assured that they have no further use for it).


Because the aliens operate from fourth density, they have greater spiritual powers than we do (Mindscan, control of human emotions, imposition of amnesia and screen memories, etc.).  As they hybridize, they will lose some of this capability.  Once they enslave us, they will have an advantage over us in knowing what we are thinking and doing.  It will be very difficult to break away from their yoke.  The only chance for us at that point is that as they spend a long time in a physical existence on Earth, they will gradually lose their spiritual powers, just as the Atlanteans did.  At that time, H. sapiens will be able to take back the planet – unless they exterminate us first.


The Nature of Our Adversary


Consider for a moment the nature of our enemy.  They are evidently a soul group that has lost its planet.  One would wonder why.  It is known from the abductees that they are rather emotionless.  Are they incomplete beings?  Earth has been referred to as “the only planet of choice.”  Human beings (i.e., the H. sapiens species of hominids) have intense emotions and free will.  They love, they envy, they lust, and they hate – and they act!  They are quite willing to die for the slightest provocation or desire, such as an insult to one’s wife, or a wild ski ride down a hill.  They make grand plans of conquest (Caesar, Napoleon), and wage extraordinary campaigns to execute them.  They search endlessly for knowledge and discovery (Plato, Galileo, Newton, Maxwell, Einstein, Columbus).  They are creative in the extreme (Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Beethoven, Hank Williams).  They love with an intensity that knows no bounds.  It is no wonder that aliens visit our planet in such numbers, enjoy our thrills, and seek to take us over.  As Shakespeare observed, life is a stage, and we are players.  Earth is one of the most beautiful planets in the Universe, and H. sapiens is one of the most intensely feeling of all species.  We play a tremendous game of life.


From all accounts, the aliens are not highly emotional.  They are consummately rational, and lack strong feelings (e.g., anger, frustration).  It has been reported that some alien races can never advance because they lack sufficient emotions.  Abductees frequently comment on the lack of feelings expressed by aliens, and even hybrids, and the emphasis on human nurturing provided by abductees to hybrid offspring.  If strong emotions are necessary for soul evolution, and if H. sapiens possess them but the alien invaders and the hybrids do not, it may be that their takeover of Earth will be the last step in their evolution.  It seems that, despite our evident mental weakness as compared to the aliens, we have two significant advantages: (1) we already possess physical bodies on Earth; and (2) our “desire” bodies seem to be much more developed than theirs.


In summary, even though the aliens care nothing for H. sapiens other than its use as breeding stock / soul containers, it is not clear whether the alien invasion is in the best interest of H. sapiens, or whether it is not.  One thing, however, is very clear.  Unless the H. sapiens leadership wakes up to the threat, it will have no chance to repel it.  We are facing a formidable enemy.  The enemy can slip in and out of fourth density.  It can read our minds and, to a considerable extent, control our emotions.  In can impose “screen memories” and amnesia that cause us to forget the abduction experience until it is recalled by hypnotherapy.  They have much control over single individuals.  They can rape us and break us and kill us.  But they cannot exterminate us, or their transgenic breeding program will fail.  And they cannot possess us (take total control of our bodies, as is done when a soul “melds” to a fetus).


What Can Be Done to Repel the Alien Invasion, If H. Sapiens Decides to Do So?


Despite all of the incredible strengths of the aliens, H. sapiens is not powerless to repel the alien invasion.  Books are now appearing on how to resist alien abduction (e.g., How to Defend Yourself against Alien Abduction, by Ann Druffel (Three Rivers Press, 1998)).  But defense is not sufficient.  The best defense is a good offense.  If H. sapiens is to prevail, it must take collective and positive and aggressive action against the enemy (collective effort is necessary because single individuals are essentially powerless against the aliens).  And, since the enemy operates in fourth density (astral domain), this will require spiritual effort, not just physical effort.  It may require collective action against abductees and hybrids and collaborating New Agers, analogous to the Inquisition, the witch-hunts of yesteryear, or the Japanese invasion of the US.  Modern human beings may be too squeamish to do this.  If so, the war will be lost.


In order for H. sapiens to prevail, it may be necessary to adopt a new relative morality, such as that espoused by Neale Donald Walsch in his Conversations with God series, that what is moral is what works to accomplish our objectives.


The aliens’ program of secrecy has been incredibly effective.  It is one of the principal aspects of their campaign.  Here follows a quote from Jacobs’ Secret Life:


Secrecy appears to be critically important to the aliens in determining the opportunities for abductions.  They commonly take place when the abductee is in an automobile, alone in the daytime, or with a small group of people.  Victims have reported aliens doing procedures on them in their homes without being abducted.  The majority of abductions, however, begin at night when the victim is alone, either awake or asleep.  No abductions have surfaced that took place in the middle of a very large group of people, in full view at a public event.

The greater the victim's seclusion and the less others will miss her, the longer the experience tends to last. If a person is alone and is not likely to be missed for hours, she will experience more events during the abduction.  Similarly, an abduction of a person walking alone in a secluded place will last longer than an abduction originating in a small group of people.  Most abductions last from one to three hours.  [End of Jacobs’ quote.]


The effectiveness of the secrecy campaign is a principal reason why so many people, other than the abductees themselves, fail to take the issue seriously.  No matter how many books are published, or how many talks are given, or how many UFO / abduction meetings take place, or how many people seek psychiatric help to understand and address their abduction experience, no national or world leaders take the matter seriously.  The aliens will be careful not to abduct H. sapiens leaders, to keep it this way.  While this situation might seem to be one of the aliens’ greatest strength, it is also one of their greatest weaknesses.  What it means is that authors like Jacobs and Hopkins have a free rein to publish their works – and I am free to write my articles.  It would appear that H. sapiens itself is its strictest censor.  In February of 2005 ABC News presented a UFO special: UFOs: Seeing Is Believing.  (I did not see this program, since I was still living in Zambia at that time.)  Although much information had been provided to ABC by David Jacobs and Budd Hopkins, the alien abduction phenomenon was largely dismissed as a product of sleep paralysis and hypnosis fantasies.  (See UFO Magazine, April / May 2005 for more on this.)


To resist the alien invasion, the first step is to acknowledge it.  Then understand it.  Then plan a strategy for waging war.  At the present time, H. sapiens, as a society, has not taken the first step.  This is incredibly difficult for a materialistic society based on physical science to do.  H. sapiens society has renounced spirituality.  It has lost its greatest power in the war against the aliens.  In order to wage war against spiritual invaders, H. sapiens will have to regain control of spiritual powers.  To do this will require faith.  There will never be sufficient physical evidence to convince a physical scientist of the threat, so that approach is useless.  The methods of spiritual science are quite different from those of physical science (see Rudolf Steiner for much discussion of this).  Very little of the evidence will be objective and physical; it will be subjective.  In this context, one is perhaps reminded of the words of Jesus, ”…blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”


If H. sapiens gets past the first step, and proceeds to fight the alien invasion, it will need its “hunters” – its own predators.  (See Thom Hartmann’s book, Attention Deficit Disorder: A Different Perception (Underwood Books, 1997).)  Society’s “farmers” are unable to do the job.  But society is doing its best to purge the “hunters” from its midst.  It chemically suppresses hunter traits in its children (Ritalin medication), it imprisons its aggressives, it suppresses psychic abilities in its children, and it marginalizes adults with such abilities.


Once the aliens take over, how long will they keep H. sapiens around?  Once H. sapiens “hit the scene,” the Neanderthals quickly disappeared (instantly, in geological time).  It is very possible that the H. sapiens race will be exterminated as soon as H. alienus has a comfortable foothold on the planet, since it will represent a “time bomb,” forever yearning to regain control of its lost planet.  Given the aliens’ superior mental powers, this would be easy to do.  The only thing that will keep H. sapiens alive would be the aliens’ concern that something may go wrong with the hybridization program, and they may need us for additional genetic material at some future time.  On the other hand, given the inferiority of our mental powers compared to theirs, they may view us as a negligible threat, as we might view apes as a negligible threat to our own primacy on the planet (but let’s not forget Pierre Boulle’s classic novel, Planet of the Apes (Gramercy Books, 1963)).  At the present time, it is estimated that there are only a few million abductees, and, it follows, a few million hybrids.  A few million is all that is needed to run a planet (under the synarchic minimal-regret population scheme).  The issue is how many generations of hybrids are required before the aliens are adapted to Earth.  This appears to be as little as three or four.  If this is true, there is still a little time.  The aliens still need us very much.  Although they can materialize for short times in third density, they cannot create third-density bodies.  H. sapiens is the key to their physical existence on Earth.  From this viewpoint, it is not too late – although it is late in the war, it is not yet over.


Should H. sapiens Attempt to Repel the Alien Invasion?


In my approach to designing a responsible system of planetary management, I used the decision-theoretic criterion of “minimal regret” – select an approach that minimizes the regret (or, perhaps, the expected regret) of the possible outcomes.  I would propose to apply this same criterion in adopting an approach to dealing with the alien abduction phenomenon.  In this analysis, I shall adopt a zero-sum two-person game viewpoint, in which H. sapiens and H. alienus are in a life-and-death, winner-take-all struggle for possession of the planet, regardless of long-term consequences (e.g., that an alien takeover might in fact be in H. sapiens’ best interest, since it would prevent H. sapiens from destroying the biosphere).  (This is not the only framework that could be adopted – employing a general-sum-game (nonzero-sum-game) framework and John Nash’s bargaining solution would be an interesting alternative framework for analysis.)  I shall adopt the point of view of a member of the race of H.sapiens.


The thing that makes this game an interesting one is that there is a lot of missing information.  The situation is a little reminiscent of the game Myst, in which the player is in unfamiliar territory, has no clear-cut ideas about the rules of the game or the nature of the threat, if any.  As I have commented many times, we cannot know the “truth” of the alien-abduction phenomenon.  All we know is that the phenomenon itself is very real.  Many, many people are reporting UFO sightings and abduction experiences.  These experiences have been analyzed in detail by competent psychologists and psychiatrists.  Although it is not well understood, the abduction phenomenon is real.  It exists.  If we choose to ignore the phenomenon and it turns out that an alien invasion is in fact in progress, we shall lose our planet to a race of aliens, with little chance of regaining it.  If, on the other hand we take the evidence at face value, accept that an alien invasion is underway, we stand a chance of repelling the invasion and retaining control of our planet (as well as continuing the likelihood of our destroying it by our overpopulation and industrial activity).  If we are wrong and the alien abduction phenomenon is all a delusion, the most we lose is a few million human lives (e.g., slaughter of all suspected abductees and their offspring) – and, God knows, with 6.4 billion of them, that won’t hurt a bit (in fact, from an ecological viewpoint, it can only help).  From a minimal-regret viewpoint, the choice is clear: accept that the paradigm that the invasion is taking place (whether you believe it to be true or not), and take aggressive action to counter it.


[Note, to head off protesting e-mails, blogs, and discussion-group postings: I am not advocating, proposing or promoting an all-out pogrom of abductees and their offspring, or a clandestine “Men in Black” search-and-destroy mission to eliminate them.  I am not advocating or proposing or promoting war or violence of any kind.  My purpose is education – consideration of the situation, and synthesis and consideration of alternative responses to it (a classical systems-engineering approach to the problem).  If the aliens are engaged, however, casualties should be expected.  Major wars invariably involve casualties.  Twenty million people were killed in World War II.  A war to repel the aliens will not be easy.  The most difficult aspect is that we can operate only in third density (since we have lost our spiritual powers).  We cannot combat them in their fourth-density realm – only in our own physical domain.  Because of this, we can make progress only by killing human beings that are determined to be or are suspected of having been genetically modified or controlled by aliens – that is, by killing “our own kind,” or, at least, beings that look like our own kind.  That will be very difficult to do, in the current atmosphere of “human rights” – witch hunts, Crusades and Inquisitions, once the darlings of the religious, are now frowned upon.  At some point, as petroleum reserves dry up, people will be dying – many through war – at the rate of several hundred million a year.  At that point, the decision to kill a few million suspected hybrids or alien incarnates will be much easier to make.  At that point, however, it may be too late.


[Whether the slaughter of millions of abductees and hybrids – or nonabductees – is objectionable depends very much on which side you are on in the two-person zero-sum-game formulation of the H. sapiens / H. alienus conflict.  I mentioned above that, for this discussion, I would adopt, in a two-sided zero-sum-game formulation, the point of view of a member of the race of H. sapiens (the “Aryans,” in Theosophical terminology).  If you are on the side of the aliens (pro-environment, perhaps?), then it is the slaughter of millions of non-abductees (H. sapiens) that is of little concern (analogous to the slaughter of millions of beef cattle or chickens every year by H. sapiens, or the slaughter of American Indians by Europeans, or the slaughter of American sailors by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor, or the slaughter of Japanese civilians at Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the Americans).  The faint of heart, who may be willing to risk sharing their planet with aliens in the hope of avoiding bloody conflict, may reject the zero-sum approach altogether, and look for a “negotiated settlement” like the Nash equilibrium solution of a nonzero-sum formulation.  Decisions about what decision-theoretic framework or decision criteria to adopt are not easy to make, but they will have a profound effect on the strategy, course, and outcome of the H. sapiens / H. alienus conflict.  Once again, I am not, in this article, proposing the slaughter of anyone – I am proposing that the issue be considered seriously, and an approach be adopted based on an educated assessment of the situation.  It is likely that any well-thought-out approach would be preferable to the current one of mass denial, in which the aliens have near total control of the course of the conflict and its outcome.


[It is not easy to decide which side to choose in the H. sapiens / H. alienus conflict.  Since souls operate in fourth density they are not constrained by time, and some interesting possibilities arise.  For example, it has been posited (see Laura Knight-Jadczyk’s writings) that the aliens are simply ourselves, visiting us from the future.  From this point of view, the issue is whether we choose to side with our souls at their current stage of evolution, or our souls at a more advanced level of evolution.  If we continue down the path we are currently on (high human numbers and industrial activity), the planet’s biosphere will be destroyed and we will become extinct.  This is not a very satisfying “timeline.”  (From the perspective of viewing physical existence as a “bundle” of many alternative stochastic-process realizations (parallel universes), our souls may visit physical reality at any point in time, modify the “timeline,” and create a new future (timeline) from that point.)  Is it possible that our own souls, having lost the planet at some point in the (very near) future, are visiting their past to correct this terrible error?]


Will the aliens attack us en masse, as some have suggested, with a flotilla of ships in an Independence Day- or War of the Worlds- type attack?  No, they will not.  First, they do not need to, since we are destroying ourselves.  Second, they need our bodies and our planet, so they have no intention of “wiping us out” or causing great harm to the biosphere.  They cannot create physical bodies for use on Earth.  (The nature of the physical universe and biological life is that physical evolution takes time.)  All they can do is reincarnate in new human babies, and they will do this in increasing numbers as their transgenic-modification breeding program gradually renders the genetic makeup of our future-generation bodies a better match to their soul group than our current bodies are to our own soul group.  They cannot manifest in third density in large numbers to carry out their transgenic modification program – the most they can accomplish is the surreptitious UFO / abduction program.  And that will succeed only if we allow it to.


As I write this article, singer Emmylou Harris is performing at the Tampa Theatre in Tampa, Florida (next door to Clearwater, my home town).  She is one of my favorite singers – I last saw her on stage with Willie Nelson in 1978 or 1979 in Charleston, West Virginia.  I would have gone to see her tonight, but I waited too late for tickets and was unwilling to see her from the “nosebleed” section of the theater.  The 26 May edition of the St. Petersburg Times Weekend newspaper carried an interview by Brian Orloff with her.  In the interview, she remarked, “There’s some old Sufi saying, something like, ‘The thing we tell of can never be found by seeking, but only seekers find it.’”  This saying is applicable to spiritual science in general.  You will not see the aliens by looking directly for them.  The path to spiritual science is a way of life, not a physical process.  To the uninitiated, the unenlightened, the evidence for them will always be suspect and problematic – a fleeting glance, a hint, a suggestion, a nuance.  If you cannot overcome this obstacle, you will never see them.