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Behaviorism 1Cartesian Dualism 7Connectivism 20Direct realism 22Dualism 29Emergentism 41Enactivism 46Endurantism 48Epiphenomenalism 48Externalism 52Idealism 56Logical positivism 68Monism 75Mysticism 82Open individualism 88Perdurantism 89Phenomenalism 90Physicalism 93Property dualism 101Reductionism 103Reflexive monism 110Type physicalism 111
Abstract object 115Artificial intelligence 117Associationism 144Attention 145Awareness 150Behavioral neuroscience 152Cognitive neuroscience 158Cognitive science 166
Consciousness 177Dependent origination 193Distributed cognition 202Embodied cognition 205Embodied cognitive science 218Embodied Embedded Cognition 223Epistemology 225Functionalism 237Hard problem of consciousness 246Heideggerian terminology 249Heterophenomenology 257Identity and change 258Intentionality 263Introspect 268Level of consciousness 271Metaphysical naturalism 275Mind-body dichotomy 287Mind/brain identity 288Mindstream 290Mnemonic 310Multiple realizability 313Neural correlates of consciousness 317Neural Darwinism 324Nonreductive physicalism 327Noumena 344Ontological pluralism 350Percept 352Personal identity 363Personal life 370Phenomenology 373Philosophical zombie 384Philosophy of mind 389Presentism 406Qualia 407Quantum mind 424Self 435Self-awareness 438Self-Schema 443