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Topic: Ken Wilber

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  Ken Wilber (1949 - )
Wilber's method - one he still applies - is to start by identifying 'orienting generalizations', in other words, he synthesizes basic conclusions from the various systems of thought, particularly those that are accepted as being beyond criticism by competing schools of thought, and then confronts these conclusions with one another.
Wilber's analysis starts from the notion of 'holons', in other words, all phenomena are part of a higher entity as well as also being an entity made up of phenomena of a 'lower' order (atoms, molecules, cells, etc.).
Wilber's project finally introduces a new synthesis in which the reality of spiritual experience can also be approached 'rationally' with the right scientific instruments, a synthesis which can reinstil a much-needed infusion of Spirit into the deadened and soulless world of matter so that it can be experienced in its full reality.
www.jahsonic.com /KenWilber.html   (4221 words)

 Ken Wilber: a refutation of some recent postmodern criticism
Wilber thinks he's creating an integration that extracts what is true from differing perspectives, but he is actually disrespecting the profound differences in radically divergent constructions of 'reality' and avoiding the great intellectual problem of our time: difference.
Ken Wilber is such a mystic who by studying consciousness discovers 'the knack of it'; becuase of the very beautiful tendency of consciousness itself to explain and give meaning to everything that is looked upon (for consciousness is self-explanatory).
Wilber claims to be the one that provides the neutral framework for all other knowledge, wants there to be a way to know reality as it is and wants to claim that he knows the transcendent goal of all evolution.
home.wxs.nl /~brouw724/KenWilber.html   (11434 words)

 Astro-Noetics.com :: The Astrological Ken Wilber
Wilber is uncharacteristically cautious about taking a position on current trends in astrological debates, but the pages of his published journal, "One Taste," indicate that he is a curious bystander.
Although Wilber's chart (solar only) reveals little as to why he is currently sitting on the astrological fence, it speaks volumes about the timing of his publications and interests as a thinker.
In Wilber's case, Neptune, the planet of spirituality, the collective unconscious, visionary capability, and compassion is constructively aspected to the aforementioned triple conjunction of Mercury, Sun, and Mars.
www.astro-noetics.com /wilber.html   (259 words)

 Theosophical Society in America   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
At that time, Wilber viewed the ego as emerging from the unconscious, an act which is subsequently repressed and forgotten and split a number of times into dualistic oppositions.
Wilber III was presented in the essay, "Ontogenetic Development," published by the Journal of Transpersonal Psychology and in his three chapters in Transformations of Consciousness.
But we must remember that Wilber’s model is fundamentally based on "orienting generalizations." That is, to construct his model he tends to use only the level of abstraction and those basic concepts that are generally accepted by workers in a field--generalizations we can use to orient ourselves to specific facts.
www.theosophical.org /theosophy/questmagazine/julyaugust1999/kenwilber   (2325 words)

 Ken Wilber, greatest American philosopher.
The greatest American philosopher of all time is Ken Wilber, one cool dude from Boulder CO who teaches the cutting edge of spirituality.
This introductory sampler of Ken Wilber's thought, wisdom, and wit--excerpted from his most popular books--ranges over a variety of topics, including meditation, mystical experience, the new age, science, and spirituality.
Wilber admits that this "holistic quest is an ever-receding dream, a horizon that constantly retreats as we approach it." Nonetheless, he can still take readers on an incredible journey--one that's well worth the price of the ticket.
northernway.org /kenwilber.html   (1585 words)

 Ken Wilber - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
One of Wilber's main interests is in mapping what he calls the neo-perennial philosophy, an integration of traditional mysticism (typified by Aldous Huxley's perennial philosophy) with an account of cosmic evolution akin to that of the Indian philosopher Sri Aurobindo.
Wilber's "Spirit" may be similar to Plotinus' One, to Schelling's Absolute, to the Hindu Brahman, and to the Shunyata of Buddhism.
According to Wilber, much of modern philosophy remains within the rational phase of Wilber's model of the spectrum of consciousness, and is therefore not attuned to the transrational aspects of consciousness.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ken_Wilber   (6169 words)

 Reading Ken Wilber: A guide to his books -- Beliefnet.com
This 800-page book is Wilber's magnum opus, called by Larry Dossey "one of the most significant books ever published." This one's written for serious students, but everything is still conveyed in Wilber's clear and engaging prose.
Wilber's journals from one year, a personal glimpse into his inner and outer worlds.
Ken Wilber shares his philosophy of an "integral" spirituality.
www.beliefnet.com /story/141/story_14160_1.html   (303 words)

 hokai's blogue: Ken Wilber: The Suction   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Ken Wilber recently suggested some of his critics should perform some suction on his shaft.
Ken Wilber has himself commented on this intended meaning, somewhat differently, in another post, see here.
A few people have been upset about Wilber's first post, but I defy you to produce evidence that it was because they were shocked by the words themselves.
prosvjetljenje.net /2006/06/ken-wilber-suction.html   (834 words)

 . : MatthewDallman.com : . The Official Site for Matthew Dallman's Music, Art, & Writing
If Wilber's ideas cannot be held accountable through traditional argumentation/debate tactics (as all of his serious critics have done), then Wilber's ideas deserve less and less to be accounted for in the first place.
Wilber is clearly the perpetrator of an intellectual crime of the highest order, and has only gotten away with it because of the plausible deniability built into his work, and the failure/fear of his fan base to hold his feet to the fire.
Wilber turned me on, years ago, to integral theory, and it was that which led me to your fine blog and excellent work.
www.matthewdallman.com /2006/06/ken-wilber.html   (4623 words)

 Pioneers.Wilber.Guide to the Transpersonal Internet
Wilber is a true warrior of the word, independent and aligned only to the force of his own genuine and passionate inquiry.
Wilberís writes as both a transpersonal theoretician and a critic, using his greatest strength, which is to absorb, synthesize, categorize and make sense of vast amounts of information from disparate fields.
Wilber has been fearless and unafraid of being controversial and has therefore been harshly criticized for questioning many of the most cherished assumptions of a great diversity of ideological camps.
www.atpweb.org /pioneers/pioneers.wilber.html   (1642 words)

 Ken Wilber’s Model of Human Development: An Overview
Wilber’sintegral approach” goes by the name of AQAL (pronounced “ah-qwal”), which stands for all quadrants, levels, lines, states, and types.
Still, many Wilber critics fail to formulate deeply coherent critical responses because they are not familiar with the entirety of his work.
“[In The Spectrum of Consciousness] Wilber’s major breakthrough was the creative use of the spectrum as a metaphor, consciousness being likened to the electromagnetic spectrum in order to map the various levels, stages, and possibilities of human consciousness, from birth to enlightenment, including physical death and beyond.
www.newworldview.com /library/Helfrich_P_The_Five_Phases_of_Wilber.html   (2177 words)

 Blogmandu: Ken Wilber ... Madness
Ken Wilber puts up his follow-up to his two earlier Earp-Test posts [1] & [2] that features a kiss-ass email that he considers to be kick-butt.
Wilber doesn’t talk about it, but “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” is a romance, of sorts, that takes place mostly in the Czechoslovakia capital during Prague Spring, in 1968, and includes the Soviet invasion that put an end to a short bout of freedom.
In his new post, Wilber presents an email he received from Geert Drieghe that is gushing in praise of Wilber and that insult act in his first post.
zenunbound.com /2006/06/ken-wilber-madness.html   (2686 words)

 FOR KEN WILBER by Alex Grey
Ken has given me other important pieces of personal advice such as the time he cautioned me in my tendencies to look superficially at lots of spiritual paths and not choose one.
Ken finally points past arguments of interpretive methods, and brings us to how great art simply "takes our breath away" providing a momentary release from the clutches of ego, a release into the timeless present of Beauty.
Ken has stated numerous times, and I agree, that art is an essentialized worldview, or as Bachelard called it, "a metaphysics in a moment." Over the millenia, culture has embodied worldviews that both express and guide the attitudes of the people.
alexgrey.net /essay/kenwilber.html   (2848 words)

 Learn More About Ken Wilber Interview   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Ken Wilber is the most widely published philosopher in the world today.
Sociable by nature, but reclusive due to the demands of his work, this is the first time he has agreed to have a live recorded interview made available to the public.
A deep rapport develops between Ken and Jordan as the interview starts off with a behind-the-scenes look at Ken's Integral Institute and some of the challenges it faces.
www.enlightenment.com /shop/wilber_more.html   (382 words)

 Ken Wilber Critique, Part 1 - Pop Occulture Blog
for me, wilber is demanding that we accept his map as the territory and come to live there.
Wilber launched an unsuccessful broadside against them–and when he did, he seemed very unwilling to take on new thought.
Wilber has a very, very, very broad theory–but he doesn’t like changes to it.
www.timboucher.com /journal/2005/07/18/ken-wilber-critique-part-1   (2019 words)

 ~C4Chaos: Ken Wilber and Friends Respond to Critics
Ken takes genuine criticism very seriously, and has his entire career, entering into dialogues with literally hundreds of both friendly and vitriolic critics.
i've worked for integral for a while and constantly people are criticising ken and the model, and telling me i am a puppet in his grand scheme.
he asked me what i do, and i said i "have you ever heard of some guy named ken wilber?" this guy went off for at least a half hour on ken (i thought he was actually funny).
coolmel.typepad.com /iblog/2006/06/ken_wilber_and_.html   (2580 words)

 Talk:Ken Wilber - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I added Wilber's five phases to the article, but it would be great to give a brief outline of the elements of the 'Wilber Five' Kosmos--wilber's holons and twenty tenets, the four quadrants, and his basic levels and fulcrums, pre-personal, personal, and trans-personal (psychic, subtle, causal, and nondual).
Wilber said something to the effect that it's not at all uncommon for someone to reach the heights of realization, with sexual-emotional unfinished businsess "lurking" below, which will present itself in symptoms and acting out (to be worked on and healed, in my opinion).
Wilber has been confusing on the issue (confusingly forwarding the notion of artwork holons in EOS, then switching to an endorsement of Kofman's alternate view, that for intents and purposes does not consider artifacts to be holons).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Talk:Ken_Wilber   (11602 words)

 Ken Wilber: Biography & Resources
Ken Wilber is the world's leading “integral” philosopher.
Founded in 1997 by Ken Wilber, I-I’s mission is to assist people and organizations along integral, comprehensive, balanced, and sustainable lines in order to dramatically improve the quality of life on this planet.
Dialogues are primarily moderated by Ken Wilber or by his colleagues at Integral Institute.
www.wie.org /bios/ken-wilber.asp   (498 words)

 ITP | Academics - Spotlight On Ken Wilber
ITP is one of the few accredited institutions in the world that offers a broad range of Masters and Ph.D. level courses in various fields related to Transpersonal Psychology.
The theories and writings of Ken Wilber, which has evolved into the field of Integral Psychology is one such area of study.
In each spring semester of 2001 and 2002, a course was offered involving a trip to Ken Wilber's house.
www.itp.edu /academics/spotWilber.cfm   (209 words)

 Critics on Ken Wilber   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Odajnyk, W.V., Wilber on Jung: a critique, in: Gathering the light: a psychology of meditation, Shambhala.
Jeff Meyerhoff, Bald Ambition: A Critique of Ken Wilber's Theory of Everything, June 2003, manuscript.
Falk, "Norman Einstein": The Dis-Integration of Ken Wilber, www.normaneinsteinbook.com
www.integralworld.net /criticism.html   (1071 words)

 Ken Wilber-related links
Shambhala - the primary publisher of Ken's books - maintains a Ken Wilber section, which includes "for-the-web" articles by Ken, interviews, and active message boards.
Sign up here for their Ken Wilber mailing list for news about the Integral Institute and information about upcoming book releases.
The most comprehensive Wilber website, with moderated message boards, essays, criticism, and the most up-to-date bibliography.
www.khandro.com /kenwilber/links.html   (109 words)

 Response to Ken Wilber
More often than not, from what we've seen of Wilber's stuff related to SD, the mean green meme [sic] is portrayed through a mish-mash of temperament variables and the dynamics of mixed entering or exiting stages on the Graves model.
The vibrancy of change, rejection of previous levels because of their failure to address the newly-appearing existential problems, and the "delta surge" of confidence that the new way will restore balance all contribute to this.
But much of what I've read on the web and about Wilber's Boomeritis piece is borderline awful, and there's no excuse for some of the blunders other than egos, ignorance, and arrogance.
www.spiraldynamics.org /learning/response_to_wilber.htm   (3343 words)

 Stripping the Gurus—Ken Wilber on Meditation (by Jim Andrews)
Norman Einstein (Ken Wilber),” notably his critique of KW’s advocacy of experiments in consciousness with community verification which I’ve utilized in my discussion of Concern 7
“Ken Wilber: The Pundit of Transpersonal Psychology” Yoga Journal, September/October 1987 (Note: This citation is problematic.
I have not yet been able to secure a copy of the September/October 1987 issue of Yoga Journal so I can personally verify this KW quotation as none of my community or state-wide university libraries have this issue in their collections; I have recently requested an inter-library loan which may take several weeks or months.
www.strippingthegurus.com /stgsamplechapters/kenwilberonmeditation.asp   (8345 words)

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