and the Rainbow Declaration

by John E. Brandenburg, Ph.D.

This paper was originally delivered at the International MUFON Symposium in 1990

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In this paper I will talk about the destiny of humanity in the Cosmos as it is now unfolding before us. I will also talk about the Rainbow Declaration, which is my attempt to bring together what is good and precious from the human heritage with what we now know of the Cosmos, to the end that humanity’s future will be good and it will achieve its appropriate destiny. However, this paper is really about knowledge and dialogue.


Introduction: Star Trek or Star Wars?

“For we know in part and we prophesy in part. But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away. When I was a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then I shall know even as also I am known.” I Corinthians 13:9-12

When we speak of knowledge and the human future, we are speaking of the increase of knowledge. In the future, humanity will know much more than it knows now. It will go places it has never been, do and feel things it has never before experienced. A very important aspect of this knowledge will be to learn more about the other peoples with whom we share the Cosmos. Part of that process of learning is going on now. However, this is not a scientific investigation like any other we humans have done. It is not like studying the motion of bacteria in a test tube; it is a dialogue.

A dialogue is what occurs between two or more sentient beings; it is basically an exchange of information. Humanity is probably now engaged in a dialogue with peoples from other planets that orbit other stars. This dialogue has its origins in the distant past, but it seems to have only begun in earnest in the last fifty years. Many species seem to have been involved, but only a few species seem to be playing an active continuing role in the present course of this dialogue. We know something of this dialogue, which appears to be between primarily our government and the extraterrestrials. What is reported from this dialogue will be discussed in this paper; however, the reported dialogue will also be used to help create a vision of human destiny in the Cosmos.

It was the consistent theme of the popular series, Star Trek, that the human race would become a great and enlightened power in the Cosmos and be joined in partnership with peoples kindred to humanity. This partnership, known as the Federation, was made up of interstellar powers more or less in agreement on the ideals of democracy, freedom, and dignity of the individual, reverence for life and even reverence to God. In this Federation, the idea of separate species of intelligence was occasionally transcended so that beings looked on each other as kindred despite their differing biological form.

An equally hopeful, but somewhat darker and more mysterious, vision of the human future was seen in Star Wars. In this vision the humans had created an Evil Empire and against it a Rebel Alliance composed of humans and other species battled desperately. The theme of Star Wars was hope and the struggle between good and evil on both physical and moral planes, with good being aided by the Force. So there exist different visions of the future.

It is my belief that something more like the world of Star Trek will be the ultimate destiny of humanity and that this destiny is something that we should strive for. But how will such a destiny be accomplished? Can we avoid Star Wars completely or is it also prophetic? In particular, how will our interaction, our dialogue, with more technologically advanced peoples of the Cosmos, who are already starfaring and have reportedly already arrived here, affect us and how will this shape our destiny? Is our destiny Star Wars or Star Trek?

Humanity is reportedly now engaged in a dialogue with extraterrestrial peoples. Ufology exists because of a state of honest ignorance of this dialogue on the part of the public. Honest ignorance can be defined as a recognized lack of knowledge. The Ufology movement is a brave vanguard of humanity that admits its ignorance of the Cosmos and those who dwell in it and seeks to erase this ignorance. Because of this we know Ufology will one day cease to exist in its present form because of new knowledge that will appear. Those in Ufology are brave not only because they risk ridicule from those who cling to the everyday, but because this is the real Cosmos we live in—not a fairy taleand some pieces of knowledge we will gain we may wish we did not know. But learning unpleasant truths is an essential part of maturing. If you turn away some truths because you cannot bear them, you can never really grow up. But we in Ufology are determined to grow and mature and know.

Knowledge is power, knowledge confers authority, and knowledge confers responsibility. For these reasons, governments often guard certain knowledges carefully. One of the most important concepts in our government’s classification system to safeguard secrets is the concept of “need to know.” Authorities decide what must be done in a situation and who must do it and then portion out, ideally, only those knowledges to each person that are necessary for them to do their job. Usually, such secrecy and portioning out of knowledge occurs in situations thought to gravely impact our nation’s security and defenses. The authority given the government to restrict certain knowledge is a sacred trust that derives from its duty to defend us. But, if the government is concealing a dialogue with extraterrestrials, is it defending us from the knowledge of the ET’s existence, or is this secrecy only part of an effort to defend us from some subgroup of the ETs themselves? I think the answer is some of both, but is this consistent with democracy?

In a democracy the people rule and in order to rule effectively they seek knowledge, and they seek the responsibility that goes with that knowledge. In doing this, they seek responsibility for their own destiny.

It is wholly right that you in Ufology should seek knowledge of this matter. Humanity’s dialogue with the extraterrestrials is a grave matter, a matter that concerns all humanity and will affect the destiny of humanity. You have a “need to know.” In one sense the Ufology movement is part of the effort of humanity to gain transcendent knowledge. However, in another sense, your efforts to gain knowledge, and the responsibility that goes with it, is an effort to gain control of part of your lives and your children’s lives and the destiny of your people. This is especially true since reports of deep and longstanding government involvement in this dialogue have come out. However, Ufology has succeeded to a degree in entering this dialogue between humanity and the extraterrestrials.

Ufology is a player, I would argue, in the reported dialogue between humanity and the extraterrestrials. The government apparently is keeping much of this dialogue to itself. However, it is also actively sharing information, sometimes in a deliberately garbled form, but information nonetheless. Some of this sharing of knowledge seems to come from the individual human need to confide with others. Some of this knowledge appears to have been released as a result of decisions by higher authorities to create an informed constituency among the public. The cultivation of the Ufology movement’s knowledge by the government represents, in my view, a crude form of democracy.

In this strange experiment in government, the authorities have created a public hearing of sorts where unofficial news and views are aired and reactions considered. Ufology is the multitude who have showed up for this quasi-public hearing. However, the officials who have called this gathering are not available to answer questions. But, I think, the government pays attention to Ufology’s internal debates and responses to the government sponsored leaks.

No dialogue is one way, even if one side tries to make it one way. A dialogue always affects both parties, even if only one side is speaking. The act of giving information to one whom you know will receive it involves you with that person or that people. If a dialogue goes on long enough, information will be revealed inadvertently and pretense is harder to maintain. Ufology has not been a passive partner in this dialogue with the government. Ufology is speaking and will continue to speak, and the government, even if it gives appearances of stopping its ears, is actually listening.

Therefore, all of you in Ufology should consider that you are part of a dialogue with the government.

This is not the only dialogue going of which Ufology is a part. Ufology is actually in a dialogue with the extraterrestrials through abductees and contactees. As with the government, not all information is very reliable, but it is information. It is possible, in fact, that extraterrestrials monitor the reaction of the Ufology movement to gain some insight into humanity in general. Therefore, all of you in Ufology should consider yourselves as part of a dialogue that will influence human destiny in the Cosmos.

In the remainder of this paper I will discuss three main points:

  1. It is the destiny of humanity to take its place among the stars as an equal with its kindred people among the stars. In discussing this, I will discuss the nature and heritage of humanity.

  2. The cradle of humanity, the Earth, with its nations and history, is a microcosm of the Cosmos and its peoples and history. I will discuss how this concept is derived and its meaning to Ufology. I will also, unfortunately, discuss the first problem in the present that can be addressed by this model: The apparent threat posed to humanity by one group of extraterrestrials, “the grays” or Reticulians and their allies.

  3. Humanity should adopt the Rainbow Declaration or some similar set of principles as its ideal and in doing so will begin the journey to its destiny on the right Way, the Way of truth and light (ref. 1).

Humanity as a Superterrestrial Phenomenon

“When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and stars which thou hast ordained; What is man, that thou are mindful of him, the son of man, that thou visitest him? For thou hast made him a little lower than the angels and hast crowned him with glory and honor. Thou madest him to have dominion over the works of they hands; thou has put all things under his feet.....” Psalms 8:3-6

In order to understand human destiny one must first understand the nature and origins of humanity. Humanity is not just flesh and blood; it is partly supernatural; it is also the collective mind, dreams and cultural heritage of the human race. Physically we have changed little since the stone age, but in knowledge and technological ability we have changed enormously.

We are a young race, just getting started. Our earliest civilization dates roughly from the Tigris-Euphrates Valley 6000 years ago (ref. 2). In that 6000 years we have expanded and filled the Earth, our flesh and blood has stood on the lunar surface and returned six times. Our probes have landed on Mars and Venus. We, by proxy of similar probes, have visited every major body in the solar system from Mercury to Neptune. Four of these probes have now escaped the solar system and the gravity of the Sun and are on interstellar missions. So a little part of you, the work of your hands, is now on its way to the stars.

Six thousand years is roughly 300 human generations of 20 years or 100 human lifetimes of 60 years. So this is perhaps not even a long time in human terms, but it is the twinkling of an eye in terms of the age of the Earth or even the living things on the Earth. You humans, all in all, have done magnificently.

How did you do it? Did anyone help you? Let us consider what is widely reported. In Ufology, as in many other areas of life, information consists of what is reported to us by others, hopefully we can verify some of what is reported, but often we must simply consider the report and decide for ourselves whether or not we believe it.

It is widely reported that humanity came into being as a result of profound and continuing contact between the human race and an unimaginably powerful extraterrestrial being. This being, or First ET, is called in our language, God. I know and respect the fact that there are many accounts, all subtly different, of this contact, but I will chiefly consult the only account I know well, and this account is called the Bible.

In this account, the First ET is reported to have been of staggering and all encompassing power but was at the same time compassionate towards humanity and controlled in his dealings with them. He is re ported to be the creator of the Cosmos and therefore extracosmic in addition to being extraterrestrial, having created both heavens and the earth and all they contain.

It is reportedly from God that humans first received their concepts of law and human identity and their place in the scheme of things. I would claim this contact has continually linked our ideas of what was good and pure and truthful to the heavens. It is because of this contact that we long to reach out to the stars and those who live there.

It is in this record of contact with the First ET that we first encounter the human concept of universal laws, both physical and moral, and these are also associated with the stars.

“The Heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament showeth his handy work. Day unto day uttereth speech and night showeth knowledge. There is no speech or language, where their voice is not heard.” Psalms 19:1-3

We also learned that there was more to reality than what is seen.

We are familiar, in our modern age, of laws of physics being universal. Our sciences had their origins in astronomy and astrology. But from our accounts of contact with the First ET, we also are in formed that there are universal moral laws as well as physical ones that apply on all worlds.

It is also from this record that we encounter our first recognition and warning concerning the dark side of human nature:

“And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the Earth and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually...” Genesis 6:5

The human race is an aggressive, predatory and vigorous species. It requires the maximum effort of our intellect and compassion to control our instincts to violence and war; sometimes, perhaps often times, these are not enough. However, the First ET has always encouraged us to be a people of compassion and intellect.

Curiously, it is from this same record of the First ET contact with humanity that we find reports of a possible visitation of Earth by flesh and blood extraterrestrials. These ETs were not only flesh and blood, but could have children by Earth women, indicating they were probably extremely humanoid since they were attracted to Earth women and saw they were beautiful. Mention of this is made in Genesis 6:4.

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. For by it the elders obtained a good report. Through faith we understand that the worlds were formed by the word of God so that things which are seen are not made of things which do appear.” Hebrews 11:1-3

This was apparently one of many things that God saw happening on Earth that displeased Him. Perhaps even “the last straw,” for it is written that He unleashed the great flood shortly after this. The flood, that primal human catastrophe, is recorded in the legends of almost every people on Earth and wiped out most of humanity, including, we can infer, those offspring of flesh and blood ETs. It is written, God started over with what was left.

Other than this possible mention of flesh and blood ET contact before the flood in the Bible, which may also be mentioned in many mythologies, I have seen no credible evidence of any overt or historically significant contact with flesh and blood ETs in the historical record dating back to 1000 B.C. Geologically, the origin of homo sapiens is sudden, but it has been found that all distinct species seem to appear suddenly. This is called “punctuated equilibrium” in evolutionary biology (ref. 3).

Other than reportings of sightings of strange craft that occasionally appear in the historical record, I can find no evidence of influence by flesh and blood ETs on any historical events. What does show up is a tradition and folklore concerning goblins stealing children, tales of fairies, leprechauns, elves and spirits. This tradition may indicate some ET contact on the fringe of human social awareness, as has been suggested by Whitley Strieber (ref. 4). I think, also, it reflects to a much larger extent, human imagination and love of story telling. These strange accounts also include other things which may be purely terrestrial but not really part of a reality that we understand.

Though the records of events before the primal catastrophe of the Flood are difficult to understand, it remains the one significant human event that may have involved flesh and blood ET contact.

It is worth noting that the record implies that this contact, along with many other things purely terrestrial, had disastrous consequences for the human race because of the manner in which the contact was made. It is written in Genesis 6:2: 

“The sons and daughters saw the daughters of men that they were very fair, and they took them wives of all which they chose...”

This record implies that these unions were dictated by the “Sons of God”, a term used sometimes to mean angel, and not by choice of the Earth women. These reported events, and the juxtaposition with the

Flood and God’s displeasure, should be remembered as we consider reports of what is occurring in our own time. It also must be remembered that according to the account of the contact with the First ET in the Bible, evil is not a terrestrial invention; it was present in the Cosmos eons before the first human being.

The Bible and other religious records of Earth, record that both good and evil are not purely terrestrial phenomenon. Ananda Sirisena has pointed out in a two-part article in the British journal Beyond Science (now defunct) that the holy books of Buddhism remark that sense-desire, which is the source of all unhappiness, is to be found throughout the Cosmos (ref. 5). In the Bible, it is written in Job, 15:15

“The heavens are not clean in His sight.”

It is also written in Revelations 12:7-9 that there was war in heaven between the Archangel Michael and his angels, and the Devil and his angels. These are only two of many examples one could name. In general, the records of our reported contact with the First ET report repeatedly that the Cosmos, both visible and invisible, is full of good and evil and that these forces struggle against one another, Earth being an important battleground of this Cosmic struggle.

This brings us to the second widely reported ET contact that has influenced Earth. This being is known as Satan, Lucifer, or the Devil. Like the first ET, he is reported to be non-corporeal. However, he is reported to be a created being and part of the Cosmos whereas God is the Creator. His powers and intellect are reported to be unimaginably great in human terms but, like ours, insignificant compared to God’s. It is also reported that despite his intellectual powers, he often makes mistakes that are apparent even to humans. His first reported error was to try and stage an unsuccessful revolt against his Creator.

Most of what we know about the Second ET, Satan, comes from information reported to be from the First ET This record allows us to make a vivid comparison between them in two important areas: One, dialogue with humans; The First ET is recorded to be always truthful, though he seldom shows more knowledge than is required. In contrast, the Second ET, Satan, is reported to be a compulsive liar and virtual inventor of treachery. It is reported he often claims to be the First ET and often traps victims with empty promises of forbidden knowledge and technology. Second, relationship with humanity; the First ET is widely reported to love the human race and all other peoples of the Cosmos as if they were his children. However, he is also reported to hold us responsible for our actions, which, knowing the human race, means we occasionally are at odds. The Second ET, Satan, is reported to be utterly contemptuous and hateful towards humans, especially those who serve him. His hostility is constant, though often expressed through treachery and attempts to corrupt, rather than through open warfare.

It is reported that though the Devil hates humanity and wishes to destroy us, he cannot attack openly because of the presence of the First ET. Therefore, we learn that absence of open attack does not always mean absence of mortal hostility. It merely means that the Cosmos is not simple, and that many factors constrain the actions of its inhabitants.

Humanity is thus not a purely terrestrial phenomenon. Even our science is full of knowledge known first from observation of the stars. If the records of our contract with the First ET are believed, humanity is the product of influences that are not only extraterrestrial but extracosmic, that is, transcending even the stars. If these reported contacts with God are correct, and many believe they are, then humanity knows far more about the Cosmos and its peoples than it realizes. It knows these things because it knows the Being who made the Cosmos and its peoples, including ourselves. Humanity, and by this, I mean the readers themselves, are possessors of Cosmic knowledge, but they do not know it yet. However, to know something of humanity one must understand that a part of humanity, like its Creator, is extremely mysterious and some of it is unknowable.

To know something of humanity is to know of its mystery and its magic. There is a part of humanity that only God himself understands. I speak here of a whole category of phenomenon with the inadequate terms “parapsychological” and “spiritual”—that part of ourselves that is manifest in religion, and yet seems to exist apart from it. One aspect of this was termed by Jung as the collective unconscious (ref. 6). This is the part of humanity that seems to guarantee that no knowledge can ever remain isolated in one portion of the human race, even if they never tell anyone of it. Another can be called human prescience—that human capacity to write or speak of events still far in the future with uncanny accuracy, science fiction being a vast upwelling of this human phenomenon. No statement describing humanity could be complete without referring to this part of humanity which is mysterious and difficult to describe.

Therefore, humanity is a superterrestrial phenomenon. It is partly supercosmic, partly flesh and blood, partly science and cultural heritage, part war and part peace, part plum wine, part espresso, part Mozart, part rock and roll. It is part get along, to move along, part liberty or death. Humanity is partly known and partly unknowable, partly good and partly evil. Humanity is a people of the Cosmos, created by the same Creator that created the Cosmos.

Therefore, you should respect yourself and your people. You know more about the Cosmos than you realize. You are stronger and more marvelous than you know. You should not be arrogant, but you should be proud. You lack knowledge, but you are eager to learn. You are small now but you are going to become great and “becoming is superior to being.” You are a young and vigorous people, just off the train and in the big city for the first time, bent on finding your fortune. So now that we have an image of humanity as it was formed and is, we can speak of the destiny of humanity in the Cosmos.

The Destiny of Humanity

Hints of what our destiny will be are contained, I believe, in the record of our contact with the First ET who pointed us to our goal. He said in paraphrase, “someday if you follow the Way I have shown you, you can join me in the heavens of which the stars are but a shadow.” God, in fact, showed Abraham the stars and said in Genesis 15:5.

“And He brought him forth abroad, and said, look now towards heaven and tell the stars, if thou be able to number them. And he said, so shall thy seed be.”

There is also another hint, for Jesus told his disciples in Mark 16:15,

“Go ye unto all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”

For in the original Greek, the word for world is Cosmos (ref. 7), meaning the whole world, the whole ordered universe.

I know in myself, that humanity is going into space because it yearns to do so. The goal of its yearning is not just to see strange new worlds; it is to have fellowship with the peoples who dwell amid the stars and share truth with them. In a sense we are going into space to meet other people and engage in a dialogue that we hope will confirm truths that we already believe. That is part of the reason that Ufology exists, not just because people in Ufology are curious or concerned but also because we seek to be part of that dialogue.

We have, on good account, that such a dialogue is possible, as recorded in Timothy Good’s book Above Top Secret. There is an account of Sid Padrick’s experience (ref. 8) where he encountered startlingly humanoid beings who were kind and respectful and who invited him to pray to God in their “consultation room.” They said they worshipped the same Supreme Being we did. This reported encounter, whose positive, respectful character is such a stark contrast to most reported encounters, give us hope that we will find what we seek in the stars. But you must realize we inhabit a star already.

Our star, Sol, the Sun, is a beautiful golden star from afar. Around it orbits a beautiful blue-white star of a planet called Earth, for that is what our planet looks like from afar. Venus, Jupiter, and Mars are beautiful from Earth, but I tell you when you see the Earth someday from the surface of Mars you will understand that the Earth is the most beautiful planet in the solar system, or even in a hundred solar systems. That is partly why other peoples have come here.

So I will tell you I believe it is the destiny of humanity to go out into ‘the stars and become a great nation and find its place among the stars and among the great nations that dwell in the stars; nations whose people believe in God and justice, equality, and good will as we do, and who, when they read our Bible or the Declaration of Independence, will rejoice that the same truths they know are known elsewhere and from the same source.

Dynamics Between Peoples in the Cosmos

We have now discussed humanity and its destiny, but how will our destiny be shaped by those peoples with whom we share the Cosmos? In particular, is there some model or broad guideline to consult to under stand the dynamics or politics between nations or peoples who have their genesis in different star systems? We can come up with a rough model by assuming that the laws of physics and biology are the same everywhere in the Cosmos. Once such a model of cosmic politics is formed, it can be applied to understand and predict the interactions between humanity and its fellow cosmic peoples.

A model of cosmic politics can be derived from biology. We must assume that the laws of biology are universal, so that they are the same on all worlds, like the laws of physics. Since we know about the laws determining biology on Earth, we would then know about biology laws on all worlds. We must, of course, recognize from the outset that we can only gain a rough understanding at best using this method, but we must have a model and we must begin somewhere. So, we look for basic and fundamental laws rather than detailed ones. We will thus look for laws that describe forests rather than trees. Once we have identified fundamental biological laws, we then try to find laws of politics on Earth that can be derived from them. We will then have a rough model.

The first law of biology can be called “the survival of the fittest.” This means that all life is essentially competitive. This means those who are more intelligent, faster, stronger, more diligent, more fertile, more efficient, and more prudent will eventually dominate over those who have less of these qualities. This seems a harsh law of nature, but in some ways it is actually kind. In any case, nature is not often known to be kind or gentle.

One impact of the first law of biology is that intelligence is favored in predators. On Earth, predators are generally more intelligent than their prey. They must be or their prey will outwit them and the predators will not eat. The octopus is the most intelligent of all invertebrates and it is a fierce predator. The killer whale is believed to be the smartest of the whales and it is a vicious killer of other whales.

The Chimpanzee is the second smartest land animal, and its capacity for mayhem against other species and even other chimps, rivals our own (ref. 9). Curiously, researchers were slow to recognize how murderous chimps were to each other—fighting between tribes and occasionally killing their own young. Perhaps the researchers did not want to believe the chimps were as prone to violence as we are. Even when researchers found out the harsh facts about internal wars between chimps they were reluctant to report it. They feared it would horrify people and dry up research funding. People were not horrified; however, they were enlightened, and chimpanzee research in the wild continues. The truth makes chimps all the more fascinating and useful to study if human violence is to be understood and controlled.

Another example of the correlation of intelligence and predatory behavior is the line of dinosaurs that appeared to be evolving towards something resembling humanoids before an extraterrestrial event wiped them out (ref. 10).

It is now believed that a line of small predator dinosaurs, roughly resembling miniature Tyrannosaurus Rexs, would have developed into a humanoid intelligence. They stood on two feet and several species had achieved brain to body sizes exceeding all other dinosaurs and even mammals then existing. However, the impact of a massive asteroid, a clear sign this planet’s history has witnessed extraterrestrial intervention, devastated the planet and cleared the Way for humanity.

Human beings are predatory. Humanity began as hunters and gatherers but hunting behavior did not cease when humans discovered agriculture—it merely changed. The archeological record shows that organized warfare began almost simultaneously with agriculture (ref. 11). Historically, tribes and nations have fought wars and struggled for dominance as a form of biological competition. The apparent victory of the United States in the Cold War is a demonstration that democracy and free enterprise, while not without their faults, have become dominant, because they are better and more efficient in the long run, or even the short run, than despotism and Marxism. So our own violent history, which despite its violence has produced the triumph of liberty and humanity, can be understood as a vast game of survival of the fittest among groups of rather predatory and aggressive beings.

But there is another law of biology that also played a profound role in this and which we must also factor into our cosmic political model.

The second law of Biology is roughly “the sum is greater than the parts.” Or stated differently, in cooperation and in unity, there is strength. One human cell alone will die; one trillion human cells bound together, each doing its part, will thrive and triumph. So one human can do little, but a large number can move the Earth and someday change the course of stars. This second law, that cooperation leads to success, is seen not only in biology but in human politics and history.

Together these two laws and the tension between them, competition, and cooperation, apply to and shape intelligent and primitive life. Nations are predatory and competitive and nations that are most competitive and aggressive tend to produce the most works of intelligence and technology such as our own nation and Great Britain. Truly, United peoples and nations are much stronger and efficient than individuals or isolated nations. That is why the most powerful nation on this planet is called the United States. Moreover, the United States is great because it has cooperated with like-minded nations rather than trying to prey on them. So in the United States, the first nation of Earth, this is a sacred trust and responsibility to humanity—not just a privi­lege. It is through unity and cooperation that the nations of the Earth must face the Cosmos.

So we have two fundamental laws of biology which should apply everywhere in the Cosmos and which profoundly influence the politics of human beings. So these laws should shape politics on other worlds as well, and this means other worldly politics should resemble our own.

We thus have arrived at a model called Mediocrity, that is already known.

The principle of mediocrity states that the Earth and its inhabitants are a representative sample of the Cosmos and its inhabitants (ref. 12). This principle states that intelligent life elsewhere should be quite similar to Earth’s. Similarly it means that even politics and history should be similar. This is the exact same model we arrived at by assuming biological laws were the same on all worlds and that politics was an extension of biology. The principle of mediocrity is the same concept, but arrived at differently.

The cosmic politics model was arrived at by assuming biological laws were the same on all worlds and that politics was an extension of biology. The principle of mediocrity is the same concept, but arrived at differently. Its approach is simply statistical; it assumes Earth and its inhabitants are the results of probability and are part of a distribution of possible world situations, constrained by universal laws of physics. The Earth we know is one random sample of many worlds, so it is most likely that it is typical rather than abnormal. Like all statistical laws, it is a warning to would-be gamblers rather than advice on how to bet the farm. However, our universal, biological, political law, arguments, and mediocrity lead us to the same concept: Earth and its peoples and history are a microcosm of the Cosmos and its peoples and history. The Earth is the Cosmos seen through a glass darkly, not reliable in detail but roughly true. This means we all know much more about the Cosmos than we realize, simply because we have lived on Earth.

We have arrived at a model for understanding and predicting the dynamics and politics between humanity and other peoples in the Cosmos and between other people apart from humanity. This model is called the Human Historical Model of Cosmos Politics or simply the Human Historical Model.

The Earth is an allegory of the Cosmos and an analogue. This means the wisdom of Earth gained by our ancient forbears and written in the holy books of Earth, will guide us in our new journey in the Cosmos. For in some ways, humanity was wiser when it knew less, but that wisdom is not lost to us now if we see its worth. So, we would look to the old as well as the new for counsel as we confront the Cosmos.

The Human Historical Model

The Human Historical Model or, HHM as it will be called henceforth, simply states that interactions between people and nation states in the Cosmos will resemble interactions between nations in human history.

The HHM is a tool for interpreting the behavior of extraterrestrials; it says that if extraterrestrials exhibit certain behavior either singly or collectively, then one should look for an analogous human or human nation’s behavior either in the present or in the historical record. The human historical record is long, and its tribes and nations are myriad. This means we have a vast supply of analogous models and situations on which to draw. However, we should always remember that the model is a rough one and not reliable in detail. Neither is the HHM a substitute for hard investigative work, any more than Einstein’s theory of relativity is a substitute for the Super Collider.

The HHM is a simple idea, but it does not suggest the Cosmos and its people are simple or mundane. Rather, it suggests the Cosmos and its people should be like Earth’s people, complex, finely textured, full of intrigue and secrets, and like the Earth full of the strange and exotic. In fact, the HHM suggests that people of the Cosmos, beyond adherence to basic laws of biology, will be very strange, exotic, and very interesting. The first rule for dealing with the Cosmos according to the HHM is that high weirdness is to be expected in the Cosmos because it is found on Earth. Whenever intelligence is involved, possibilities become myriad.

Other things can be expected from people in the Cosmos. One thing that can be expected is a desire for contact and communication. Many Cosmic people will be drawn to us simply because of a compulsion or yearning to communicate. This is a human trait and it is also biologically motivated; cooperation requires communication. So, attempts at friendly contact and communication or dialogue, even if only rudimentary ones, would be expected under the HHM. A related behavior would also be expected.

Display is a form of communication or dialogue that is very common in nature. Everything from puffer fish, to peacocks, to cobras and humans resort to display. It is a nonverbal form of communication and so is limited in its information content; however, it is usually easy to understand its basic meaning. Since it is nonverbal, it does not require a common language and thus is often the first form of communication initiated between different peoples in Earthly tradition. Everything from parades in Red Square to a baby crawling into the center of a family gathering is a form of display. Often, its basic messages are, “look what I can do,” “or look at who I am.” Since humans are the Earth’s premier show offs, followed closely by dolphins, we would expect, under the HHM, that people at the Cosmos would exhibit a great deal of display behavior to each other especially at initial contact, before verbal contact can be established. Display is an attempt to initiate dialogue. In most situations, this is very friendly, sometimes playful. However, it is not always friendly, and I will discuss this shortly.

Struggles for dominance are universal among species on Earth and especially among social groups within species. It is a manifestation of competition with usually the dominant individual or group getting the best resources and the most opportunities to reproduce and pass on its genes. There are “pecking orders” within social groups, even among the most intelligent species. In a pecking order situation, abuse, like water, runs down hill from the most dominant to the most subordinate. This occurs in small human groups, among groups in society, and finally among nations.

Struggles for dominance occur between species also. Chimps and baboons share watering holes in some areas of Africa and chimps usually seem to dominate. Anyone who has owned a dog or a cat knows struggles for power can occur between humans and other intelligent species. So we would expect struggles for dominance between peoples in the Cosmos.

These might begin even before verbal communication could be initiated and would consist, in mildest form, of military demonstrations of power or hardware and highly aggressive displays. These would be equivalent to U.S. and Russian destroyers playing “chicken” on the high seas or firing flares or weak (non lethal) laser beams at each other. So, struggles for dominance, power politics, seen on Earth between nations, should be expected between peoples in the Cosmos. As on Earth, this can lead to either friendly competition in science and culture or to great tragedy.

Based on the HHM we would expect peoples in the Cosmos to move toward a higher technological advancement. As on Earth, we would expect this to be driven by military competition as well as by desire for scientific knowledge. Humans are social, intelligent, predatory, and technological and they have become spacefaring. We intend to become better and better at spacefaring. Thus, by this model we would expect other people in the Cosmos to become spacefaring. If they have a big head start, they might already be here.

Encounters in the Cosmos

The HHM would say that encounters between ET nations and Earth nations are similar to encounters between less advanced nations and European explorers and exploiters.

Generally, the more advanced and organized the less advanced nation was, the better it fared.

Example: Japan was politically united, and on its own islands, militarily fearsome, despite having lower technology than the Europeans. However, faced with a massive display of American naval power (the ships were carefully painted white and black to look impressive), the Japanese government agreed to open up for trade and diplomatic relations (ref. 13). They reorganized their society and held the Americans and other foreigners at bay militarily, thus preserving their sovereignty while most other small Asian nations were conquered by the Europeans. They adopted Western technology and finally became a great power. This did not prevent them from getting into trouble later, but they did very well during the European Colonial period.

The American Indians present a tragic counter example. They were politically disunited, had no concept of the world view and ambitions of the Europeans and were technically backward. However, it was not lack of technology that caused them to lose their land; it was a lack of comprehension of the threat they faced. If they had known what they were facing from the beginning, they could have swept the Europeans into the sea. Instead, they lost almost everything, land, heritage, and most of their population, to a slow but relentless advance of the white man.

War in the Cosmos

The HHM tells there will be power politics between peoples in the Cosmos. Sadly, it also tells us that since “war is merely politics extended by other means (ref. 14), there must be war in the Cosmos between nations. I have already referred to the Bible where it tells of war in heaven in Revelations; Thus, it is written that Earth is not the only arena of war.

I have often referred to the Bible in this talk and will do so again; however, I also have spoken, in general, of books of ancient wisdom of Earth and how they would be useful in advising us concerning the Cosmos. I will now begin referring to such a useful book of ancient wisdom. It is a book of the East where the Bible is primarily a book of the West, but it is ancient and wise in my view and along with the Bible and other books I think it offers humanity great help. This book is Sun Tzu, the Art of War. I commend this book to your study. Sun Tzu writes to us, “military action is important to the nation—it is the ground of death and life. The path of survival and destruction, it is imperative to examine it” (ref. 15).

War occurs in the Cosmos as part of a struggle for dominance; it is an aspect of the law of competition of survival of the fittest. On Earth, nations go to war for territory and resources so they can pros per and grow and their competitors will wither and shrink, or be absorbed. According to the HHM, wars occur in the Cosmos over stars and planets and the space containing them.

We know that stars like the Sun that are single and-of its special range F through K type are best for having life bearing worlds around them, like the Earth (ref. 16). The hotter stars are too short lived and the dimmer, cooler ones are too unstable. We also know that planets like Earth, that are living planets, with oxygen atmospheres, and favorable temperatures, are rare. Only one such planet exists in this star system which contains nine planets. Mars may have once been a living planet, but it is now dead. According to the HHM, people will fight over land and ocean and resources like those found on Earth. Therefore, the HHM says that the space containing stars like the Sun around which orbit planets like the Earth, with intelligent beings or not on them, are the things over which people of the Cosmos probably fight wars. They fight, because if you can have such a planet, you can settle a million individuals on it, and they will become a billion in a few centuries. If they can have ten such planets, a people can prosper and become great; if a people loses ten such planets to a competitor, then they will become weak and despised... their seed will not be as the stars of heaven.

War between advanced peoples both of whom may possess nuclear weapons is probably highly risky, even if one side’s space technology is highly superior. Nuclear weapons, like gunpowder on Earth, is probably a great equalizer in the Cosmos. In addition, space, by definition, allows cultures to develop in great isolation from each other, and thus have very different levels of technology. For these reasons, wars in the Cosmos probably seldom take place between equals. War on Earth most often comes about from a perceived imbalance of military capabilities. Life on Earth is not fair; probably neither is life in the Cosmos. So we would expect some peoples will carry out wars of conquest or extermination against their weaker and less advanced neighbors. Since these wars will involve armed conflict between very different cultures and species, they will probably be very cruel, as such wars are on Earth. In predicting this, I am supposing that some peoples of the Cosmos will act more like biological entities rather than moral civilized states. In saying this, I do not say all peoples of the Cosmos will act ruthlessly towards their neighbors, only some of them.

On Earth we have nations that are great and powerful and others that are merely powerful. It is a dream that scientific knowledge and technological power lead to moral enlightenment in a nation, but we know on Earth that some nations can have enormous wealth and scientific and technological power, yet commit unspeakable crimes and aggression against their own people and others. Nazi Germany was for a period the most technologically advanced power on Earth, with ballistic missiles, jet fighter planes, and an active program to build nuclear weapons. No power on Earth could rival it for a period. Germany before this had been considered a center of theology and culture. Yet in a few years, Germany regressed into a nightmare and committed unspeakable crimes against humanity.

Technology and morality do not go hand in hand on Earth or probably anywhere-else in the Cosmos. One has only to look at our own society to see this. For some nations, technology merely provides ir resistible temptations to abuse other nations.

Nor does the fact that a people dwell among the stars make them moral and just. We dwell on a star, and it sits among other stars, but we must constantly struggle with ourselves to do right, and some times we fail at this. Therefore, according to the HHM the Cosmos is as harsh and desperate a place as it is beautiful. The laws of biology dictate this, and Earth merely reflects it. Morality and enlightenment must struggle against criminality and darkness in the Cosmos as they do on the Earth, and sometimes this struggle is armed.

Given the preceding discussion, a likely scenario for war in the Cosmos is as follows: (1) an advanced space power encounters a less advanced power; (2) the more advanced power displays its power hoping to cow the less advanced power into submission; (3) if this ploy succeeds, the advanced power subjugates the lesser power without war; and (4) The subjugated people may be merely enslaved or else exterminated and the planet settled with the victorious species. Sun Tzu says, “The best policy is to use strategy, influence, and the trend of events to cause the adversary to summit willingly” (ref. 17). That is, a military victory can be had at little cost by first achieving psychological victory over the enemy.

One successful psychological ploy that was used with great success on Earth in analogous situations was to convince the less advanced natives that the more advanced were gods. This ploy was used by Cortez, who made ingenious use of the Quetzacoatl legend in his attack on the Aztec empire. Cortez also used calculated displays of cannon fire, horses, and other technologies to convince the Aztec envoys that he possessed supernatural powers. Montezuma, the King of the Aztecs was almost hypnotized or “spooked” by the Spanish. Finally, when the Aztecs realized too late that the Spanish were just gold-hungry flesh and blood people like themselves, the people killed Montezuma for betraying them to the Spanish. Cortez by this time had raised up the Indian nations long enslaved by the Aztecs, and so managed to conquer an empire of millions with only 800 men. Pizarro also pulled off such a conquest again by “spooking” the Inca emperor into believing he was divine. So, a former pig farmer with a few hundred men conquered another empire of millions.

However, let us suppose that the less advanced power is very tough minded and refuses to be cowed by the advanced powers’ superior technology. Let us suppose also that the lesser power rejects as psychological ploys the advanced power’s attempts to claim divinity, and that these attempts to gain psychological advantages merely harden the will of the less advanced people to fight. In this case, two things could happen: (1) The advanced power will withdraw or decide to establish normal and respectful diplomatic ties with the lesser power. (2) The advanced power may choose to wage war on the less advanced power when psychological ploys used alone have failed. Here the outcome is not nearly so predictable as one might imagine.

War between technological unequals is probably the norm in the Cosmos rather than the exception. However, as on Earth, technology is only one of many factors in war. The factors are primarily:

  • Relative numbers of military forcesdoes one side have overwhelming numbers?

  • Moral and discipline of the forcescan it be maintained in the face of losses?

  • Length of supply linescan a large military effort be sustained for long by both sides?

  • Political unity of opposing power groupscan one side exploit divisions in the other?

  • Technologycan the high tech of one side be easily countered by the low tech of the other?

  • Willare the less advanced people more willing to resist than the more advanced are willing to press attacks?

  • Other Powerswill other powers stay out of the war or intervene on one side or another?

  • Which side chooses the Wayone side or neither (ref. 18)?

As was discovered by the United States in Vietnam and the Russians in Afghanistan, technological superiority alone is not a deciding factor against adversaries who are tenacious, clever, are willing to die rather than submit, who have high morale, and who confront the advanced power on their home territory. These wars also showed the sensitivity of advanced powers to casualties, even when the advanced power may not be known for its concern for human life, as was the case with Russia. One Russian was quoted as saying “30,000 dead was one day’s losses at Stalingrad, but in Afghanistan it seems too much.” The difference was that 30,000 Germans died also and the Russians were fighting for their homes and lives. Death on foreign hostile territory, far from home, at the hands of primitive natives is especially grievous to advanced peoples, because, economically, a trained member of their society is more costly to replace than a member of a more primitive society, especially, if he must be trained in the use of high tech weaponry and transported great distances onboard expensive transports. Therefore, if a less advanced society can maintain ferocious, long-term resistance against an advanced aggressor operating far from home, with limited forces, the less advanced people can triumph. The more advanced people will simply find they are bogged down and taking losses in an unwinnable war far from home, and they will leave. In such a triumph, morale and, if possible, religious zeal on the part of the less advanced people is a decisive factor. I repeat, in a conflict where a technically advanced power is waging a war of aggression on a less advanced power, the morale and will of the lesser power is what is decisive, not technology alone. Sun Tzu, though he wrote of war, was also a great moralist.

To him, a key factor in war was to follow “the Way” (ref. 18):

“The Way means humaneness and justice. In ancient times, a famous minister of state asked a political philosopher about military matters. The philosopher said, ‘Humanensss and justice are the means to govern properly. When government is carried out properly, people feel close to the leadership and think little of dying for it.’”

He also said (ref. 19):

“Those who use arms will cultivate the Way and keep the rules. Thus, they can govern in such a way as to prevail over the corrupt.”

A nation that uses its superior technology to try and oppress and destroy less advanced neighbors does not know of the Way. This is true on Earth, and I think this is true throughout the Cosmos.

If a people departs from the Way to oppress their neighbors, then neither the brilliance of their technology and intellect, nor all their clever words can disguise it. Sadly, this brings us to the subject of the present situation regarding humanity and some of its fellow peoples of the Cosmos and what forty years of ET contact have taught us.

Forty Years of Ufology: What Have We Learned?

A goal of this paper was to factor into our view of human destiny what we have learned from forty years of contact with ETs. In particular, what does the HHM do to unravel for us what is reported concerning the last forty years. Several observations can be made.

The first and primary observation is that, at least on the surface, everything appears well. Humanity rules and occasionally misrules, the Earth. No overt signs of ET contact are seen. In the last forty years, humanity, itself, has become spacefaring, advanced in power, and in some ways, has gained wisdom. Except for a popular preoccupation with ET contact fantasies, no outward sign of ET Earth dialogue is apparent. The second observation is that, like many situations on Earth, much is being concealed. Concealment is usually a sign of conflict.

Sun Tzu wrote (ref. 20):

“Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby, you can be the directors of the opponent’s fate.”

The groups of extraterrestrials who seem to have-long term interests here seem to be concealing their true intentions and the governments of Earth are concealing their true posture toward the extraterrestrials.

To learn anything from the past forty years of Ufology, one must have a method of interpreting both the government’s and the ETs’ actions. We have such a method in the HHM. What does the HHM tell that we have learned about the past forty years? It tells us the following:

  • We are not in a region of space controlled by any one ET nation; we know this because many species visit us.

  • Most ETs seem to have adopted a policy of benign non-interference in Earth’s affairs.

  • Most ETs are quite humanoid.

  • Three groups seem to be attempting to carry out a long term activity here:

  1. Reticulians or “grays”a species reportedly from Zeta Reticuli 36 light years from Earth. (Reference 16) These are the short, big-eyed, big-headed aliens.

  2. The Tallssimilar to the Reticulians but more humanoid, blonde, blue-eyedorigin unknown.

  3. Nordicsvery humanoid, Scandinavian appearancestar of origin unknown.

  • It must be stated that it is not clear to what extent these three species’ intentions towards Earth coincide.

  • Some ET contact has been extremely positive and strongly suggests that we will one day become a part of some community of cosmic peoples of like beliefs to our own.

  • There does not appear to be any Galactic government protecting primitive planets like Earth from ET contact.

  • Some ETs appear to be quite hostile to humanity.

This last point is an unpleasant and difficult one. However, it merely means the Cosmos is like the Earth, and you live on Earth, so you can deal with this possibility. Unfortunately, it appears that the ETs with the most interest in Earth are also the most hostile. How could it be any different if humanity is involved?

The Secret Star Wars: The Real Truth About the Last Forty Years

It is my analysis, based on the HHM, that the Reticulians (or grays) are implacably hostile to humanity (fig. 1). As to the Reticulian goal, there can be little doubt, for they have come far, stayed long, suffered great losses, and expended great resources, yet they will not reveal it to us. But, their actions reveal their goal: to have the Earth for their own. Their actions are not consistent with anything else. Our government apparently realized this at some point in the distant past, perhaps as-early as 1947. The government has kept this secret locked up in Dreamland with its captured discs. It is my belief that the fact of Reticulian hostility is the actual great secret underlying the entire government coverup concerning UFOs. However, this truth can no longer be kept secret; it is apparent from both Reticulians’ behaviors that are widely known in Ufology and the government’s reactions to them. I would argue that while it may have been useful to have kept this secret in the past (that is, the fear engendered by the knowledge of hostile aliens might have been more dangerous than the aliens themselves), it is now more dangerous to keep it secret, because secrecy is now a hindrance to effective defense.

Ufology has withheld judgment for a long period concerning the behavior of the Reticulians. This was justified because, in the past, data was scanty and unreliable. We have avoided judging the Reticulians’ actions by human standards because they were not human, and we like to withhold judgment even on humans until we have some basic level of knowledge about them. We also have tended to place less credibility on reports of Reticulians’ atrocities and hostile acts because they frighten us, and because they are at odds with our picture of ETs as the hoped for “space brothers,” the angelic saviors of humanity. However, the truth appears to be that the truly benevolent ET nations want little to do with us, and that humanity has only God and itself to look to for salvation. It appears our government has been involved in a Secret Star Wars with the Reticulians. This Star War is sometimes cold, sometimes hot and has been punctuated by cynical truces and cease fires, but Star War is the best term for it. Is this government posture justified; I would argue, yes, absolutely.

The time is now ripe for Ufology to make a judgment regarding the behavior of the Reticulians and their cohorts. I give you my judgment: the emperor has no clothes, the Reticulians and their crimes are naked. It is widely and reliably reported now that the Reticulians are engaged in horrifying behavior.

  • They abduct and terrorize people beginning often with children (ref. 21).

  • They mutilate cattle and leave them for their owners to find (ref. 22).

  • Their breeding program is an abominable crime against humanity (ref. 23).

  • They kill people; only whether it is murder 1, 2, or 3 is debatable (ref. 24).

  • They invade our airspace and destroy our warplanes and pilots sent to defend our airspace (ref. 25, ref. 26).

FIGURE 1. The Hostile Reticulian. Out of numbers of peoples in our cosmic neighborhood, the Reticulians have demonstrated implacable hostility to humanity. But this hostility is not irrational, we both want the Earth and only one can have it. They must be, and will be, opposed by all means necessary.

This pattern of behavior by the Reticulians indicates a complete disregard for human rights, life, or dignity. Some have said that those are crimes by human standards, but perhaps not by Reticulian standards.

I argue that this is Earth, and humanity and its standards rule on Earth, so if they are crimes by human standards, then as far as we are concerned, they are crimes by any standard. I further argue that murder, mutilation, abduction, and hostile intrusion into a planet’s airspace are crimes on any planet.

The HHM gives an astonishing and horrifying interpretation of Reticulian behavior:

Reticulian Behavior

Human Parallel

Primary Meaning/Purpose


Kidnapping and Abduction

Terrorization, Domination

Sexual Procedure:


Terrorization, Domination

Talk in Riddles to Abductees:

Old Human Interrogation trick

Psychological power plus maintaining emotional distance from victim

Tissue Sample:

To “cut” someone

Demonstrate power

Animal/Human Mutilation:

Old human ploy

Terrorization—frustrated expression of rage

Claims of divinity and to have influenced history:

Cortez in Mexico and “I made you everything you are today”

Psychological warfare to induce surrender

Desire for Secrecy:

Mafia, Terrorist Groups

Disguise military weakness

It is even reported that the Reticulians have claimed to have invented Jesus Christ (ref. 27). If this is what the Reticulians have claimed, it is a contemptible lie. The Reticulians by their actions have shown themselves to be completely ignorant of Christ’s teachings. Even the devil can quote scripture, and appear as an angel of light (ref. 28, ref. 29). This claim concerning Christ is in my opinion, again, a naked attempt to gain psychological domination over humanity. As awful as such behavior is, it clearly indicates their utter disrespect for human religious beliefs and is thus clearly a warning. For Christians this makes our conflict with the Reticulians particularly apparent and mortal. For it is written.

“And every spirit that confesses not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God and this is the spirit of the antichrist...” I John 4:3

To a Christian, what could be a simpler decision. Either the Bible or the Reticulian is lying, and the Reticulians are commonly reported to be liars about even petty things. So, it would not surprise me if the Reticulians soon claim to have invented Moses, the Ten Commandments, and the electric light bulb. Ignore these claims. Our conflict with the Reticulians is a mortal one in that we are dealing with a power that wishes to destroy everything we regard as precious and holy in the Earth. In my view, surrender to the Reticulians is suicide and holocaust; it is unthinkable.

It is obvious that, when analyzed by HHM, the Reticulians’ actions have strong parallels in every record of human oppression and terror. The Reticulians resemble an Earthly terrorist state such as Iran, Libya, North Korea, or the Mafia. I would argue that its strongest parallel is Nazi Germany, because of its utter disregard for human values and its abominable crimes against humanity seen in its breeding program. This would mean that humanity’s introduction to the Cosmos has actually become a confrontation with a latter day Axis alliance with the Reticulians playing Nazi Germany, and the Talls and Nordics playing the roles of Fascist Italy and Imperial Japan. Like the Nazis, the Reticulians are bent on conquest. There can be little doubt as to their goal: to seize the Earth for themselves.

This, I would argue, is the real secret of the past forty years, not that ETs have come to Earth, but that hostile ETs have come to Earth. In response, the government has tried to lock this terrible truth away from public awareness. Like the publicly known Star Wars concept, it has a bizarre dual existence as the stuff of both tabloid headlines and the blackest of the black programs.

The arrival of this Reticulians Axis has triggered every possible defensive action by our government and other world governments, and I think this is justified. The government has particularly made every possible attempt to gain understanding of Reticulians technology. It has been reported that the government has even entered into agreements with the Reticulians and allowed them sanctuary on some military bases. Why would a government do such a thing if it believed the Reticulians were vile and hostile? They would do it because they must have knowledge, as Sun Tzu states (ref. 30):

“A major military operation is a severe drain on the nation, and may be kept up for years in the struggle for one day’s victory. So to fail to know the conditions of opponents because of reluctance to give rewards for intelligence is extremely inhumane, uncharacteristic of a true military leader, uncharacteristic-of an assistant of the government, uncharacteristic of a victorious chief. So what enables an intelligent government and a wise military leadership to overcome others and achieve extraordinary accomplishments is foreknowledge.

Foreknowledge cannot be gotten from ghosts and spirits, cannot be had by analogy, cannot be found out by calculation. It must be obtained from people, people who know the conditions of the enemy.”

So, our government may have done such things. This covert Star Wars involves espionage and counter espionage, and it is not pleasing to look upon. However, the more vile and hostile the Reticulians, the more necessary such dialogue with them becomes. In addition, the government would attempt to keep this situation secret from its own people by whatever means possible. The government, in a sense, has been trying to preserve the “Prime Directive.” Unfortunately, this has required the government to lie continually to its people, among other things that it has done. Our government has, in general, done what governments do when they are threatened with war by a powerful and unknown enemy. Now, it is becoming plain that this situation can no longer be kept secret.

One would immediately protest that if the Reticulians are implacably hostile to humanity, why don’t they attack since they are so powerful? My first response is that many of us have enemies, but when they attack openly, it is usually a relief; for the most part, treachery and intimidation are the rule in conflicts between individuals and nations. My second response is that humanity has enormous military power on Earth’s surface and in its atmosphere, and the Reticulians are a space power, with few forces available and far from home; so they are powerful but so are we. They are more advanced, but they are not as powerful as they want us to think. My third response is that the Cosmos is probably a complicated place, and these complications place constraints on Reticulian actions just as they constrain the actions of Earth nations.

What can be done about this situation? I would argue that much can be done and this situation is neither hopeless, nor beyond us in Ufology from making a contribution. However, one must not avoid the impact of this realization—that humanity is probably confronted with a powerful and merciless enemy.

God, Guts, and Guns Against the Reticulians

For me, the impact of the Secret Star War, the concept of the Reticulians as implacable enemies of humanity and of our government, brought me closer to God. However, I went through a classic grief reaction. First, there was fear and white-hot rage alternating with denial and terrible grief. Then, there was despair and nights of prayer. Then, there was courage and hope. Finally, there was also resolve: God is with humanity; if we must fight the Reticulians, God will fight for us also. I would argue that he already fights for us, and that the strength of His arm was seen at Roswell, before anyone even knew we had an enemy (fig. 2). For there, in one stroke, a Reticulians’ craft fell even as we celebrated the Fourth of July, and our-government found the Reticulians’ craft shattered and the bodies of Reticulians scattered about as food for the buzzards and coyotes. We thus knew from the onset that the Reticulians were flesh and blood and not invincible or infallible. We also knew they had crashed while spying on what was then one of our most secret defense installations, showing our government their possible hostile intent. So, God has helped us from the beginning, before we even knew we needed help.

We are much stronger militarily than we were in 1947. The human race has never been more technologically advanced or more united than it is now. I believe we are only a breakthrough away from a unified field theory that will allow us to control gravity with electromagnetism. When we achieve this we will be able to duplicate much of the Reticulians’ technology and eventually improve on it. I am myself working on such a theory, and I know many others are also working on it; may God help us in our work. Finally, it is known that weapons we already possess are effective against the Reticulians and their ships. Many of the reported crashes of alien ships were not accidents; they were victories in a secret war with a secret enemy. Many brave men have died already to defend their country and their people. Let us remember their sacrifice.

So, with God’s help, I found courage and resolve to fight the Reticulians and their Axis. I see reason for grave concern, but I see reasons to be encouraged also. We will win. We will win, because God is with us, and we seek His help. We will win because we are strong and brave and ready to die, if necessary; and we will win because we have already shown our weapons are powerful against the Axis; and while they may rule in space, we rule on Earth, and in its atmosphere. We will win because necessity is the mother of invention, and we do not need to duplicate Reticulians technology to render it useless to them. So God, Guts, and Guns are our key allies in victory.

Much more could be said about this matter and will be said; however, this paper is not about the present but about the future. So, let us now consider how what we have learned in the last forty years will impact our future. In particular, what can we in Ufology do to positively impact the human future, given our knowledge of the past forty years.

Concisely summarized: The past forty years of Ufology have taught us that the Cosmos is like the Earth and that the dynamics of nations in the Cosmos resembles the dynamics of nations on Earth. On Earth we have seen powerful advanced nations try to oppress weak and less-advanced nations. We now see a repetition of that struggle of nations in a vaster arena with the past forty years being a struggle between two astonishingly powerful groups of nations in the Cosmos, humanity and the Reticulians’ Axis. There are apparently a cloud of other cosmic nations, “silent watchers,” also monitoring these events. So, we have learned something, but what can we do with this knowledge?

You in Ufology are the only group outside of the-government that has the slightest inkling of what the real human situation is. I have spoken of a problem: I will now tell you what positive step you can do to help this situation. The key concept is that humanity’s destiny, so far as it is under the control of flesh and blood, is in its own hands. So, it is human intentions, not the intentions of the Reticulians, that are important. So, what are your intentions?

FIGURE 2. The evening of July 4, 1947, in a field near Roswell, New Mexico. The irony of fate dictates that as the Reticulians and their craft lay fallen and broken, the nation celebrates Independence Day.

The Rainbow Declaration

The Rainbow Declaration was written as an attempt to declare what the people of the Earth, humanity, should agree amongst themselves and what they should declare to their fellow peoples of the Cosmos as to their beliefs and intentions. Its themes are equality and fellowship before God of all peoples of the Cosmos and the basic rights of all peoples. The prominent mention of God in this document is wholly appropriate, I believe; and I cannot conceive of a document discussing such basic rights and truths without mention of God. If there are laws that are universal, then only God can establish them and command respect for them. If all people are part of a great family, then only God can be its head. I borrowed heavily from great works of our human heritage and science fiction. Such borrowings are intended as acts of homage rather than plagiarism.

The Rainbow Declaration is also dialogue. It is a declaration to God that we recognize His law and truth. It is a declaration to ourselves that we recognize our oneness and our place in the stars. It is a declaration to the government that we want to known the truth, even if it hurts, and that we want the extraterrestrials to be dealt with in a unified front with the other nations of Earth. Finally, it is a declaration to the extraterrestrials themselves that we are ready for an open and equal dialogue with them, that we expect the rights of all peoples to be respected, and that our expansion into the Cosmos will not be at their expense. In particular, it will put the Reticulians’ Axis on notice that we view their conduct here as unacceptable.

The Declaration Analyzed

The Preamble to the Declaration is essentially a statement of who we are as a people and our concerns as people of how precious the Earth and its environment is to us. I call for an end to slaughter of the whales, because I want all victimization of intelligent beings on Earth to stop; and the first step is to end our victimization of these intelligent, friendly creatures of the sea, who were honored by special mention in Genesis as one of God’s great creations (ref. 31).

The first article states that relations between humanity and other peoples of the Cosmos should be open and public. There should be no secret treaties between terrestrial and extraterrestrial powers. The document states that all of these relations should be handled through the General Secretary of the United Nations, acting in consultation with the Security Council, and that the Security Council should ratify all agreements.

This may strike some of you as a surrender of American sovereignty to the United Nations, which many of you have a poor opinion of. However, the United States sits on the Security Council as a permanent member and has veto power over anything it does not like (ref. 32). Reportedly, in the present situation, the United States is acting as an ambassador to the Cosmos on humanity’s behalf. Considering all that has reportedly transpired, I do not think this reflects well on us, and we should give up the job. The United Nations is a human organization and like humanity has many flaws and frailties, but the United States, in my opinion, would do better leading humanity as a loyal member of the United Nations than trying to pretend it speaks for humanity. Much of humanity would probably resent this deeply if they knew the United States were acting in this role.

Article two begins by greeting our fellow peoples of the Cosmos and asking them to pay careful attention to the list of basic rights.

It also says that we think all peoples are equal in God’s sight and this may be a revolutionary concept to some in the Cosmos. Much of the rest of the document is self-explanatory, except for the part about genetic code.

The reference to genetic code deserves special explanation. It was decided that this code must be protected because the genetic code of a people is an instruction book on how to live on their planet of Genesis and how to fight the many bacterial and viral infections found there. Therefore, to take a people’s genetic code, outside of an open scientific exchange, is a hostile act and indicates an alien power is considering colonization of a planet with its own species.

The final right is the right to assert and defend the rights listed. This is not a fairy tale document; it was written in recognition that some people, some nations, and some species, understand only force. Some in the Cosmos obviously believe that might makes right; this is not a new idea on Earth. Many have believed it in our history, but they were proved wrong. Right makes might, friends, and I have written The Rainbow Declaration that its truth might strengthen you.

Finally, the Rainbow Declaration closes with the statements: that all peoples ought to treat all other peoples as they themselves desire to be treated, and that humanity’s highest goal is to join, as an equal partner, in the community of the peoples of the Cosmos. The Rainbow Declaration is as follows:



We, the people of Earth, do make this solemn Rainbow Declaration. We Acknowledge our common childhood before the Creator, God, and Judge of all the Cosmos, both visible and invisible. We recognize the planet Earth as our Planet of Genesis, our home, and our hereditary treasure. We pledge to ‘keep and preserve the Earth for all humanity for all generations. We call upon all humanity to treat one another with kindness, justice, and peace. We call upon all humanity to work together to ease the effects of hunger, disease, and overpopulation. Let there be no more killing of the whales, great and small, and let humanity seek to preserve the whole family of living things on the Earth. This declaration takes its name from the Rainbow, which symbolizes the promises of God to humanity, the unity within diversity that is humanity, and the beauty of the Earth which is humanities.

Article One

In true Unity there is strength and general benefit; therefore, on all matters concerning extraterrestrial peoples we shall be as One. We recognize the office of the Secretary General of the United Nations, acting with the advice and consent of the Security Council, as the sole representative of humanity in all dealings with extraterrestrials. All relations and agreements will be open and public, and all agreements must be ratified by the Security Council to be in force.

Article Two

To our fellow peoples in the community of the Cosmos, we extend greetings; we recognize you as fellow children of the Creator of the Cosmos. Please give careful consideration to our declaration that it might serve as a basis for good relations.

Section One

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all peoples are created equal and are endowed by the Creator with certain inalienable rights.

Section Two

The right of Possession of their homeworld, their Planet of Genesis. No one shall take any portion of their world from them.

Section Three

The right of Sanctity of Planet of Genesis from alien intrusion or interference. No alien visitation shall occur until the people realize their Unity and achieve space travel of their own; this is the Prime Directive for all space-faring peoples. No alien spacecraft shall make close approach, or assume close orbit, or make any landing, except openly and by consent of global authority.

Section Four

The right of Possession of Genetic Code. No alien shall take a people’s Genetic Code for any use, except under reciprocal scientific exchange, negotiated openly by global authority.

Section Five

The right to permanent occupation of all bodies orbiting their Planet of Genesis of the sun of their Planet, which is their Star of Genesis, and permanent authority over the space containing these bodies. No alien bases may be established permanently on bodies or stations orbiting a Planet or Star of Genesis, but must be evacuated upon landing by the people of this Planet or Star, except there shall be negotiated a treaty granting temporary lease.

Section Six

The right of Freedom of Peaceful Navigation of Space shall be enjoyed by all peoples except where it conflicts with the Sanctity of Planet of Genesis.

Section Seven

The right of peoples to Assert and Defend the aforementioned rights and the right to give and receive aid consistent with these rights, when these rights shall be endangered. In case of dispute, the burden of proof-of-innocence shall fall on those who are alien, for it is the burden of the strong and advanced to help preserve the rights of the weak and less advanced.

Final Article

We pledge to uphold these rights and principles in all relations with all peoples we shall encounter, whether we be aliens or they in these encounters. We declare that all peoples should seek to treat all other peoples as they themselves would desire to be treated, and that all peoples of the Cosmos should seek peaceful and mutually beneficial relations with each other. We declare that it is our deepest desire that humanity might take its place as an honored and valuable member of the community of peoples of the Cosmos.


Ownership of the Rainbow Declaration

The Rainbow Declaration was written by my hand, and I am very proud of it; however, it does not belong to me. It belongs to whomever embraces it and believes its truths and affirmations. The Declaration is, for this reason, not copyrighted and anyone may reproduce or sell copies of it with my blessings. It is my gift to humanity, because of humanity’s faith and courage and strength. Perhaps a better declaration could be written; I encourage anyone to try, but I desire, rather, that the Rainbow Declaration will be embraced by you for now, so that humanity can move forward into its destiny.

The Rainbow Declaration as Necessary

I believe the Rainbow Declaration, or some similar statement of principles, is vital to the future of humanity. Without such a document it will be harder for humanity to find the Way to its true destiny The history of humanity is a history of great documents that state transcendent principles. These documents and declarations have served to light the Way of humanity and not only articulated the consensus of the people but helped form it.

I therefore urge that the Rainbow Declaration or some similar declaration be endorsed by the major organizations of Ufology and from them to the Congress, and then to the United Nations, so that all of humanity might come together on these vital issues while we have time to discuss them objectively.

Before the future can occur, it must be imagined. This is self actualization. Let us imagine and proclaim for ourselves a future where humanity is a light to the Cosmos, rather than a blot upon it or a victim of it. Let it be that when other peoples of the Cosmos think of us they imagine a “Rainbow of Light.” Let us look into the future.



You are a young vigorous species and new to the cosmic scene. You are strong and full of promise. Here is some advice for you.

Trust in God, Guts, and Guns to preserve you among the stars.

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.

Do justly to all people and preserve the family of life on all worlds.

Never, never give in to bully boys with fancy toys.

Talk softly, but always carry a big stick.

A people becomes great because of what it loves—not because of what it hates.

Boldly go where no one has gone before, and seek your kindred and your destiny among the stars.


Summary and Conclusions

I have tried to convey to you my understanding of the human situation and the destiny of humanity. I hope I have succeeded in causing you to think in new ways about the past, the present, and the future.

I have spoken to you of the future and of an increase of knowledge. I have spoken of the day when Ufology as we know it, will pass away and will become exoanthropology, the outstretched hand of humanity to other peoples. For Ufology represents knowledge in part, and when knowledge that is whole comes, that which is in part must pass away. Exoanthropology will then become the forefront of humanity reaching out to other beings in the Cosmos.

I have told you we are most likely involved in a dialogue with other people of the Cosmos. I think you are participants in this dialogue. I have given you the Rainbow Declaration, which you can choose to be your own positive contribution to this dialogue. I think that if this is done, our long journey to reach humanity’s destiny will begin on the right path and with the right guide.

Life on Earth is sometimes harsh and brutal. Good does not survive or triumph on Earth merely because it exists. It must continually struggle. I see no reason to believe life in the Cosmos should be any different.

I see on Earth the triumph of good, Godliness, justice, and democracy, but only after a long and bitter struggle that sometimes looked hopeless. Earth is part of the Cosmos—not an anomaly of it—and good triumphs here. It must also triumph elsewhere.

It is possible that Mars holds the same drama recorded there as we see on Earth, but this drama ended tragically there. If this is the case, let us never forget what Mars teaches us.

Our participation in the dialogue of the Cosmos tells us the same message. I think there is much good in the Cosmos as well as evil; we know this from the reports of friendly, respectful contacts we have heard, and we know it from the good we see here on our own world and in our own people. This is how I know things will be well in the end.

However, if we are to achieve this good, we must strive for it, and we must declare our allegiance to it. We must be prepared for struggle to ensure the triumph of good. To see our true path, we must have open eyes and minds. We must be brave and force ourselves to comprehend what we do not want to comprehend, but which is true and must be accepted. Only then can our light truly shine in the Cosmos.

I tell you again that based on my analyses, the Reticulians and their Axis allies mean to destroy humanity and possess this planet for themselves. The character, depth, and duration of their activities here can indicate nothing else. You must be prepared to use any means necessary to stop them in this intention; to surrender is death—to fight them is life.

I say further that if you are not prepared to accept this sad truth, even as a possibility, then you are not really ready to know the truth about the last forty years. I believe our government can no long er keep this Star Wars Secret any longer; to fight the Reticulians will require a level of resources and public sacrifice no secret program can ask. To gain victory over the Reticulians, mobilization, not secrecy, must become the government’s first priority. The terrible truth must be let out to be confronted by the government and ourselves and all of Earth in the broad daylight. It is only then that this threat can be overcome.’ You have a role to play in this conflict. I have given you the Rainbow Declaration. It is a powerful weapon; use it.

I believe, with God’s help, humanity is strong enough, and brave enough, and clever enough, to triumph in this conflict which we did not begin. The Reticulians may be a Goliath technologically, but morally and ethically, they are pygmies; this is the root of their defeat.

You may see in the Reticulians an ancient and brilliant race; I see a forlorn and empty people, fallen and corrupted from the state wherein they developed the technology they now possess, debasing themselves on the Earth, victimizing the helpless and crudely terrorizing the defenseless. Their actions reveal their weaknesses—as it is said “what you are shouts so loud I cannot hear what you are saying.”

The fact that a nation should come to us from another star, riding in vessels of brilliant technology and yet commit unspeakable crimes here is shocking; yet it is quite consistent with our understanding of elemental evil from the ancient books. It is curious that Reticuli means “net,” and the net is used throughout the Bible as a symbol of evil, misfortune, and also testing. As it is written in Ecclesiastes 9:11.

“I returned and saw under the Sun that the race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happened to them all. “For a man knoweth not his time: as the fishes are taken in an evil net and as the birds that are caught in a snare; so are the sons of man snared in an evil time, when it falleth suddenly upon them.”

We also see the net used as symbol of testing in Matthew 13:01 and in the last, gentle moment of John’s record of Jesus (ref. 33), as perhaps an allegory of a testing of the nations of Earth, which like the fish netted in the story number roughly 150. So, perhaps someone who has known this all would occur has left these mysterious symbols of this knowledge. So, let us seek the Way and the truth and the light, and oppose evil with all our might.

The Reticulians and their Axis do not know the Way; if they did, they would not do the things they have done here. As it is written, “by their fruits you shall know them (ref. 34).” So comfort yourselves in God and in the brave heritage of Earth. Perhaps a great storm comes, but all is calm now, and after forty years of the Reticulians’ attempts to dominate here, the Earth still stands, and humanity still stands, more brilliant and more powerful than ever before. So, let us be of good courage; if the Reticulians are here to destroy us, then they are obviously having a difficult time. For Sun Tzu instructs us (ref. 35):

“Therefore I have heard of military operations that were clumsy but swift, but I have never seen one that was skillful and lasted along time. It is never beneficial to a nation to have a military operation continue a long time.”

If it is so, and I suspect it is, our government, rather than being a villain, is actually a hero in many ways as are many of our abductees, who have resisted the terror tactics of the Reticulians. It is mainly the government that has opposed the Reticulians for forty years. Let us remember also that if the Secret Star Wars scenario is true, then many brave men of our nation and many other nations have died fighting in a war that few even guessed existed, their loved ones never knowing why they died or how. This same government made up of men and women like ourselves and prone to the same mistakes, has struggled mightily to both hold the Reticulians’ Axis at bay and at the same time carry on a dialogue with them to try and gain desperately needed knowledge of their technology. If this is so, then it is little wonder that the truth has been hidden and why those who knew it have kept this truth with such determined secrecy. For no one can keep a secret like a man who believes he holds truths that will devastate those whom he loves. So, let us not judge our government nor condemn them for the mistakes they may have made in this struggle. I have not walked in their shoes and neither have you, so let us stand with them.


In summary, I have stressed three main points:

  1. That it is the destiny of humanity to find its greatness and its kindred among the stars.

  2. That humanity is prepared for this destiny because the Earth is a microcosm of the Cosmos and its people, with the dynamics between people in the Cosmos resembling the dynamics of nations on Earth.

  3. That in order to find the Way to its destiny, humanity must make a document similar to the Rainbow Declaration its creed and guide. It is only in this way that humanity can find the right Way to its true destiny in the stars.

Finally, trust in God, for He made the Cosmos both seen and unseen and all it contains. Surely He has helped us already against the dangers of the Cosmos. But He has also allowed these dangers to come upon us for His own mysterious reasons. Let us not disappoint him in our dealing with these dangers. God delights in courage and bravery. Be people of faith, like it is written, who “turned to fight the armies of the aliens (ref. 36). Joyfully go forth to seek the wonders and challenges that lay beyond the present and which are our destiny. So humanity, beloved children of Earth, reach for the stars ... boldly go ...



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