Practical theology

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Children of Winter  - How The Classroom is Murdering the Innocence of your child / James Demers  

Call Number: BV1475.2 .D46 1993


Future For Youth Catechesis, A  / Michael Warren, CFX  

Call Number: BV1485 .W37


Fire Within  - St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, and the Gospel - On Prayer / Thomas Dubay, SM  

Call Number: BV207 .D82 1989


Thomas Merton on Prayer  / John J. Higgins, SJ  

Call Number: BV207 .H53 1973


Prayer in Practice   / Romano Guardini  

Call Number: BV210 .G813 1957


Progress though mental Prayer  / Edward Leen   

Call Number: BV210 .L4 1935


Let's Start Praying Again  / Bernard Basset, SJ  

Call Number: BV210.2 .B33


Prayer is a Hunger  / Edward Farrell, STL  

Call Number: BV210.2 .F35      


Complete Idiot's Guide to Prayer  / Mark Galli  and Bell, Jr., James S.

Call Number: BV210.2 .G35 1999


Prayer  - Finding the heart's True home / Richard Foster   

Call Number: BV210.2.F68 1992


Dark Intimacy  - Hope for Those in Difficult Prayer-Experience / David J. Hassel, SJ  

Call Number: BV210.2.H366 1990


To Pray as Jesus  / George Martin  

Call Number: BV229 .M28


Hymns to Christ  - and a concert of miniatures / Constante Berselli  

Call Number: BV245 .H95 


Brightest and Best  - Stories of Hymns / George  Rutler  

Call Number: BV312 .B74 1998


Young Ones, The  / Bishop James E. Walsh  and Schreiner, Al, illus.

Call Number: BV3415 .W27


Wise Man From The West, The   - The True Story of the Man Who Brought the Message of Christianity to fabled Cathay / Vincent Cronin  

Call Number: BV3427.R46 C7 1955a


Seduction of Africa, The  - A Missionary's Recollections / Jorge I.  Fernández, MXY  and Duca, Robert A., trans.

Call Number: BV3505.F4 A3 2003


Principles and Practices of Pastoral Care  / Russell Dicks  

Call Number: BV4012.2 .D55


Preaching Well  - The Rhetoric and Delivery of Sacred Discourse / William Duffey  

Call Number: BV4211 .D8 1950


Catechism in Examples, The  - Faith: The Creed / D. Chisholm  

Call Number: BV4225 .C57 1919 Vol 1


Catechism in Examples, The  - Hope: Prayer / D. Chisholm  

Call Number: BV4225 .C57 1919 Vol 2


Catechism in Examples, The  - Charity: The Commandments / D. Chisholm  

Call Number: BV4225 .C57 1919 Vol 3


Catechism in Examples, The  - Grace: The Sacraments / D. Chisholm  

Call Number: BV4225 .C57 1919 Vol 4


Celibate Loving  - Encounter in Three Dimensions / Mary Anne Huddleston, I.H.M.  

Call Number: BV4390 .C422 1984


Gift of the Church, The  / Msgr Bob Guste  

Call Number: BV4501.2 .G87       


Life-Giving Vision, A  - How to be a Christian in Today's World / John Powell, SJ  

Call Number: BV4501.2 .P583 1995


Promisees of God's Abundace for a more meaningful life  / Kathy Collard Miller  

Call Number: BV4501.2 .P76 1998


Christian Mind, The   - How Should a Christian Think? / Harry Blamires  

Call Number: BV4501.2.B5558 1997


Journey Toward God, The  / Benedict J. Groeschel, CFR  and Perrotta, Kevin

Call Number: BV4501.2.G7785 2000


Gifts That Never Wear Out  / David McCarthy  

Call Number: BV4501.2.M184


Amazing Grace  - A Vocabulary of Faith / Kathleen Norris  

Call Number: BV4501.2.N63


Cure for the Common life  - Living life in your Sweet Spot / Max Lucado  

Call Number: BV4501.3 .L815 2006


Checklist for Life: The Ultimate Handbook  /    

Call Number: BV4501.3.C46 2002


He Speaks to Me  - Preparing to Hear From God / Priscilla  Shirer  

Call Number: BV4509.5.S49 2006


Amazing Grace for the Catholic Heart  - 101 Stories of Faith, Hope, Inspiration, & Humor / Jeff Cavins  and Pinto, Matthew, and Armstrong, Patti

Call Number: BV4515.2 .A45 2003


Splendor In The Ordinary  - Your Home as a Holy Place / Thomas Howard   

Call Number: BV4526. 2. H67 2000


Coming Home  - Timeless Wisdom for Families / Dr. James Dobson  

Call Number: BV4526.2.D628


Christian Fatherhood  - The Eight Commitments of St. Joseph's Covenant Keepers / Stephen Wood  and Burnham, James

Call Number: BV4529 .W65 1997


The New Faithful  - Why Young Adults Are Embracing Christian Orthodoxy / Colleen Carroll  

Call Number: BV4529.2.C37 2002


Jesus Generation, The  / Billy Graham  

Call Number: BV4531.2 .G73


Dr. Laura: A Mother in America  - Christian Insights About America's Best Known Mom / Ray McClendon  and Schlessinger, Dr. Laura

Call Number: BV4597.52.M398 1999


Adam Danced: The Cross and the Seven Deadly Sins  / George W.  Rutler  

Call Number: BV4626 .R8       


Greatest Thing In The World, The  - and other addresses / Henry Drummond  

Call Number: BV4639 .D7


Unconditional Love  / John Powell, SJ  

Call Number: BV4639 .P65    


Love One Another  / Bishop Fulton J. Sheen  

Call Number: BV4639 .S5 1953


Virtues and Vices  - Stories of the Moral life / Andrew  Greely  and Neusner, Jack. Greely Durkin, Mary

Call Number: BV4645 .G74 1999


Jesus and John  - A Story About Friends - For Friends / Gloria Hutchinson  

Call Number: BV4647.F7 H88 1986


Humility of Heart  / Fr. Cajetan Mary da Bergamo  and Vaughan, Herbert Cardinal

Call Number: BV4647.H8 G3


Old Law and the New morality, The  - Six lectures on the Commandments Delivered in St. Francis Xavier's Church / S.J. Gannon  

Call Number: BV4655 .G3 1937


Brief Summary of the Ten Commandments, A  /  Daughters of St. Paul  

Call Number: BV4655.D318 1975


Lights, Camera, Faith!  - The Ten Commandments / Rose Pacatte, FSP  and Malone, MSC, Peter

Call Number: BV4655.M375 2006


Difficulties in Mental Prayer  / Eugene Boylan  

Call Number: BV4813 .B65 1997


Conversation With Christ  - An Introduction to Mental Prayer / Peter-Thomas Rohrbach, OCD  

Call Number: BV4813 .R57


Imitation of Christ, The   - A Modern Version of the Immortal Spiritual Classic / Thomas à Kempis  and Gardiner, SJ, Harold C.

Call Number: BV4820 .A1 1955      


Imitation of Christ, The   / Thomas à Kempis  

Call Number: BV4821 .A1 1955


Of The Imitation of Christ  / Thomas à Kempis  

Call Number: BV4821 .A1 1982


Of The Imitation of Christ  / Thomas à Kempis  

Call Number: BV4821 .A2


Imitation of Christ, The   / Thomas à Kempis  and Sherley-Price, Leo

Call Number: BV4821 .S54 


Rest Awhile  - Retreat Talks / Rev. P.J Gearon, O.Carm., DD, BA  

Call Number: BV4832


One Moment Please!  - Christopher Daily Guides to Better Living / James Keller  

Call Number: BV4832 .K429


Prymer, The   - The Prayer Book of Medieval Era Adapted for Contemporary Use / Robert Webber  

Call Number: BV4832.2.P79 2000


Graham Crackers Galoshes and God  - laughs from everyday life, Prayers for everyday problem / Bernadette McCarver Snyder  

Call Number: BV4844 .S64 1995


Joy in the Face of Death  / Alphonse de Parvillez, SJ  and Fontnouvelle, Pierre de

Call Number: BV4905 .P383


On Christian Joy: Gaudete in Domino  - Apostolic Exhortation /  Paul VI  

Call Number: BV4905.2 .C3       


Arise from Darkness  - What To Do When Life Doesn't Make Sense / Benedict J. Groeschel, CFR  

Call Number: BV4905.2 .G76 1995


Grieft Observed, A  / C.S. Lewis   and Clerk, N.W.

Call Number: BV4905.2 .L4 1963


On Becoming A Widow  / Clarissa Start  

Call Number: BV4908 .D3 1973


Promise , The  - God's Purpose and Plan for when Life hurts / Jonathan Morris  

Call Number: BV4909 .M667 2008


Walking With Loneliness  / Paula Ripple, FSPA  

Call Number: BV4911 .R57 1982


Psychiatry and Asceticism  / Felix Duffey  

Call Number: BV5031 .D8 1950


English Spiritually  - An Outline of ascetial theology according to the english pastoral tradition. / Martin Thornton  

Call Number: BV5031.2 .T53 1986


Exploring Spiritual Direction  - An Essay on Christian Friendship / Alan Jones  

Call Number: BV5053 .J63 1982


To Love Fasting  - The Monastic Experience / Adalbert de Vogüé  and Hasbrouck, Jean Baptist, trans.

Call Number: BV5055.V6413 1994


Soul Afire, The  / H.A. Reinhold  

Call Number: BV5072 .R4 1944


Western Mysticism  - 0 / Cuthbert Butler  

Call Number: BV5075.B8 2003


John Ruusbroec  - The Spiritual Espousals and other works / John Ruusbroec  

Call Number: BV5080 .R88213 1985


Spiritual Conferences  / Johann Tauler, OP  and Coleridge, Eric and Sister M. Jane, OP, trans.

Call Number: BV5080 .T257


Mystical Evolution, The  - in the Development and Vitality of the Church / John Arintero   

Call Number: BV5081 .A73 1941


Thy Mystical Evolution   - in the Development and Vitality of the Church / John Arintero   

Call Number: BV5081 .A73 1949


Doctrine of Spiritual Perfection, The  / Anselm Stolz  

Call Number: BV5082.3 .S7613 2001


Christian Mystics of the Middle ages  - An anthology of Writings / Paul de Jacher  

Call Number: BV5082.3.A5813 2004


Enjoy The Lord  - A Path to Contemplation / Fr. John Catoir  

Call Number: BV5091.C7 C38


Dina Bélanger  - Autobiography / Dina Bélanger  

Call Number: BV5095.B45 B1


Courage To Love  - The Life of Dina Bélanger / Irène  Léger, RJM  and Carlos, RJM, Marie Thérèse, trans.

Call Number: BV5095.B45 L1 1986


Historical Credibiltiy of Hans Kung, The  / Joseph Constanzo  

Call Number: BV601.6.I5 K8233 1979


Priest as Manager, The  / Arthur X. Deegan  

Call Number: BV652 .D43


Spirituality of the Sacraments, The  - Doctrine and Practice for Today / Bernard Bro, OP  and DuBois, Theodore, trans.

Call Number: BV800 .B6813


Theology of Baptism, The   / Lorna Brocket, RSCJ  

Call Number: BV803 .B68


Mass of the Early Christians, The  / Mike Aquilina  

Call Number: BV823 .A65 2001


Jesus Our Eucharistic Love  / Stefano Manelli, OFM Conv.  

Call Number: BV826.5 .M3313 1996


Jesus Our Eucharistic Love  - Eucharistic Life According to the Examples of the Saints / Stefano Manelli, OFM Conv.  

Call Number: BV826.5 .M3313 1996 c. 2


Love for a Lifetime  - Building a Marriage That Will Go the Distance / Dr. James Dobson  

Call Number: BV835.D63




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