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COSMIC VOYAGE. An excellent brief overview with computer animation suggesting the vast extent of the universe, its galactic and subatomic structure, and the story of evolution - cosmos, galaxies, our solar system, earth, plants and animals. ES39; 35 minutes.

ORIGINS. Forming earth and the solar system; evolving life from lava. NOVA. ES71; two hours.

The Creation of the Universe B explains the four forces that control how atoms operate: the strong and weak nuclear forces, electro-magnetism and gravity. ES3; 90 minutes.

CANTICLE TO THE COSMOS, Brian Swimme. SR5-10; 12 hours; rental only. An overview of the universe!

WE ARE STARDUST. C. Barlow and M. Dowd. Presentations to Montessori teachers. C32; 2 hours.

Earth, The Living Planet. The Gaia Hypothesis: earth acts like a living organism. ES2; 42 minutes.

Mysteries of Deep Space; 3 hours. Also on tape 38,
The Evolution of Life. 30 minutes. ES37-38.

Evolution, 8 hours. A history! EV31-34.

Elegant Universe. A history of science, quantum mechanics and string theory. 3 hours. EV61-62.

Human Evolution

Human Evolution: Children of Eve; NOVA. EV20.
The Brain's Big Bang; EV34; one hour.
Origins of the Human Race. EV19.
Human Evolution: Tales of the Human Dawn. EV21.
In Search of Human Origins. EV25-26; 3 hours.
Neanderthals and Modern Humans. EV50; one hour.
The Journey of Man. 2 hours. EV57.

Monkey Trial. The famous Scopes trial in Tennessee which had a law against teaching evolution in its schools. The opposing lawyers were celebrities Clarence Darrow and William Jennings Bryan. PBS; EV36; 90 minutes.

The Wonders of Human Life

THE SECRET LIFE OF THE BRAIN. The amazing complexity and growth of this complex outcome of evolution in our own bodies. EV40-41; four hours.
1. The growth of the embryo's brain, an astounding example of evolution.
2. Children's brains: being aware of a vast number of sounds, learning to speak, read and write.
4. The adult brain: emotions and problems.
5. The aging brain.

THE ODYSSEY OF LIFE. The Ultimate Journey. Embryos and Evolution. EV28; one hour.

Life's Greatest Miracle. The embryo from conception to birth; NOVA, EV37; one hour; rental.

The Incredible Human Body. Nat. Geo. EV59. 1 hour.


Introductory tapes.........................................................
A New Way of Looking at Everything.
Miriam MacGillis explains how the New Story of the Universe, a new "revelation" about God and creation, changes the way we interpret reality. A5, time 1:25.
Also on the same tape...
Coming Home to a New Cosmology.
Miriam MacGillis tells the story of her own "evolution," the New Story of the Universe, and how we can "come home together;" Tape W5, 35 minutes; total time with tape A5 above, 2 hours.

A New Creation Story. Michael Dowd, author of EarthSpirit, tells the new story of God and the universe: where we came from, where we are, what we are doing here. Tape C3, one hour.

Old and New Spirituality: A Few Questions and Answers. A45, 38 minutes. Diarmuid O=Murchu, author of the books, Quantum Theology; Reclaiming Spirituality; and Poverty, Celibacy and Obedience.

SIGNS OF THE TIMES. Paula Gonzalez discusses social justice, ecology and the New Story of the Universe. Tape D4, two hours.

STARDUST, ANIMALS, AND US. Connie Barlow. C33; 1:35.

EVOLUTIONARY CHRISTIANITY. A summary of Michael Dowd=s approach to the new story of the universe. C41; 2 hours.

Creation, Revelation and the Future. Michael Dowd. C38; 1:52. EarthSpirit Rising Confence 6/04.

Affirming Our Great Work. John Seed and Miriam MacGillis. Tape L2, time 1:28.

MATTHEW FOX, From Tribalism to Community. :57
and FRANCES MOORE LAPPE, Finding Our Power. :54

WINONA LADUKE, Native American Sacred Places under Attack.
and JOHN SEED, Earth Songs and Thoughts. Total time 1:57

MIRIAM MACGILLIS, Gratitude and Deep Time. :55
and MALIDOMA SOME, An African and Earth. :55


A More Than Human World. D. Abram; C31; 1:15.

Art of the Wild. Authors speak about their experiences of the earth. ES34; 55 minutes.
Keeping the Earth. ES35, 27 minutes.
The Unfolding Story of the Universe. SR20; 30 minutes.

1) THE UNIVERSE STORY by first-grader Robby. His earth-loving teacher had told the story of the universe and asked if anyone could repeat it. 3 minutes.

2) GOD CREATING, 11minutes; a beautiful animated film by the brilliant artists who also produced
3) THE MAN WHO PLANTED TREES. An exquisite animated film, an international prizewinner. ES18; 30 minutes; rental.

EARTH, HOMELAND AND FOOD. Miriam MacGillis. D25; 2 hours.

The Fire Within the Fire. Miriam MacGillis explores biblical themes in the light of the New Story of the Universe. Tape A10; time 1:50; six sections.

Galileo. NOVA, SR36; 2 hours. Powerful dramatization of his life, discoveries, conflict with authorities.

EVOLUTION AND RELIGION: GOD AFTER DARWIN and Teilhard de Chardin. John Haught. In this superb lecture, Jack celebrates evolution as a magnificent gift to religion! Tape B10, 1:05.

Cosmos, Religion and Science. John Haught, Ann Druyan (Sagan), C. Walker. Jack Haught uses striking graphics to illustrate religious beliefs about God and the universe... the universe and earth are an adventure toward greater beauty, complexity, diversity and communion. Tape B9; 1:27.

EVOLUTION AND SUFFERING. John Haught at the Washington Theol. Union, 2/22/04. Tape B11; 1:08.

EARTH CHARTER AND NEW STORY. Miriam MacGillis puts the Charter in the context of false beliefs about humans, Earth and universe. Tape C39. 1:44.

EARTH AND ELDER WISDOM, Miriam MacGillis at the conference of the same name. She summarizes some of Tom Berry=s key ideas and uses them as a basis for action. One hour, tape L2.

TEILHARD DE CHARDIN. Tom Berry describes Teilhard=s profound contributions to Christian spiritual-ity in the Age of Ecology. Tape B, one hour.

THOMAS BERRY: THE GREAT STORY. AN ABSOLUTE MASTERPIECE. Rental from me and you can buy it from or phone toll-free 888/438-7838; $35. 50 minutes. SR12.

THOMAS BERRY: POEMS AND STORIES about his early life. Tom was in great form during the Earth Wisdom, Elder Wisdom conference in Sept. >02. 48 minutes; L3.

Dawn over the Earth: Our Way into the Future. Tom Berry says the universe is a celebration. He discusses the role of religion; massive changes; new directions; our destiny at this moment of history. Tape W3, 48 minutes. Also on the same tape...

New People: Re-inventing the Human and The Children. We must re-invent the human and protect the earth for the children of all species. Tape G2. 1:48.

Genesis and the New Story (of the universe, the new cosmology). Estelle Demers, MMS. A46, one hour.

YOU AND THE EARTH. Miriam MacGillis offers an energetic, enthusiastic and inspiring explanation of Tom Berry=s key ideas. She also describes the evolution of Genesis Farm and her hopes for the future. Others offer an 11-minute Cosmic Walk. B26-27; time 3:39.

Earth + People: The Past and The Future. Miriam MacGillis. These talks are similar to the above series, but given to an audience not so familiar with the story of the universe. Miriam discusses our past damaging human relationship with the Earth Community, the crisis of our limited knowledge in the past, and healing directions for our future. The tape includes a 20-minute Cosmic Walk. Jane Blewett speaks about the earth and social justice. Also, Cosmic Voyage. A47-49; 6 hours.

The Earth=s Imagination. Brian Swimme. A brilliant series! SR33-34; time 2:30; rental only.

Befriending the Earth. Tom Berry and Tom Clarke, S.J. SR23-27; 6 hours.

A Sense of Place. ES26; 28 minutes.

The Power of Myth. Moyers & Campbell. 4 hours.

THE POWERS OF THE UNIVERSE. Brian Swimme. ES63-66. 9 hours. Rental only.


Ecofeminism and the New Cosmology. Heather Eaton, PhD and Tom Berry discuss feminism as a social movement in the context of our ecological crisis and the sacred story of the earth and universe. A37-38, 4 hours.

Re-visiting the Goddess. Diarmuid O=Murchu. EarthSpirit Rising Conference, 6/04. C35B. 55 min.

Goddess Remembered. SR13; one hour
The Burning Times. SR14, one hour.
Full Circle. SR15; one hour.

Mother Wove the Morning. Pearson. SR 26; 2:15.


THE NEXT INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION: The Birth of the Sustainable Economy. A splendid one-hour documentary about M. Braungart (chemist) and Bill McDonough, pre-eminent global green architect. EC27; 55 minutes.

THE SACRED BALANCE. David Suzuki. EC60-61. Four hours.

SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE. Wes Jackson, The Land Institute. Tape C36, 56 min. + Q&A= 1:27.

ECOLOGICAL AND HUMAN HEALTH. John Todd. Tape C37; 53 minutes + Q&A = 1:15.

FOOD AS SACRED. Miriam MacGillis. D26; 1 hour.

Applied Spirituality and Ecology. David Orr. A new ecological building design for Oberlin College. 55 minutes. C35.

Tsunami. Science and warnings. EC72, one hour.

Earth at the Edge; Bill Moyers. Our global environmental crisis. EC28; 2 hours.

What=s Up with the Weather? ES28; 2 hours.

Global Warming and Catastrophic Climate Change; ABC News; one hour; ES27.

EMPTY OCEANS, EMPTY NETS. Crisis in the world=s fisheries. EC33; one hour.

Modern Meat. Contaminated food causes sickness and death. Frontline; EC35; time 1:25.


Signs of the Times. Paula Gonzalez discusses social justice, ecology and the New Story of the Universe. Tape D4, two hours.

Trading Democracy, NAFTA, EC30. NOW, 1 hour.

Earth and the American Dream. Stark quotations from industrialists. ES15; 90 minutes; rental.

THE END OF SUBURBIA. Gas crisis. EC26, 1:18

Diet for a New America: Your Health, Your Planet. Dangerous beef! Robbins. EC17, one hour; rental.

The Ecology of Commerce Paul Hawken, author of the book with the same name. Tape D16, 50 minutes.

Sustainable Communities: New Economics, New Religion. John B. Cobb, Jr. + Q&A. 65 min. tape D1.

RICH WORLD, POOR WOMEN. Bill Moyers. Globalization and third-world debt. EC42, one hour.

The Hidden Face of Globalization. Graphic scenes of Sweatshops. 34 minutes. D8.

Water: Sacred and Profaned. 23 minutes. EC56.

THIRST. A global freshwater crisis. EC71, one hour.

The Population Paradox. NOVA, tape ES68, 2 hours.
FARMING THE SEAS. Dangers and possibilities in aquaculture. EC70. 1 hr.


THE GRAND CANYON. ES74, one hour.

SEAS OF LIFE. EC37-38; 3 hours.

DEEP JUNGLE. High-tech exploration. ES77. 3 hrs.

A More than Human World. D. Abram. C31, 1:15.

Arctic Kingdom. ES53. One hour.

Life on a Reef. ES52. One hour.

The Planet Earth series, ES4-10; 6 hours.

Art of the Wild. Images and nature authors speak for the earth. ES34; 55 minutes.

Keeping the Earth. ES35; 27 minutes.

Nature's Symphony. Classical music and lovely natural scenes. ES41; one hour.

Wildlife Symphony. Animals cavort to lively music. ES42; 35 minutes.

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